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Found 366 results

  1. Amber Waves - 9 A Sorta Fairytale - 9.25 Wednesday - 9 Strange - 8.4 Carbon - 8.6 Crazy - 8.5 Wampum Prayer Don't Make Me Come To Vegas - 8.4 Sweet Sangria - 8.8 Your Cloud - 8.8 Pancake - 9.25 I Can't See New York - 10 Mrs Jesus - 10 Taxi Ride - 9.5 Another Girl's Paradise - 8.4 Scarlet's Walk - 8.8 Virginia - 9.2 Gold Dust - 9.5 @Hylia @Sylk @Aidan. @Anna-wa @Taylor @Jose @Dr. Slay @Rachel Berry @Liam @Driven @Nuclear Chicken (come experience talent)
  2. Ok Basically this is copied from other sections. Every 24 hours (ish) I'll post a new random song for all of us to rate. I'll average out the scores before the next song is posted for an overall score out of 10. I'm the host but I'll also be rating the songs. Also seeing as we recently did the singles megarate this game will be (Mostly) non-singles. OTHER "RULES"/INFO Score the song from 0 to 10 You can use 0's as often as you like You can use ONE 11 per week starting on the Monday. 11's cannot be carried over if you don't use one in a particular week -- Use it or lose it You may use decimals but please only use one or two numbers after the decimal (I.e. .25, .5 or .75) Comments on each song are welcome but not mandatory Songs are being ranked according to their scores. The updated ranking is available when the most recent songs score is posted
  3. Too Far 9/10 Cowboy Style 7/10 Some Kind Of Bliss 9.5/10 Did It Again 5/10 Breathe 8/10 Say Hey 10/10 Drunk 10/10 I Don't Need Anyone 7.5/10 Jump 6.5/10 Limbo 9.5/10 Through The Years 10/10 Dreams 10/10 I'm gonna start at around 10:30pm BST which is 4.5 hours from now please come and witknees the departure of my wig (hopefully) here live on FOTP <3
  4. Event

    Okay ssssnakes... so, since some other stan bases have a stan PM here, I figured maybe we should get together and discuss starting one as well? Especially as it gets closer to a likely new release, I think it'd be a great way to keep up with any rumors/news before and during the new era and just bond over our mutual love for the Supreme Snake Overlord. Just comment if you'd like to be included or upvote this OP if you're too lazy, I'm including you if you do! Snake Taglist
  5. We'll listen to Rainbow at the same time on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon or other streaming platforms. We can discuss the songs here while listening too! (don't play your saved music, the point is streaming) LINKS Apple Music - Amazon Music - Deezer I hope the time is okay for your timezones (you can try googling yours if it's not listed here)
  6. Lady Gaga agrees to hand over Kesha texts in Dr. Luke case Lady Gaga has folded her bid to duck a deposition by music producer Dr. Luke in his defamation case against former protege Kesha. The “Poker face” singer “will appear for a deposition pursuant to [Luke’s] subpoena in this action, during the month of September,” according to a deal signed between lawyers for the pop superstar and reps for Luke and Kesha. Lady Gaga responded to a subpoena for the text messages with a “heavily-redacted, four page spreadsheet of” the exchange, Luke’s lawyers claimed. Now Gaga has agreed to “produce un-redacted copes of certain of the documents that were previously produced in redacted form,” according to the agreement, which was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court Tuesday.
  8. Hello it's me Stealdan! Yes I confirm it we are doing a Big Brother Game! Starting with Kylie's FLAWLESS Debut Album, Kylie (1988)! RULES - Players choose a song to represent. - Once each song is represented a random player is chosen to be Head of Household (HOH). - The HOH chooses two songs to be up for eviction (Just post which songs you want to nominate here in the thread). - The players vote on which of the two songs they want to save (Just post which song you want to eliminate here in the thread). - The song with the most votes to leave is evicted and the other nominee becomes the HOH. - The process repeats until there is a clear winner. All players are eligible to vote each round, except for the current HOH, unless there is a tie **The selections of songs are on a first come, first served basis, so choose fast! Post which song you want as a reply to this thread. There are 13 spots available for this album** TRACKLIST (We will be playing with bonus tracks included on some version of the album so more people can participate!!!): I Should Be So Lucky - @PhCh Locomotion @Milk Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi - @dhrbb03 It's No Secret - @RebelMe Got To Be Certain - @Liam Turn It Into Love - @Hylia I Miss You - @sillykitty I'll Still Be Loving You - @ajp Look My Way - @trashmagic Love At First Sight 1988 - @Sylk Made In Heaven - @Vilppu Getting Closer @Aidan. Glad To Be Alive @Lachlan (To generate the first HOH, will be used, using the track list numbers to represent the member) ***YOU CAN STILL VOTE OUT SONGS EACH ROUND EVEN IF YOU ARE ELIMINATED*** Seeing as all songs have now been taken, let's start early! MATCHUPS Round One: Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi Vs Locomotion Round Two: Look My Way Vs I Miss You Round Three: Glad to be Alive Vs I'll Still Be Loving You Round Four: Got To Be Certain Vs I Should be So Lucky Round Five: Turn It Into Love Vs Made In Heaven Round Six: I Should Be So Lucky Vs Love At First Sight 1988 Round Seven: It's No Secret Vs JNSPP Round Eight: RESULTS 13th: Locomotion 12th: I Miss You 11th: Glad To Be Alive 10th: Got To be Certain 9th: Made In Heaven 8th: Love At First Sight 1988 7th: It's No Secret 6th: GAME TAGLIST ALKYLIEDA TAGLIST
  9. 1. Bliss - 9.25 2. Juarez - 9 3. Concertina - 9 4. Glory of the 80s - 10 5. Lust - 8.8 6. Suede - 8.4 7. Josephine - 8.4 8. Riot Poof - 8.6 9. Datura - 10 10. Spring Haze - 8.7 11. 1000 Oceans - 9 Average — 9.01 Yet another Tori album that gets an average above 9. I can't really say I have a specific favorite but overall the album was very enjoyable and the combination of trip-hop and Tori makes for an interesting blend full of twists. 1. New Age - 9 2. 97' Bonnie And Clyde - 7 3. Strange Little Girl - 8 4. Enjoy The Silence - 8 5. I'm Not In Love - 7 6. Rattlesnakes - 8 7. Time - 8 8. Heart Of Gold - 7.3 9. I Don't Like Mondays - 9 10. Happiness is A Warm Gun - 8 11. Raining Blood - 8 12. Real Men - 9.3 Average — 8.05 Although my lowest average for a Tori album and my overall least favorite of hers, it's still enjoyable overall and really depends on the listener's mood. A interesting concept for an album, though it's a cover album and it can't really be compared to the rest of her efforts. Thank you to @Hylia, @Sylk and @Anna-wa for listening with me. We'll be listening to Scarlet's Walk next week around the same time (earlier if possible)! @Hylia @Aidan. @Anna-wa @Taylor @Jose @Dr. Slay @Rachel Berry @Sylk @Liam
  10. Making this so songs can be reserved and we can start after Kylie 88 is complete. Hand On Your Heart @RebelMe Wouldn't Change A Thing @ajp Never Too Late @Milk Nothing To Lose Tell Tale Signs @Liam My Secret Heart @Aidan. I'm Over Dreaming @PhCh Tears On My Pillow @Hylia Heaven and Earth @Lachlan Enjoy Yourself @dhrbb03 Especially For You @P.O.P All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine @sillykitty Just Wanna Love You We Know The Meaning Of Love
  11. On top of it being 3 years since we got the first clue for the 1989 era, it's been 7 since Mine was released! The single debuted and peaked at #3 on the Hot 100, sold over 2 million copies in the US, and has over 200 million views on YouTube!
  12. Event

    I'll post more as soon as I find some I'm so jealous of people who will go. Someone take me to this flawless tour pls
  13. 1. Spark - 10 2. Cruel - 9 3. Black-Dove (January) - 8.5 4. Raspberry Swirl - 10 5. Jackie's Strength - 9.25 6. i i e e e - 9.5 7. Liquid Diamonds - 9 8. She's Your Cocaine - 9.3 9. Northern Lad - 8.6 10. Hotel - 9.6 11. Playboy Mommy - 8.4 12. Pandora's Aquarium - 9 13. Purple People - 9 (Japanese Bonus) Average: 9.17/10 Out of 200+ albums I've given scores to, this is one of the very few albums that has actually managed to get an average above 9 ON THE FIRST LISTEN. I don't think I need to emphasize how amazing this woman is or how talented she is honestly Thank you to @Hylia @Aidan. @Stars Are Made To Shine @Taylor @Jose @Dr. Slay @Rachel Berry for attending!
  14. Nominated for Best Solo Artist!
  15. 1. Beauty Queen/Horses - 10 *fav so far*2. Blood Roses - 93. Father Lucifer - 8.84. Professional Widow - 9.255. Mr Zebra6. Marianne - 97. Caught a Lite Sneeze - 9.258. Muhammad My Friend - 89. Hey Jupiter - 910. Way Down11. Little Amsterdam - 8.512. Talula - 8.413. Not the Red Baron - 814. Agent Orange15. Doughnut Song - 916. In the Springtime of His Voodoo - 917. Putting the Damage On - 8.518. Twinkle - 9 Average: 8.85/10 Won't be rating the interludes, although I will post my thoughts on them. Perchedt for this! @Hylia @Skyline @Nocturn @Jose @Nixter
  16. I'm too lazy to do a fancy OP but get in Kylie stans!
  17. So, as most of you know. @Aidan. hosted a "giveaway" event a while ago in which I won a copy of Let's Get to It, an underrated Legendlie album. Today I received a package from a mysterious "A". Here is the package: All seems fine, and I got ready to blast If You Were With Me Now on my stereo, until I opened it up and found this note... Ignoring the blatant homophobia and the pressure to buy one of Kylie's worst albums, I proceeded to open up the CD. Only to find something even worse... HOW DARE YOU SCAM AN AL KYLIEDA MEMBER LIKE THIS? This has been reported to Tech Haus Inc. and will be dealt with! I hope you Live and Learn from your mistakes!
  18. Tracklist + Scores: 1. Slow (8/10) 2. Still Standing (7/10) 3. Secret (9/10) 4. Promises (7/10) 5. Sweet Music (10/10) 6. Red Blooded Woman (9/10) 7. Chocolate (10/10) 8. Obsession (6/10) 9. I Feel 4 U (8/10) 10. Someday (8/10) 11. Loving Days 12. After Dark 13. Cruise Control 14. You Make Me Feel (5/10) Gather around Al-Kylieda, I will be starting very soon!
  19. Buy the benefit single Lineup: How to watch: