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  1. Alright! So earlier today me and @Diamond finished the results show for our I Am Sasha Fierce megarate, which obviously means it's time to start another one! Hahah. A few of you expressed interest in participating in a megarate of the album D*** by Kendrick Lamar so hopefully you're still here for it! Dates will be decided soon, but in the meantime, rules: I enjoyed doing the 0-1-2-3-4-5-etc. version of a megarate so much that I think that's what I'm gonna do again this time! Basically you give your favorite song a rating of 13, your second favorite song a 12, your third favorite song an 11, and etc. all the way down to 0. You can't use the same rating for more than one song, and you must use all your ratings (0 - 13), no matter how hard it may be to decide what that 0 is! And again like I said dates will be decided soon, but if you want to send your ratings now, just create a PM with both me and Diamond and do your thing. List of the songs: Thank you for participating if you do and I can't wait to get started!
  2. Harry Styles

    WELCOME TO THE NEW SEASON OF CREATE A LABEL! The new season has officially begun, and as promised returning players may copy your original articles from the cancelled week past into this new thread. Now that our amazing former host @Ronlop has decided to step down both Dylan and I will be sharing responsibility as co-hosts of this new season. We're excited to see what you as old and new players will be bringing to this amazing and creative game! And if you're reading this and aren't already a player, why not have a quick look at the overview, rules & requirements of the game below! Create A Label is a role playing game where you, a music fan, can control and design entire eras for your favourite musicians, producers, bands, DJs and more! This season because of the amazing work players have done in the past, we have high standards and are going to reward more creative players with extra sales, budgets and more this season thanks to the new formula developed by myself and @Bleachella which will make the game easier for new players and even some returning players. Corps, Labels & Artists Season 6 Rules & Changes New Features This Season! Life as an Indie Artist Finally, could all players post their respective artists, labels and corporations to be added to the OP her for any new players to see whom they cannot sign, if anyone has any questions feel free to PM myself or @Bleachella.
  3. Calendar for December 2016 December Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 SNL : Beyonce 4 SMAP X SMAP: Maxence ITUNES TAKOVER- Beyonce CAL TUBE BANNERS TAKEOVER- Beyonce 5 Ellen: Beyonce Alan Carr: Lorde 6 X Factor USA : Beyonce The Voice USA: Sehun 7 X Factor UK : Maxence Le Grand Journal: Troye Sivan 8 Jimmy Fallon : Beyonce 9 10 SNL : Florence Welch 11 SMAP X SMAP: Beyonce ITUNES TAKOVER- Belinda CAL TUBE BANNERS TAKEOVER- Florence Welch #BelindaOnGMAAllWeek 12 Ellen: Florence Welch Alan Carr: Beyonce 13 X Factor USA : Belinda The Voice USA: Lana Del Rey 14 X Factor UK : Beyonce Le Grand Journal: Brendon Urie 15 Jimmy Fallon : Belinda 16 Rihanna Exclusive Interview 17 SNL : Christina Milian 18 SMAP X SMAP: Lorde ITUNES TAKOVER- Rihanna CAL TUBE BANNERS TAKEOVER- ? 19 Ellen: Shakira Alan Carr: Sehun 20 X Factor USA : Lorde The Voice USA: Shakira 21 X Factor UK : Rihanna Le Grand Journal: Shakira 22 Jimmy Fallon : Brendon Urie 23 24 SNL : Mariah Carey 25 ITUNES TAKOVER- Mariah Carey CAL TUBE BANNERS TAKEOVER- Mariah Carey MARIAH CAREY X NOKIA COMMERCIAL 7 DAYS 26 Ellen: Mariah Carey Alan Carr: ? 27 X Factor USA : Mariah Carey The Voice USA: Troye Sivan 28 X Factor UK : ? Le Grand Journal: ? 29 Jimmy Fallon : Mariah Carey 30 31 Phases of the Moon: 7: 13: 20: 29: Holidays and Observances: 24: Christmas Eve, 25: Christmas Day, 26: 'Christmas Day' observed, 31: New Year's Eve MAGAZINES: In order to get these magazines, you must contact CAL Business! Vogue- Mariah Carey Rolling Stone- Beyonce Elle- Mariah Carey Time Magazine- Lana Del Rey Harper's Bazaar- Belinda V Magazine- Sehun Billboard Magazine- Rihanna
  4. Hello everyone! FOTP Faves + / is back with a special edition of FOTP Fave's signature songs! a.k.a "The Hits" ! Few months ago I went through most of the faves sections to ask you all their signature songs and I decided to pick all of them to play the game! ...And of course, the rules haven't changed. It's still easy to play. In fact, you have to add five points to your favorite classic by a FOTP fave while removing five points from your least favorite classic by a FOTP fave. It is NOT allowed to post twice in a row. Sorry cheaters! Most of the songs chosen were not my choices so don't be mad, thanks! Britney Spears - "...Baby One More Time" - 30 Madonna - "Like A Prayer" - 30 Christina Aguilera - "Beautiful" - 30 Beyoncé - "Crazy In Love" - 30 Lady Gaga - "Poker Face" - 30 Katy Perry - "Firework" - 30 Taylor Swift - "Love Story" - 30 Rihanna - "Umbrella" - 30 Ariana Grande - "Problem" - 30 Lana Del Rey - "Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix)" - 30 Kesha - "Tik Tok" - 30 Kylie Minogue - "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" - 30 Lorde - "Royals" - 30 Mariah Carey - "All I Want For Christmas Is You" - 30 Nicki Minaj - "Super Bass" - 30
  5. Rate & rank her 3 new singles "Make Me (Cry) [feat. Labrinth]", "Stay Together" & "I'm Stuck"!
  6. So, we're almost halfway through 2017 and I'd like to hear your top songs for each year so far. Here are mine. Feel free to post yours! January February March April May
  7. Welcome to the Gwen Stefani edition of 'Rate The Song'. In this thread, every day, two, or couple of days (depends on the amount of rates), I'll post a song off Gwen Stefani's three solo albums + non-album tracks and your job will be to rate it. - Rates like 0 and 11 are NOT allowed, in order to not have biased rates. - Unreleased songs will also be added once we start having not many songs to rate. - There will be a tag list of all the users who have Gwen's fan badge. Anyone who wants to participate can be added to the tag list. Anyone who doesn't want to participate should request to be removed from it.
  8. Count Olaf

    only for the fotp faves. spotlight??
  9. Music website Last.fm have compiled a list of the most listened to artists from the last 10 years. The artists are actually ranked in terms of how many listeners they have, not how many plays each has accumulated. There are a lot of classic bands, and maybe some you wouldn't expect. And yes, I can guarantee you won't agree with the ranking. Take the quiz here.
  10. Count Olaf

    Welcome to FOTP's latest show," Why They Flopped." This is a discussion/mockumentaty thread where each weekly episode people discuss/ make up why a certain celebrity flopped with one album. In no means is this real and the artist and album are picked at random. Feel free to post funny- but not insulting- things about that flop. A new flopera starts every day at 7:30am GMT unless there is something going on that day. I'm not expecting this to be succesful but anyways. First episode: Selena Gomez- Revival. Wednesday 29th March LATEST EPISODE: CARLY RAE JEPSEN- Emotion
  11. Welcome to the Natalia Kills Discography Megarate Thread hosted by @Freaky Prince. Rules: Make sure you have listened to each one of the songs listed below. Rate each song from 1 to 10. No trolling. Every submissions which overall average score will be below 5.00 will be disqualified. Comments are highly recommended. Send your rates to me via PM. Have fun. DEADLINE: MAY 21st RESULTS CEREMONY: MAY 27th 8am EST/1pm CET (not fixed) Tracklist Perfectionist: Trouble: +30mg: Other/collaboration songs: I'll try to push this megarate to at least 15 submissions To people who are not familiar enough with her catalog: LISTEN And you won't regret, I promise
  12. G like MC

    So I was thinking of a funny and different idea for something to do on FOTP and I was thinking of a concept called "create an escort service" bascially it would involve you being a pimp and hiring escorts for your escort service. Game idea is still in development if you have any suggestions or something please don't hesitate to share
  13. May 2017 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 SMAP X SMAP: Ali Ali iTunes Take-Over: Lindsay Lohan CAL Tube Take-Over: Lindsay Lohan LINDSAY LOHAN TAKE-OVER ALL WEEK Ellen: Lindsay Lohan Alan Carr: Lana Del Rey Chinese Idol: ? X Factor USA: Brendon Urie The Voice USA: Lindsay Lohan Rising Star (Brazil): Madonna X Factor UK: ? Le Grand Journal: Lana Del Rey Jimmy Fallon: Lindsay Lohan The Voice Australia: ? SNL: ? 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 SMAP X SMAP: ? iTunes Take-Over: Rihanna CAL Tube Take-Over: Rihanna Ellen: ? Alan Carr: ? Chinese Idol: ? X Factor USA: ? The Voice USA: Lindsay Lohan Rising Star (Brazil): ? X Factor UK: ? Le Grand Journal: ? Jimmy Fallon: Lana Del Rey The Voice Australia: ? SNL: Lindsay Lohan 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 SMAP X SMAP: ? iTunes Take-Over: Emma Roberts CAL Tube Take-Over: Beyonce Ellen: ? Alan Carr: ? Chinese Idol: ? X Factor USA: ? The Voice USA: ? Rising Star (Brazil): ? X Factor UK: ? Le Grand Journal: ? Jimmy Fallon: ? The Voice Australia: ? SNL: ? 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 SMAP X SMAP: ? iTunes Take-Over: Zayn/RuPaul CAL Tube Take-Over: Zayn/RuPaul Ellen: ? Alan Carr: ? Chinese Idol: ? X Factor USA: ? The Voice USA: ? Rising Star (Brazil): ? X Factor UK: ? Le Grand Journal: ? Jimmy Fallon: ? The Voice Australia: ? SNL: ? 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 SMAP X SMAP: ? iTunes Take-Over: Kelly Clarkson CAL Tube Take-Over: Kelly Clarkson Ellen: Ariana Grande Alan Carr: ? Chinese Idol: ? X Factor USA: Ariana Grande The Voice USA: ? Rising Star (Brazil): ? X Factor UK: Ariana Grande Le Grand Journal: ? © Calendarpedia® www.calendarpedia.com Data provided 'as is' without warranty MAGAZINES: Vogue- Rihanna Rolling Stone- ? Elle- Bella Hadid Time Magazine- ? Harper's Bazaar- ? V Magazine- ? Billboard Magazine- ?
  14. so here's the thing. I have a 12 hour flight tonight and I've got no books to read, no tv shows to binge, and god knows i won't be able to sleep. so I have a fun game / idea below you'll find a collaborative spotify playlist. leave anything you like on there and after my flight i'd have listened to them all and i'll give some opinions on them and leave your name below if you have put something on the playlist, or if you don't have spotify then leave song titles down this thread. thank you for making my flight not as boringgggg
  15. Hosted by @H.O.N.E.Y and @Honey Game Details: Perks of the game: - It's the 1st Battle Grounds inspired game in the Game Section. - The Winner wins a Vip for a month. - You will submit questions for other enemy groups in the game to answer - Not everyone has to be active in the game, some people CAN be carried by their team until the finale where they'll have to gain votes. - Some players in the team will be trivia players, some players will be battle warriors. Battle warriors will compete through shade and dragging the fav of the opposing team, in order to save the team from elimination. How to Sign up: Pick 2 of the teams below to be in. You will be assigned to one of the 2 you pick. The game will start once we have set all the teams.
  16. So me and @Diamond are currently working on a megarate for Beyonce's Sasha Fierce album, but after we're done with that I was wondering if you all would be interested in a megarate for D*** by Kendrick. A lot of people on here seem to really like this album (including our mod @Hunty Bear ) so I figured it might have enough interest to do it. But I don't want to make a thread for a megarate and then have nobody respond to it... So... Would you be up for participating in a D*** megarate? @Michael. @Urbanov @Saiga @Vilppu @Royalty @blankdreams. @Teenage Wet Dream I'm probably forgetting more people but this is just from people I've talked to about the album and people who commented in the album's thread
  17. Since Miss-Thing has 2 albums and 2 mix-tapes, I only think it's appropriate to begin ranking her content Mine: Audacious S.T.D Queen Elizabitch Cum Cake
  18. M3L155AX

    ok you guys put a description of a pop girl and the person below has to answer it ( you answer the person who posted above you , vise versa ) . It can be a nice description or shady af . Lets get messy
  19. Basically, take some songs from Revival and some songs from Dangerous Woman and put them in a 9-15 track album. Mine would be Moonlight Revival Same Old Love Into You Be Alright Me and My Girls Sober Good For You Dangerous Woman Leave Me Lonely ft. Macy Gray Hands To Myself Side to Side ft. Nicki Minaj
  20. Are You Satisfied?


    Hey! I'm doing a Megarate of Marina's THREE STUDIO ALBUMS. Here are the track listings we will be using: How to submit: Send me a private message with the subject as "Marina Megarate". PLEASE REPLACE THE SONG TITLES WITH A NUMBER AND DO NOT LEAVE SPACES (I am using a spreadsheet and the data must be imported this way). Example (for FROOT) FROOT:11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 (Please use this format!! lol) (not my actual scores, just an example) What I will report: Average rating per song Rules: You may rate one song per album as an 11 and one song per album as zero. Please don't leave comments. If it looks clearly like you are trolling, I will NOT count the data. Deadline: TBD Have fun! I have already made my scores and I will include them. Taglist: (people who have expressed interest through up voting posts or posting in the thread, ask to be added/removed)
  21. i noticed Kesha, Gaga, and Lana all had debut albums/eps with the same amount of tracks each me: Cannibal vs Bad Romance vs Ride We R Who We R vs Alejandro vs American Sleazy vs Monster vs Cola Blow vs Speechless vs Body Electric The Harold Song vs Dance In The Dark vs Blue Velvet Crazy Beautiful Life vs Telephone vs Gods And Monsters Grow A Pear vs So Happy I Could Die vs Yayo C U Next Tuesday vs Teeth vs Bel Air Animal (Billboard remix) vs Bad Romance (Starsmith remix) vs Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais remix) Kesha: 3 Gaga: 3 Lana: 3 three way tie
  22. ----------------- ----------------- JOIN JOIN JOIN! Text JOIN FATS!!!! WE NEED AT LEAST 7 PARTICIPANTS! - PARTICIPANTS - 1. @Carlos 2. @Hylia 3. @Sylk 4. @GLORY 5. @QUINN 6. @The Black Parade 7. @Hyun. 8. @Anna-wa 9. @DisneyRejects 10. @Lachlan 11. @Saiga 12. @Hunty Bear 13. @Mystique 14. @Chris Pratt 15. @fab 16. @Entea 17. @blankdreams. 18. @Max 19. @LanaxGaga 20. @Kaulitz. 21. @Adriano
  23. Count Olaf

    Basically, this game is where you make card for singers/actors/celebrities and post them. You can also do battles between card in here eg. Lady Gaga vs Taylor Swift. Choose decks to make. For card making go to clashroyalecardmaker.com Every week we'll do a Best Card Deck and Best Card and Battles. Here are list of card that are taken: If you want, I can make the cards for you- just PM me the name of card and I'll get back to you! Good idea for spells could be auto-tune. Building suggestion: The Studio @liketotallybran @John Wayne @Jordan @Juju @Kacper @ItsDirkje @jamesjoint @JENNA GAGA @Joanne @Joe Calderone @Grace_jones @Habits @Hair Bow @Halcyon @Harry Styles @Haruka @Hillary Clinton @Holly @Hot as Ice @Iconic @Impossible Princess @25 @25 (Banned) @AGNTEA @Ain't No Other Man @ajp @Andres @andy @ANYE @Argent @Arianator @ARTPOP @ATLANTIS @basedkatyperry @Beauty Queen @Billie @Blue Blue @Bradley @bussybop @California boy @Chanel @Chanel Oberlin @Chris Morlock @Chris Pratt @ChrisX @Cosmic Lover @Daenerys @DangerousKnowles @Dark Wonderland @Dawni @delete it fat @Demiruto @Desnudate @Disco Stick @Dita @dojacat @Dylan Monroe @Edu @Element @Fearless @Fluttershy @frankgutz @G R O A S C O @Gaga = the queen of pop @garrettgivre @Gilly @Government Hooker @Glenn CoCo
  24. Let's get started for the LAST round of TAG! Results shows will be the same day and hour as always : 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm London / 9pm Belgrade 1. Name a Prestigious Award Show no one really cares about nowadays. 2. Name something people like to drink in the morning. 3. Chained To The Rythm or Million Reasons ? 4. Name a sporting event that only happens once a year. 5. Who is the most inspirational female artist of all time ? 6. Name a famous American Astronaut. 7. Name Britney Spears' latest flop single. 8. Name a word associated with Christina Aguilera. 9. Who is the biggest artist in the world right now ? 10. Does Nicki Minaj deserve a permanent section ?