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    i'm only halfway through this album but i already think its her best album, pharrell really killed this. they made some magic together i'm so happy
  2. Queen Lizzy

    Charli XCX - After The Afterparty 1. A Thousand Lips 2. Do It All Again 3. Studio 54 4. 4AM 5. Never Too Late 6. Glitter 7. Folks Outta Town 8. Clap 9. Ice Cream For Dinner 10. After the Afterparty (Ft. Lil Yachty) 11. Plastic Cup 12. Bring on The Encore Kim Petras - Hillside Boys 1. Champagne 2. Hard To Deny 3. Summer Is Done (So Are We) 4. Silhouette 5. Hillside Boys 6. Sparkle 7. Eau De Parfum 8. Carry On 9. Why Do I Try? 10. Call My Name 11. Don't Know What I Want 12. Final Breath
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    why does frankie grande want his sister's success so fucking bad? the only reason that fagtron is "known" is bc he was on big brother only for being ariana's brother he's a nobody and he just stays trying too hard.
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    i cannot deal with the hatred y'all are giving I Don't Care..... thats the best song on DW what are you fags smoking anyway my least favorite song is everyday with future that song is abhorrent
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    1. Femme Fatale 2. Oops!... I Did It Again 3. Blackout 4. Glory 5. ...Baby One More Time 6. In The Zone 7. Britney 8. Circus 9. Blow Job
  6. Queen Lizzy

    Unusual You - Britney Spears
  7. Queen Lizzy

    Hold It Against Me Charli XCX
  8. Queen Lizzy

    1. Tove Lo - My Gun 2. Charli XCX - Drugs 3. Taylor Swift - I Did Something Bad 4. Katy Perry - Mind Maze 5. Shania Twain - That Don't Impress Me Much 6. Vanessa Williams - Save The Best For Last 7. Blindwish - Down 8. Bebe Rexha - Grace 9. Lana Del Rey - National Anthem 10. Halsey - Alone 11. Aquaria - Burn Rubber 12. Eureka O'Hara - The Big Girl 13. Lily Allen - Pushing Up Daisies
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    B...OMT vs Invitation Crazy vs Make Me... Sometimes vs Private Show Soda Pop vs Man on The Moon BTMYH vs Just Luv Me FTBOMBH vs Clumsy I Will Be There vs DYWCO? (Impossible Choice, they're both my favs from both albums) I Will Still Love You vs Slumber Party Deep In My Heart vs Just Like Me Thinkin Bout You vs Love Me Down E-mail My Heart vs Hard To Forget Ya The Beat Goes On vs What You Need I'll Never Stop Loving U vs Better Autumn Goodbye vs Change Your Mind I'm So Curious vs Liar BOMT - 8 Glory - 6 Tie - 1
  10. Queen Lizzy

    1. Tove Lo - My Gun 2. Charli XCX - Drugs 3. Taylor Swift - I Did Something Bad 4. Katy Perry - Mind Maze
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    Slave vs Oops Overprotected vs Stronger Lonely vs Don't Go Knockin On My Door I'm Not a Girl vs Satisfaction Boys vs Don't Let Me Be The Last to Know Anticipating vs. What You See (is What You Get) I Love Rock n Roll vs Lucky Cinderella vs One Kiss From You Let Me Be vs Where Are You Now Bombastic Love vs Can't Make You Love Me That's Where You Take Me vs When Your Eyes Say It When I Found You vs Girl In The Mirror (I couldn't choose I love all these songs) Before The Goodbye vs You Got it All What It's Like To Be Me vs Dear Diary I stan Oops
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    1 - Amnesia 2 - (Drop Dead) Beautiful 3 - Showdown 4 - Chaotic 5 - Walk On By 6 - Thinkin About You 7 - Quicksand 8 - Liar 9 - Hot As Ice 10 - Do You Wanna Come Over? 11 - Selfish 12 - Mood Ring 13 - Brightest Morning Star 14 - Gasoline 15 - Perfect Lover 16 - Seal It With a Kiss
  13. you're grasping at STRAWS boo. being an iggy fan has nothing to do the fact that demi lovato is relevant enough to bring even someone with a reputation as tarnished as xtina's up the charts i'm trying to be NICE and say that demi lovato (whose single right before tell me you loved me peaked at #6 and was a relatively big hit) would more than likely help christina out. and you're trying to discredit that? then you're not logical in the slightest. i would like to also further prove your insanity by bringing up the fact you're saying a LEAKED SOLO DEMO (not finished, or officially released) is able to compared to an OFFICIALLY released album track? slumber party was made a single months after britney fans already knew and loved the solo version....... i don't see how you can compare the two but go off
  14. not even comparable, slumber party came out months after make me, not 2 weeks. and there was little to no promotion, even Woohoo by xtina outcharted slumber party. (not by much) so there's a high chance demi lovato, an artist who sold one of the best selling albums of 2017 will bring that track up the charts vs tinashe who has already had one of the most embarrassing sales of an album in 2018. i mean it's a no brainer, of course fall in line as the "lead single" as you fans claim (even tho it's the third song shes gonna release now) is gonna do better simply because of the fact demi is on it. for some reason she's relevant, that doesn't mean anything else from floperation will even hit the charts boo.
  15. Queen Lizzy

    i wish she'd throw the single she's been teasing for months at her own few fans that are still interested
  16. Queen Lizzy


    why didn't i know until today that Digital Distortion completely leaked? i've been listening all morning getting my hair follicles ripped out of my head
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    if you delete one last kiss and every little part of me then it's a solid album through and through with country elements but mostly kylie-isms. and it's honestly wonderful, most fans of kylie's are just pop fans and don't appreciate the different sounds tbh
  18. Queen Lizzy

    bop!!! roulette by katy perry
  19. Queen Lizzy

    1) Big City Lights 2) Uptight 3) Close My Eyes 4) Everything In Moderation 5) Game of Life 6) 365 Days 7) (I Think I'm Bored of Being) So Careful 8) Roulette 9) My Love's a Bullet 10) Ignore These Thoughts 11) Drop a Pin 12) Roll The Dice
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    i'm very impressed with Kameron Michaels this season and I wasn't expecting to care for her at all. but when will any queen serve looks as legendary as detox?
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    when i go out, i wanna go out sucking
  22. Queen Lizzy


    when i go out, i wanna go out sucking
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    so after listening to the entire album 5 times completely stop me from falling is really the best song on the album the sweetest sounding song she's recorded since aphrodite era
  24. Queen Lizzy

    give it... give it to.......... give it to me LIKE I WANT IT