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Found 48 results

  1. Oh boy: a conservative Christian pressure group is claiming same-sex marriage has led to a surge in people trying to marry themselves. The claim comes from anti-LGBT evangelical group Anglican Mainstream and the Coalition For Marriage. It follows confirmed data from the Office for National Statistics on the first same-sex weddings in England and Wales in 2014. Despite same-sex weddings accounting for 2 percent of all weddings in the data pool, the group says equal marriage is a “flop”. And yet they’re concerned that, “the shockwaves of the momentous decision to redefine marriage continue to reverberate around our culture.” Apparently these reverberations have led to people trying to get married to themselves. “Thanks to the redefinition of marriage all manner of future redefinitions are now being advocated.” “Now there are reports of the rise of ‘sologamy’ – people seeking to marry themselves.” They continue: “There’s no doubt sologamy is only promoted by a few individuals. Apparently ‘the idea is to give yourself a commitment that values self-love and self-compassion’.” “This may give someone their day in the limelight, but it is a million miles away from the self-giving, outward-looking nature of marriage.” In spite of its rhetoric and ties to the anti-LGBT lobby, Anglican Mainstream is an influential force within the Church of England’s evangelical wing. Source
  2. Apparently sugar is not a friend of the gays. You see, according to right-wing pastor Lance Wallnau, a gay bar owner was converted after eating a cake prepared by and prayed over by Christians. Right Wing Watch reports that Wallnau made the comments while streaming a video on Periscope last weekend Wallnau explained that “hookers” who used to hang outside the bar were saved by another patron who had found Christianity. Together they “baked a cake for the owner of the bar, who was gay and very adamantly anti-Christian”. They also supposedly prayed over the cake that he would leave the gay life. “It was an anointed cake,” said Wallnau. “And they made the cake and gave it as a gift. And when he ate the cake…the power of God hit him.” Wallnau went on to say the man got baptized, after which “the spirit that was working him got broken off” and he was freed from his homosexual ways. Source
  3. It looks like Beauty And The Beast will have a happy ending in Malaysia after all. The country’s largest cinema chain, Golden Screen Cinemas, tweeted today that the film will be released on March 30 with no cuts and rated PG-13. The news comes after the local censor sought over four minutes of edits “involving a gay moment” which Disney refused. The Mouse postponed the release last week saying the film “has not been and will not be cut for Malaysia.” The movie was then submitted to the Film Appeals Committee, a separate body to the censorship board, which has the power to reverse the board’s decision. It was known that the Committee was screening the film today. There has been no official confirmation from Disney Malaysia, although Golden Screen Cinemas also wrote on its Facebook page, “This is official from Disney. No cuts. PG13. 30 March. GET YOURSELF READY!” Deadline has reached out. The film’s delay in Malaysia arose when censors objected to what’s been referred to as a “gay moment”: Josh Gad’s portrayal of LeFou as smitten with the handsome cad Gaston (Luke Evans). Sex between men is illegal in Malaysia. On screen, gay characters are allowed to be depicted, but only if they show repentance or are portrayed in a negative light. Source:
  4. x #YoutubeIsOverParty is trending worldwide btw
  5. Colton Haynes, 28, formerly of TV's "Teen Wolf," only announced his relationship with florist-to-the-stars Jeff Leatham, 46, on Valentine's Day — and they're already engaged! The actor posted his news on Instagram Sunday, along with a photo of himself and Jeff locking lips in front of some fireworks at Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. "I SAID YES!!!!" Haynes wrote. Leatham posted the same shot with, "HE SAID YES!!!!" The proposal was turbo-charged by gay icon Cher, who sang a few bars of "I Got You Babe" before Leatham popped the question. "Thank you @cher and @paulettekapauly - for helping making my Proposal Evening Epic - I got you Babe never sounded so good right before @coltonlhaynes said YES!!!!" Leatham wrote on social media. intsagram posts inside article:
  6. in English short: "The Social democrats wants convince its coalition partner the Christdemocrats to legalize gay marriage. Until now the Christdemocrats were against gay marriage including german chancellor Angela Merkel, but there voices in the Christdemocrats that are getting louder to legalize gay marriage including Jens Spahn and Ursula von der Leyen. " Come through, Germany. At least try to hear to your people once
  7. Young People Report (digital) NEW (1).pdf (this whole thing is super interesting) on support of same sex-marriage: 1. German youth (82%) 2. Canadian youth (81%) 3. UK youth/Australian youth (77%) 5. French youth/New Zealandian youth (74%) 6. Italian youth/Argentian (73%) 7. American youth (71%)
  8. The "nice, exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie" is a dedication to the animated film's late lyricist Howard Ashman. It's certain as the sun — Josh Gad's character in Beauty and the Beast is gay. In the live-action retelling starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens — Gad plays LeFou, the comical sidekick to antagonist Gaston (Luke Evans). Thanks to a subplot alteration, LeFou will be Disney's first-ever LGBTQ character. “LeFou is somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston,” director Bill Condon tells Attitude. “He’s confused about what he wants. It’s somebody who’s just realizing that he has these feelings. And Josh makes something really subtle and delicious out of it. And that’s what has its payoff at the end, which I don’t want to give away. But it is a nice, exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie." Gad tweeted that he is "beyond proud" to lead the major Disney benchmark, which is in dedication to the original film's late lyricist Howard Ashman, who died before the animated hit premiered in theaters. He saw the Beast's circumstances as a "metaphor for AIDS," Condon explained. "He was cursed, and this curse had brought sorrow on all those people who loved him, and maybe there was a chance for a miracle and a way for the curse to be lifted. .. It was a very, very concrete thing that he was doing." The 1991 animated film centered on the theme of ostracism, and the cast explained that their live-action retelling will do so as well. "I think it was really important for Dan and I to develop and understand why each of our characters feel as if they don’t fit in,” said Watson, who plays Belle. “I certainly felt watching the original that I wanted to know more about why Belle feels that she’s different and why she wants to be different and why she’s naturally different.” "It's about that sense of persecution," added Stevens, who plays Beast. "Belle is seen as a bit of a freak within her community, this girl who reads and invents things and is a bit too clever for the local Establishment. And Beast is obviously persecuted because of his appearance." Kevin Kline, Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Audra McDonald and Stanley Tucci are also featured in Beauty and the Beast, which hits theaters March 17. Source
  9. Finland’s same-sex couples can finally marry and adopt children, as the country’s marriage equality law comes into effect on Wednesday. The Northern European country’s parliament originally passed the legislation to make same-sex marriage legal in 2014, voting 101-90 in favor of the law. The fate of the legislation was finally confirmed last month, however, when lawmakers shot down a citizens’ petition calling for its repeal. The far-right populist Finns Party and the Christian Democrats backed the challenge to the marriage equality law, but the parliament voted 120-48 to uphold the law. Finnish Member of Parliament Emma Kari lambasted the appeal as “harassment in the form of government cooperation.” Finland is the last Nordic country to make marriage equality legal, after countries such as Sweden and Norway passed same-sex marriage laws in 2009. Denmark has had same-sex unions since 1989, the first country in the world to do so, but those partnerships did not grant full rights. The new Finnish law expands existing same-sex unions that give couples the right to take each others surname and makes them eligible to adopt children, erasing the previous legal distinctions between same-sex partnerships and heterosexual marriages. Finland has allowed same-sex unions since 2002, but with restricted rights. This week marks a triumph for Finnish marriage equality supporters, who have long been attempting to make same-sex marriage legal in the nation. There were at least three failed bills attempting to legalize same-sex marriage before the successful vote in 2014. Same-sex marriage is legal in an increasing number of European nations. Ireland voted in favor of legalization in 2015, while Slovenia allowed same-sex marriages as of last week. Several European governments have opposed granting full rights to same-sex couples, however, and some prominent far-right parties are also against legalization. France’s populist National Front party, which is leading polls though expected to lose in a second-round runoff vote in May, has pledged to replace same-sex marriage with civil unions. Source
  11. This is the big news gripping Britain, queens
  12. The Boy Scouts of America announced Monday night that it will begin allowing transgender children who identify as boys into the organization. Previously, the Scouts had only allowed children to participated based on the gender listed on their birth certificate. Now enrollment in the boys-only program based on what the child or parents lists on the application, according to reports. “For more than 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America, along with schools, youth sports and other youth organizations, have ultimately deferred to the information on an individual’s birth certificate to determine eligibility for our single-gender programs. However, that approach is no longer sufficient as communities and state laws are interpreting gender identity differently, and these laws vary widely from state to state,” a Boy Scouts of America spokesman said in a Monday statement. In December, the family of an 8-year-old New Jersey child who was born a girl but identifies as a boy said he was kicked out of the Cub Scouts for being transgender.
  13. ALL THESE SPELLING AND GRAMMAR MISTAKES but for him. we need more of this
  14. Didn't found an english article but: 83% support marriage equality A large majority is also in favor that about homosexuality should be teached in school
  15. Apparently he's been public with his boyfriend for a while He told his wife 10 years ago and they dealt with it together, deciding an amicable divorce was the best option. And, much to his surprise, when he came out to his son and daughter, now teenagers, they were unphased by it. 'To their generation, being gay is like your eye color — it’s just there — so they understood better than I thought.' Alan has since moved on with his life and has a boyfriend, occupational therapist Michael Smith. 'It’s awesome now because I have a partner, my ex has a boyfriend, and with our kids, we have this really beautiful, blended, loving, modern family that works for us,' he said, adding, 'my ex-wife and my kids are my greatest supporters.'
  16. "It may come as little surprise to the German capital’s thriving LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) scene that Berlin was named the best city to be single this year. GayCities received tens of thousands of votes to select the winner, with Berlin and London tying for ‘Best Singles City’ as each won 22 percent of the vote. A close second was Fort Lauderdale, Florida (21 percent), followed by New Orleans (16 percent), Seattle (12 percent) and Vienna (7 percent). Berlin is renowned for holding a number of LGBT festivals each year, including Christopher Street Day celebrations dating back to 1979, and Berlin Pride. Hundreds of thousands partake in these events each year. The city’s commitment to the LGBT community has also shown through in its care for refugees from war-torn countries, establishing Germany’s first major gay asylum centre in February." cum to Berlin
  17. It turns out that all those white people in headdresses aren't the only reason the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is incredibly problematic. In an excellent op-ed, The Washington Post unmasked the ghouls and goblins behind the Alliance Defending Freedom campaign, which is sponsoring over 200 anti-LGBT bills in 34 states, including 17 bills that specifically target transgender Americans. In addition to the usual suspects – the pipe cleaner demons behind Hobby Lobby, James Dobson, haunted scarecrow Richard DeVos, Josh Duggar, and Kim Davis' raggedy ass – the post revealed that one of the Alliance Defending Freedom's biggest cash cows is Phil Anschutz, the owner of Coachella. In addition to the ADF, the Post reveals that through parent company AEG, Anschutz is also funding extremist anti-gay, anti-transgender, anti-abortion groups such as the Family Research Council and the National Christian Foundation. Not heinous enough for you? Greenpeace has also singled out Anschutz, who made his fortunes in the fossil fuel industry, as a major financier of climate change denial groups. Take a minute to browse the interactive graphic prepared by the Freedom For All Americans coalition about the right wing cabal spending over $150 million to fund discriminatory legislation across America before you snag your $400 ticket to Coachella this year. Yes, Beyoncé is life... but maybe try Afropunk instead? Source
  18. As a tribute to the 49 victims who lost their lives in the mass shooting on June 12, 2016 at Pulse night club in Orlando, the city's MLS team added 49 permanent rainbow chairs in section 12 at the stadium, each adorned with #OrlandoStrong. The tribute was 100% privately funded.
  19. The former host of Top Gear has prompted a backlash after suggesting that men who eat ice cream are gay on the most recent episode of The Grand Tour. The 47-year-old made the comment in an exchange on the sixth episode of the motoring show he co-hosts with Jeremy Clarkson and James May, which was titled “Happy Finnish Christmas”. It was the sixth episode of the first season, which was broadcast on 23 December via Amazon Prime. Speaking in front of a live audience, Clarkson pointed out that you “couldn’t enjoy a chocolate Magnum ice cream” in the interior of a Volvo with white leather seats. “It’s alright, I don’t eat ice cream,” Hammond said. “It’s something to do with being straight.” Clarkson and Hammond appeared slightly baffled while members of the audience cheered and applauded. “Why are you applauding him?” Clarkson asked the crowd. “What do you mean... you’re saying all children are homosexual?” “Ice cream is a bit... you know,” Hammond continued, saying: “There’s nothing wrong with it, but a grown man eating an ice cream – it’s that way, rather than that way. “I’m right, I can’t believe you can’t see that. It’s easy. It’s in front of you.” Clarkson appeared to try and steer the conversation back to his joke about chocolate and the white leather seats, making a comment about “the chocolate thingy” in a 99 ice cream cone. However, Hammond seemed to think that he was agreeing with him, saying: “My case rests!” Source
  20. A gay man who adopted his partner in the absence of same-sex marriage rights has been allowed to dissolve the guardianship in order for the couple to legally marry. Esposito, 79, legally adopted Bosee Jr, 69, back in 2012, as they sought after some legal protections in lieu of same-sex marriage laws in the US. Before same-sex marriage became legal in the US, it was common for same-sex couples to ‘adopt’ one another in order to afford themselves some legal protections under the law for issues like inheritance. But despite that same-sex marriage became legal in 2014 and the US Supreme Court made gay marriage legal across all 50 states in 2015, the couple had later been unable to marry because they were legally father and son. Now a Pennsylvania Superior Court has allowed the couple to dissolve the adoption, and has set a legal precedent in the state for couples who did the same. Judge Lawrence O’Toole in 2015 said he was unable to dissolve the adoption, and that he only had the power to do so in instances of fraude. But after an appeal, a three-judge Superior Court panel ruled “under the circumstances of this case, Pennsylvania law permits an unopposed annulment or revocation of an adult adoption.” X
  21. For the first time gay dating app Hornet and China-based app Blued have entered a global cooperation. The mutually beneficial cooperation will build on funding rounds for Hornet which raised $8 million for Hornet earlier this year. Hornet, founded in 2011, claims to be “the world’s second largest gay social network.” In a statement, Eric Huet managing partner at Ventech, who has joined the Hornet Board, said: “The platform combined with the user functionality is unparalleled. In such a short time, Hornet has claimed leader position in many markets across the globe.” Hornet says it has 15 million users, and three million monthly active users. X
  22. Anti-LGBT campaigner Andrea Williams of Christian Concern had fumed about the Christmas ornaments, which were being sold by a designer on crafts website The twin decorations, which were on sale for £13 each, feature two men and two women over the baby Jesus, in place of Mary and Joseph. Venting to MailOnline, Ms Williams – whose fringe activist group supports gay ‘cure’ therapy – said: “These decorations are a desperate and ridiculous attempt to pretend that homosexual relationships are pure and holy. “They blasphemously portray the Lord Jesus being parented by a homosexual couple. What depths will the LGBT lobby stoop to in order to try and normalise their behaviour?’ “God’s design is for children to grow up with a male and a female parent. The Lord Jesus was parented in this way, and this is what is best for children. “The LGBT lobby is not interested in the welfare of children but only in pursuing its own selfish agenda. “Trying to rewrite the Christmas story is their latest self-deception.” X