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  1. Queen Lizzy

    Charli XCX - After The Afterparty 1. A Thousand Lips 2. Do It All Again 3. Studio 54 4. 4AM 5. Never Too Late 6. Glitter 7. Folks Outta Town 8. Clap 9. Ice Cream For Dinner 10. After the Afterparty (Ft. Lil Yachty) 11. Plastic Cup 12. Bring on The Encore Kim Petras - Hillside Boys 1. Champagne 2. Hard To Deny 3. Summer Is Done (So Are We) 4. Silhouette 5. Hillside Boys 6. Sparkle 7. Eau De Parfum 8. Carry On 9. Why Do I Try? 10. Call My Name 11. Don't Know What I Want 12. Final Breath
  2. Queen Lizzy


    such an amazing song and video <3 ugh 2 years of amazement
  3. omg she needs to name b10 "Fountain of Youth" cause clearly she found it and is swimming in the shit
  4. Queen Lizzy

    Britney - Blowjob (Britney Jean) Madonna - Ray Of Light (Don't fight me I've tried so hard 2 like it) Kylie - X Charli XCX - True Romance Kelly Clarkson - Piece By Piece Fergie - Double Dutchess is traaaashshhhhhh
  5. Queen Lizzy


    i was gonna come in here and roast if artpop wasn't number 1. your list truly is 100% accurate i stan it
  6. Queen Lizzy

    why does frankie grande want his sister's success so fucking bad? the only reason that fagtron is "known" is bc he was on big brother only for being ariana's brother he's a nobody and he just stays trying too hard.
  7. Queen Lizzy


    the best song on reputation, it would be the best choice
  8. Queen Lizzy

    Celeb News

    omg her friends hair i need an antibac wipe
  9. Queen Lizzy


    i cannot deal with the hatred y'all are giving I Don't Care..... thats the best song on DW what are you fags smoking anyway my least favorite song is everyday with future that song is abhorrent
  10. Queen Lizzy


    1. Femme Fatale 2. Oops!... I Did It Again 3. Blackout 4. Glory 5. ...Baby One More Time 6. In The Zone 7. Britney 8. Circus 9. Blow Job
  11. Queen Lizzy


    1) A Lifetime To Repair 2) Stop Me From Falling 3) Low Blow 4) Golden 5) Shelby 68
  12. Queen Lizzy

    Unusual You - Britney Spears
  13. Queen Lizzy

    Hold It Against Me Charli XCX