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  1. Ok, so i have this idea of a year-end type of thing specifically made for FOTP by FOTPers, where each FOTPer get to pick his/her/their fav pop girl album of the year.. here's how i'm planning to do it: in this thread each member will nominate ONLY one album to be pop girl album of the year, Just one u hos. You have til Dec. 27th to make up your mind i will collect each and every nomination in here and whatever album gets the most nominations win. results will be revealed once i collect votes after the deadline... i didn't want to have popular albums in a poll and force it on y'all to vote because some members might nominate albums i personally don't know of, especially by obscure indie artists and what not.. so yeah, in your post you will NOMINATE ONLY ONE ALBUM. No male albums.. scratch that no albums by female bands No EPs.. i want alberms ****** Albums HAVE TO BE released in a date from like Q4 of 2016-to- Q4 of 2017******* You can pick from here too : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_2017_albums Get into it downstairs.
  2. Released Physically Today on CD and Vinyl as a Black Friday Exclusive but there are plans to release more pressings later on https://www.discogs.com/Y-Kant-Tori-Read-Y-Kant-Tori-Read/release/11191576 https://www.discogs.com/Y-Kant-Tori-Read-Y-Kant-Tori-Read/release/11191278 Native Invaders Taglist: @Aidan. @Anna-wa @Hylia @Jose @Nocturn @Skyline @Sylk @Taylor @#VaccinesMakeKidsAutistic @Vulnicura.
  3. 4:44 is the upcoming fourteenth studio album and thirteenth solo album by American rapper Jay-Z. It is scheduled to be released on June 30, 2017 through Roc Nation. The album will be solely produced by No I.D.. 4:44 will be released as an exclusive to Sprint and Tidal customers, and is the first in a series of music exclusives from the Sprint-Tidal partnership. Forbes confirmed there will be companion film to coincide with the album release. 4:44 was teased after posters were displayed in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as banner ads started appearing on the Internet. A teaser ad was aired during the NBA Finals on June 7 featuring actors Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong'o and Danny Glover in a one-minute video, ending in "4:44 – 6.30.17, Exclusively on Tidal".On June 18 (Father's Day), a clip featuring a song titled "Adnis" was posted on Sprint's YouTube page. Adnis was Jay-Z's father's name. from Billboard's "What To expect from Jay-Z's 4:44" The title of the album signals a deep interest in significance, as JAY-Z’s birthday is December 4, Beyonce’s is September 4, their anniversary is April 4 (4/4). And if you’re feeling particularly illuminati, you could style the name of their firstborn daughter Blue Ivy as Blue IV. Hopefully we get a Bey collab
  4. G.T.D.A.B.

    The Cure

    My rework of Joanne, it's called "The Cure" now.
  5. Hey everybody, Do any of you have suggestions for albums to listen to in the car? Preferably an album full upbeat songs with the occasion slow tune. Thanks sm errybody!
  6. We Told You This Was Melodrama Hello and Welcome to Lorde's Melodrama Megarate hosted by yours truly, @SWINΞ Final Results:
  7. I was doing some research and I know that MDNA, Artpop and Born this Way were all in the top five of the albums and also considering Bon Jovi's record decreased by 91% and on wiki it says it is the second most decrease thing but if Katy's album decreased by 92% then that is a record for decreasing. then how comes everyone was talking when ARTPOP decreased but nobody when Katys tragic record falls 92% decrease in sales.
  8. I haven't heard it yet but it's out there sistren!! Source (no downloads)
  9. From 0/10, how bad do you think it is? Me: 4/10 She definitely chose the best songs as singles, because the rest of the album...
  10. Tommorow at 7:30 est/west time I will be hosting a LOVE,ANGEL,MUSIC,BABY listening party
  11. THE SUGABABES HAVE REUNITED WITH THEIR ORIGINAL LINEUP (MKS) MUTYA KEISHA AND SIOBHAN AND ARE IN COURT TO GAIN RIGHTS BACK TO THEIR NAME Currently, Keisha is winning the case and next month in june, we'll all get our wigs snatched AGAIN with Their new album in the works If you don't them they are a british girl group with 6#1'S , 18 top tens, and seven albums Back in 2013, they released their single "Flatline" which received moderate success and now we're gonna have the 8th album with the original sound of the MKS lineup https://youtu.be/nS8xiUlYNO0 ONE OF THEIR NUMBER ONES BTW
  12. BJORK

    I became a follower of the chart dominatrix female MJ because of this: Please Kats. Give me a warm welcome! Your kitty Björk is here let's get frisky! Meow meow
  13. Whitney Houston(album) *Like I did for Madonna, i will make a post about Whitney career and my thoughts about her musicality and personal struggles. You guys will see i dont think she is the earth, water and sky like it seems like in my post. Now you guys know i love me some Whitney. She is by far my favorite artist. She has influenced- no, im not gonna get into that, let me just start with the review. Vocally, Whitney was at the top. At her debut, there were no female artist using full-on vocals and breaking in through mainstream. She sounded so clear, so pure,her voice was cool and powerful. She swooped, cooed, belted and took it to an entire new level. Stephen Holden from New York Times said she sang with a romantic innocence and had the dignity of someone much older, and i fully agree. Lyrically, the songs werent very deep, but they were ultimate classical love songs that seemed to represent a teenage girl's love life at the period of time(look at the lyrics of "How Will I Know"). "Saving All My Love for You " was a side-h** song, with Whitney singing "You got your family and they need you there" It like ann "thats just an old fantasy" song, and believe it or not, it relates to more people than you would think. And lets not forget "Greatest Love of All", which is the ultimate inspirational ballad(Whitney has an entire side of those ind of songs)It doesnt matter that Whitney didnt write the songs; it feels as if she did, because she sings with so much conviction. The production was good, with the fresh beats of "Someone for Me" and "How Will I Know" very memorable. Highlights are "How Will I Know" which she sounded phenomonal ans the video was nice and colorful, the R&B tracks "Saving All my Love" and "You Give Good Love" were both some of my favorite songs from Whitney's entire career. "Greatest Love" is an undeniable classic, you just cant not love it and"All At once" is a good song, a song many sang after Whitney' s death considering the lyrics "And the smile used to great me". The critics werent wrong when they say it s one of the greatest debuts ever released. Lyrically: B+ Production: B Vocals: A+ Overall: A-
  14. US Top Album Sales: #35 @zaralarsson, So Good 5,355 (debut). 460 who ?? yayyy for Zara the new britney/christina !!!!
  15. Taylor swift of rap, Drake is succeeding with "More Life''
  16. Ed Sheeran claims both #1's for a 3rd consecutive week with his new album 'Divide' and successful hit 'Shape Of You'. Divide shifted 206,000 across physical (67% of this week’s total), downloads (13%) and streaming equivalent sales (20%) this week to keep its place at the top. His album has sold over 1M sales (now 1.18M) in just 3 weeks! ALBUMS As Divide is still the top spot, Drake debuted at no.1 with 'More Life' which sold 63,000 chart sales. Dame Vera Lynn enters at no.3 with her effort '100' and sets the chart record for the oldest living person with a top 10 album. Inside the top 10, Zara Larsson's debut album 'So Good' enters at 7 and Depeche Mode’s 14th collection Spirit at 5. Down the chart, record day makes The Beatles' iconic album 'SGT Pepper' re enters at 32. SINGLES Behind Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You which logs its 11th week on top, he continues to dominate the top 3 with Galway Girl at 2 and COTH at 3. This weeks highest new entry goes to Drake’s Passionfruit, which enters at Number 4. A total of 12 songs from the rapper's 'More Life' album enter the Top 40 this week, with his Giggs collaboration 'KMT' entering at Number 9. Clean Bandit's 'Symphony' which features Zara Larsson also debuts at no.6. Martin Jensen's Solo Dance climbs to no.8 and Anne Marie peaks at 10- her new personal best. http://www.officialcharts.com/charts/singles-chart/ http://www.officialcharts.com/charts/albums-chart/
  17. Hey y'all, Let's start with Queen Of The Clouds!!! ________________________________________________ Tracklist Explanation Singles: 1. Talking Body 2. Like Em Young 3. Love Ballad 4. Habits ( Stay High ) Hope you guys liked it!
  18. #Music

    Album Of The Year - 2015

    After a long research of all the albums (more or less relevant) released the last year, I decided to put down a list of the bestest (pun intended) of them... Here we go 20. Meghan Trainor "Title" 52% I just didn't like it much, repeats the formula over and over... But there were so many bad albums this year 19. Zedd "True Colors" 53% A bit messy, some bops scattered around garbage. Autotune Selena is flawless here 18. Selena Gomez "Revival" 54% It has like 6 hits, the rest is forgettable.... #Me&MyGirlsForSingleASAP 17. Imagine Dragons "Smoke + Mirrors" 55% Can't remember the album right now, I guess... quite forgettable??? 16. Leona Lewis "I Am" 59% I love the singles, they are pure gold. Then there's "You Knew Me When" which is another Diane Warren nice ballad. The rest is quite lazy and dated. 15. Kendrick Lamar "To Pimp A Butterfly" 61% I stan this rap masterpiece! It's amazing! It got low score 'cause I did the mean of the scores of each song, so since there were some dope (available on iTunes and Spotify) songs and meh ones 13. Demi Lovato "Confident " 62% She played with my emotions with this album, God For The Summer is a "When Will Your B-Lister Faves?" bop. Too good.... Then Godfident slayed the shit out of me, Stone Gold snatched our faves weave.... But the album has nothing as good.... 12. One Direction "Made In The A.M." 66% I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY CHART SO HIGH IN MY LIST!!!!! due to my system, some bad artists got too many points, since they have THOUSANDS of little singalong bops.... 11. Coldplay "A Head Full Of Dreams" 67% This album is just plain garbage compared to Ghost Stories, although it has more and better bops. Adventure Of A Lifetime, Hymn For The Weekend, Everglow, Amazing Day and Up&Up are the best ones. 10. MIKA "No Place In Heaven (Deluxe Edition)" 68% OMFG!!!!! GOOD GUY IS A POP MASTERPIECEEEE!!!!!! The rest is quite average, the bonus tracks are the best ones doe 9. Filfth Harmony "Reflection " 71% Charted too high.... There are many inoffensive bops... but nothing special... 8. The Weeknd "Beauty Behind the Madness " 72% Now this is a good album! Cohesive with thousands of bops!!! Lana slayed me hard... Losers, Tell Your Friends, The Hills, Can't Feel My Face, Shameless, In The Night and Prisoner are the best ones Often is also a good one, just that I don't really like the "i just fucked 2 bitches 'fore a saw you" 7. Ellie Goulding "Delirium (Deluxe)" 72% This album helped me believe in pop again. Too good to describe it, so many bops to choose from!!!! Aftertaste, Something In The Way You Move, On My Gold, Godes, Holding On For Heaven, Love Me Like You Do, Don't Need NoBOPy, We Can't Move To This Paradise, Army, Lost And Found by Jesus, I Do What I Love, Paradise and Goldside are THE BOPS... She could've released a BOP album out of them. 6. Lena "Crystal Sky" 76% This gal needs more recongnition! It's only known over there in Germany. She slayysss!!! When Will Ur Faves Have A Discography As Perfect As Hers??? (Right now she sounds a bit like Ellie, but nevermind) Too many bops to choose from: 5 . Fleur East "Love, Sax and Flashbacks..." 77% SLAAAAY QUEEEENNN B!!!!!!!!! Wait.... she's not Beyoncé.... FLEUR CAME 2 SNATCH OUR WEAVESS!!!!!! She's very talented, looking forward for her next releases 4. Adele "25" 90% She delivered, a bit overrated tho... My favourite song of her is River Lea... I hope she stops making music soon, she is not evolving into anything and has collected enough money to live happily for ages 3. Lana Del Rey "Honeymoon" 92% One of the best albums of the year by far, every song is amazing, almost as good as Born To Die. I feel like she's increasing the reverb she uses each year I'm worried, 'cause in two more albums we won't be able to hear what she says... 2 . Carly Rae Jepsen "EMOTION" 96% FROM THE FIRST LISTEN I KNEW IT WOULD BE DIFFICULT TO TOP IT!!! SO GOOD OMG!!!! CAN'T CHOOSE MY FAVORITES.... ALL OF THEM PROBABLY 1. Madonna "Rebel Heart (Super Deluxe Edition + Unreleased Demos)" 100% YAAAAAAASSSSS!!!!!! PROBABLY I OVERREATE HA BUT IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I EVER FOLLOWED FROM THE LEAKS 'TILL THE RELEASE AND SUBSEQUENT FLOP!!!! so many bops!!! so much quality!!!! (kanye fucked up a bit the songs) love ittt!!!!!!!! I hope she released some of the unreleased like Queen or Trust No Bitch!!!!!!! ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!!! I hope you like my compilation of the best albums of the year In my original list I had like 40 albums... So I made it short and easy for you all Which albums would u have included in that Top10?
  19. Welcome to the official (and first) BBMA 2017 thread. They are being held in May (more details soon). What nominations do you think are there? Who will perform and host? Who will win?
  20. Guys, I really think it would AMAZING if someone like Adore, RuPaul, etc. was a featured artist on a mainstream artist's album. Thoughts?
  21. Basically, It seems like when a big superstar who's albums are generally clean tracks (no P.A stickers) release an album with some explicit tracks (P.A stickers), they flop. Lady Gaga: ArtPop and Joanne Britney Spears: Britney Jean and Glory Ellie Goulding: Delurium Kesha: Warrior Bruno Mars: 24K Magic Demi Lovato: Confident etc etc You get the point
  22. Ed Sheeran’s new ÷ (Divide) album is on track to earn 2017’s biggest debut, according to industry forecasters, and should easily give Sheeran his third No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart (dated March 25). Those in the know suggest the set, which was released Friday (March 3), could easily start with more than 300,000 equivalent album units earned in the U.S. in the week ending March 9. It’s likely the title could clear a total somewhere in the range of 350,000 to 425,000 units. Considering the album only came out today, these are initial forecasts that could change dramatically in the next few days, once the album has been in the marketplace for more than a few hours. (Translation: Stay tuned for further updates on Sheeran and his album.) Source
  23. Imo I think it is, it still sounds fresh for me whereas her other albums are kinda...dated for me, idk, hope she'll return to smth like that EP, to something fresh and that could stand the time , not just rehashing her old sound Your thoughts?