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  1. Wow it’s hard Dirrty Hurt Slow Down Baby GIAB I Am Actually it always changing depends on my mood, her entire discography is amazing.
  2. Pics and article https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9264627/Christina-Aguilera-cuts-cool-look-black-trucker-hat-heads-recording-studio-Miami.html
  3. Hoping that the album is already finished and she just recording the deluxe edition tracks
  4. Vote for queen https://twitter.com/hitsradiouk/status/1358720680041275392?s=21
  5. I was totally slayed the hair, the make up, the styling, her vocal, her singing Pero Me Acuerdo De Tí, but THE HAIR, HER FCKING HAIR was so amazing I just cant The spanish album is near I can feel it
  6. Idk about Kali but I love hearing Shakira, she’s got great discography. The El Dorado album is cute for learning, maybe you can try her dancing too
  7. 2018 upwards really is amazing time for us hope the rumor of dual album english and spanish is true. We’re been waiting for Mi Reflejo lil sister since 2001
  8. Fighters still having such a big faith for Xtine, sis must be really grateful for us