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  1. Celeb News

    4:44 is the upcoming fourteenth studio album and thirteenth solo album by American rapper Jay-Z. It is scheduled to be released on June 30, 2017 through Roc Nation. The album will be solely produced by No I.D.. 4:44 will be released as an exclusive to Sprint and Tidal customers, and is the first in a series of music exclusives from the Sprint-Tidal partnership. Forbes confirmed there will be companion film to coincide with the album release. 4:44 was teased after posters were displayed in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as banner ads started appearing on the Internet. A teaser ad was aired during the NBA Finals on June 7 featuring actors Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong'o and Danny Glover in a one-minute video, ending in "4:44 – 6.30.17, Exclusively on Tidal".On June 18 (Father's Day), a clip featuring a song titled "Adnis" was posted on Sprint's YouTube page. Adnis was Jay-Z's father's name. from Billboard's "What To expect from Jay-Z's 4:44" The title of the album signals a deep interest in significance, as JAY-Z’s birthday is December 4, Beyonce’s is September 4, their anniversary is April 4 (4/4). And if you’re feeling particularly illuminati, you could style the name of their firstborn daughter Blue Ivy as Blue IV. Hopefully we get a Bey collab
  2. "Something would happen and it would become the pop-culture news of the day," Rich Meehan says of 96-hour "Witness World Wide" event. On June 8, longtime Big Brother executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan tweeted, “Get ready for some fireworks from us tonight.” And then, boom! Those fireworks came in the form of pop star Katy Perry. In a move to promote her latest album Witness, Perry invited fans to a 96-hour YouTube live stream, which eventually raked in 49 million views and made the singer the first person to pass 100 million followers on Twitter. The format emulated the trappings of CBS' flagship summer reality series -- heading into its 19th season in the U.S. -- and fans were quick to pick up on the similiarities. Even live-stream guest Sia pointed out how much the setting reminded her of the show, and Perry quipped, “I’ve always been a fan of Big Brother.” So when Perry set out to create this live and unfiltered event, there was only one team to call: Grodner and Meehan's boutique production company Fly on the Wall Entertainment. In addition to their 17 years of experience allowing online subscribers 24/7 unfiltered access to the Big Brother cast, Fly on the Wall also produced the spin-off series Big Brother: Over the Top for CBS All Access this past fall, and the show was heavily based on live streaming. In a sit-down interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Grodner and Meehan walked us through the making of Perry’s live stream in partnership with YouTube, their push for more live content, and why that’s where the reality genre may be heading. The name Fly on the Wall Entertainment is a nod to [Big Brother], yes? Allison Grodner: It’s also the programming and unscripted world that we’re in. I come from a documentary background, and the way that we like to do these shows is [to be] a fly on the wall, eavesdropping on real life. Big Brother is an example of that. Maybe it’s not completely real life, but within the confines of this bubble, it is as real as can be. It’s the ultimate social experiment. A digital venture you produced this year is Katy Perry's Witness World Wide, where she invited fans in to watch her live for 96 hours in an effort to promote her latest album. Throughout the live stream she confessed her fandom for Big Brother, with guests including Sia pointing out how similar the setup was to the show. How were you approached for this? Grodner: Live stream has been a big part of Big Brother since the very beginning, and it’s interesting how technology has caught up with it. We’ve always been a multi-platform show. Katy Perry had this idea to live-stream her life at the launch of her album. It had a lot to do with the themes of her album. It was all her idea. Her and her camp came to us… Meehan: And said they wanted to do a reality event. Grodner: We thought it was an interesting way to use the live feed. What were the biggest challenges you faced with this project specifically? Meehan: Trying to build the production, scheduling it, booking it all while keeping everything a secret. We had six weeks to pull the production together. It was like putting together a reality show, a talk show and a musical performance all at once with limited time. Was it produced out of the same studio as Big Brother? Grodner: Not at all. It was a four-day event on location. It was very different in terms of the way that it’s technically set up. We had to invent how to do live-stream from a remote location, not a studio where we have the infrastructure and the wiring and everything that’s here. Because of our experience with [Big Brother: Over the Top] and Big Brother, we were a logical company for them to come to. This year we’ve been doing more live programming. We also had This Is Life Live on TLC. It was a four-day event as well, just by coincidence. We went live across the country where we did four nights in a row, two cities each night, opening it up to live moments for each episode. TLC announced that we are doing it again. It’s something we’re uniquely qualified for and something we really like. The way to use live and or live feed in unscripted is fascinating. With Katy Perry, it was a giant marketing stunt. What was Perry looking to get out of this? Grodner: She wanted it to be streamed live and she didn’t want to see any of the crew. She wanted to feel like she was just her and not on a television show. Meehan: She wanted just real people around her. Why we’re diving more into the world of live streaming is it seems like you need to figure out ways to get something to cut through. What the cool part of Witness World Wide was, something would happen and it would become the pop-culture news of the day. What makes someone an ideal subject for this format? Meehan: You need a subject who is willing to allow an unfiltered look at their lives. If you are going to be live 24/7, you can’t hide who you are, and the audience is savvy enough to know when you are not being genuine. Big Brother premieres Wednesday night (June 28). Billboard
  3. finally getting that recognition
  6. Well said. And while Iggy didn't appreciate Halsey's judgement, she just hopes in the future the It-girl will be a bit kinder to her peers. The Team performer added: Snap! Snap! On why the 22-year-old may've come for her, Azalea hypothesized: source
  7. Okay so technically she didn't post it herself but still, at least she's alive!
  8. More pics:
  9. Orange - 100% silk - size 34 Item Type: Jumpsuit Colour: Orange Material: Silk Made in: France Condition: Excellent condition Jumpsuit from Lady Gaga. This jumpsuit was worn during a special Thanksgiving show in 2011, singing her song "Bad Romance". She also wears the jumpsuit on the back cover of "A Very Gaga Holiday". Specials: Because of her length, she shortened the legs herself for the show. There is a pocket for her microphone attached to the jumpsuit. There are even some stains on the jumpsuit, probably from the cake she eats in her music video. Brand: Boutique Martin Grant, Paris. Lady Gaga often wears clothing made by Martin Grant. Link to the Thanksgiving clip of Lady Gaga:
  10. The Weinstein Company has picked up U.S. rights to the upcoming animated film Ballerina, starring Elle Fanning, Maddie Ziegler and Carly Rae Jepsen. Directed by Eric Summer and Eric Warin, the historical drama is set in 1884 Paris and follows Félicie Milliner (Fanning), an orphaned girl with no money but one big, passionate dream: to become a dancer. With nothing left to lose, she takes a huge risk, stealing the identity of a spoiled brat and entering the prestigious Opera Ballet School. Faced with the struggle of pretending to be someone else, she’s mentored by a tough and mysterious cleaner, Odette (Jepsen), and learns it will take more than just raw talent to see her dreams through. Along the way she meets the charismatic and talented Victor, an aspiring inventor and together they encourage each other to reach for the stars. Carole Noble and Laurent Zeitoun penned the script. TWC negotiated the deal with WME Global and Gaumont on behalf of the producers. Get those voice-over royalties The movie will be titled, Leap! In the US and the Soundtrack will include 2 new songs by CRJ: "Cut To The Feeling" and "Runaways". The US soundtrack will be released April 21.
  11. "Singer Justin Bieber is ready to team up with Brazilian superstar Anitta to work on a new song. However, it's still unclear whether the duet will be a brand new song or a remix of Anitta's hit single "Paradinha", reported Bieber recently created a storm with his remix of Luis Fonse and Daddy Yankee's Latin song "Despacito". The song has been a chart-topping track all over the world. Meanwhile, the 24-year-old singer (Anitta) has assisted Iggy Azalea on "Switch" and Major Lazer on "Sua Cara"." King and Queen uniting
  12. Celeb News artists mentioned: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Marilyn Manson, BJORK, and Michael Jackson. full article without images:
  13. Britney Spears opens up. When Britney isn't in performance mode, she's striking up interviews left and right to remind the world she's still a force to be reckoned with. The pop star is nearing the end of her Asia tour this summer. She wrapped up a show in Bangkok, Thailand, today (June 24) then will make stops in Hong Kong on June 27, Singapore on June 30 and finish in Tel Aviv, Israel on July 3. She’ll embark on another leg of Piece Of Me beginning Aug. 9 in Las Vegas. The "Slumber Party" singer's interviews typically focus on the event at hand, her boys and music, but Israel's most popular newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, dove in deeper. They managed to inspire Britney to open up about a more tumultuous time in her life. The interview was translated from Hebrew to English, so take that into consideration. Read below: What's it like being Britney Spears? “I’m sometimes in denial to the fact that I'm a celebrity. Deep inside I wish to be very private, which I believe I am. All this fame is way too much for me, as it’s really hard to grasp its magnitude. When you’re young and in the beginning of your career it’s understandable that you've just stepped into this world. But when you grow up and you look at this industry you're like 'huh? that's crazy.' I have these moments where I just want to dress up like a normal person and walk in the street. It goes through my mind quite a lot." If you could give 16-year-old Britney Spears one advice, what would it be? “Very simple: Enjoy the moment. That’s something that’s really hard to understand when you’ve started young in this business.” And that’s something you didn’t exactly do. “Not really. I think I had fun when I was younger. I was a pretty normal girl, a tomboy. But my 20s were awful. My 30s are much better for me. I've learned to get to know myself better”. What did you do wrong in your 20s? “I think I had to give myself more breaks through my career and take responsibility for my mental health. There were many decisions that were made for me and that I didn’t make myself.” You were “Overprotected...” “Something like that. My life was controlled by too many people and that doesn’t really let you be yourself. In that situation, when your not in control, you become less excited, and there’s less passion when it comes to music. I wrote back then, that I was lost and didn’t know what to do with myself. I was trying to please everyone around me because that who I am deep inside. There are moments where I look back and think: What the hell was I thinking?'" Like the snake in the "Slave" VMA performance? “That was pretty scary. Stupid even. I wouldn’t do that again. When were you the toughest on yourself? “The more exact question is when wasn’t I?” In one of the more memorable moments of her career, Britney is seen driving with baby Sean on her lap, which turned into world news. She then blamed the paparazzi and confessed that she was very stressed. “Those were the toughest years. I think the paparazzi took off the pressure after I didn’t leave my house for two years”. I asked her if that was her biggest crisis in life, and she replies: “Crisis is a strong word.” “Each and every one of us that starts at a young age needs to take into account that you’ve gotta be balanced in order to stay in this industry and to manage your personal life. Sometimes that’s very challenging. I think I was very different back then, younger, not always knowing what’s good or bad, very instinctive. Today I’m at a better place in my life. My kids shaped my personality and filled me. They made me not worry about what was happening to me”. If you could be unknown for a day and not have the paparazzi around, where would you go and what would you do? “If I answer honestly, people would know where to find me. I’ll just tell you that my last Google search was ‘cool beaches to take kids to.’” Is it harder for you in the pop industry that includes names like Beyonce, Rihanna and Taylor Swift? “I don’t see it like you see it, the competition between us singers. I think we need to support each other from a place of women empowerment. Is it harder for you to create hits comparing to when you started? “The musical world is just much more accessible to everyone”. And here she is today, right after her ninth studio album ‘Glory’ that came out last year and sent her touring. On July 3rd she’ll arrive in Tel Aviv for a concert at Hayarkon Park that is expected to host 50,000 people. “I’m very excited to visit Israel for the first time” she says. And no politic group or singer asked you not to come? “I actually only heard good things about Israel”. Our readers chose “Oops…” “Baby One More Time” and “Born To Make You Happy” as your best songs, do you agree? I love those songs but I have a few other favorites. And no, I don’t get tired of any of my songs”. After you lose 3 kg, what’s your guilty pleasure? “It changes, but it’s usually a chocolate Sunday.” Not bad. By the way, in Carpool Karaoke you said you were over men. Is that true? “Hey, that was a joke!” Source Translation
  15. Are you ready for the mess, FOTPers? The rundown : On Friday night, Safaree arrived at a pre-BET Awards party at Penthouse in West Hollywood hosted by everyone’s favorite loud friend DJ Khaled. As Safaree exchanged pleasantries with fellow party-goers, a group of people ran up on him and commenced to whoopin’ that ASS like he owed them money! This, of course, caused Safaree to take his own safari by running across the street to avoid the beat down. And ironically, prior to this ass kicking taking place, Meek just so happened to arrive moments earlier in a black SUV. Apparently, when Safaree originally made the claims of the fight, people didn’t believe him. That’s until TMZ posted video from the altercation. The Shade Room also posted the video to their Instagram page as well. After the fight, Safaree instantly did what most people do nowadays; he pulled out his phone to give us all the statement we never asked for (courtesy of Baller Alert btw) in a since deleted post, where he basically uses affectionate terms for Meek such as “bitch” and “pussy.” AKA the Love Language of the ‘Hood. Of course, Meek also had to add his two cents to this sad beef by posting this pic to his Instagram page in response to Safaree’s claims. You know what Meek, mentioning anyone homeless is probably a bad move, given your past interaction with the homeless, but that's not the topic, let's keep going.. And as if the drama between these two remedial cornballs wasn’t pathetic enough, ANOTHER Love and Hip Hop cast member DJ Self has gone blabbing to TMZ amid claims that he set Safaree up for the fight! Check out the video here You know what? All of this seems like a very long, very tired episode of Love and Hip Hop, and I wouldn’t be surprised if creator Mona Scott-Young wasn’t somewhere hiding in the bushes with a script in her hand and yelling “CUT!” whenever the punches weren’t landing correctly on Safaree’s face. The saddest part of all of this mess is that Meek and Safaree are both EXES! Nicki ain’t even thinking about y’all. She’s too busy avoiding Remy Ma for her long delayed ass-kicking from earlier this year. Now THAT’S the fight everyone really wants to see.