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  1. Hi, I recognize one of your past display names (Forever and for Always) from another pop forum. You were such a nice member when you talked to me. What happened? ari7

    1. Queen Lizzy

      it was on this forum, but ya i got into an argument with some ppl on here and they didnt love my views, so i got petty and said some evil shit n got banned and shits lol. thanks for the upvotes

    2. Superstar

      Oh, okay. You're welcome

  2. Queen Lizzy


    i'm only halfway through this album but i already think its her best album, pharrell really killed this. they made some magic together i'm so happy
  3. i'd rather have fun and get my account banned?
  4. i'm so sick of this website and idk how to delete my account so why not troll it off
  5. Queen Lizzy

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  6. Queen Lizzy

    going through 80+ of my posts just to downvote me, sounds like a negative interest
  7. Queen Lizzy

    @Ursula do you feel better sweetie?
  8. Queen Lizzy

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  9. Queen Lizzy

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  10. Queen Lizzy

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  11. Queen Lizzy

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  12. Queen Lizzy

    yes, censor my freedom as you liberals love to do
  13. Queen Lizzy

    listen sweaty, i know you think you're better than everyone, but humble yourself. i already explained, this is the freest nation on earth and i will quote you if i so choose you pompous cunt.