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Found 188 results

  1. Apparently they've been having a LOT of calls by people asking to get it today, so hurry and buy it!
  2. Ok Basically this is copied from other sections. Every 24 hours (ish) I'll post a new random song for all of us to rate. I'll average out the scores before the next song is posted for an overall score out of 10. I'm the host but I'll also be rating the songs. Also seeing as we recently did the singles megarate this game will be (Mostly) non-singles. OTHER "RULES"/INFO Score the song from 0 to 10 You can use 0's as often as you like You can use ONE 11 per week starting on the Monday. 11's cannot be carried over if you don't use one in a particular week -- Use it or lose it You may use decimals but please only use one or two numbers after the decimal (I.e. .25, .5 or .75) Comments on each song are welcome but not mandatory Songs are being ranked according to their scores. The updated ranking is available when the most recent songs score is posted
  3. So, due to popular request I have decided to relaunch this. It's easy: You go through the list of songs and rate each song on a scale from 1-10 and send the scores to me via PM. DEADLINE: MAY 23RD @Salvatore - Rebel @Neyde - Historian @Li'l Sebastian - Statistician @Rebel Bitch - M-Dolla @Unapologetic Bitch - Dita @Saiga - Diplomat @Jjang - Master Debater @Earth Ripper - Essayist @Lord Stoneheart - Joan of Arc @Django - Sean Penn @Chris Morlock - Virgin @Rachel Berry - Mer Girl @John Wayne - Spy @Kuba - Almost Stan @sonowgoodbye - Naughty Nun @Vertigo-go - Clown @Unique - Evita @Breathless Mahoney - Star @SpringwoodSlasher - Beautiful Killer @Shiver - Esther @Mint - Brahim @Aion - Martin Burgyone @Scarlett O'Hara - Material Girl @Princess Aurora - Disco Diva @Pandora - Bad Girl @PhCh - Sinner @#1 - Boy Toy @Nixter - Veronica Electronica @Nick - President @Hysteria - Runaway Lover @ICONICK - Queen @lautnerfied - Cowgirl @Kirjava - Geisha @Kimmy Kardashian - Angel @King Perry - Best Friend @Jose - Candy Perfume Girl @JMQDB - Jessie @jdpm1991 - Pop Princess @JENNA GAGA - Thief of Hearts @Impossible Princess - La Petite Jeune Fille @Hot as Ice - Señorita @Honey - Sticky & Sweet @H.O.N.E.Y - Rocco @Devil Pray - Autotune Baby @Dawni - Future Lover @Adriano - Jesus Luz @BJORK - Olga @Diamond - Immaculate Collection @Justas - Gypsy @Milk - Bedtime Story Teller @Liam - Little Star @Lachlan - Lucky Star @Satori - Shanti @Solly - Candy Store Owner @#Music - Mr. DJ @JustHereForX - NYC
  4. Get your wigs ready's time for the Results Show!
  5. Event

    Welcome to the FOTP Fave Rate 2017, hosted by yours truly! Most of you probably know what this is, however there may be some people that don't so let me break it down for you real quick! Stage One - Nominations [COMPLETE] The first thing I need everyone to do is to PM me a minimum of FIVE different artists/groups that you consider your faves! They can be official FOTP Faves with sections or artists that aren't. That's all you have to do! Make sure you send me your five choices by April 29! Stage Two - Voting Once nominations are closed, I will determine the top 20 candidates and we will begin voting. You will then PM me your ranking of each artist between 1-20. Boom, you are done! This part is the most crucial if you want your fave to win so be sure to get your co-stans involved and get them to vote! This part literally only takes five seconds so don't be lazy! The deadline for votes will be May 7! PM Friendly List: Stage Three - Results Show The results show is where I will begin revealing the rankings of each artist and where we will show which fave is FOTP's biggest fave! Joanne was released so Gaga is not a guarantee anymore, ladies! I will also be exposing who gave which fave their lowest and highest rankings so we can cackle at them! The results show will be on May 9 at 4 pm EST! Let's get this started, send me your faves now! Get your co-stans in formation!
  6. Drake was the big winner at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. In fact, the rapper took home 13 awards, making him the artist with the most in a single year -- beating Adele's record of 12. See the rest of the winners below: Source: Billboard
  7. Event

    In the next month and a half. Dates TBD.
  8. Event

    i didnt see a thread and i just saw an ad here on fotp
  9. This legendary greatest hits record was released two days ago in 2000. It became her first new major album of the 21st century and even though the eras after this wouldnt compare to everything before this, it still sold well, being certified 5x Platinum and selling an excess of 13 million copies worldwide. It had the duet with George Michael i believe called "If I Told You That" and the urban bop "Fine". It peaked at number 2 on the Billboard 200 in 2012.
  10. Event

    Katy is nominated for iHeartRadio International Artist Of The Year AND fan fave international artist or group...I apologize if there's already a thread about this
  11. I don't believe we slept on it, because not only I found out about the movie two weeks ago, but Australian news sites already leaked the storyline and a pic of Minaj and Pearce in February It's Australia in 1975. A dead blue whale puts an Australian beach suburb in the spotlight as teenagers deal with racing hormones and adults experiment with a wife-swapping key party. Guy Pearce and Kylie Minogue are a riot of kitschy fashion – and hardly recognisable – as a couple Keith and Kaye Hall. Also starring - and dressed just as loudly - are Radha Mitchell and Julian McMahon as Jo and Rick Jones, alongside Asher Keddie, and Jeremy Sims as Gale and Bob Marsh. The starting point for the film came when Elliott watched Ang Lee's The Ice Storm in New York, and the partner-swapping scene brought back memories of the sexual antics of his parents and their friends. "I walked onto the sidewalk and threw up," he said. Let's Get to Grandma Orgy is coming out this summer. Kylie's wig My late grandma had the exact same hair
  12. It's been exactly 1000 days, 0 hours, 0 mins, 0 seconds since Taylor's last lead single debuted on iTunes on August 18th, 2014, 4pm CEST Thoughts?
  13. FINAL RANKING FOR ALL VIDEOS Come Into My World takes the top spot, while Absolutely Anything and Anything At All rots at the very bottom. FINAL ERA RANKING FINAL ALBUM RANKING **Reminder that the album had to have at least two videos to be included in this ranking** This thread is now finished! At least for now. When new videos are released we will rate them here! Thank you all for participating, and please continue to participate in the Rate The Song Thread - which is going to continue for several more months. We still have many songs to work through!
  14. The Red Room format sees musicians performing to a deliberately small group of fans, most of whom are Nova competition winners. This year’s tour, which will run across 12 days in the US and Sydney, will include performances by The Chainsmokers, Miley Cyrus, Peking Duk, Katy Perry and Calvin Harris. Tony Thomas, Nova Entertainment’s chief marketing and digital offer, told Mumbrella: “With Nova following its audience to new territories as a multi-platform brand, it was important for us and for our audience to explore this live, experiential space “We hoped Nova’s Red Room would resonate with our audience and from the very first Nova Red Room we realised that connection, and we’ve had great feedback from artists who love this intimate connections with their fans. Since its launch in 2012, Nova has held over 140 Red Room performances, and in 2014, decided to take the experience overseas. “Nothing of this scale had ever been attempted,” Thomas said of the tour. Brands involved include Mazda, Qantas and The Star. He added events were important as they “extend the listening experience” beyond traditional broadcasting. “Each tour is unique as it is tailored around the artists that are performing, the individual venues selected for each performance, the international destinations and the experiences in each city,” he added. “Nova’s Red Rooms are invitation only events in which every listener is treated as a VIP guest and not only are they a premium music experience, they allows our artists to connect in a more intimate ways with their fans than they would normally could,” This year’s contesting will commence on 15 May through Nova’s local breakfast shows. Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small will lead a tour party of 50, including partners, media and Nova’s content producers, who will travel between Sydney and LA with Qantas. He will also broadcast a show from each international destination. The tour will commence on June 5. More info
  15. She changed her twitter icon to the eye picture and responded to this tweet: IT'S GOTTA BE A TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT
  16. So! As we all know, Legendlie Minoguesus has a rather extensive unreleased collection. From her first Deconstruction album to Kiss Me Once, there have been many tracks that were left on the cutting room floor and never saw the light until they were leaked in some form. And now, it's time for YOU to decide where we rank all of these tracks! Will it be the sadly LQ You're the One that snatches the throne? Or will a quirky X track like Acid Min reign supreme? You decide! Since she has so many unreleased tracks, we’re going to split the voting into three sections – Deconstruction and Parlo 1, Parlo 2, and Parlo 3. Rules: -No officially released material, and no demos for released tracks will be included. Only original live songs will be included – no covers. -You must give all the songs a rating between 1 and 10. Decimal points are allowed, but to one place only please (so 5.5, not 5.56). -One song from each section may be awarded a 0, and one song from each section may be given an 11. Choose wisely! -Any troll votes will not be counted. -PM all completed results to me. Enjoy! And DON'T. FUCK. IT. UP. PM Friendly List: PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 - CLOSING DATE: 12/05/2017
  17. Portugal has won the Eurovision Song Contest, narrowly beating Bulgaria and Moldova in a nail-biting grand final. 27-year-old Salvador Sabral poignant song 'Amor Pelos Dois' emerges victorious with 758 points describing his win as a "victory for music." It is the first time the nation has won the contest who are the longest-running contestants never to have won the competition. 'Amor Pelos Dois' was written by Sabral's sister, Luisa who finished third in Portugal's version of Pop Idol - the same contest that the Eurovision winner finished seventh in. As Sobral collected the trophy, Graham Norton - who provided the commentary for the ceremony - noted that the singer looked as “nonplussed now as he has throughout this competition” despite not being touted as a favourite throughout this week's semi-finals. In his winner's speech, Salvador hit out at “disposable” music in the world stating: “Music is not fireworks, music is feeling, so let's try to do this and bring music back which is what matters. Elsewhere, Lucie Jones provided the UK with its highest placement in quite some time, finishing in 15th place with 111 points. Response to the former X Factor contestant's performance of ballad 'Never Give Up On You' was overwhelmingly positive both in the arena and among viewers at home, with reports suggesting that Eurovision experts had been impressed with the singer's performance in rehearsal in the week leading up to the grand final. Croatia - whose performance saw singer Jacques Houdek perform what looked like a duet with a giant VT version of himself - finished in 13th place. Earlier in the evening, Graham Norton - who provided the evening's commentary - paid another fitting tribute to Eurovision legend Terry Wogan who sadly passed away in 2016. Leaderboard Source: Independent and Wiki
  18. Event

    Let's take it back to 2001. Legendlie is in her imperial phase and is admired by all. Everyone has Kylie Fever and it's all going brilliantly. As I'm sure many of you aware, Mariah was currently flopping at the time with Glitter. Both a commercial and critical failure, despite Glitter being an underrated MASTERPIECE, she was struggling to release singles. Only two singles were released from Glitter - the gay anthem Loverboy and the oft-forgotten ballad Reflections (Care Enough). So I was minding my own business, downloading some Mariah remixes, when I stumbled upon the tracklisting of this official South Korean single for Reflections: Reflections (Care Enough) (Album Version) Never Too Far / Hero (Al B. Rich Inspiration Mix - Radio Edit There For Me Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Radio Edit) Never Too Far (Edit) Loverboy (Dreamy Club Of Love Radio Edit) Don't Stop (Instrumental) Kylie Minogue Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Album Version) [Bonus Track] Never Too Far (The Video) why is legend on a flop Mariah single what is going on
  19. DO YOU WANT TO BE THERE TO SEE LADY GAGA’S FINAL MUSICAL PERFORMANCE ON CAMERA FOR THE MOTION PICTURE “A STAR IS BORN”? Come join the audience to see Lady Gaga film her final musical performance for the movie, directed by Bradley Cooper – LIVE on the Shrine Auditorium stage! Tickets are $15 with all proceeds going directly to the Born This Way Foundation.
  20. Event

    Celebrate Stream it Watch the video
  21. Oh god, please record this event and release it on DVD/CD
  22. Event

    A couple days late, but still It has been a WHOLE YEAR and two days since a new studio release Let us marvel in the glorious fandom fuel of 2016, that is TRUE COLORS