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Found 186 results

  1. Ok Basically this is copied from other sections. Every 24 hours (ish) I'll post a new random song for all of us to rate. I'll average out the scores before the next song is posted for an overall score out of 10. I'm the host but I'll also be rating the songs. Also seeing as we recently did the singles megarate this game will be (Mostly) non-singles. OTHER "RULES"/INFO Score the song from 0 to 10 You can use 0's as often as you like You can use ONE 11 per week starting on the Monday. 11's cannot be carried over if you don't use one in a particular week -- Use it or lose it You may use decimals but please only use one or two numbers after the decimal (I.e. .25, .5 or .75) Comments on each song are welcome but not mandatory Songs are being ranked according to their scores. The updated ranking is available when the most recent songs score is posted
  2. Event

    This is the same guy who leaked all the demos The 'concept instrumental' thing means an instrumental demo probably.
  3. July 3rd to 9th, 2017! PRIZES Enjoy Yourself X Kylie (1988) Rhythm Of Love Let's Get To It Kylie Minogue (1994) Impossible Princess
  4. Oh god, please record this event and release it on DVD/CD
  5. Event

    Happy 32nd birthday mom! Now release the preorder you bitch.
  6. Event

    look at 'em hastags
  7. Hisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss everyone. Ok I'm a lazy bitch so I'm gonna do 1989 for tonight. Gather Everyone Welcome to New York 8.5/10 Blank Space 8/10 Style 10/10 Out Of The Woods 8.5/10 All You Had To Do Was Stay 7/10 Shake It Off 6/10 I Wish You Would 8/10 Bad Blood 5/10 Wildest Dreams 9/10 How You Get The Girl 6.5/10 This Love 9/10 I Know Places 8.5/10 Clean 7.5/10 Wonderland 7.5/10 You Are In Love 5/10 New Romantics 8/10 122/160 (76.25/100)
  8. The 2017 Polaris Music Prize Long List Is Here JUNE 13 2017 · The Polaris Music Prize, presented by CBC Music and produced by Blue Ant Media, unveiled the 40 albums on this year’s Long List earlier today at the National Arts Centre (NAC) in Ottawa, Ontario with the support of Lixar. The 2017 Polaris Music Prize Long List: A Tribe Called Red – We Are The Halluci Nation Alaclair Ensemble – Les Frères Cueilleurs Anciients – Voice of the Void Arkells – Morning Report Philippe B – La grande nuit vidéo BADBADNOTGOOD – IV Louise Burns – Young Mopes Chocolat – Rencontrer Looloo Clairmont The Second – Quest For Milk and Honey Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker Antoine Corriveau – Cette chose qui cognait au creux de sa poitrine sans vouloir s’arrêter Le Couleur – P.O.P. Marie Davidson – Adieux Au Dancefloor Mac Demarco – This Old Dog Gord Downie – Secret Path Drake – More Life Feist – Pleasure Figure Walking – The Big Other Fiver – Audible Songs From Rockwood Geoffroy – Coastline Hannah Georgas – For Evelyn Japandroids – Near To The Wild Heart Of Life Carly Rae Jepsen – E.MO.TION Side B B.A. Johnston – Gremlins III Lisa LeBlanc – Why You Wanna Leave, Runaway Queen? The New Pornographers – Whiteout Conditions Klô Pelgag – L’Étoile thoracique Peter Peter – Noir Éden Lido Pimienta – La Papessa Jessie Reyez – Kiddo Daniel Romano – Modern Pressure The Sadies – Northern Passages John K. Samson – Winter Wheat Tanya Tagaq – Retribution The Tragically Hip – Man Machine Poem TUNS – TUNS Leif Vollebekk – Twin Solitude Weaves – Weaves The Weeknd – Starboy Charlotte Day Wilson – CDW In 2016, Carly Rae Jepsen was a Top 10 finalist for E.MO.TION. Short list of 10 for the 2017 award will be announced in 30 days. The winning album will be determined at the Polaris Gala September 18 at The Carlu in Toronto, which will be livestreamed at
  9. Below are the changes, as listed by the Academy: Grammy Awards Voting Will Now Be Online For the first time, voting members will cast their Grammy Awards votes online rather than by paper ballot. This transition will provide greater flexibility for touring artists, eliminate the possibility of invalid ballots, and protect further against fraudulent voting. All voting members in good standing will be eligible to vote online in both rounds for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. Songwriters Now Recognized In Album Of The Year Moving forward, all music creators (songwriters, producers, engineers, mixers, mastering engineers, featured artists) credited with at least 33 percent or more playing time on the winning album will be eligible to receive a Grammy in the Album Of The Year category. Previously, songwriters were not recognized in this category. Nominations Review Committees Established For Rap, Contemporary Instrumental, And New Age Fields Beginning this year, Nominations Review Committees will be created and implemented for the Rap, Contemporary Instrumental, and New Age Fields. A Nominations Review process was established in 1989 as an additional round of checks and balances to eliminate the potential for a popularity bias that puts emerging artists, independent music, and late-year releases at a disadvantage. Since then, Nominations Review Committees have been established across 15 awards fields. Album Definition Expanded To Allow For More Inclusion In Classical, Dance, And Jazz Fields To be eligible for Grammy consideration, an album must comprise a minimum total playing time of 15 minutes with at least five distinct tracks or a minimum total playing time of 30 minutes with no minimum track requirement. Prior to this amended album definition, the only delineation was 15 minutes and five tracks. The definition expansion allows for greater inclusion of music creators who produce longer pieces, particularly in the Classical, Dance, and Jazz Fields. Amendments To The Music For Visual Media Field As a general rule, only one version of a track is permitted for entry in the GRAMMY Awards process. Moving forward, an exception will be made in the Best Song Written For Visual Media category, allowing the film version of a track to be entered in the category, even if a different version of the track is submitted in other categories. In the Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media category, eligibility guidelines have been amended to require soundtrack albums for a documentary or biopic to contain 51 percent or more of newly recorded music. Source + read more: Billboard
  10. Event

    Hola, kitkats. I'm Pageant Material and I will be your host for today. Count this as the pre-show, the main one will start in an hour. Waiting for you. Xoxo.
  11. Get your wigs ready's time for the Results Show!
  12. Event

    Welcome to the Witness Rate thread. We're all still bald from the snatching, aren't we? Now, it's time to assign scores to every song. 1-10, you know the drill. But wait, you can give 11 to the track that did the most damage to your scalp and a -1 to the one that kept your wig intact. You have until Wednesday, 9am, EST. or just refer to the countdown in the link below for the deadline. Results will be on Wednesday, 2pm, EST. Have fun scoring, xoxo. 1. Witness2. Hey Hey Hey3. Roulette4. Swish Swish5. Deja Vu6. Power7. Mind Maze8. Miss You More9. Chained To The Rhythm10. Tsunami11. Bon Appetit12. Bigger Than Me13. Save As Draft14. Pendulum15. Into Me You See
  13. Hiss hiss snakes. I promised @Taylor I'd do this 5ever ago. So here I am to finally do it! Perfect timing tho seeing as she put her music back on Flopify this past week Tracklist Mine 10/10 Sparks Fly 8.5/10 Back To December 8.5/10 Speak Now 7.5/10 Dear John 8.5/10 Mean 5.5/10 The Story Of Us 9/10 Never Grow Up 8/10 Enchanted 9/10 Better Than Revenge 8/10 Innocent 8.75/10 Haunted 9.5/10 Last Kiss 8.5/10 Long Live 8.25/10 If This Was A Movie 8/10 Ours 7.5/10 TOTAL = 133/160 (83.12/100) Tracklist State Of Grace 8.5/10 Red 9/10 Treacherous 8.5/10 I Knew You Were Trouble 10/10 All Too Well 8.5/10 22 9/10 I Almost Do 5/10 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 8.5/10 Stay Stay Stay 6/10 The Last Time 6.75/10 Holy Ground 8/10 Sad Beautiful Tragic 7/10 The Lucky One 7/10 Everything Has Changed 6/10 Starlight 8.5/10 Begin Again 7/10 Come Back...Be Here 7/10 The Moment I Knew 6.5/10 TOTAL = 136.75/180 (75.97/100) Fuck these albums are long as hell DISCLAIMER: I'm not a big fan of cuntry music. So if my scores are lower for her more cuntry stuff, yes I'm being biased
  14. So. This morning I was browsing through the Instagram page @fashionaguilera, that is a successor/alternate version of @whatxtinawears, or at least what it's used to be (the latter is no longer active). If you guys aren't familiar with them, they search for and list whatever shoe/dress/accessory Xtina has worn, name the designer and post images of the items separately, and occasionally the price. Exhibit A: Chose one from the Citizen K shoot to appeal to good sis @Vertigo-go Exhibit B: Another one, with some jewellery analysis. Anyways, as I was browsing this page, I found THIS FUCKING THING: THAT THING IS A FETISH TOY! Created to provide pleasurable handjobs. It makes so much sense now how she acted with that thing in the photoshoot. She was imagining stroking and sucking a dick the whole time Sidenote: That's not the only thing she got from a sex shop Bionic era. Idk, where she got the mouth gag from, but it certainly wasn't from Toys R Us All this makes the existence of the anal beads mic all the more funny, unintentionally tying all these fetish items together. Lastly, to think these following images lead some idiots to believe that she was part of the Illuminati because she was making the sign of the "All Seeing Eye" : And the whole time she was just thinking about dicks Conclusion: Dick = Devil
  15. Event

    I don't know if i'm allowed to post links, so I'll only post a list of what is leaked. If I can post links, I will update the post. MANiCURE (iTunes Festival Studio Version/Demo) Fashion! (Demo 2) Fashion! (Demo 3) Fashion! (Demo 4) Applause (Demo) Mary Jane Holland (Stems) Fashion! (Stems) Gypsy (Stems) Brooklyn Nights (Demo 27) Gypsy (Demo 1) Burka (Demo) Venus (Demo) Dancin' in Circles (Acapella) Thoughts on all the new leaks? It's also been speculated that unheard tracks including ARTPOP Act II songs will be leaked!
  16. Event

    This Klein masterpiece turns 7 today She got everyone shook Let's celebrate this Work with Steven Klein again Gaga, please
  17. Technically yesterday a masterpiece that needs recognition yes
  18. Event

    oh my god this is so awkward poor Kesha she was so sweet
  19. So, due to popular request I have decided to relaunch this. It's easy: You go through the list of songs and rate each song on a scale from 1-10 and send the scores to me via PM. DEADLINE: MAY 23RD @Salvatore - Rebel @Neyde - Historian @Li'l Sebastian - Statistician @Rebel Bitch - M-Dolla @Unapologetic Bitch - Dita @Saiga - Diplomat @Jjang - Master Debater @Earth Ripper - Essayist @Lord Stoneheart - Joan of Arc @Django - Sean Penn @Chris Morlock - Virgin @Rachel Berry - Mer Girl @John Wayne - Spy @Kuba - Almost Stan @sonowgoodbye - Naughty Nun @Vertigo-go - Clown @Unique - Evita @Breathless Mahoney - Star @SpringwoodSlasher - Beautiful Killer @Shiver - Esther @Mint - Brahim @Aion - Martin Burgyone @Scarlett O'Hara - Material Girl @Princess Aurora - Disco Diva @Pandora - Bad Girl @PhCh - Sinner @#1 - Boy Toy @Nixter - Veronica Electronica @Nick - President @Hysteria - Runaway Lover @ICONICK - Queen @lautnerfied - Cowgirl @Kirjava - Geisha @Kimmy Kardashian - Angel @King Perry - Best Friend @Jose - Candy Perfume Girl @JMQDB - Jessie @jdpm1991 - Pop Princess @JENNA GAGA - Thief of Hearts @Impossible Princess - La Petite Jeune Fille @Hot as Ice - Señorita @Honey - Sticky & Sweet @H.O.N.E.Y - Rocco @Devil Pray - Autotune Baby @Dawni - Future Lover @Adriano - Jesus Luz @BJORK - Olga @Diamond - Immaculate Collection @Justas - Gypsy @Milk - Bedtime Story Teller @Liam - Little Star @Lachlan - Lucky Star @Satori - Shanti @Solly - Candy Store Owner @#Music - Mr. DJ @JustHereForX - NYC
  20. Buy the benefit single Lineup: How to watch:
  21. Freeform and ABC stations will air Sunday's Ariana Grande benefit concert in Manchester, England in the U.S. ABC morning show Good Morning Americasaid Friday morning that viewers could watch the concert on "many of our ABC stations after the NBA Finals and also on Freeform live," advising viewers to check their local listings. The star-studded One Love Manchester event will start on Sunday at 7 p.m. U.K. time/2 p.m. ET and raise money for the victims of the bomb attack. Grande will be joined by such big names as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay, Pharrell Williams, Usher, Niall Horan and Take That at Manchester's Old Trafford Cricket Grounds, less than two weeks after a bomber killed 22 people after a Grande concert in the city. Source