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  1. I've been out there for too long. I'm missing posting and talking with you guys Although seems like I haven't missed a thing about X6 How are you sis??
  2. Good thing her fragrances are selling, if not, I believe her next one will be in 6 year
  3. I am fine and well sis. I miss you and the others!! Work is making me very busy I prefer college life tbh How are you? Are you a doctor yet?
  4. my country's impact love the hair, love the circus theme love the way the commercial got me screaming
  5. hi @kirjava hi @khems
  6. busy working sis. Collecting the coins for X's upcoming tour in north America
  7. hi hunties yas at we're on the same time zone
  8. Ugh that sounds tiring with all the postpone and waiting. You'll make it hun. I hope your Spanish will be perfect by the time X's spanish record released
  9. Good luck hun what's your major? I was kinda sad that I'm leaving my friends here, but since some of them already got a job, I want to leave faster
  10. Civil Engineer sis. But I will end up working for Bank because I don't really think I want to built a building or anything like that. But I don't really know for now tho, I just let it all flow. I send my CV and cover letter literally for every work fields.
  11. Yes sis I just graduated and want to get a job there. I miss my hometown so much
  12. poor girl, I'm glad that you're better now Today is is my last day in the current city I live, flying back to my hometown tomorrow, been busy with packing and shit
  13. There will be 4th remix on the next billionaire tour sis