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  1. This is huge. Researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia say they have found a safe way to eliminate the HIV-1 virus from CD4+ T cells through a gene editing system. “The findings are important on multiple levels,” Kamel Khalili, professor and chair of the Department of Neuroscience at Temple, says in a statement. “They demonstrate the effectiveness of our gene editing system in eliminating HIV from the DNA of CD4+ T-cells and, by introducing mutations into the viral genome, permanently inactivate viral replication.” “Further,” Khalili continued, “they show that the system can protect cells from reinfections and that the technology is safe for the cells, with no toxic effects.” The findings were published in Scientific Reports earlier this week and mark the first time researchers at Temple have actually been able to remove HIV from an infected T cell, opening the door for even more in-depth research. “The questions they address are critical, and the results allow us to move ahead with this technology,” Khalili said. In a press release, Dr. Thomas Malcolm, CEO and President of Excision Biotherapeutics, which holds the exclusive rights to commercialize the gene editing technology, said: “This is a major advance in safety and efficacy for the use of CRIPSR/Cas9 gRNA HIV eradication for us in humans. These exciting results also reflect our ability to select viral gene targets for safe eradication of any viral genome in our current pipeline of gene editing therapeutics.” Gene editing has long been thought of as a potential cure for HIV, but scientists have feared that if not done properly, the side effects could be disastrous, even fatal. Researchers at Temple believe they have overcome this hurdle, but they are careful to note that challenges remain. “First, it will be important to maximize elimination of viral sequences from patients,” the authors state. “This will require analysis of the HIV-1 quasi-species harbored by patients’ CD4+ T-cells and design of suitable, i.e. personalized CRISPRs. Second, improved delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 will be required to target the majority of circulating T-cells.” X
  2. Nigerian troops have freed more than 800 people held by Boko Haram militants in the country’s northeast, thearmy said Thursday. 520 hostages were recovered in Kusumma village on Tuesday from the Islamist group, and an additional 309 from 11 other villages under the militants’ control. “The gallant troops cleared the remnants of the Boko Haram terrorists hibernating in Kala Balge general area,” army spokesman Sani Usman said in a statement, adding that 22 “terrorists” were killed. According to news reports, regional force involving troops from Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Benin is to deploy to fight the Islamists. X
  3. Smoke and flames rise over a hill near a Syrian town after an airstrike A brave Russian special forces soldier who was on a Rambo-style one man mission to hunt for ISIS militants died a "hero" after calling in an airstrike on HIMSELF. The fearless officer was directing Russian airstrikes at Islamic State targets near the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria when he was surrounded by terrorists. Not prepared to go down without a fight, he ordered military officials to drop bombs on his location and died in the blast. A spokesperson for the Russian military said: "An officer of Russian special operations forces was killed near Palmyra while carrying out a special task to direct Russian airstrikes at Islamic State group targets." "The officer was carrying out a combat task in Palmyra area for a week, identifying crucial IS targets and passing exact coordinates for strikes with Russian planes. "The officer died as a hero, he drew fire onto himself after being located and surrounded by terrorists." Moscow has been tight-lipped about having any soldiers on the ground throughout its campaign in Syria that began on September 30. Last week IS-linked media said that five Russian special forces were killed near Palmyra, publishing pictures from their cellphones and a video showing a bloodied corpse. However Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov at the time denied that Russian officers were participating in the advance on Palmyra, saying that "the advance is carried out by contingents of the Syrian army". Russian Air Force's long-range aviation carry out airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria Syrian troops on Thursday entered the ancient city of Palmyra, which had been controlled by IS since last May, and clashes were ongoing in the city. Backed by Russian warplanes and allied militia on the ground, the Syrian army advanced into Palmyra after launching a desert offensive early this month, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The defence ministry in Moscow said Russian aircraft carried out 146 strikes on "terrorist targets" in the Palmyra area between Wednesday and last Sunday. Syrian troops in the outskirts of the ancient city of Palmyra X
  4. Starbucks is crediting the employees in their local stores for brewing up a plan to donate 100% of the company’s leftover food to charities that feed the hungry. The ready-to-eat offerings from all 7,600 U.S. stores are expected to add up to 50 million meals over the next five years. Starbucks has been donating leftover pastries to food charities since 2010, but the company’s food safety policies required workers to throw out salads and other pre-packaged meals. Store employees, seeing how much food was being thrown away each day, wanted the company to do more. American businesses often worry about legal liabilities they’d face if someone gets sick because of food they donated. But, contrary to those beliefs, a 20 year-old law has offered wide ranging protections since 1996 to companies that have donated food to charity. Restaurant chains Chipotle, Olive Garden, KFC and Taco Bell, and are among the companies that have started donating leftover food. Many local restaurants and smaller chains also donate food with less attention. The coffee mega-chain is working with two charities, Food Donation Connection and Feeding America, to get the meals to distribution centers and pantries that already feed the hungry. “This food is going to make a difference,” Kienan McFadden, a Starbucks store manager said. “Rescuing food in this way from being thrown away will change lives. It makes me proud to know our partners are the heroes in this.” X
  5. Solar storms on Jupiter have triggered auroras that are hundreds of times more energetic than Earth’s "northern lights," according to a new study. The Sun constantly ejects streams of particles into space in the solar wind. Sometimes, giant storms, known as "coronal mass ejections", erupt and the winds become much stronger. These events compress Jupiter's magnetosphere - the region of space controlled by Jupiter's magnetic field - shifting its boundary with the solar wind inward by more than a million miles. The new study found that the interaction at the boundary triggers X-rays in Jupiter's auroras, which cover an area bigger than the surface of the Earth. This is the first time that Jupiter's auroras have been studied in X-ray light when a giant solar storm arrived at the planet. In the images, X-ray data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory (purple) has been overlaid on an optical image from the Hubble Space Telescope. The picture above reveals the X-ray activity when the solar storm reached Jupiter, and the one below is the view two days later after the storm subsided. The impact of the solar storm on Jupiter's aurora was tracked by monitoring the X-rays emitted during two 11-hour observations. The scientists used that data to pinpoint the source of the X-ray activity and identify areas to investigate further at different time points. They plan to find out how the X-rays form by collecting data on Jupiter's magnetic field, magnetosphere and aurora using Chandra and the European Space Agency's X-ray space observatory, XMM-Newton. X
  6. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2016/03/23/is-trains-400-fighters-to-attack-europe-in-wave-bloodshed.html
  7. It smells like meat and tastes like meat, but this meatball is not meat as any of us traditionally understand it. The 'cultured meat' is grown outside a live animal using real meat cells, and it's being heralded as the answer to food for the future. Unveiled by Memphis Meats , animal protein cells from cows, pigs, and chickens are administered "oxygen and nutrients such as sugars and minerals" until they grow into steak-sized samples. The process takes between nine and 21 days and the company’s first products - hot dogs, sausages, burgers, and meatballs - will be developed using recipes perfected over a half century by award-winning chefs. “This is absolutely the future of meat,” said CEO Uma Valeti, MD. It's a meatball, but not as most of us know it, as it's been grown in a lab “We plan to do to animal agriculture what the car did to the horse and buggy. Cultured meat will completely replace the status quo and make raising animals to eat them simply unthinkable.” Valeti, a cardiologist who trained at the Mayo Clinic , is associate professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota and president of the Twin Cities American Heart Association. Valeti founded Memphis Meats with Nicholas Genovese, Ph.D, a stem cell biologist, and Will Clem, Ph.D., a biomedical engineer who owns a chain of barbecue restaurants in Memphis, Tennessee. The chef cooking up a storm with the meat grown from cells for human consumption Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who provided £230,000 to fund the world’s first cultured hamburger, describes cultured meat as a technology with “the capability to transform how we view our world". Bruce Friedrich, executive director of The Good Food Institute, “Cultured meat is sustainable, creates far fewer greenhouse gases than conventional meat, is safer, and doesn’t harm animals. "For people who want to eat meat, cultured meat is the future.” A tester tucks into the freshly-cooked meatball created in the laboratory While generating one calorie from beef requires 23 calories in feed, Memphis Meats plans to produce a calorie of meat from just three calories in inputs. The company’s products will be free of antibiotics, fecal matter, pathogens, and other contaminants found in conventional meat. X I had been thinking of giving up meat, but now that I think of it.
  8. Sean McGrotty died trying to rescue his family The tragic dad who died along with four family members after their car slid off the end of a pier drowned after going back under the water to try and save his family. Sean McGrotty, 49, managed to hand his baby daughter Rionaghac-Ann to a rescuer before going under the water in his sinking Audi Q7. His young sons Mark, 12, and Evan, 8, 59-year-old grandmother mother-in-law Ruth Daniels and sister-in-law Jodi Lee Daniels, 15, all died after their car went into the water in Buncrana, County Donegal, Ireland. Davitt Walsh, 29, a League of Ireland footballer who has played for Shelbourne and Ballymena United, held the baby girl in the air as he swam her to shore but couldn't save the other family members. He said: "I think deep down the father knew that I was only going to be able to save one person and the last thing he said to me was 'save the baby' and he went back in and stayed with his family and the car just disappeared. "I looked out and I could see the distress in the family. "They were all screaming 'help help help.' "I didn't really think I took off my clothes down to my boxers and swam out as fast as I could. "When I got out there, the father had the window half ajar and was hitting it with his elbow trying to break it. "I'm guessing the electrics broke. "When the window broke, the father sat out on the ledge of the window and the water started to seep in. "He then handed me the infant and said 'take the baby.' "I told him I wanted to help someone else, but the water started coming in and he just looked at me and said 'save my baby.' Police cordoned off a large stretch of the coastline The scene at Buncrana Pier in Co Donegal "It was terrible. "The baby was handed to me and the father had to make a decision, he could have saved himself because he was out of the car, but he went back into his family. "I couldn't do anything else, the car went down instantly. Father Paddy O'Kane from Holy Family Church in Londonderry told the Irish Mirrorthe baby's devastated mother Louise McGrotty has said her little girl has given her "reason to carry on". Louise, 35, had spoken to her family on the phone just half an hour before the tragedy. Father O'Kane said: "Louise said to me, 'I have lost everyone, except little Rionaghac-Ann'. She said 'Rionaghac-Ann is my reason to go on'." Mum Louise McGrotty with little Rionaghac-Ann and son Evan He added: "Words fail me to describe the depth of pain and the vastness of this tragedy." The priest spent much of the morning comforting the distraught family at their home in the Ballymagroarty area of Derry. He is expected to visit the house again with Catholic Bishop of Derry, Donal McKeown and Ken Good, the Church of Ireland Bishop for Derry and Raphoe later. "I am 43 years a priest and nothing compares to this," he added. "This is way beyond anything in my wildest imagination. "This is the worst thing I have ever had. "When I went up there this morning people were just standing around - men were just standing looking at the ground not knowing what to say. "All you can do is just shake their hand and say 'I'm sorry'. "A respectful silence is all I could muster. Jodi Lee Daniels, 15, also lost her life "Before I left the house I said the Lords Prayer with everyone to give Louise and her family strength. "We all knew there was a terrible tragedy that happened in Buncrana last night but we didn't realise it was on our doorstep. "Little did I know it was going to come here." It is understood the family had celebrated eight-year-old Evan's first confession just a fortnight ago and were preparing for his first communion in May. Baby Rionaghac-Ann, the sole survivor of the accident, was christened in January. Father O'Kane said: "It was a time of celebration. "Little did we think that so soon after we were going to have such a tragedy on our doorstep. "Two weeks ago little Evan made his first confession here and he was about to make his first communion in May. "Little did we think that two weeks ago he wouldn't be here. Sean's mother-in-law Ruth Daniels also died "They are inconsolable." Speaking at the scene earlier, Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said the communities in Derry and Donegal would have to throw their arms around the bereaved family. Father O'Kane said locals had rallied round. He said: "People are very good in this parish and they will do all they can to help but what can you do and what can you say." The funeral, expected to take place on Thursday, is going to be one of the most difficult the priest concluded. "I have never had to do anything like this before so I hope the Lord gives me the right words to say to give some sort of consolation and peace," he said. Meanwhile, at the bungalow in St Eithne's Park there was a steady stream of ashen-faced visitors. One man choked back tears as he explained the family were too upset to speak at this stage. X
  9. Brussels has been hit by three explosions after terrorists attacked the airport and metro. A suicide bomber struck at Brussels airport, with shots fired and words shouted in Arabic before two blasts were heard near the American Airlines check-in desk. Passengers were seen fleeing for their lives shortly after 8am local time. The airport is on lockdown with all flights cancelled and rail traffic towards the airport suspended. An hour later, an explosion was heard at a city centre metro station in what appears to be a separate terror attack. David Cameron will hold a meeting of the government’s emergency COBRA committee later this morning. The attacks come four days after Salah Abdeslam was arrested in the Belgian capital in relation to November's terror attacks on Paris. KEY EVENTS SO FAR 21 MINS AGO'10 dead in Metro explosion' 29 MINS AGO'Multiple explosions at different Metro stations' 34 MINS AGOAll public transport in Brussels shut down 41 MINS AGO'13 dead and 35 seriously injured' after explosions at airpo... 53 MINS AGOBrussels Airport blasts 'were suicide attack' http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/brussels-airport-explosion-live-updates-7605060
  10. Tragic: Anthony Hays died in a car crash which killed four and left Hays' wife Aline and baby Luiz injured in Brazil A baby boy was pulled from the wreckage of a horror crash in Brazil that claimed the lives of his dad, gran and nine-year-old cousin. Little Luiz's mum Aline Hays and her sister Pamela Pereira Sa were seriously injured but their mum Maria Lucia dos Santos, 54 and Pamela's nine-year-old daughter Emily died. The boy's dad has been named as Anthony Hays, who was believed to work for marine engineering firm Aerius, which is based in Rosyth, Fife, writes the Daily Record . Sad: Little Luiz's mum Aline Hays and her sister Pamela Pereira Sa were seriously injured in a crash in Brazil, but their mum Maria Lucia dos Santos, 54 and Pamela's nine-year-old daughter Emily died Anthony, 37, and four members of his wife’s family had been travelling to Pamela’s graduation ceremony in a Fiat Strada when the collision happened on Saturday. The tot survived, with reports stating him and his mum were in a "stable" condition on Monday. The crash happened in Terra Nova do Norte, 400 miles from Cuiaba in central Brazil. The family’s car struck a Toyota Hilux and its driver, Sergio Bacon, 68, who was reported to have died. Tributes have poured in on social media for Anthony, who is believed to come from Morecambe, Lancashire, and had the nickname “Tids." His brother Mark Hays wrote on Facebook : “I miss my bro so much xxx.” Anthony’s pal Karl Mulliner posted: “I’m torn apart. He was part of my family. My best mate gone, completely heartbroken xxx.” X
  11. In the tiny country of Bhutan bordering Tibet, King Khesar and Queen Jetsun announced the birth of a new baby prince on February 5th. How did the citizens celebrate? All 82,000 of the nation’s households planted a tree. Volunteers from the country’s districts planted an additional 26,000 so that the total came to a whopping 108,000 – a holy number in Buddhism (hence 108 beads in a rosary). Each tree was planted with an encapsulated prayer so that as the trees grew strong and tall over time, so would the young Prince. “In Buddhism, a tree is the provider and nourisher of all life forms, symbolizing longevity, health, beauty and even compassion,” Tenzin Lekphell, who coordinated the initiative, told the Diplomat. “It wasn’t a coincidence that the Buddha attained enlightenment under a banyan tree.” Bhutan is known as one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world. In 2013, it became the first country in the world to turn its agriculture completely organic, banning the sales of pesticides and herbicides. It has also been named the world’s happiest nation on one occasion, after its leaders decided to value success on a Gross National Happiness scale, rather than on the economic-based Gross National Product. The primarily Buddhist nation is a democratic monarchy, with – as one can easily tell – a much-beloved royal family. X I am so proud to have a Bhutia uncle
  12. "I almost collaborated with Lorde on this album! I sent her the song and it didn't get done in time, but it's one of my artistic goals to collaborate with her. There's this one song I wrote for the album but it needed a female singer and she was my number one. "She was going to do it, she was totally keen, but she was too busy with her own album. I hope it can happen, if not on this album then another. I think she's awesome." http://m.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=11610107
  13. The city's celebrity leader, often the butt of U.S. tabloids and late-night comedians, lost his fight with cancer. Rob Ford, the former mayor of Toronto who lived a life of high political and personal drama, died Tuesday after a long battle with cancer, Ford's family announced in a statement. He was 46. "With heavy hearts and profound sadness, the Ford family announces the passing of their beloved son, brother, husband, and father, councilor Rob Ford earlier today at the age of 46," his family said. "A dedicated man of the people, councilor Ford spent his life serving the citizens of Toronto," his family, which also requested privacy, added. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/rob-ford-dead-toronto-mayor-876809?facebook_20160322
  14. The Egyptian antiquities minister said on Thursday that radar scans of King Tutankhamun’s tomb have revealed two hidden chambers that may contain the burial site of Queen Nefertiti, one of the wives of Tut’s father, the Pharaoh Akhenaten. Mamdouh el-Damaty said the scans have shown that the chambers may hold metal or organic material inside them, increasing the likelihood that they contain a burial site. A Japanese team, led by Japanese radar expert Hirokatsu Watanabe, conducted the scans and further scans are planned for the end of the month, he said, according to the Associated Press. “It means a rediscovery of Tutankhamun...for Egypt it is a very big discovery, it could be the discovery of the century,” el-Damaty said, adding that he was “90 percent positive” that another chamber lay behind the north wall of the tomb “It is very important for Egyptian history and for all of the world,” he said. He would not elaborate on what precisely could be inside the chambers but said that it could be a member of Tutankhamun’s family. The Egyptian Pharaoh, who died when he was 19 years old, ruled during the 14th century BC, which makes his tomb more than 3,000 years old. The findings add credence to a paper published by British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves last year that posited that another tomb may lay behind King Tut’s, based on laser scans that suggested there were pathways and doorways that had been sealed shut. Reeves and other Egyptologists have speculated that King Tut’s iconic mask was originally intended for Nefertiti and that Tut may have been laid to rest in an exterior chamber in what is actually Nefertiti’s tomb. King Tut’s tomb is the most famous of all the burial sites in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in the city of Luxor. It was first discovered by British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922. X
  15. :lmfao: I'd never spit Harry .gif' alt='ny6'> .gif' alt='ny6'>