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  1. DogsNotDead


    The RH tour has ended but I'm already excited for the fourteenth album. I forgot the details of Madonna's live nation contract but aren't there like 2 albums left with it? If only one day there'd be a kylie x Madonna collab, idc come for me. When are you guys expecting M14?
  2. Ok... hoping this thread hasn't been created before So, basically that, how did u start listening to Lana? Lemme share my experience: When she was famous (aka BTD era) her name was EVERYWHERE on YouTube, but I never clicked on the vídeos since I thought she'd be a RANDOM CRAPPY MEXICAN RANCHERA SINGER that was being promoted in my country (aka Spain)... Then, like a year ago, a friend told me, "she's so talented! her voice is magical!" but when I listened to her I thought that her singing was really bad and her songs boring + she sounded like half asleep... Then I found the remix of Summertime Sadness... which now I hate... but I started to bop to that song.... I actually started to listen to her when she rihleased High By The Beach, and it slayed me... I started to listen to everything and now I own BTD (aka the best album of the decade... {probably})
  3. Roar gained more than 26 million views in the past month surpassing Dark horse. What do you think?
  4. McDreamy


    Happy 1st Bday BBHMM Wish the music video was released sooner
  5. Chris Morlock


    So i found some pics from a photoshoot (and i LOVE the photoshoot) but i dont know who took the pics. but the photoshoot is definitely from 2005-2008 (pre-Animal) so who took it? when is is from?
  6. Firdawsi

    in UK Best-selling albums Positions are as of February 2014 sales, where shown, are from the reference given, which may be at a different date, and cannot be used to infer changes in position. Best-selling albums in the UK No. Album Artist Record label[b] Released[b] Chart peak[b] Sales[c] (as of date) No. of times Platinum[d] 1 Greatest Hits Queen Parlophone October 1981 1 6,100,000 (Nov 2014)[1] 20× 2 Gold: Greatest Hits ABBA Polydor September 1992 1 5,100,000 (May 2013)[18] 17× 3 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles Parlophone June 1967 1 5,100,000 (May 2013)[18] 17× 4 21 Adele XL January 2011 1 4,900,000 (Mar 2016)[19] 16× 5 (What's the Story) Morning Glory? Oasis Creation October 1995 1 4,600,000 (May 2013)[20] 14× 6 Thriller Michael Jackson Epic November 1982 1 4,270,000 (May 2012)[21] 13× 7 The Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd Harvest March 1973 2 4,240,000 (Nov 2014)[1] 14× 8 Brothers in Arms Dire Straits Vertigo May 1985 1 4,410,000 (Feb 2015)[22] 14× 9 Bad Michael Jackson Epic August 1987 1 3,960,000 (Feb 2012)[23] 13× 10 Greatest Hits II Queen Parlophone October 1991 1 3,890,000 (Feb 2014)[3] 13× 11 The Immaculate Collection Madonna Sire November 1990 1 3,660,000 (Oct 2014)[24] 12× 12 Rumours Fleetwood Mac Warner Bros. February 1977 1 3,437,700 (Mar 2013)[25] 11× 13 Back to Black Amy Winehouse Island October 2006 1 3,590,000 (Oct 2015)[26] 12× 14 Stars Simply Red East West September 1991 1 3,410,000 (Oct 2015)[26] 12× 15 Come On Over Shania Twain Mercury March 1998 1 3,390,000 (Oct 2015)[26] 11× 16 Back to Bedlam James Blunt Atlantic November 2004 1 3,310,000 (Mar 2015)[27] 11× 17 Urban Hymns The Verve Hut September 1997 1 3,270,000 (Oct 2015)[26] 10× 18 Legend Bob Marley and the Wailers Island/Tuff Gong May 1984 1 3,265,000 (Sep 2014)[28] 11× 19 Bat Out of Hell Meat Loaf Epic October 1977 9 3,040,000 (Mar 2012)[29] 10× 20 Bridge over Troubled Water Simon & Garfunkel CBS January 1970 1 3,160,000 (Nov 2014)[30] 10× 21 Spirit Leona Lewis Syco November 2007 1 3,120,000 (Oct 2015)[26] 10× 22 Dirty Dancing Original soundtrack RCA August 1987 4 3,150,000 (Oct 2015)[26] 5× 23 No Angel Dido Cheeky October 2000 1 3,080,000 (Mar 2015)[27] 10× 24 1 The Beatles Apple November 2000 1 3,121,000 (Nov 2015)[31] 10× 25 Crazy Love Michael Bublé Reprise October 2009 1 3,040,000 (Dec 2013)[32] 10× 26 White Ladder David Gray IHT/East West November 1998 1 2,940,600 (July 2011)[33] 10× 27 Talk on Corners The Corrs Atlantic October 1997 1 2,955,400 (Jun 2009)[34] 9× 28 Spice Spice Girls Virgin November 1996 1 2,930,000 (Jun 2009)[34] 10× 29 The Fame Lady Gaga Interscope January 2009 1 2,890,000 (Sep 2014)[35] 9× 30 A Rush of Blood to the Head Coldplay Parlophone August 2002 1 2,880,000 (May 2014)[36] 9× 31 Life for Rent Dido Cheeky September 2003 1 2,880,000 (Jul 2011)[37] 9× 32 25 Adele XL November 2015 1 2,840,000 (March 2016)[38] 9× 33 Only by the Night Kings of Leon Hand Me Down September 2008 1 2,810,000 (Sep 2013)[39] 9× 34 Beautiful World Take That Polydor November 2006 1 2,820,000 (Jul 2011)[37] 9× 35 Hopes and Fears Keane Island May 2004 1 2,760,000 (Jul 2011)[37] 9× 36 The Joshua Tree U2 Island March 1987 1 2,790,000 (Oct 2015)[26] 8× 37 Scissor Sisters Scissor Sisters Polydor February 2004 1 2,730,000 (Jun 2012)[40] 9× 38 ...But Seriously Phil Collins Virgin November 1989 1 2,740,000 (Jun 2009)[34] 9× 39 X&Y Coldplay Parlophone June 2005 1 2,730,000 (May 2014)[41] 9× 40 Jagged Little Pill Alanis Morissette Maverick June 1995 1 2,710,000 (Feb 2015)[42] 10×
  7. Madonna’s many incarnations and reinventions have enthralled her fans for 30 years, but the Queen of Pop has now become a “toxic” figure for millennials, according to new academic research. When The Independent made its debut on 7 October 1986, the strains of “True Blue” by Madonna topped the pop charts. She was also seen as an innovator across fashion and style, who courted controversy and inspired generations of women. But much has apparently changed in recent years. The 57 year-old is now seen as an “inauthentic” media manipulator, whose latest on-stage antics are deemed “desperate” and “embarrassing”, a survey seen by The Independent has found. The research, by Jeetendr Sehdev, marketing professor at the University of Southern California, found that Madonna’s desire to stay relevant with younger audiences has damaged the $1bn brand she has built over more than 30 years. The study, based on interviews with 1,000 young adults, has been published during a difficult period for Madonna. The concluding Australian leg of her Rebel Heart tour was marred by erratic behaviour, including late starts, slurred lyrics and reports of drinking during shows. During one show, Madonna referenced a bitter custody battle with ex-husband Guy Ritchie over their 15 year-old son Rocco, who is living with his father in London despite the singer’s pleas for him to join her in the United States. The Madonna who could outrage the Catholic Church, trample over sexual boundaries and turn Voguing into a dance craze during the “imperial” phase of her career, now ranks amongst the lowest of 500 celebrities when the attributes “honest”, “genuine” and “cool” are tested. Millennials are highly distrustful of Madonna, who is 17-times less influential than Taylor Swift and 15-times less influential than Adele, according to the poll of young Americans. Three in five people viewed an incident during a Brisbane show when she pulled down the top of a 17-year-old fan exposing her breast, as little more than a “desperate publicity stunt”. Her continued efforts to remain sexually appealing were described as “desperate” and “inauthentic”. Three in five said her image was “embarrassing”. Madonna’s damaged brand has also negatively impacted the perception of the younger collaborators on her Rebel Heart album. Diplo, Avicii and Nicki Minaj were rated less culturally relevant amongst millennials who are aware of their collaborations with Madonna. Older generations who once admired her brand are losing faith too. Professor Sehdev, who advises brands on corporate endorsements using a research-based approach to quantify celebrity influence, also found a 23 per cent decline in generation X-ers who once agreed that Madonna was an “iconic cultural force”. Professor Sehdev said: “Madonna’s desperate attempts for attention have damaged her legacy.” He added: “1980s media manipulation tactics simply don’t work any more and turn off younger audiences. This is not about Madonna’s age and her sexual image but about her being perceived as inauthentic.” Writing off Madonna could prove a dangerous game. Despite its rather shambolic conclusion, the Rebel Heart tour grossed £100m, playing to one million fans at sold-out shows. Professor Sehdev cited YouTube stars such as PewDiePie as figures who have supplanted Madonna among millennials due to their “unprecedented levels of transparency”, “sincerity and authenticity”. Yet their legacy may not match Madonna’s global impact on popular culture over an extended period. Last week a British judge told the singer and Ritchie that it would be a “very great tragedy” if they did not thrash out a deal over custody of Rocco. X
  8. BJORK


  9. ARIANA Grande’s new single Be Alright is a radio-ready dance track — but did she rip it off from another artist? Many fans are pointing out the track’s marked similarities with Firefly, a 2015 dance track by 19-year-old British producer Mura Masa. Give the two tracks a listen below: Ariana Grande - Be Alright Mura Masa - Firefly Be Alright is the latest track to be released from Grande’s upcoming third albumDangerous Woman, released next month. Six writers are credited with penning the track, but Mura Masa — real name Alex Crossan — is not among them. Masa himself has addressed the talk, tweeting that he didn’t produce Be Alrightalong with a shady tea-sipping gif: He’s also labelled Ariana’s song a “rip-off” when fans have tweeted him asking if he was involved with the track: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/music/producer-alleges-ariana-grandes-new-single-a-ripoff-of-his-track/news-story/dada48c726efa4a1b002ae1f5e9a7db0
  10. vs Both #2 peaking iconic smashes Which one do you prefer tho?
  11. Who is your fave love interest in her MVs? Alexander Rodriguez (from Hot N' Cold ) Matt Dallas (from Thinking of You) Anderson Davis (from Thinking of You) Joel David Moore (from Waking Up in Vegas) Josh Kloss (from Teenage Dream) Shaun Ross (from E.T.) Richie Nuzzolese (aka Steve "The Jock" Johnson from Last Friday Night) Diego Luna (from The One That Got Away) Lucas Kerr (from Part of Me) Unknown guy "Prince Charming" (from Wide Awake) Brian Nagel (from Roar)
  13. DogsNotDead

    I've seen a thread today about prism still outselling ARTPOP Are you guys literally for real? It's not even 4 entire months into 2016 and Gaga has already performed At the super bowl, the Oscars, and the Grammys. You guys are bringing up old newspaper about an album of Gaga's before she released a jazz album with one of the biggest names in traditional jazz, she won a grammy, ya know, again... She's also becoming a regular on one of FX's most acclaimed and obsessive shows. Hell, she's working Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Mark Ronson and RedOne for her next album, she's coming for blood, flesh and bone. The best you guys can come up with in battlegrounds is ARTPOP VS PRISM? 2013?! No negativity intended as I love Katy and Gaga both dearly, but you guys are immature. Why? I hope Gaga starves you guys and I hope Katy does as well because you don't deserve new music, you guys let GUY AND TIHWD go under and complain ever since. I'd rather wait for Kylie and Madonna's new gay anthem. You may return to class and you're all lucky I'm not calling your mothers + can a mod pls move this to battlegrounds, I'm on my tablet because I broke my computer after falling on it while my friends dad ravaged me while his wife was at Sunday school.
  14. I'm bored, so here's a list of her tattoos and piercings. Tattoos (5) Non-figurative heart (2000/2001) Most people think that it's a Mickey Mouse head, and that she did it in remembrance to her Mouseketeer years... ...but her Pregnantina photoshoot revealed that it's just a simple non-figurative tattoo. Celtic spiral (2001) Apparently it is a celtic symbol. Could be a nice nod to her Irish heritage. http://www.whats-your-sign.com/celtic-symbol-meanings.html "Xtina" (2002) We all know this one... "Te amo siempre" "JB" (2003) It says "Te amo siempre", meaning "Love you always" in Spanish. It has Jordan's initials in Hebrew in the middle. Hebrew writing with "JB" (2005/2006) Another one for Jordan. In Hebrew it roughly says "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." It has Jordan's initials under it. I wonder if she had this one removed since then... Piercings (10) Xtina used to have many piercings, but she removed all of them except for her earrings. Nostril Piercing I wish she'd still wear this. It can be classy. Labret Piercing Her Dirrty era. 6 Lobe Piercings Now she usually only uses 2, but sometimes she still goes with 4... ...like here. Nipple-Piercing She used to have both pierced during her first tour, but only kept the right one and later removed that too, even tho she kept this the longest from all her piercing (except earrings). Genital Piercing??? (Most likely clitoral hood piercing, those are the most common) It is rumored that she also had her pussy pierced, but we'll never know that. Unless she miraculously decides to share it in an interview or her sex-tape leaks with Carson Daly. Confirmed: http://fotpforums.com/topic/84177-interview-from-stripped-era-every-stan-should-read-get-in/#entry2582106
  15. I was listening to this masterpiece... ...and I was thinking that she should do more songs that run for 5-6+ minutes. Falling In Love Again is her longest song recorded, running 8:11. Her shortest (not counting the intros) is Tough Lover with 2:02. (Steppin' Out With My Baby runs an exact second longer ) I've always enjoyed longer songs where there's a nice build-up or even an unconventional song structure. Unfortunately Xtina has few of these, FILA is the only one that comes to mind. Her other long songs like Walk Away, KOSMS, and Woohoo still loosely follow the ordinary verse-chorus-verse-chrous-bridge-chorus structure but at least they have great build-up and explosive moments. I think it would be good if she experimented more. I know she's a pop singer, but she could still try out new things on album tracks imo. However, I know a lot of people don't enjoy tracks that "drag on too long". What's your opinion? Would you be here for more experimental tracks? Or all you want is pussy poppers and cute ballads.
  16. Alot of you lambs know Mariah's life is filled with juicy rumours and stories Right from her birth, her biracial struggles, her parents divorce and estragned grandparents, her pregnant teen/drug addict/HIV positive elder sister, her celeb trainer elder brother, her high school days, her troubled and allegedly abusive marriage to Tommy Mottola; CEO of Sony at that time, her publicized divorce to Tommy and the drama between her Label that followed, Alleged stalking and sabotaging of Mariah's projects by Tommy, Glitter era, Mariah's breakdown, Being sold out from her record label, her career basically being an all time low, her father's death, her relationship with Luis, her mountain-sized comeback, marriage with Nick Cannon, near-death exp while pregnant with twins, alleged cheating rumours of Nick, her drinking problem, her divorce to Nick, her weight struggles, etc etc Now that she has reached the peak of her life, has two amazing kids and is a dating a billionaire and looks FLAWLESS, do you think she should write or do a Tell-All? honestly, I'd love to read all about it What do you think lambs?
  17. Cuz they sure smell horrible on me. I mean today I went to a drugstore selling all her perfumes and I tried "Unforgettable" out. Gurls. It just smells bad on me. But it's been like this with all her perfumes. Her fragnances and I are just not meant to be. I mean, let me rank from best to worst: 1. Christina Aguilera Signature: Not great, but good. Fades away like 2 hours after application however. 2. (Latest addition!) Woman: It smelled fine, but just like her Signature one, you can't smell anything 2 hours later. 3. By Night: A little too heavy for me. There was like a 20 mins phase where it smelled sexy, then after that it was like I sprayed men's cologne on me. 4. Red Sin: Too sweet for me. 5. Secret Poiton: It made me smell like a vanilla cake. 6. Unforgettable: It's just horrible! It makes me smell like a grandma trying way too hard to smell fresh and young and miserably failing. 7. Royal Desire: The worst. It smells like cow pee on me. Not kidding. 'Nuff said. I'll have to stick to Chanel's Allure. (Except I don't have money for it. ) So what about you guys? Do X's fragnances smell good on you? Are you luckier than me? Sorry for the long rant, but I have to pour my heart out somewhere. I hope this topic won't be ignored like all my other X threads.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39w_IUh0uxk 51:39, 55:45 They never say his name. And I'm sure most Fighters aren't even aware that she's had another relationship between Jorge and Jordan. So who the fuck is that guy, who clearly inspired Walk Away and elements of Fighter. And apparently the heartache she felt after their breakup helped her and Jordan get closer (57:35). WHO IS HE?????