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  1. The rules are simple. If you could chose one more single to the released singles be released from each Britney album, what would they be? Mine: ...Baby One More Time: Soda Pop Oops!... I Did It Again: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Britney: Lonely In the Zone: Touch of My Hand Blackout: Get Naked (I Got a Plan) Circus: Lace and Leather Femme Fatale: Trouble for Me Britney Jean: Tik Tik Boom Glory: Man on the Moon
  2. Unapologetic Bitch


    let's play a game MX is one track short so Soltera joined the game Living For Love / Medellín Devil Pray / Dark Ballet Ghosttown / God Control Unapologetic Bitch / Future Illuminati / Batuka Bitch I'm Madonna / Killers Who Are Partying Hold Tight / Crave Joan Of Arc / Crazy Iconic / Come Alive HeartBreakCity / Extreme Occident Body Shop / Faz Gostoso Holy Water / Bitch I'm Loca Inside Out / I Don't Search I Find Wash All Over Me / Looking For Mercy Best Night / I Rise Veni Vidi Vici / Funana S.E.X. / Back That Up To The Bet Messiah / Ciao Bella Rebel Heart / Soltera RH: MX: TIE:
  3. RULES: - Players choose a song to represent. - Once each song is represented a random player is chosen to be Head of Household (HOH). - The HOH chooses two songs to be up for eviction. - The players vote on which of the two songs they want to evict. - The song with the most votes to leave is evicted and the other nominee becomes the HOH. - The process repeats until there is a clear winner. - Inactive players will be replaced if they do not respond for more than 24 hours! THE WINNER GETS TO CHOOSE FIRST FOR THE NEXT BIG BROTHER. SONGLIST: Survival - @Beyoncé Secret - @Madame X I‘d Rather Be Your Lover - @Urbanov Don‘t Stop - @isrobi Inside of Me - @YannG Human Nature - @Madonna Forbidden Love - @Saiga Love Tried to Welcome Me - @Aidan. Sanctuary - @Phoebe Halliwell Bedtime Story - @Nenifir Take a Bow - @Ghostface MATCHUPS: Round 1: Human Nature vs. Don't Stop (11th place) Round 2: Secret vs. Survival (10th place) Round 3: Love Tried to Welcome Me vs. Inside of Me (9th place) Round 4: Forbidden Love vs. I'd Rather Be Your Lover (8th place) Round 5: Sanctuary vs. Bedtime Story (7th place) Round 6: Take a Bow vs. Love Tried to Welcome Me (6th place) Round 7: Round 8: Round 9: Final Round:
  4. Sharpay Evans


    Since we're always running out of new thread ideas here on FOTP 1. Me Against The Music 2. (I Got That) Boom Boom 3. Showdown 4. Breathe On Me 5. Early Mornin' 6. Toxic 7. Outrageous 8. Touch Of My Hand 9. The Hook Up 10. Shadow 11. Brave New Girl 12. Everytime 13. The Answer 14. Don't Hang Up 15. I've Just Begun (Having My Fun) 16. Girls And Boys
  5. Phoebe


    Hello girlies, I've been inactive lately because I don't feel like posting and this site is pretty much dead, but I was listening to the album and I decided to do this thread. Easy Ride Nothing Fails Intervention American Life Die Another Day Nobody Knows Me X-Static Process Mother and Father Love Profusion Hollywood I'm So Stupid
  6. Let's play a game. Using songs in Christina's Discography, create you own fantasy album.
  7. http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/birthdayno1 All you have to do is type in your birthday and your orign to find out what song was a chart topping hit during your first day of being alive. Mine was My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion Its also pretty cool to see other birthdays like it goes back from the 40s even
  8. Violet


    Rank them from best to worst: Madonna Like a Virgin True Blue Like a Prayer Erotica Bedtime Stories Ray of Light Music American Life Confessions on a Dance Floor Hard Candy MDNA Rebel Heart
  9. This is it! The results are calculated, it is time to know how the fanbase ranked Madame X! The results show will start tomorrow, July 2nd, at 9.00pm CEST (3pm CST). Hope you'll be a lot here as it is probably the biggest megarate I've organized: with over 80 voters, it is a record, and I'm quite impressed! Thanks to you all that have participated! You can start posting your predictions right now! RESULTS:
  10. Agent X


    Give Me All Your Luvin Girl Gone Wild Turn Up The Radio Living For Love Ghosttown Bitch I'm Madonna Medellin Crave Dark Ballet God Control
  11. Hi everyone! It is now time for the Madame X Megarate to start! Rates are now allowed to be sent. The bonus tracks and "Soltera" will be part of the competition as well. There is no deadline for now, it will depend on the number of people that vote (though the rates will likely be accepted over the course of a week or two). Rules: Make sure to know each song included in the competition. Rate each song from 1 to 10. You are allowed to give the same rate to multiple songs. Decimals are allowed only up to the hundredth (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WHEN YOU CAN IN ORDER TO AVOID TIES). You are allowed to give 0 and 11 to one song per era (OPTIONAL). Send your rates to me by personal messenger, NOT in the thread. PM Friendly Tracklist: This should be interesting! Hope a lot of you will join!
  12. Light Years


    You might have seen her in the Gaga and Madonna sections (or maybe somewhere else I dunno) but I'm bringing this game to the Kylie section The rules are pretty simple. I'll start by posting a picture related to a Kylie song in some way, then the person who guesses correctly posts a picture next, and it keeps on going Starting with one that is (hopefully) easy:
  13. Choose a song title that corresponds with each letter of your username. I'll start. Clean How You Get the Girl All You Had to Do Was Stay Red New Romantics You're Not Sorry Breathe Our Song You Are in Love
  14. Final Results Welcome everyone, to the official results of the Final of the FOTPVision Song Contest! This 11th season is finally coming to an end when we crown our winner. Over the course of a few weeks, we have announced 10 songs, but who will take the crown? That is what your votes decided and all points will be revealed right now! Results Who Was Who Congratulations to @Simón. and Jamaica for winning this season of FOTPVison Due to you having an active VIP premium for your contributions to the News team, you can gift your 1 month premium VIP prize to another FOTP member Finally, I would like to say a thank you to all those who participated this season and hopefully look forward to seeing you again in the next one @Bambi @Chris Morlock @Ghostface @Madame X @Manel @Maria @Simón. @Vandalain
  15. Sylk


    Since its been quite some time since the release of reputa I thought it would be refreshing to do this! Welcome To New York vs. ...Ready For It? Blank Space vs. End Game Style vs. I Did Something Bad Out of The Woods vs. Don't Blame Me All You Had To Do Was Stay vs. Delicate Shake It Off vs. Look What You Made Me Do I Wish You Would vs. So It Goes... Bad Blood vs. Gorgeous Wildest Dreams vs. Getaway Car How You Get The Girl vs. King of My Heart This Love vs. Dancing With Our Hands Tied I Know Places vs. Dress Clean vs. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things Wonderland vs. Dress You Are In Love vs. Call It What You Want New Romantica vs. New Years Day
  16. I have been obsessed with Britney's unreleased songs lately. What's your favourite unreleased song/s? Feel free to tell me if these polls and games are annoying. I won't be mad.
  17. Sharpay Evans


    Fear has been out for over a month, and during Marina's short Spotlight section run, I know an individual ranking thread was made for each LOVE and FEAR, but not the full album. So I decided to make a thread out of boredom TRACKLIST 1. Handmade Heaven 2. Superstar 3. Orange Trees 4. Baby 5. Enjoy Your Life 6. True 7. To Be Human 8. End Of The Earth 9. Believe In Love 10. Life Is Strange 11. You 12. Karma 13. Emotional Machine 14. Too Afraid 15. No More Suckers 16. Soft To Be Strong
  18. Entea

    The Final Show Hello and welcome all of you at the official Final of the FOTPVision 11 with a total of 10 countries competing in this final. I have used this online randomized to create the running order, this is so to speed up the game. Things will get even more exciting now that only one can be crowned FOTPVision 11's champion! That will happen at the already legendary Results Show, held on Sunday 23rd June at 8pm BST. One by one, we will reveal the points awarded by the FOTP community, which will eventually lead us to one victorious song. It promises to be an extravagant evening. The only thing that needs to happen now is for you to vote. To make things clear, these are the official rules for voting in the Final: Recap/Playlist Voting Template Voted Countries Denmark France Greece Jamaica Netherlands Poland South Korea United Kingdom @Bambi @Chris Morlock @Ghostface @Madame X @Manel @Maria @Simón. @Urbanov @Vandalain
  19. Hi everyone! I am here to announce that the Madame X Megarate will start on the 21st of June! I've organised megarates multiple times across different forums, so why not doing one for the new Madonna album. The reason it will start one week after the official release of the album is to make sure that people will have listened to all the songs multiple times. No deadline is fixed, it will depend on the amount of votes I receive. Also question for you: should I include the 3 songs that are exclusive to the physical edition? Excluding them would maybe allow more people to participate in some way, but then we are not rating the whole thing soooo... Also people might still be able to fans the song. It's really up to you here. For those of you who don't know how a Megarate works: every participants has to rate each songs from Madonna's Madame X from 1 to 10 (rules will be detailed once the game will start). With every score, average scores for each songs will be calculated and we'll have a definitive ranking of all of the songs from Madame X! Hope a lot of you are interested and will be participating!
  20. Entea

    Schedule Notes You can convert BST to your regional time here. This may change due to FOTPVision staff having a life. Please do not sign up before 8pm BST this Sunday.
  21. Information Notes/Changes No theme and only one country per person. Sign ups will open this Sunday at 8pm BST, when a new thread will be posted. Please do not sign up before then. Introduction The FOTPVision Song Contest (sometimes popularly called FOTPVision) is the longest-running annual international online song competition, held primarily, among the member countries of the FOTP Union (FBU) since 2012. The competition is based upon the Eurovision Song Contest held all over the world since 1956. Each participating country submits an original song to be performed on the forum, and then casts votes for the other countries' songs to determine the most popular song in the competition. The contest has been running every year for 7 years, since its inauguration in 2012, and is one of the longest-running online events in the world. It is also one of the most watched non-sporting events in the world, with audience figures having been quoted in recent years as anything between 6 billion and 7 billion internationally. Instructions and Rules Prizes 🥇 1st place: The winner from the final will get a free Premium VIP for 1 month. If you're already a VIP member, you can decide to use it to extend your own or gift it to another member of this forum. Please read this thread before replying below or PMing me anything FOTPVision related. I know there's a lot of information to take in but I'll be posting the relevant rules and instructions in the upcoming threads during this season. Don't let this flop bitches.
  22. Ronlop

    June 2019 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 SNL: - 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SMAPxSMAP : - Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan Ellen: Camila Cabello & Jennie Graham Norton: Shawn Mendes Sing! China: - The Voice US: Miley Cyrus The Voice Australia: Bella Rising Star Brazil: Lana Del Rey X Factor UK: Belinda Le Grand Journal: - Jimmy Fallon: Camila Cabello & Jennie SNL: Not Available 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 SMAPxSMAP : - Emma Roberts Britney Spears Maluma Ellen: Katy Perry Graham Norton: Emma Roberts Sing! China: - The Voice US: Katy Perry The Voice Australia: Shawn Mendes Rising Star Brazil: Belinda X Factor UK: Britney Spears Le Grand Journal: - Jimmy Fallon: Britney Spears SNL: - 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 SMAPxSMAP : - Mariah Carey Kylie Jenner Mariah Carey Ellen: Mariah Carey Graham Norton: Rihanna Sing! China: - 1 Week Only 1 Week Only The Voice US: Shawn Mendes The Voice Australia: Kylie Jenner Rising Star Brazil: - 1 Week Only 1 Week Only X Factor UK: - Le Grand Journal: Lana Del Rey 1 Week Only 1 Week Only Jimmy Fallon: Mariah Carey 1 Week Only 1 Week Only 1 Week Only 1 Week Only SNL: Beyonce 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 SMAPxSMAP : - Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce 1 Month Ellen: Beyonce Graham Norton: Mariah Carey Sing! China: - 1 Month The Voice US: Beyonce The Voice Australia: - Rising Star Brazil: Rihanna 1 Month X Factor UK: Mariah Carey Le Grand Journal: - 1 Month Jimmy Fallon: Beyonce 1 Month 1 Month SNL: Not Available 1 Month 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 SMAPxSMAP : - - - - 1 Month © Calendarpedia® www.calendarpedia.com Data provided 'as is' without warranty MAGAZINES: TIME – Rihanna VOGUE – Lindsay Lohan V MAGAZINE – ? HARPER’S BAZAAR – Beyonce ELLE – Lana Del Rey ROLLING STONE – Mariah Carey BILLBOARD MAG – Beyonce
  23. Agent X


    Medellin is the best quality wise and creatively, but I have become such a stan of I Rise. 1. I Rise 2. Medellin 3. Crave 4. Future
  24. Anna-wa


    @Ginger Spice forgot the final 'album vs. album' game. It's okay I got you. Now we have one for all of Britney's 8 albums. Till The World Ends vs. Invitation Hold It Against Me vs. Do You Wanna Come Over Inside Out vs. Make Me... I Wanna Go vs. Private Show How I Roll vs. Man On The Moon (Drop Dead) Beautiful vs. Just Luv Me Seal It With A Kiss vs. Clumsy Big Fat Bass vs. Slumber Party Trouble For Me vs. Just Like Me Trip To Your Heart vs. Love Me Down Gasoline vs. Hard To Forget Ya Criminal vs. What You Need Up N Down vs. Better He About To Lose Me vs. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) Selfish vs. Liar Don't Keep Me Waiting vs. If I'm Dancing Scary vs. Coupure Electrique And since FF doesn't have another bonus track: Slumber Party (feat. Tinashe) vs. Mood Ring
  25. Your Love is My Drug vs Cannibal vs Warrior vs Bastards Tik Tok vs We R Who We R vs Die Young vs Let Em Talk Take it Off vs Sleazy vs C'Mon vs Woman Kiss N Tell vs Blow vs Thinking of You vs Hymn Stephen vs The Harold Song vs Crazy Kids vs Praying Blah Blah Blah vs Crazy Beautiful Life vs Wherever You Are vs Learn to Let Go Hungover vs Grow a Pear vs Dirty Love vs Finding You Party at a Rich Dude's House vs C U Next Tuesday vs Wonderland vs Rainbow Backstabber vs Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You (DM) vs Only Wanna Dance with You vs Hunt You Down Blind vs Blow (DM) vs Supernatural vs Boogie Feet Dinosaur vs The Harold Song (DM) vs All That Matters vs Boots Dancing with Tears in My Eyes vs Die Young (DM) vs Love into the Light vs Old Flames Boots and Boys vs Supernatural (DM) vs Last Goodbye vs Godzilla Animal vs Gold Trans Am vs Spaceship VIP vs Out Alive vs Emotional Dirty Picture vs Past Lives vs True Colors Fuck Him He's a DJ vs Timber vs Good Old Days My First Kiss vs Don't Think Twice It's Alright vs Body Talks i tried to make them fit without having less vs at the end