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  1. MrPopPants

    My Everything Review

    The Review – Luke, Jordan and Amanda 1) Intro (T.Brown, V.McCcants, A.Grande) Intro (Audio) What a lovely introduction from Miss Grande. It really sets the tone for the rest of the album, I get the feeling of a calming mellow zen type of music, layered with silky vocals. The lyrics “I’ll give you all I have, and nothing less I promise” is something I am holding Ariana to. 7/10 My instant reaction is that it sounds very Glee/Fairy tale – it does set a lovely tone for what I think is to come on the album and lyrically it matches the album title. This made me smile. 5/10 Seems pretty average to me – It’s alright. I like how calming it sounds, really relaxing.6/10 2) Problem (Ft. Iggy Azalea) (I.Salmanzadeh, M.Martin, S.Kotecha, I.Azalea, A.Grande) Problem (Video) What a transition from the calming Intro to the sassy trumpets of ‘Problem’! This has become such a summer anthem across the globe and it is easy to see why, the trumpets are infectious, the Iggy feature is perfect and this has become a female empowerment song of sorts with a ‘rebel’ 60s vibe. Ariana’s vocals are represented brilliantly with the constant builds, especially in the middle 8 where there is next to no music accompanying her. At first, I wasn’t keen on the whispered choruses but when the beat drops behind it, it soon gets you on side. 9/10 After listening to this track, I feel the only reason she put an ‘intro’ on the album was because this song starts with the lyric “It’s Iggy Iz” and that can’t really appear at the start of an Ariana Grande Album can it? The beats are infectious and the builds are executed brilliantly! 9/10 OK, I can’t help but be a bit bias towards this song. I love it. The Sax is so catchy and my favorite part, and the Bass sounds amazing. She sounds good, and I even liked the rap (And I’m not a fan of rap features) Let’s hope there’s no ‘problem’ with the album!8/10 3) One Last Time (D.Guetta, S.Kotecha, G.Tuinfort, R.Yacoub, C.Falk) One Last Time (Video) Immediately, you can see what a diverse album this is going to be, the video game style tones at the beginning of this song makes for a good hook. Again, her vocals on this song are perfection and you can hear the raw emotion in Ariana’s tones, especially within the powerful adlibs. 7.5/10 Anyone remember Loreen? This song sounds like it could be her Eurovision song ‘Euphoria’ part 2. It was a really enjoyable listen and a great pop song. I found this to be placed very well on the album – it flows perfectly from ‘Problem’. The track also shows off how mature Ariana’s vocals are for her age. 8.5/10 I can’t find anything not to like about this song, it’s a pleasant listen and a ‘foot tapper’ I love how she changes from breathy vocals to belts, she’s so talented. 10/10 4) Why Try (R.Tedder, B.Levin, A.Malik, N.Zancanella) Why Try (Audio) I can piece together a clear story throughout this song, as Ariana sings about the ups and downs of a relationship and I feel she can relate to the lyrics. This sounds very similar to ‘One Last Time’, with the style and musical arrangement. 5.5/10 Don’t think I agree Luke, I wasn’t really feeling the “I’ve been living with devils and angels” lyric – it was dull and didn’t have the effect she desired. Also… “I’m loving the pain”? I’m not sure what she is getting at. The track does have a catchy chorus though, sounds quite similar to ‘One Last Time’. 5/10 Another mid-tempo song that’s right up my street! I like the hook the song provides, and sorry Jordan but I really liked the “Devils and Angels” bit. 9/10 5) Break Free (Ft. Zedd) (A.Zaslavski, M.Martin, S.Kotecha) Break Free (Video) Wow, this presents an immediate lift from the previous track and takes the album above and beyond where Problem took us. As soon as the song starts you know it’s going to be a great dance track. Her vocals are shown off perfectly and are really complimented by the background harmonies. The track is so intense that you don’t think the build could take it any higher but Grande and Zedd pull it out the bag and manage to turn it up once more. I couldn’t compliment it enough – 10/10 Firstly, I need to say – the vocal arrangement is amazing and she I love the backing vocals “Who I really are-are-are”. This is an amazing pop song and works as an anthem for those wanting to break free and lose inhibitions on a dance floor; it’s very much an album highlight. Not too keen on the lyric “I only want to die alive” that’s my only critique. 9/10 I think as opposed to literally being alive when dying she means dying on a high Jordan This song is so catchy! I just want to dance and sing along (And it’s hard not to, to be honest) definitely a needed lift I think. 10/10 6) Best Mistake (Ft. Big Sean) (S.Anderson, D.Weir, A.Grande) Best Mistake (Audio) The piano introduction is simple, subtle and strangely enough presents an R&B vibe. I have to admit, so far I am so impressed with the amount of different styles Ariana has managed to use and still make the songs sound like Ariana Grande songs. The lyrics present themselves as a modern day love ballad – the rap verses from Big Sean work as a great reply to Ariana’s angelic verses and chorus. The heavy use of rap really breaks standard song formula, it leaves me unsure of where the song will go next, and that’s what makes it enticing to listen to. 8/10 This is quite a nice edgy ballad which suddenly turns into a rap song which is refreshing to hear. It does however resemble Mariah Carey‘s work since 1995. I think lyrically the song would have been better with her singing solo, singing about a love interest as opposed to a duet. I like how mellow the track is and makes for a nice edition to the album, it shakes the track listing up a bit. I do have to mark it down due to the prolonged rap. 4/10 Not too keen on this track, I can’t understand what she’s singing. I also agree with Jordan, Big Sean isn’t needed, he drags the song down. Not one of my favorites, but it’s the first one so far! 5/10 For more track by tracks, an overview and overall scores visit: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/02/10/ariana-grande-my-everything-2014/
  2. This month I got Selena Gomez's Revival vinyl (Turns out it was 2 day priority mail and that's why the damn thing cost 40 fucking dollars ) (Pics enhanced for viewing pleasure) Front & Back Inside Gatefold Lyrics Sheet Inner Sleeve The Vinyl I'll let you guys know how it sounds when i get to play it
  3. MrPopPants

    Britney 'Circus' Review

    Britney Spears 'Circus' 2008 Album Review For the full review, click here: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/06/23/britney-spears-circus-2008/ The Review – Luke and Jordan 1. Womanizer (N.Briscoe, R.Akinyemi) Instantly I am in love with this track, the intro sounds like an alarm in a laboratory after a toxic spillage, the song then kicks in with killer hooks and catchy, memorable beats and lyrics. The attitude Britney portrays in this song is great, she is on a mission to ‘out’ womanizers everywhere. Even though the verses are kind of monotone, they are very enjoyable to listen to and further boosts the persona in the song. By the middle 8 you’ll have pretty much learned the chorus and it’s one of the best things about the track as it isn’t too repetitive. 9/10 What a strong, catchy beginning to the album. The melody keeps you focused throughout with the constant beats and runs of instruments. The lyrics are easy to sing along with and it’s a fun and empowering track! 9/10 2. Circus (L.Gottwald, C.Kelly, B.Levin) The instant vibe with this song puts me in spy scenario, I can imagine Britney in a Ninja outfit in the dead of night, jumping from tree to tree spying on a love interest. The theme is deeper than Womanizer and shows Britney in a different light, more dominant and less fun, especially with the lyrics “I’m a ring leader, I call the shots“. Additionally the lyrics really relate to Britney’s love of performing “I feel the adrenaline running through my veins, spot light on me” This would have been a great introduction to the album as it sums Britney up really and it’s catchy as hell, a great theme for the album as she could really take the songs anywhere. 8.5/10 Another banging chorus, we are presented with sounds and lyrics that refer to a Circus. The lyrics talk about being an entertainer on stage, performing to an adoring audience – she also refers to cracking a whip which is what the lion tamers do at the circus. There’s a strange high pitched dial tune that’s reminiscent of clowns/freak show characters, that gives you the eerie vibe 9/10 3. Out from Under (S.Peiken, A.Birgisson, W.Hector) This is a refreshing sound from Britney – I don’t think I’ve heard such a mellow yet sweet sound from Brit. The chorus is very floaty and dreamy and it’s quite honestly lovely. I can see this in ‘A Cinderella Story‘ or something, it’s quite Disney-esque. It has definitely come at the right time in the album and it’s welcomed, I was expecting a half decent demo dance track. Her vocals work really well based on the style of the song, her falsettos are particularly nice. 7/10 A softer vibe from Brit, what a cute song – It could be used in a movie. A great ballad8/10 4. Kill The Lights (N.Hills, J.Washington, L.Boyd, M.Araica) The introduction to this track is quite confusing, it’s something from a breaking news bulletin in the 50’s or something. Then when the music comes in, it sounds like something from Christina Aguilera’s Bionic album. I can’t help but think this was a Pussycat Dolls song that they previously recorded and Britney took it – the vocal arrangements and style of singing sounds just like Nicole Scherzinger! I like the musical arrangements of this song, it’s constant and keeps you enticed, it’s fast paced and the different vocal arrangements are exciting; especially when Britney sings “Keeeeeel” on ‘Kill the lights’, I just can’t shake the feeling that something is missing, and I think it’s adlibs and power vocal moments. 6.5/10 This sounds like a Christina Aguilera song, I don’t think Britney’s ‘Girl next door’ image could execute this as well as Christina could. The song is OK but it seems a bit messy to me. 6/10 5. Shattered Glass (L.Gottwald, C.Kelly, B.Levin) A more funkier sound from Britney here, the beginning falsetto notes were angelic and left me wanting more. Unfortunately the formula of the song is a carbon copy of circus; it contains the same melodies and the builds are the same. If you took the vocal run of Circus and placed it on this track it would fit perfectly. I feel this song was a glimpse to the future with the beats though, it’s kind of similar to the sound of ‘Hold it Against Me‘ – before it’s time I think. 7/10 Catchy intro there! pop-tastic, good vocal arrangements and it has Britney vibe written all over it! Strange over use of auto tune at the end… was that there to compensate for her lack of ad-libs? 5.5/10 6. If U Seek Amy (M.Martin, Shellback, S.Kotecha, A.Kronlund) Yet another track which opens perfectly coinciding with the theme of the album, the hook of “La la la la la la la la” is reminiscent of a children’s song and semiotic-ally speaking, the Circus is a children’s playground – which makes the whole song a massive juxtaposition when we are presented with the intended lyrics of “iF U SEE Kamy” (We all know what it stands for by now). The juxtaposing theme and style makes the song quite uncomfortable as I could imagine children singing along and being completely oblivious to what the song represents. Nevertheless, it’s very catchy and the style of the song is contagious. 7.5/10 A great subliminal track… Amy is a real person – it’s Britney’s sex drive. All of the boys and girls are begging to F**k me. Adlibs are on point, which are the best so far. We got a 2000 Britney note towards the end there reminiscent of the likes of Stronger #YES.9/10 7. Unusual You (C.Karlsson, P.Winnberg, H.Jonback, K.Livingston) The introduction of this song sounds like it could be a great interlude… but when the beat and Britney’s vocals come in, this sounds like the “Half decent demo dance track” I mentioned in ‘Out from Under‘. I don’t feel the song really goes anywhere, and get’s dull by the second verse. It has a fun theme though based on the ever changing instrumental and is quite euphoric/zen like when looking at Britney’s vocals and the effect upon them. It’s nice to hear a different sound from Britney now and again, but I imagine someone with stronger vocals could make this song a hit. 5.5/10 A rockier vibe with the opening music, then we go into a calm and reflecting track with a ballad element about it. The piano melody is beautiful to listen to. Some of the harmonizing in this track sounds a bit off… This could be the use of auto-tune affecting her melodies. I guess she wants it to sound this way due to the song’s title. 5/10 8. Blur (N.Hills, S.Barthe, M.Araica) The music behind the vocals is really overpowering and odd. The beats supplied are very heavy and it really drowns Britney out. Lyrically (From what I can understand) this sounds like it would have been a perfect song for Ke$ha “I can’t remember what I did last night” (If the song was sped up and given a killer dance beat anyway). It follows on from ‘Unusual You’ quite well though, the zen vibe is still there with a kind of Asian influence behind it. Not my cup of tea – it’s very drab… The adlibs are nice though. 3/10 It sounds like something from 2001, Paris Hilton could have had on her album. it’s quite messy and lacks in song structure with dull sounding melodies (Especially in the chorus) I think I’d forget this song after it finishes… The random speaking part in the middle really adds nothing to the song. 2/10 For the full review, click here: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/06/23/britney-spears-circus-2008/
  4. Ariana Grande 'Dangerous Woman' Review For the full track-by-track review and overall summary visit: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/arianadangerouswoman2016/ 1. Moonlight (A.Grande, T.Brown, V.McCants, P.L.Johnson) Awww, what a sweet introduction from Miss Grande; the soft tones at the beginning of the track which subtly carry the song almost sounds like a child’s lullabye. These are complimented by Grande’s ever changing vocal moments, with soft whispy vocals, angelic falsetto and haunting echos. The middle 8 is a lovely touch to the track with a violin and harp sounds. Originally the album was called Moonlight, I wonder if the original track list resonated with this sound? A lovely start 7/10 2. Dangerous Woman (J.Carlsson, R.Golan, M.Martin) From a soft and sweet violin sound to a more darker and grungier sound, surprisingly ‘Dangerous Woman‘ follows ‘Moonlight‘ exceedingly well. This track could easily be featured in ‘50 Shades of Grey‘ and shows off a different side to Grande, with a more adult theme “Bad girls underneath like that”. Grande goes on to kill this song with amazing powerhouse vocals and takes the song up a notch after a ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ themed middle 8 with a unique guitar riff filled instrumental. I can’t compliment this song enough. It’s amazing to sing along to (Even if I can hear my neighour’s dog barking) it’s mature, sophisticated and appeals to a wide audience. 9/10 3. Be Alright (A.Grande, T.Brown, V.McCants, K.Rohaim, N.Audino, L.Hughes, W.Tafa) A very different sound from Ariana now, I feel like I have just walked into ‘Sass Central’. An upbeat track came in at just the right point and really lifts the mood. I can’t sense much substance lyrically apart from the empowering “The high times are golden and will lead to better days” and “All them tears will come and go” but it’s such a fun track and the instrumental reinforces this. My favorite part of this song comes from the different arrangements it supplies, Grande’s team have successfully managed to make 1 song sound as though it’s 3 sewn together without sounding out of place – the twists and turns are great to hear. Then finally the track ends just like it began with next to no music and small chime sounds. 8/10 4. Into You (A.Grande, M.Martin, S.Kotecha, A.Kronlund, I.Salmanzadeh) Another upbeat track is very much appreciated and this track feels like a banger to me. I can see this going down a storm on the club scene.. “A little less conversation and a little more touch my body” is a great lyric (But I can see Mariah Carey fans getting antsy about it). The builds this song provides are grease, especially from the second verse to the chorus (which is exceptional) and is perfect for what is to come. Wow… That middle 8 is perfect – it includes, dance beats (Maybe dubstep?) and killer vocals (The best combination from Grande). If you liked ‘Break Free‘ you’ll love ‘Into You‘ it’s like a mature version of the aforementioned track. 8/10 5. Side By Side (Featuring Nicki Minaj) (A.Grande, I.Salmanzadeh, M.Martin, O.Maraj, A.Kronlund, S.Kotecha) So far, these tracks are flowing very well considering each songs sounds very different from the last and ‘Side By Side‘ is no exception. The urban/R&B beats make for a pleasant change. I must admit, I am struggling to understand what Ariana is singing, but then again – it wouldn’t be an Ariana album if I could understand her. When Nicki makes her late appearance, it sounds as though it’s a Rihanna track and you kind of forget Ariana is the main artist. It almost feels like it’s a generic Nicki Minaj song as opposed to an Ariana track. This is definitely a body roll song if I ever heard one. 6/10 6. Let Me Love You (Featuring Lil’ Wayne) (A.Grande, T.Brown, V.McCants, S.Franks, D.Carter) Oooh here we go. The intro to this song is dark and seedy…. but it’s perfect! I can see a black and white video with lots of smoking going on. The sound is so mature for Ariana but it works so well – the effect on her voice works well with the theme of the track and it sounds quite similar to what Mariah Carey would go for. If you are a fan of ‘Best Mistake‘ from ‘My Everything‘ you will love this tune, it draws so many similarities. I commend Ariana thus far into the album for creating modern songs without them being bland and effortless – she really puts a lot into her work and so far she isn’t disappointing. 7.5/10 7. Greedy (M.Martin, S.Kotecha, A.Kronlund, I.Salmanzadeh) GREEDY! Why hello there – I almost didn’t hear you kick in! I love the angle Ariana has taken with this song, being greedy for love – and the attitude she displays really benefits the track and it’s funk fest of an instrumental “Baby you got lucky ‘cus your rockin’ with the best“… I can’t say I disagree. Comparisons to ‘Uptown Funk‘ have been drawn and I can see the similarities, it brings funk to pop which in my opinion has been long overdue (Long before Uptown Funk). I also love how the track is an up tempo floor filler and she can still show off her killer vocals. I can’t praise this song anymore. 10/10 For the full track-by-track review and overall summary, visit: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/arianadangerouswoman2016/
  5. With Love

    Dangerous Woman ''Review''

    So i'm just to lazy to describe this album, so i will use numbers. 7/10 nice work i guess.
  6. BEYONCE // LEMONADE I don't know why I felt like doing this, boredom mostly I suppose, but as someone who typically doesn't curr for Beyonce, I thought it might be interesting to do a first listen review of Lemonade. Critics seem to be creaming themselves over it, so I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Rating each track from 1 - 5. Let's go. 1. PRAY YOU CATCH ME - 2/5 Intro's kinda weird, but seems like a standard ballad after that point with some urban influences in the beat. Kinda tired of hearing her say "pray you catch me" 18,000 times. C'mon, you your ghostwriters can do better than that. Lyrically very thin, the production is interesting but not enough to make up for the lack of lyricism. Not saying pop music has to be brilliantly lyrical or anything, but seems strange for a ballad with as emotional a delivery as this has. 2. HOLD UP - 2/5 The beat reminds me of something that I can't quite put my finger on, but I'm liking the caribbean/reggae-sounding influences. Not sure I'm in love with the phrasing clashing with the beat so much. Sounds kind of awkward. Wait--what the fuck just happened with that random hihat section (2:36)? The airhorns here REALLY cheapen the song. 3. DON'T HURT YOURSELF FEAT. JACK WHITE - 3/5 Oh naa naa, what's my genre? Why is "dick" censored but not "motherfucker"? Sounds awk. I like this a lot more once the guitars come in around the minute and a half mark. Gives the song some edge which better matches the vocal production. I could see this growing on me. 4. SORRY - 4/5 Quite enjoying this dreamy production, but I could do without the constantly repeated "Sorry" in the background. This is my favorite song on the album so far though. 5. 6 INCH FEAT. THE WEEKND - 5/5 Bey's vocals here are sexy as fuck. I'm even okay with Abel's performance here, and he's not exactly my favorite. The production is on point too. The trap influences feel natural and work well. This is how you do a midtempo. The bridge feels somewhat awkwardly shoveled in here, but it doesn't really detract from the overall song. 6. DADDY LESSONS - 2/5 Before I even listen, this title kinda creeps me out okay onto the actual song Every single one of y'all saying this album is cohesive, y'all need to get your ears checked. Not saying that's a bad thing, but this album is stylistically scatterbrained as all hell. The song itself is the definition of meh for me. I mean, it's produced well and everything, but just not my cup of tea. I prefer more urban influenced stuff, and this doesn't fit into the album well at all. 7. LOVE DROUGHT - 2/5 I'm already a fan of the production just a few seconds in. She sounds nasally on most of the album, but that's especially apparent here. Maybe I just haven't listened to her enough and that's how she always sounds, but from what I have heard that sounds abnormal to me? I like the verses, but the chorus kinda falls flat for me. Meh, overall. 8. SANDCASTLES - 2/5 This sounds like every other Beyonce ballad in history. Down to the sparse piano instrumental, the vocal inflections. I appreciate the rawness when her voice starts cracking though, but it snaps back so quickly you don't even have time to appreciate it. 9. FORWARD FEAT. JAMES BLAKE I realized this was an interlude afterward, pls disregard. 10. FREEDOM FEAT. KENDRICK LAMAR - 4/5 I like the retro feel in the production, I'm a fan. Vocal performance is solid and intriguing. Well written track. Kendrick's verse is pretty okay, it starts a little weird but gets better fairly quickly. The clapping was a little much coming off the song, but makes more sense once the speech starts. 11. ALL NIGHT - 3/5 I didn't think I liked the song until it got to the first chorus, which significantly improved the feel for me. The production is a grower as well. Dear Hold Up, this is how a horn should be used in a song, not that cheap wannabe DJ sound effect every moron with a MacBook and a pair of Beats uses (yes I'm aware it's a different kind of horn, but the point remains). 12. FORMATION - 1/5 NO. AVERAGE - 2.8/5 Overall, Lemonade sounds like a 2016 Beyonce album. I like more of this than I did ST, but that wasn't a terribly high bar. Maybe I'll feel differently at some later point in time, but for now I'll be keeping Don't Hurt Yourself, Sorry, 6 Inch, Freedom & maybe All Night. The rest will be deleted, fat. Drag me in the comments or w/e.
  7. MrPopPants

    Taylor Swift 'Red' 2012

    Taylor Swift 'Red' 2012 Album Review By Luke and Jordan Full review: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/06/16/taylor-swift-red-2012/ 1) State of Grace (T.Swift) As soon as the ‘Play’ button has been pressed, this seems like a great opener with gradual building drums and escalating guitar riffs – almost punky. Taylor then graces us with her vocals, singing about who ‘we’ are in metaphorical terms. The track seems to work well as an interlude, as there isn’t much of a chorus to grab on to, it’s quite wishy-washy. The song starts to pick up by the third verse though with faster paced vocals and heavier beats, but it’s a shame it came in so late. The song starts to outstay it’s welcome with its repetitive chorus – however if the chorus had more girth to it, then it would have been welcomed. It is strangely feel good. 4/10 An exciting beginning sound, Taylor begins to tell her story in song. The instrumental is a saving grace for this track. A casual listener may not appreciate the lyrics upon first listen. I like how the song ends, the arrangement is done beautifully; although it is quite along track. 5/10 2) Red (T.Swift) As soon as the song switches to ‘Red’ a different sound becomes obvious straight away, we are taken to the southern part of America. Then T-Swizzle reintroduces us to drums and some beats to keep us entertained. The hook she supplies “Re..eh..eh..eh…” is a great way to grasp the listeners attention; and the other features “Loving him was blue” is very clever and a great lyrical moment – I wish she played on this more. This fast paced track also gives us strong vocal moments and adlibs and by the middle 8 we are given an electric guitar moment which is very refreshing and exciting. This track majorly outshines ‘State of Grace’ I do wish however that she would sing with some more diction – I am struggling to understand her. 8/10 I love the guitar riff at the beginning, the music is simply beautiful with Taylor Swift’s vocals and a pop/country feel. The hook on “Red” is the pop element which is easy to grasp. Describing different colours of feelings but “Loving him was red” means strong, passionate, angry, hot, painful. The production is great with different musical moments and instruments which spiced up the song. On the last sentence, she takes us down low which ends the song nicely – this song would have been a great opening track to the album. 9/10 3) Treacherous (T.Swift, D.Wilson) A more mellow sounding guitar riff now, and this is the same with Taylor’s vocals – I much prefer this Taylor Swift to the schreechy “BABY NOW WE GO BAD BLOOD HEY” which is jarring. The sentiment in the song is very nice and I can picture her singing her heart out to this song, but it’s bland. Similarly to “State of Grace” the song picks up towards the end of the track – but by this time, I probably would have skipped it. Sorry, not my bag! 4/10 Another calming moment where the lyrical content is at the forefront, rather than the instrumental. The song does pick up musically during the second verse, then you are taken to a quieter moment before it picks up again. 4/10 4) I Knew You Were Trouble (T.Swift, M.Martin, Shellback) Wow, the pace has been picked up with this cute little number hasn’t it? Another very strong song lyrically but also musically. The builds from Taylor in the bridge are fantastic, the arrangements get gradually faster and then suddenly there’s a drop in the music and a dub-step sound appears. I must commend Taylor Swift for incorporating modern sounds with her country roots, no matter how subtle – it’s different to chart music at the time of release and just as attainable. Lyrically, you can see Taylor has been scorned previously and she lets her emotions and past experiences out through song. A great tune. 9/10 A deep lyrical song with a hot and captivating beat, the pre-chorus cools it down but you’re built up to “Lying on the cold, hard ground” followed by a heavy bass and dubstep moment, which isn’t expected from Taylor Swift; and at the time wasn’t as common int he pop industry. You just want to jump around the room to this song, it’s an instant hit – and I knew this before it was released as a sing that it was going to be something special. She supplied great vocals that are full of passion, and it is an iconic Taylor Swift song that has influenced other pop acts to venture into the field of dub-step. 9.5/10 5) All Too Well (T.Swift, L.Rose) The formula of this album is growing tiresome now – we seem to be going ‘Good song, bland song, good song, bland song’ and this is another bland song. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the lyrical content but it’s the instrumental that doesn’t seem to fit the vocal arrangement especially around the second verse. Once again, the song picks up towards the end of the track becoming heavier and more commercial… This should have been done earlier on. I will say that her vocals sound good, even though the track is drab – One of the best uplifting parts of the song comes from the unknown male singer, the voices blend very well. 4/10 Another beautiful melody followed by those amazing lyrics that tell as story. A wonderful chorus. The male backing vocals help give the song something extra, she takes you to another level and the story is incredible emotional – I can’t help but have a tear in my eye. 9.5/10 6) 22 (T.Swift, M.Martin, Shellback) Yes, a fun bop! You can almost feel the fun seeping out of the speakers, Vocally, you can hear Taylor having fun and singing from emotion memory and it’s nice to hear, as a lot of artists don’t do this. The backing “Who’s Taylor Swift anyway? Eww” Is particularly fun! I can see 22 year olds everywhere singing this (I will admit, my friends and I did). The vocal arrangement of the chorus is a great hook, how the inflections come after “22” and “you keep me next to you” This is definitely a song to play when getting ready to go out. 7.5/10 A fun track for Taylor to sing, a catchy pop track and chorus with some nice adlibs!8.5/10 7) I Almost Do (T.Swift) Still following that formula… I will admit, this song is slighty better than the other ballads we have heard thus far, the hook is easier to grasp and a great lyrical moment with “I Bet” leading her off to sing about anything she likes. This track is reminiscent of something from a Disney movie, I can see The Little Mermaid singing this – One of my favorite moments here is when she lets out little falsetto moments which almost sound like whispers “It takes everything in me“, they are sweet and she comes across in a vulnerable light in conjunction with the lyrics. This is a sound that I can imagine Miley Cyrus pursuing if she didn’t start twerking on huge teddy bears. 6/10 It’s about splitting up with someone but wanting to get back with them and almost doing so but being scared to. A great mid-temp with some exciting moment. 8/10 8) We Are Never Getting Back Together (T.Swift, M.Martin, Shellback) Oh and would you look at that… a good track! Predictable much. I can see why this was the lead single from the album – it presents Taylor in a different light whilst still attaining a ‘Girl Next Door’ image. Taylor still has that “Swift sounds” we have become accustomed to whilst incorporating heavier beats to accompany her and it works well coinciding with the song’s slightly aggressive theme. The middle 8 is refreshing compared to the rest of the song, with her sweet vocals and then her ‘talky’ part. This has become something of a female empowerment song and it’s easy to see why. 7/10 Another fun track with a simple message. The pop beats and catchy “ooohs” give the audience something to grasp. The fact she talks in the song, gives it a more personal feel, and you invest into Taylor as a person, almost like she is talking to you as a friend about a personal relationship. A pop song all the same that will do well in the charts.8.5/10 9) Stay Stay Stay (T.Swift) How chirpy! I’m so pleased she has broken this formula with an uplifting song even though the opening lyrics are “I’m pretty sure we broke up last night” it’s a pretty strange juxtaposition. Again that male vocal blends well with Taylor’s naturally high vocals. The chorus is very easy to grasp and I imagine this would be a single if she released another from the album. The vocal overlays in the background towards the end of the track work very well and boosts the song up a notch. 7/10 A fun child-like instrumental is that a ukulele? A nice love song that talks about relationship ups and downs but regardless they should stay together. 8/10 Full review: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/06/16/taylor-swift-red-2012/
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    Demi Lovato 'Confident' Review

    Demi Lovato 'Confident' 2015 Album Review By Luke and Jordan Full Review: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/06/10/demi-lovato-confident-2015/ 1) Confident (M.Martin, S.Kotecha, D.Lovato, Ilya) Right away we are set up for what is sure to be a great journey if the opening track ‘Confident’ is anything to go by. It’s clear to see that this is single material, it’s an anthem and an empowerment track without being too egotistical. The backing music is reminiscent of a modern day ‘Eye of the tiger’ and deserves the same success. I could see this featuring in a movie on top of a montage of boxers or people training. Overall, a slick tune which appeals to the masses with powerhouse vocals and strong lyrics and resembles her state of mind perfectly after her troubles. 9/10 She is back, stronger than ever and ready to take on the world! The song is constantly keeping you energized with the use of instruments, towards the end she kicks off with her powerhouse vocals and high belting – it’s electric and a great track to introduce the confident album; I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next! 9/10 2) Cool For The Summer (S.Kotecha, M.Martin, A.Kronlund, A.Payami, D.Lovato) ‘Cool for the Summer’ slides in subtly from the opening track and it works very well, as the listener is presented with an almost grungy pop sound which works well with Demi’s strong and sultry vocals – it suits her perfectly in this track and really presents a different side of her. The different vocal arrangements in the song really help to keep it alive, from the whispers in the middle 8 to the yo yo effects in “Don’t be scared ‘cuz I’m your body type” and the huge adlibs towards the end of the track. The song proves to be a great reinvention for this new era as the lead single. 8/10 Demi sound sweet and innocent during the first verse, but what she actually is saying is, something quite naughty. The chorus reveals her true intentions and she is suddenly confident enough to come out with it all. I hope she enjoys her summer with her friend. Hot pop summer track which will get you singing along. 9/10 3) Old Ways (O.Waithe, J.Evigan, S.Hoffman) Wow, as we progress further into the album, the themes are getting darker. The opening lyrics about a knife sticking in “The left side of my chest” is a bit vivid (Obviously getting at heart ache). I love the different sounds this song supplies, every different stage is a different sound, there’s almost an urban feel in the instrumental on the bridge and the drop in the music is kind of dubstep and I expect Nicki Minaj to jump in any moment. I love the hook in this song “Colours colours colours colours” and the riffs she adds to the lyrics, you can tell she is putting a lot of emotion into the vocals. When you read betweeen the lines, you can interpret the song as describing her struggles before rehab, referring to “not going back to my old ways”. It’s a strong track from Demi. 7.5/10 We’re still in party mode with builds galore, followed by that drop which is very hot and current. Her vocals arrangement is good with her use of changes in styles of singing. The song almost goes into another direction and then at the end it’s adlibs central – very strong but I felt slightly disconnected during the auto tuned male vocal. 7/10 4) For You (J.Carlsson, D.Grant, S.H.Catanzaro) As soon as the song starts you can hear a gradual build right up until the chorus which is nice to hear as it keeps you enticed; then when the build comes in – it hits the spot. This is the first ballad-esque song from Demi thus far and it displays her vocals perfectly! The hook in the middle 8 which sounds like a robotic voice “I would do anything for you” is infectious but is it saying that when it comes to this relationship, Demi is almost an automated robot being controlled? It’s very heartfelt and I love the theme and power ballad style. 7/10 We’re turning the page a little bit now, was my initial thought on the song’s opening; but Demi kicks back in again with that empowering vibe that we are presented with int he chorus. The vocals are extremely strong here and I am in love with this new album thus far! 8/10 5) Stone Cold (D.Lovato, L.Pourkarim, G.Thorn) So far, the track listing on this album has been perfect, the songs have been slowly progressing (Theme wise) and are changing your mood constantly. With ‘Stone Cold’ you really find yourself empathizing with Demi and this comes from the picture she paints with the lyrics “I’ll take the pain, give me the truth, me and my heart will make it through” You can tell this comes from personal experience and she truly connects with the song. The astounding vocals behind the track really enhances the sound and makes it more memorable, I imagine this power ballad would be one to sing in the car whilst it’s raining, looking out of the window. #TotesEmotes My only gripe with the track is the way she sings “Know that I am” she sounds as though she is auditioning for the role of the witch in Wicked. 8/10 The basic piano and vocal is a nice change, Lana Del Ray esque in the first verse. Demi then sings her heart out with her strong yet vulnerable vocals. The lyrical content of the song is something reminiscent of an Adele track, “If happy is her, I’m happy for you” – In one way she is saying that she accepts her lover has moved on with someone else, but it’s also saying she will be anyone he wants her to be, simply because she loves him so much (depending on your perception of the song). Strong an more exposed vocals, a great moment in Demi’s career – this song is extremely good. 9/10 6) Kingdom Come (Feat. Iggy Azalea) (J.Michaels, S.Mac, D.Lovato, A.A.Kelly) On first impression, this sounds like an interlude on the album, almost as though we will be venturing into a different part of Demi… Or this was thrown in to raise the mood from the previous couple of tracks, either way – this sound was needed thus far to perk up the listener. The sounds provided are really fun but I’m not sure what genre they fit into. The song is very similar to ‘Black Widow’ with the tones in the background, and seeing that Iggy is featured, maybe this is the sound she brought to the table? Once again, Demi’s strong vocals are displayed in a great way in the chorus, showing her elongated notes and dominant presence. It’s a bit of fun really, with dark undertones and this is evident with the lyric “So set me on your phone” Not sure what she is getting at, but it’s full of ambiguous lyrics. 6.5/10 A Euro-pop vibe in the chorus, then we drop to the new rap inspired beat. The builds are still prominent in this track which gives it it’s fresh sound. Iggy adds a different spin on the tack – you can tell Iggy had a say in the instrumental as it has that ‘Black Widow’ hook. 7/10 Full Review: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/06/10/demi-lovato-confident-2015/
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    she wrote it for Hillary Clinton
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    Fifth Harmony '7/27' Review

    Fifth Harmony 7/27 Album Review The Review – Luke and Jordan Full review here: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/06/03/fifth-harmony-727-2016/ 1) That’s My Girl (T.Kachingwe, A.Kronlund, L.Loules) Why hello there 5H! What an introduction. With ‘That’s My Girl’ they really use the sassy ‘Worth it’ sax theme really well. The introduction is sublime, followed by perfect builds and then… the dreadful monotone chorus attacks your ear drums. The best hook in this song is “Ain’t Nothing” before bringing us to the faster than roadrunner vocal arrangement in the bridge. However, I can’t get over how luck luster and monotone the “That’s my girrrrrrrl” elongated note sounds. Get rid of that awful chorus and you’re on to a winner girls! The instrumental is as sassy as (See below) 7/10 A hot track that is extremely current and fresh, great harmonizing in the chorus. The song uses a range of instruments which get you excited and ‘pumped’ a great album opener! 7/10 2) Work From Home (Ft. TY Dolla $ign) (J.Coleman, J.Demorest, T.Griffin JR, A.Izquierdo, D.Koehlke, B.Lee) From sass central ‘That’s My Girl’ to a more innocent sounding tune from the girls. The song is a huge juxtaposition really, the music is almost reminiscent of a lullaby with calming tones, yet the lyrics and theme portrays a more promiscuous side to the girls “Let my body do the work”. Additionally, I love how ambiguous the lyrics are, you can literally interpret them in anyway – what does ‘Work’ even mean? This track is definitely a radio friendly bop and the hook is very contagious! my only gripe is how lazy the song writing is, “You don’t gotta go to work” is repeated a lot and could have been filled with something more stimulating. Ty Dolla $ign’s appearance was also a nice feature. 7.5/10 Instant summer vibe with the beat in the beginnign which carries the track. I don’t think the rap is necessary really. The repetition of the word ‘work’ is very catchy and you can sing along instantly… although after a while it can get annoying. 6/10 3) The Life (T.Kachingwe, A.Kronlund, L.Loules) From the first 30 seconds, this sounds like a club banger, the backing noises and subtle builds progressing to faster tones and vocal arrangements really get the listener engaged. The vocals on “This is the life” seem to glide over the heavy backing beats and it reinforces just how much Fifth Harmony are a force to be reckoned with. I’d suggest to the girls that this be a single from the album, it’s the perfect blend of mid-tempo/fast paced. 7/10 I really enjoy this fresh sound that the girls seem to inherit so far on this album, the cool signing accents remind me of ‘Rihanna’. Another summer jam that’s played by the pool – it sounds like single material to me! 7.5/10 4) Write On Me (K.Gorvell-Dahll, T.Hermansen, M.Eriksen, P.Renea, S.Wilcox) Metaphor alert! This is going to be that song on the album… you know the one, that track that’s full of metaphors and cliches. The vocals on the first pre-chorus are quite crackly… it’s not horrific to listen to, it may have been intentional – it kind of works. As the song gets to the chorus, I’m actually quite pleased we haven’t hit ballad territory as of yet, this song works really well as a mid tempo empowerment track, even if it is a bit of a ‘try hard’ children in need song. The instrumental really enhances this track over the pre-chorus, it get’s you dancing – it’s almost urban. 6.5/10 A slightly different sound, I love the metaphor in the lyrics, the chorus sounds like ‘Ride on me’ but I think that’s intentional to cause people to question it if they heard it on the radio. The lyrics become repetitive quite quickly and they are in need of more material but luckily the instrumental saves it. 5/10 5) I Lied (J.Abrahart, A.Izquierdo, M.Lomax, J.Johnson, S.Johnson, O.Peterhof, J.Wong) First impressions, this track sounds like a carbon copy of ‘The Life’ mixed with a Justin Bieber style track. I like how the song goes from what you think is a ballad to another bop. The chorus is very easy to grasp and sing along to and would thrive on the radio – it’s modern yet not too modern to really get into. 6.5/10 This song has it all, it’s beyond catchy and right up my street – the best chorus int he album thus far. Great use of instruments, whoever produced this is onto a winner, a really enjoyable track. 8/10 6) All In My Head (Flex) (Ft. Fetty Wap) (T.Hermansen, M.Eriksen, B.Levin, B.Garcia, D.Peterson, N.Lambroza, J.Michaels, W.Maxwell, E.Brown, C.Dillon, R.Foulks, H.Harris, L.Romans, L.Dunbar, B.Thompson, H.Tucker) We are introduced to varied sound on this track, there are guitar riffs as well as urban/electro beats and it’s very unique indeed… but like with the first track, the chorus is so lack luster! The builds are executed perfectly and then the drab ‘Fleeeeeeex’ is presented to us. The contagious hook of “I wanna feel you on” is very enjoyable though.Looks like too many cooks – spoil the broth! 5/10 A catchy pop song with a current rapper, even though he sound drunk – it’s nothing special 5/10 7) Squeeze (T.Hermansen, M.Eriksen, K.Gorvell-Dahll, N.Lambroza, P.Renea, S.Wilcox) The different staccato / prolonged breaking vocal notes in this song are really nice to listen to and different to what we have been accustomed to. The calming and almost zen like sounds really compliment the girls’ silky smooth vocals gliding over the sickly sweet tunes. We are then presented with heavenly falsetto notes. This is an album gem if I ever heard one, granted – the lyrics are repeated a lot but I feel this is used as a hook for the listener to grasp rather than laziness. I love how the girls sound vulnerable and soft in comparison to almost intimidating in previous tracks, turns out they are humans and not robots after all. 8/10 This song is sweet and still in theme musically with previous tracks, the falsetto on the end of the word ‘Squeeze’ sounds as though the lover has held them tight causing them to sing higher, it’s almost like a release being in somebody’s arms. The song is quite short, I think it would have made a great interlude into another song. 6/10 See the full review here: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/06/03/fifth-harmony-727-2016/
  11. MrPopPants

    Meghan Trainor 'Thank You' Review

    I loved Onika's review, so I thought I'd give it a go! Meghan Trainor 'Thank You' 2016 1. Watch Me Do *Audio* (M.Trainor, E.Frederic, J.K.Hindlin, G.Lewis) From the get go, this song is a funk fest. The track’s instrumental almost sounds like a modern day Michael Jackson song. It’s really nice to hear a fast paced, attitude filled, feel good song to open the album – I hope it’s foreshadowing what’s to come! It’s clear to hear the Meghan traits in the song, this comes from her clever and silly lyrics which compliment each other perfectly to a contagious backing track. We have the good moments “I’m on a low hater diet” and the silly moments “Breaster-cist” which later rhymes with “Bester-cist” and then “Exorcist”. It’s a great little number! 7/10 2. Me Too *Video* (M.Trainor, E.Frederic, J.K.Hindlin, J.Derouleaux, P.Svensson) OK… The instrumental sounds JUST like a knock off version of Britney and Will.i.am’s “Scream and Shout” it’s definitely a bit of a trend chaser song. The pre-chorus however is delightful, it’s sugary, light and soulful – it actually sounds like a different song. I could see this tune being used in a Disney film; it’s full of confidence and prowess. It’s actually quite nice to hear this side of Meghan after her first album was full of sweetness and naivety. 6.5/10 3. No *Video* (M.Trainor, E.Frederic, J.K.Hindlin) It’s clear to see why this was the lead single off of the album. It’s a jazzy 90s influenced number. The opening vocal arrangement sounds as though it’s from an old school radio station, and then attitude filled Meghan graces us with her presence. The hook in this song is so infectious, it’s hard not to sing along, even if you end up saying “No” all the time. It’s obvious this song is about turning down a boy who tries to hard, however what confuses me is the lyrics “If that boy ain’t giving up, lick your lips and swing your hips”… Is she trying to tease the guys before turning them down? It’s quite confusing. Additionally, even though the chorus can be seen as quite lackluster, Meghan goes to town on the adlibs lifting the choruses more and more as the song progresses. Very fierce. 8/10 4. Better (Featuring Yo Gotti) *Snippet* (M.Trainor, E.Frederic, T.Brown, S.Franks, T.Parks, T.Sayles, M.Mims) This mid-tempo R&B track provides a very different vibe indeed. We are presented with an old school trancy sound on top of an urban beat; and to be honest, it doesn’t sound like Meghan Trainor at all. It’s quite generic really, limp in places and anyone could sing it. 4/10 5. Hopeless Romantic *Audio* (M.Trainor, J.Carlsson, R.Golan) Deep ballad alert with cliche lyrics – Meghan opens with “Ever after comes after we meet, I think the movies were lying to me”. The track is very pleasant and sounds as though it could be sung by a Disney princess like Rapunzel whilst a montage plays of her and her love interest’s journey together. The backing harmonizing and “oooh” vocals really help to boost the chorus. It’s a very enjoyable track and nice to just sit back and listen to her sing, there seems to be a lot of heart behind the song. 5.5/10 6. I Love Me (With LunchMoney Lewis) *Audio* (M.Trainor, E.Frederic, J.K.Hindlin, G.Lewis, T.Troelsen) Yes, back to the funk fest. Meghan has teamed up with LunchMoney Lewis for a modern day empowerment song. It could be argued that the song is very egocentric but I see it more as a ‘middle finger to the haters’ song, it shows Meghan wont be downtrodden by trolls or haters and I commend her for that, it’s carefree and great! LunchMoney Lewis also adds an R&B flavour to the song which really enhances the sound. 7/10 Full review and Overall sum up: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/05/16/meghan-trainor-thank-you-2016/
  12. MrPopPants

    Jessie J 'Sweet Talker' Review

    Jessie J - Sweet Talker 2014 Review: TalkAboutTunes Full Review: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/05/24/jessie-j-sweet-talker-2014/ 1. Ain’t Been Done (D.Gamson, E.Warren, S.Harris) Jessie J knows how to kick off a track doesn’t she? ‘Ain’t Been Done’ is a prime example of this – as soon as it’s played Jessie spits some attitude filled fast paced rap style hook. She then manages to throw the listener into a frenzy of different sounds with an almost ‘military style instrumental’ with a different vocal arrangement completely “This ones for the non-believers” and it sounds very empowering. It’s quite nice to hear a song that’s attitude filled and full of confidence as opposed to your typical British ‘modest’ tracks. Strong start from Jessie. 7/10 Straight in there with a kick, uptempo with a catchy chorus – the hook is questionable but makes it even more memorable. A nice opening track to the album. 8/10 2. Burnin’ Up (Featuring 2 Chainz) (J.Cornish, A.Schuller, E.Frederic, C.Angelides, J.K.Hindlin, R.Goransson, G.Lewis, T.Epps ) I am filled with so much excitement when I hear the intro music, it provides so much of a build before the vocals even kick in, and sounds as though it could be from a movie. Jessie only furthers to reinforce a build with elongated notes. Just like ‘Ain’t Been Done’ she then switches up the track to a fast paced party ‘banger’ which could possibly give someone with anxiety a panic attack, it’s everything you want from an up-tempo song, there’s different vocal arrangements with slower moment, quieter moments, a nice breathy moment with “Losing my breath (Insert breathing noises here)”; and Jessie doesn’t disappoint with her vocals, she is riffing more than Christina Aguilera on Speed. I can’t compliment this song more 10/10 Keeping with the up-tempo theme, Jessie executes perfect builds to the killer chorus and keeps her vocal intensity at that high level; and to give the song balance, she drops the track down just before the pre-chorus. There is an annoying background singer whaling which can be a distraction and I don’t think it’s necessary to have her there. 2 Chainz’s part was fun and added another aspect to the song. The hand clap parts towards the end was a fun addition! 7.5/10 3. Sweet Talker (J.Cornish, A.D.Brigante, Y.Ayal, M.Picard, C.Picard, T.Pentz, J.Somani) The hand claps which open this track feels as though ‘Burning up’ is cooling down and ‘Sweet Talker’ is a natural progression as we venture into the album. The melody is the perfect mixture of fast paced and mid-tempo and is great head bopper. Once Again Jessie flaunts her vocals very well, this time with a few ‘grungy’ vocals and growls in the chorus. I like how stripped back the middle 8 is, with Jessie simply singing over a piano, then suddenly the piano gets brutally attacked by the pianist and it almost sounds awkward, but Jessie’s vocals compliment the heavy tones very well. 6/10 A different avenue is taken as we progress and move away from the previous 2 bangers; but this is the perfect time to have a mid-tempo track that has an up-tempo feel. The piano in the chorus is beautiful, the melody is nice and sweet. There are some clubby instruments throughout which can be heard in the background, almost ‘dub-steppy’. There’s a strong vocal stripped back moment which compliments the song in a unique way. A very cool track which is easy to sing along with. 7/10 4. Bang Bang (With Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj) (M.Martin, S.Kotecha, R.Goransson, O.Maraj) Already Reviewed in https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/02/10/ariana-grande-my-everything-2014/ *Click link to see* 9/10 10/10 5. Fire (S.Brooker, J.Newman) You can tell this was written by John Newman, the first few second sounds just like his track ‘Love Me Again’. It’s nice that a different route has been taken with ‘Fire’ as we step away from Up-tempo tracks. I must admit – I expected this to be a party song based on the title of the track, but then again, you should never judge a book by the cover. I really enjoy the instrumental of this song, the violins and orchestral moments are really unique, however I don’t feel Jessie’s voice suits it, it’s almost too heavy for her (Even though she has killer vocals) and as the song progresses, the music just gets heavier. Unfortunately, this song doesn’t really go anywhere for me, it just kind of lingers. I got quite bored, I think it’s because I know she is capable of better ballads… She sounds good though. 4/10 A different approach with the instrumental at the beginning. Soft vocals from Jessie until we hit the chorus. The song spreads musically and grows into a gripping and inspirational sounding moment. Her vocals get stronger and progresses until we fade out. 6.5/10 6. Personal (E.Varner, J.Andrews, W.W.Larsen) Funny how the track is called ‘personal’ and it wasn’t written by Jessie herself… But I’ll overlook this. I love how Jessie sounds in this track, you can tell she connects with the lyrics as she sings, they’re very heartfelt – this becomes apparent from the ever changing vocal moments and effort she puts in. It’s another ballad – but as we venture into the middle 8 we are almost exposed to an urban beat behind the vocals. I like the track but it sounds like a filler from 2006. 5/10 A deeper emotional moment, we are heading out of the club and in a different direction, a nice song that doesn’t really go anywhere – there are parts where she sounds like Rihanna which gives it the cool factor… if this song wasn’t on the album, I don’t think anyone would miss it. 5/10 Full Review / overall summary: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/05/24/jessie-j-sweet-talker-2014/
  13. Eminem is planning to reissue his classic album "The Marshall Mathers LP"...on cassette. He also seems to be planning something else -- hopefully new music. Eminem had been awfully quiet ever since he contributed a couple songs to the "Southpaw" soundtrack last summer. He recently went on Genius to annotate a random assortment of lyrics, and today, he has fueled more rumors that he's ready to get back in the game. While he hasn't confirmed any new music, Em announced today that he's planning to re-release his 2000 album, The Marshall Mathers LP, on cassette. That's right, apparently he's found a manufacturer that still makes cassette tapes, and he's hoping that fans will dig up their Walkmans or perhaps look for an old 8-track player on eBay in order to enjoy the reissue of his classic LP. Regardless if one owns a device with which to play the tape, it's certainly a desirable piece of hip-hop merch, and it will come with "limited edition collectables," according to Em's website. Head here to get the early details on the upcoming re-release. Perhaps Em wants fans to get back into his early work to gear them up for some new music he's working on. A couple of hours ago, in a cryptic Instagram post, he shared a picture of a bolted wooden door that has been spray-painted with the number "19946." "19946 Dresden," he wrote in the post's caption. Shady fans will likely recognize the image and might be aware that 19946 is the address of Em's childhood home. The above Instagram photo was likely taken when the house had long been empty. One can see the same part of the house -- albeit with the door intact -- on the cover of The Marshall Mathers LP. Thirteen years after the MMLP, Em used a more recent image of the home, looking especially dilapidated, on the cover of the sequel album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, released in November 2013. In the same month of the release of the MMLP2, the home at 19946 Dresden caught fire; the cause was unknown. Less than two weeks after the fire, the home was demolished by the City of Detroit and the lot was put up for sale. A damn shame, as it should've been labeled a historic site. Anyway, it's not quite clear what Em is getting at with his latest Instagram post, though it's obvious that 19946 holds a dear place in his heart. Could it be the title/inspiration for a new project? source
  14. MrPopPants

    Paris Hilton 'Paris' 2006 Review

    Paris Hilton - 'Paris' - 2006 REVIEW So surprised at what Paris had to offer on her album. There were quite a few bops actually! Anyone on here a fan? Here's a snippet of my review - for the full track by track review and overall thoughts visit: https://talkabouttunes.wordpress.com/2016/05/06/parishilton2006/ Turn It Up *Audio* (P.Hilton, S.Storch, J.Bowden, P.Magnet) As soon as the song starts, we are presented with trashy urban beats, with sultry breathy “yeah”s and to be honest it’s just what you would expect from this artist. I feel this track is a bit messy, there are so many different genres included – R&B flavors with a teen pop theme, it sounds like a mismatch. It’s almost as if the production team wanted the track to appeal to a wide audience. It’s a foot tapper and sets up the listener for a ‘wild ride’. 5/10 Due to the title of the song, it is perfectly placed in the track listing. Although, musically it sounds like a song that would be good towards the end of the album, as I felt the song wasn’t very catchy, even though it contained some really cool instruments and diversity. The vocals were kind of weak but probably done in that style to sound highly sexual and desirable.This song is definitely a warm up to what I hope will be a good journey. 4.5/10 Fightin’ Over Me (Featuring, Fat Joe and Jadakiss) *Audio* (P.Hilton, S.Storch, P.Magnet, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, A.Jackson, T.Jackson) A theme is emerging here already. We are presented with more breathy and sexual vocals which work well for this artist. The piano tones at the beginning are very enjoyable to listen to and work well as a hook. I feel this song would have been hugely popular in 2003 for Ashanti or Ciara. The track doesn’t contain much substance but it’s enjoyable to listen to – it’s fun. I just wish the lyrics were mixed up a bit. 5.5/10 The high key piano is a wonderful touch from the outset, the lyrics are very self indulgent and make her sound big headed – but I imagine if you need to feel sexy, this is one to sing into your hairbrush. The rapping is very good and sounds fresh. I love the orchestra just before she starts her parts, the song does get a little bit repetitive and makes me wonder if she is going to surprise us with another set of lyrics. I don’t think she added much to this song; but a nice jam all the same. 5/10 Stars Are Blind *Video* (F.Garibay, S.Solomon, R.McCarthy) As soon as the song starts you can hear a dramatic change in quality. The beats in the background almost sound Jamaican and ‘holiday-esque’. Her vocals are also much more suited to this kind of song, and she still has that sultry breathy tone that gives her an added appeal; the track is a mid-tempo and laid back and really easy to get into.6.5/10 This is a much catchier song, and has a feel good vibe surrounding it. It has an adult contemporary vibe that would appeal to radio 2 listeners. 5.5/10 I Want You *Audio* (J.Rotem, K.DioGuardi, E.K.Bogart, B.Gibb) One word: Jaunty. From the get go, this song just doesn’t stick. The ‘Grease’ sample isn’t needed and it doesn’t correlate with the vocal arrangement. The vocal arrangement on its own would work really well but the music really drags it down. The bass beats are also very overwhelming and literally made me turn the volume down before my ear drum burst. 2.5/10 If Sharpay from High School Musical had a throwaway track, this would be it! The instrumental is great and catchy, it’s just a shame she lacks vocally – it ended abruptly.4.5/10 Jealousy *Audio* (P.Hilton, S.Storch, K.DioGuardi) The intro on this track makes for a pleasant change but is very misleading. The listener is presented with calming violin sounds and swiftly changes to a 60s/70s sound. The track is a foot tapper and I can paint a picture with the lyrics Paris sings. The ‘La la la la’ also makes for a good hook. The songs only fall from grace comes from her half hearted monologue in the middle of the song – the lack of conviction makes it laughable. Over all, it’s more of a sophisticated sound from her. 6/10 Beautiful instrumental music. I actually really like this song, the chorus build of the word ‘jealously’ gives this a ‘pop factor’ The arrangement of the music is very good and I love the use of the orchestra again. The speaking part in the middle was not necessary but it did add something different to the lackluster vocals 5/10
  15. Onika

    Ariana Grande | Dangerous Woman

    Dangerous Woman album
  16. TL;DR hack: just read everything that's bolded! In an era where payola is the key to success and Twitter overhypes anyone who's seen the top 10 of the hot 100, when is not refreshing to discover a new artist? DVSN is a Drake-approved and Drake-signed Canadian duo made up of the producer Nineteen85 and the singer Daniel Daley that I discovered sometime last month after letting YouTube go wild with it's whole autoplay feature. Never really went back to listen to their stuff after that night but I was bored and had figured they had an album out by now because unlike RCA, , Drake knows he has a flop label and doesn't mind letting his flop signees provide the world with some tunes! ----- THIS ALBUM CAN BE DESCRIBED BEST IN CONSIDERATION OF IT'S DICHOTOMY: THE GOOD AND THE UGLY The Line and With Me are probably the most notable tracks on this album, both being singles and both being 7 minutes long. With Me is the better of the 2. The lyrics are repetitive trash that can be summed up with the line, "Fuck with me now", but where the song exceeds is in it's sound. Showing it's true roots in R&B, it almost creates a feeling of rolling around in the sheets with someone who you're blindly in love with. It's probably the shortest 7 minute track known to man, the production just leaves you wanting more. In complete contrast, you have The Line, which is one of the most boring, try-hard "I want to be PBR&B so bad!" songs I've heard since that ugly song Blue from Beyonce's self-titled! Though the lyrics are much much better than With Me and most of the tracks on the album, the sound is so cringe, so bad, and so long. One of the best things about With Me is when a female vocalists and a choir of sorts sneaks in with a cute "yeah yeah yeah yeah" adlib that creates such a heavenly feeling because it is simply done right. But The Line literally takes that adlib and makes it a sample, looping it for at least 6 WHOLE MINUTES which doesn't sound bad until you realize that the sample sounds like some obese lion seal sending out a depressing mating call or better yet!! like they drugged some poor guy and recorded him trying to sing while choking on a dick! How come Sampha isn't credited for his OBVIOUS appearance on this album? Not only does it just sound horrible but it often crashes with the the verses and no level of synth can hide that! I don't even care about any of The Line's good qualities because every single one of them were done better on With Me. The bottom line is that from the start, it's very important that you know DVSN is capable of perfection but just as capable of trash. They show it best in attempts to remake their golden tracks. This can be seen in a song like Hallucinations, where the lead singer's falsetto is used to create this amazing atmosphere of tranquility. You can feel the song get better and better with every wave of synths, making an effortless slow jam but this same falsetto is taken to lead Try/Effortless and falls flat in the aspect of what it could've been, only ending up sounding like some rejected Nick Jonas demo that got bamboozled with a bunch of trendy sound effects. SEPT. 5TH'S STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS IS BEING FULL OF DRAKE DEMOS Don't get me wrong, of course I love my fave but everyone knows that all Drake has done with his OVO sound label is sign people who remind him of himself. I support him and everything he's done/is doing for urban but he is more than likely an egotistical maniac who is aware that every male in R&B/rap wants to sound and be their own version of Drake. DVSN is one of Drake's many clones, they've just added their own unique flavor to the formula. A lot of this can be credited to the fact that the producer of the duo is Nineteen85, a longtime producer of Drake who is responsible for bops like Hotline Bling, Truffle Butter and One Dance. While at many points in the album you can hear similarities in the production, all of the songs are taken to a level that Drake's production usually shies away from. Unlike Drake's amazing but usually repetitive beats, DVSN's production is very interactive with the lead singer but often times can feel overdone. It doesn't change the fact that Angela's instrumental sounds like a calmer version of the second half of Drake's Furthest Thing and Too Deep sounds like it could be an extensions of How Bout Now's hook. The good thing is that if all else fails in a Drake song, you will always have a great beat to jam out to. The bad thing is that if all else fails in a Drake song, the lyrics ripped directly from the man-diary of a fuckboy was 100% the main reason why! Throughout the 10 songs on SEPT. 5TH, the lyrics fail to vary from your everyday, "I guess I actually might've hurt my ex", "sex will fix all of our problems, lol its not a big deal" and my personal favorite "you're different from the rest, I guess I'll be a decent person!" In a way, it's not exactly hard to love the lyrics in songs like Hallucinations, The Line and Angela where the effort put into the lyrics are more than evident, they try to tell a story, they attempt to paint a picture and it's executed. You can even appreciate the lyrics in songs like Too Deep and In + Out where they at least sound sexy and completely fit with the atmosphere that's created. And yet, you'll never cringe harder than when you sit back and try to make sense of the writing in Sept 5th, With Me and Do It Well, the latter serving Drake's stripper fetish better than he has himself! DID I MENTION THE LEAD SINGER SOUNDS LIKE IF A PART-TIME TREY SONGS AND PART-TIME AUGUST ALSINA IMPERSONATOR HAD A STROKE? Just putting that out there. Though Daniel Daley's falsetto is truly ear candy, his enunciation sucks ass. Usually, I don't mind that. I stan Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, FKA twigs, Ariana Grande and Tinashe and though they are all known for being talented, none of them are exactly known for their ability when it comes to pronouncing the English language. What makes it so bad on this album is that he mumbles every chance he gets because someone told him that was his signature sound but was cruel enough to make him believe that was a good thing! His vocals can actually add to the music in a song like Too Deep, where he depends on ad-libing and chopping his parts up for the sake of our ears the beat. Daniel's voice could even be useful when he actually sounds like he's not on his deathbed, like in SEPT 5TH and Try/Effortless. But the philosophy of mumbling equating to sounding sexy, one that has been popularized by the likes of Justin Bieber, proves it's own theory wrong once again. Even when he's mumbling he's so nasally and it certainly doesn't help. He's probably only had one octave his whole life and that wont change no matter how much he attempts to scream in the second half of With Me and The Line. The fact that he can half-ass screaming but can't half ass his voice cracking No like we seriously need to reflect on this, he wouldn't let himself scream full out to make up for his lack of vocal ability but he still cracked harder than Mariah trying to whistle after the 90's Anyways, it's more than clear that the star here is the production and not the singing itself. If there was any time in this album where the vocals were truly expanding the sound and not just holding it back, it would be when the mystery female singer and her choir squad came in and made Daniel sound like, well.. Daniel, it doesn't get any worse than him! IS THIS ALBUM ATTRACTIVE? This album isn't ugly, but it still needs some contour to smooth out the rough edges. For anyone who enjoys a good PBR&B, soul album, this album is a great addition to your library and though you'll very rarely go back to listen to it in full, when a song like Too Deep or Hallucination pops up on shuffle, you'll be in a thoughtless reverie of good music. But god bless you if The Line shows up instead With amazing production but lyrics that lack consistency in quality and vocals that can become beyond annoying if you listen too close, I give it a 7.7 Replay: Too Deep, With Me, Hallucinations, Angela Skip: Another One, Do It Well Delete: The Line
  17. So I gave Lemonade a try, cause of The Weeknd. k les do dis. Pray You Catch Me Okay, I like that it didn't start out loud and shit, calm af but I wish the chorus wasnt too repetitive, cause the instrumental is good. Hold Up I like the Caribbean feel but at the same time I don't, partly biased here cause preferably I like Riri's. However, still good. She looks lovely in the video tho! Sorry I'm not feelin this one, sorry, aint sorry. Who is Becky btw? Don't Hurt Yourself It doesn't sound like your usual Beyoncé song.. that I know of. I like the filtered voice, sounds good. Jack White aint that bad too. "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I AM?" dat angst, 6 Inch The very track I'm rooting for because, my boy Abel's in it. FUCKKASDASFDSAKJF ASFASF. I wasn't prepared by the intro. THE CLUB IS READY! This is just too good. I can't, what is life? THIS HAS TO BE THE NEXT SINGLE! The Weeknd is on fire here, like what else is new? Daddy Lessons She didn't hold back with the production. I'm impressed. She nails country very well, a lil random genre but maybe she wants something from ha Ma and Pa, but that's just me. Blue, at the last second tho! Love Drought SEX, just sex, so FUCKING EUPHORIC. Sounds like a song Samantha James (see. Angel Love) would do, so dreamy and spaced-out. I like it very much. Sandcastles Really tragic and sad, kudos on the crack tho! I feel like this track is going to be the poster child for "the best track on the album!" just because its sad doesn't mean its the best. I hope Jay and Bey work it out, tho! Forward moving forward. Freedom Bey + Kendrick, u just cant ask for more. just epic. Love her grandma speech, "I served lemons but I made lemonade." Can't wait for it to be a single! All Night, I like the fast talk-y pre chorus, Katy's LL who? beautiful track and those horns! I don't see this track being appreciated tho. Where are ha stans? Formation, this song just slays. She really went personal here, all the infidelity and stuff and that women journey she speak of, I'm no woman, so I aint commenting on dat part. Overall, I don't wanna get bee stings so lemme just rate it in my mind. My Picks: 6 Inch, Love Drought, Freedom, All Night and Don't Hurt Yourself.
  18. Ok so thanks to the all so lovely Mariah stans on this forum, I have started my love for Mariah. So, as requested, I will be giving my opinions the first full album of hers that I have listened to (and purchased ) 1. Honey - Her smooth vocals is what hooked me the minute the song began, but then towards the end her powerful vocals came and swept me away. However, it isn't my favorite off the album. It's not something that I would crave.........yet. I'm sure it will grow me the more I listen to it, or at least I hope so because I really did like it since I really did like the song. 2. Butterfly - Really liked the chorus in this one with the choir. Made me felt like I was at the Church Of Mariah and she was blessing me. I can see myself listening to this song during a night drive or if I'm just laying in bed. 3. My All - Holy jesus when I first heard this song I got chills. Definitely one of my favorites off this album. There's just something about her vocals and the arrangement on this song that makes it perfect. The good sis Newton showed me a remix of this song but I prefer this one so much more for its simplicity and beauty. 4. The Roof - This one is a grower for sure. I did find myself bopping my head to this but after it was done I kinda forgot about it (especially by the time Whenever You Call came around, but we'll get to that soon.) 5. Fourth Of July - Those whistle tones! Probably one of my favorites from my album too. Another song I can see myself driving at nighttime to or hanging out doing homework to. It's just so peaceful and pretty. 6. Breakdown - I knew about this song but never gave it much thought. What a mistake. It's a peaceful bop which is hard to make and get it right, but hunty Mariah did it. 7. Babydoll - Yas another peaceful bop that I can bump my head to. Yet another nighttime drive song which my life has been lacking a lot of recently tbh so I am here for the amount on this album. 8. Close My Eyes - Pretty, but I forgot about it pretty quickly because of the track that comes after it 9. Whenever You Call - ScalpedT. This is definitely my favorite on this entire album. It's hard to describe it but it is just so beautiful and it made me feel like God himself was taking me away from this earth because this song just made me so deceased from its perfection. 10. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) - Meh, didn't leave much of an impression on me, tbh. 11. Beautiful Ones - Didn't really like this one much But I'm here for it growing on me and it eventually becoming one of my faves. 12. Outside - Great ending to the album. I've probably said this a million times now, but ha vocals on this track are out of this world But yea, those are my thots on this album. I've only listened to it twice so I'm positive my opinions of certain songs will change the more times I listen to it. I hope you all enjoyed my first blog entry lol hopefully I will actually do more blog entries.
  19. Both my favorite muse albums ever, so I'll talk about both Absolution I can say that it's one of the first albums i fell in love with, masterpiece you should listen this album ASAP Favorite Tracks: 1.Apocalypse Please 2.Endlessly 3.The Small Print 4.Thoughts of a Dying Atheist 5.Ruled By Secrecy Special Mention to: *Hysteria *Blackout believe me this album is a masterpiece Less Favorite Tracks: NONE just unnecesary intro and interlude Favorite Videos: 1.Hysteria 2.Time Is Running Out 3.Stockholm Syndrome 4.Sing For Absolution 5.Butterflies & Hurricanes My Singles Choices would be like: 1.Time Is Running Out 2.Hysteria 3.Thoughts of a Dying Atheist 4.Endlessly 5.Apocalypse Please 6.Fury I guess they wouldn't release slow songs from this album but Endlessly would be a good choice Apocalypse Please 10/10 Time Is Running Out 8.5/10 Sing For Absolution 8/10 Stockholm Syndrome 8/10 Falling Away With You 7/10 Hysteria 9/10 Blackout 10/10 Butterflies & Hurricanes 8.5/10 The Small Print 9.5/10 Endlessly 10/10 Thoughts of a Dying Atheist 10/10 Ruled By Secrecy 10/10 Fury 8/10 Black Holes and Revelations same as Absolution, one of the first albums i heard and i love it i can't choose between them because Muse is my fav band and I think these are their best works and you know Favorite Tracks: 1.Assassin 2.Map of the Problematique 3.Starlight 4.Hoodoo 5.Knights of Cydonia Special Mention to: *Take a Bow *City of Delusion Less Favorite Tracks: None Favorite Videos: 1.Knights of Cydonia 2.Starlight 3.Supermassive Black Hole 4.Invincible My Singles Choices would be like: 1.Supermassive Black Hole 2.Starlight 3.Assassin 4.Exo-Politics 5.Knights of Cydonia 6.Map of the Problematique This album has some new wave influences or something like that is not that alternative as Absolution was, kings of re-invention and i guess that wanting a new sound, they'd have released these songs as singles Take a Bow 8/10 Starlight 10/10 Supermassive Black Hole 7/10 Map of the Problematique 10/10 Soldier's Poem 7.5/10 Invincible 7/10 Assassin 10/10 Exo-Politics 8.5/10 City of Delusion 9/10 Hoodoo 9.5/10 Knights of Cydonia 10/10 Glorious 7.5/10