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Found 480 results

  1. Princess' newest video is already at 450K views after 20 minutes of being released What do you think it'll get day one? I'm gonna say 20M.
  2. May 2018 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 SMAPxSMAP : - Maluma Maluma Maluma Ellen: Maluma Graham Norton Show: - Sing! China: - X Factor US: - The Voice Australia: - Rising Star (BR): Maluma X Factor UK: Maluma Le Grand Journal: - Jimmy Fallon: - The Voice US: The Voice France: Adele SNL: Not Available 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 SMAPxSMAP : - - - - Ellen: - Graham Norton Show: - Sing! China: - X Factor US: - The Voice Australia: - Rising Star (BR): - X Factor UK: - Le Grand Journal: - Jimmy Fallon: - The Voice US: The Voice France: - SNL: ? 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 SMAPxSMAP : - - - - Ellen: - Graham Norton Show: - Sing! China: - X Factor US: - The Voice Australia: - Rising Star (BR): - X Factor UK: - Le Grand Journal: - Jimmy Fallon: - The Voice US: The Voice France: - SNL: Not Available 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 SMAPxSMAP : - Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Ellen: Mariah Carey Graham Norton Show: - Sing! China: - X Factor US: - The Voice Australia: - Rising Star (BR): - Carpool Karaoke: Mariah Carey X Factor UK: - Le Grand Journal: - Jimmy Fallon: Mariah Carey The Voice US: - The Voice France: - SNL: ? 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 SMAPxSMAP : - - - - Ellen: - Graham Norton Show: - Sing! China: - X Factor US: - The Voice Australia: - Rising Star (BR): - X Factor UK: - Le Grand Journal: - Jimmy Fallon: - The Voice US: - The Voice France: - © Calendarpedia® www.calendarpedia.com Data provided 'as is' without warranty MAGAZINES: TIME – Mariah Carey VOGUE – ? V MAGAZINE –? HARPER’S BAZAAR – ? ELLE – ? ROLLING STONE – ? BILLBOARD MAG – Maluma
  3. Make a GH album for Katy, but you CANNOT include her #1 singles! The songs don't have to be singles either, like for instance Peacock wasn't one, but most people would be familiar with it!
  4. Game

    Rank all 24 of the tracks from Animal and Cannibal + Fuck Him He's A DJ Songs Animal Backstabber Blah Blah Blah Blind Blow Boots & Boys Cannibal C U Next Tuesday Crazy Beautiful Life Dancing With Tears In My Eyes Dinosaur Dirty Picture Pt. 2 Fuck Him He's A DJ Grow A Pear Hungover Kiss N Tell Party At A Rich Dude's House Sleazy Stephan Take It Off The Harold Song Tik Tok VIP We R Who We R Your Love Is My Drug
  5. I'm gonna start the countdown tonight, only 10 members including me voted I'm not going to tag you at the lowest and highest scores cause its tiring and I don't want to annoy you
  6. Game

    State Of Grace vs ... Ready For It? Red vy End Game Treacherous vs I Did Something Bad 22 vs Don't Blame Me All Too Well vs Delicate I Knew You Were Trouble vs Look What You Made Me Do I Almost Do vs So It Goes ... We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together vs Gorgeous Stay Stay Stay vs Getaway Car The Last Time vs King Of My Heart Holy Ground vs Dancing With Our Hands Tied Sad Beautiful Tragic vs Dress Everything Has Changed vs This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things The Lucky One vs Call It What You Want Starlight vs New Year's Day Begin Agian vs I Don't Wanna Live Forever
  7. Game

    LETS PLAY A GAME: Katy Stan Questions What was the first Katy song you heard? What song/album made you become a full on stan? When era did you start to stan her? Favourite song from the OOTB album? Favourite song from the TD album? Favourite song from the Prism album? Favourite song from the Witness album? Favourite song from her discography? Favourite album from her discography? What album do you want KP5 to be most like?
  8. Game

    Which one of her most recent albums reigns supreme? Roar VS Witness Legendary lovers VS Hey Hey Hey Birthday VS Roulette Walking On Air VS Swish Swish Unconditionally VS Deja Vu Dark Horse VS Power This Is How We Do VS Mind Maze International Smile VS Miss You More Ghost VS CTTR Love Me VS Tsunami This moment VS Bon Appetit Double Rainbow VS Bigger Than Me By The Grace Of God VS Save As Draft Spiritual VS Pendulum It Takes Two VS Into Me You See Choose Your Battles VS Rise
  9. Game

    Since its been quite some time since the release of reputa I thought it would be refreshing to do this! Welcome To New York vs. ...Ready For It? Blank Space vs. End Game Style vs. I Did Something Bad Out of The Woods vs. Don't Blame Me All You Had To Do Was Stay vs. Delicate Shake It Off vs. Look What You Made Me Do I Wish You Would vs. So It Goes... Bad Blood vs. Gorgeous Wildest Dreams vs. Getaway Car How You Get The Girl vs. King of My Heart This Love vs. Dancing With Our Hands Tied I Know Places vs. Dress Clean vs. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things Wonderland vs. Dress You Are In Love vs. Call It What You Want New Romantica vs. New Years Day
  10. As of my first listen, mine currently is Miami, Flight 22 & Feel Like a Fool What's yours?
  11. Hi everyone! I'm back! Welcome to the Lady Gaga Discography Megarate! I believe @Freaky Prince made one like this last year but, well, it's been a year, so the opinion on the songs (especially songs from Joanne) might have changed since then. Plus this megarate includes non-album tracks as well. Rules: Make sure to know each song included in the Megarate. Rate each song from 1 to 10. Decimals are allowed only up to the hundredth (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WHEN YOU CAN IN ORDER TO AVOID TIES). You are allowed to give 0 and 11 to one song per era (OPTIONAL). Send your rates to me by personal messenger before May 2nd. PM-Friendly Tracklists: Hope you'll be a lot participating! This could be fun! Taglist:
  12. hello hello! i am here with a brand new season of @Chapman. 's iconic forum game! For those who know the drill, it's the same as usual but with a couple of plot twists. Seems an ideal time to launch a game since this is fucking dead hehe. How does it work? 1. SIGN-UPS You will sign up below by just expressing your interest in a PRIVATE MESSAGE. In the same private message you will have to include a SQUARED picture that you want to represent you throughout the game, be it a famous person, a singer or Jessie J. Once sign ups finish (when 16 slots have been filled in) we would move to the next stage - The Capitol. The whole point about these sign-ups is that no one knows who is in until the next bit. 2. THE CAPITOL Once in the Capitol, you will have an introductory reveal interview and will have to find or form a clique of maximum 4 people for the Games (there will be popstars playing as random players as well). To officially present your clique to the world, you will have to make some sort of slogan and/or banner for your team. There will be a show presenting the cliques formed and most importantly, you'll be rated like they do in the Hunger Games. This rating will be random and not based on the banners. 3. THE ARENA After all this blitz, you will go to the arena stage and won't have to do much more as everything will be run by a random generator. Events will take place randomly and updates will be posted daily/every two days, depending on how invested you guys are! You will be able to influence a bit the course of action by PMing me asking to perform particular actions like moving to a different part of the arena, hiding, trying to kill a player, you name it! Of course, I won't promise to put everything you want to do, but it would help me to fill in the blanks in the updates, and it would be fun to develop some kind of story. Every day a number of players will die and the last one standing is the winner! 15/16 players signed up already!! If you have any questions post below, and if you want to join just PM me , musec out
  13. Game

    Are you ready for the second Fossils Awards show? While Grandma can't decide if she wants to pee, make an album or direct a movie, let us have some fun in the meantime. @Rebel Bitch Since, you did the first one and are too lazy too do the second one, I am doing this. If you want to join and have some suggestions, let me know. RULES Nominate three Madonna fans in every category and send nominations to me. CATEGORIES: P.S. The awards will be held at Cher's Arena of Floposaurs.
  14. What would they look like( like what type of ship/boat) ? can u imagine what type of ship madonna is? kesha? rih? gaga? xtina? Gimme Kiis u messy flops
  15. ....for each of Madonna's studio album and fill the table. saddest most uplifting catchiest Madonna think of me holiday lucky star LAV love don't live here anymore like a virgin material girl TB live to tell open your heart la isla bonita LAP promise to try like a prayer like a prayer Erotica bad girl deeper and deeper erotica BS take a bow human nature human nature ROL the power of goodbye ray of light frozen Music what it feels like for a girl music music AL nothing fails love profusion nobody knows me COADF forbidden love hung up sorry HC devil wouldn't recognize you 4 minutes give it to me MDNA falling free I'm addicted girl gone wild RH heartbreak city devil pray bitch I'm Madonna
  16. Game

    post one song from 3 albums from 3 faves of yours that regardless of how many times you listen to, you can't get bored of them, regardless that you're feeling sad, happy, turned on, depressed, having a shower... w.e. mine would be: Rihanna: Rated R - Russian Roulette Talk That Talk - Fool In Love Loud - Skin Lana: Born To Die - Blue Jeans Honeymoon - Art Deco Lust For Life - Cherry Beyonce: Dangerously In Love - Speechless I Am Sasha Fierce - Ave Maria Lemonade - Pray You Catch Me
  17. Next mixed megarate will be between Born This Way and Confessions On A Dance Floor RULES! You can vote the songs from 1 - 10 ...you can use half points too. You can give in ONE song per album an 11 and a 0 if you want to. Do not troll vote. Send your votes to me via PM. I'll tag you and inform you when the Kiki will begin. Born This Way VS Confessions On A Dance Floor SONGS! LISTEN TO THE SONGS AGAIN BEFORE YOU RATE THEM AND BE OBJECTIVE HOES DEADLINE: In 2 weeks Don't let this flop
  18. Game

    Are you an expert in pop music videos and are you able to guess these songs with the artist/s? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  19. Game

    Can you guess these videos from these screenshots? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  20. So basically I took a random screenshot from various Taylor videos, and you're meant to guess what video each picture is from, putting your answer next to the number I provided. This was a game I used to play with others regarding films on IMDb and I decided to try it here. If anyone gives a shit this time I'll probably do more of these with other artists as well and a higher volume of images. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  21. Thanks for everyone who sent in their nominations! Below is the complete nomination list! Congratulations on everyone who's nominated! Current schedule: Red Carpet - 22th March Winners Reveal - 23th March VOTE HERE--> LAMBY AWARDS Don't forget to vote!
  22. I'm coming to save this forum popularity with a Madonna vs Gaga (or at least to save everyone who will care). Actually I'm doing this cause I'm bored Vote which albums you want to play with, and don't make masstag you all
  23. Game

    I was inspired my Billboard to make this game, because I saw them playing it and I thought it could be fun on here. So every few days, I'll post 3 groups of 3 songs each, in each group you will have to select which 1 song to get rid of and which 2 songs to keep, whatever gets the most votes to get rid of will be removed. Then towards the end, the remaining songs will be grouped together and eventually 1 song will come out on top
  24. It's award season! Megarate threads grew in popularity a few months ago, but died off rather recently. So, in honor of award shows like The Grammys and The Academy Awards, I thought I'd hold a different style of "rate" thread – that removes the tedious rating aspect and replaces it with voting! Here's how it goes: – Each award ceremony will feature a different album – The nomination categories will differ depending on the album, but will feature topics such as "Best Single", "Best Co-Writer", "Best Ballad", etc. – The categories and nominations will be chosen by me (or anyone else who wants to host a thread like this), but will be voted on by members! – After the voting period is over, the votes will be tallied and the winners will be presented in a "ceremony" thread. Here are the rules – very simple: – Choose and vote for a nominee in each category presented. – Direct Message me your votes. Since this is new and I'm just trying this out, the first event will be rather small, with only twelve categories. And here they are! P E R F O R M A N C E / M E D I A BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE “Vision of Love” – Live on Aresenio Hall “Vision of Love” – Live on Saturday Night Live “Vision of Love” – Live on The Grammy’s "Vision of Love" – Live on Good Morning America “Love Takes Time” – Live at The Tattoo Club “Love Takes Time” – Live on Sondagstoppet “Someday” – Live on American Music Awards “Vanishing” – Live on Saturday Night Live (Rehearsal) “Vanishing” – Live at The Tattoo Club BEST MUSIC VIDEO Vision of Love Love Takes Time Someday I Don’t Wanna Cry There’s Got To Be A Way C O L L A B O R A T O R S BEST PRODUCER Narada Michael Walden – “Vision of Love”, “There’s Got To Be A Way”, “I Don’t Wanna Cry” Ric Wake – “There’s Got To Be A Way”, “Someday”, “All In Your Mind”, “Prisoner” Rhett Lawrence – “Vision of Love”, “Alone In Love”, “You Need Me”, “Sent From Up Above” Walter Afanasieff – “Love Takes Time” BEST WRITING PARTNER Ben Margulies – “Vision of Love”, “Someday”, “Vanishing”, “All In Your Mind”, “Alone In Love”, “Prisoner”, “Love Takes Time” Narada Michael Walden – “I Don’t Wanna Cry” Ric Wake – “There’s Got To Be A Way” Rhett Lawrence – “You Need Me”, “Sent From Up Above” T H E S O N G S BEST GUITAR SOLO Someday You Need Me BEST WHISTLE Vision of Love (climax/background) There’s Got To Be A Way (climax/background) Someday (outro) Vanishing (climax/background) All In Your Mind (staccato outro) You Need Me (outro) Love Takes Time (climax/background) BEST “BREAKUP” BALLAD I Don’t Wanna Cry Vanishing Alone In Love Love Takes Time BEST “ATTITUDE” SONG Someday You Need Me Prisoner BEST LOVE SONG Vision of Love All In Your Mind Sent From Up Above F I N A L R O U N D BEST ALBUM TRACK There’s Got To Be A Way Vanishing All In Your Mind Alone In Love You Need Me Sent From Up Above Prisoner BEST SINGLE Vision of Love Love Takes Time Someday I Don’t Wanna Cry ALBUM RATE (votes will be tallied and an average will be calculated) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 I hope this will be fun for everyone! You have until MARCH 16th to send me your votes! The awards ceremony will be presented soon afterwards
  25. Please vote for the song/s that you think has the best and worst feature/s.