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  1. Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nicole Scherzinger, Amber Riley, Jordin Sparks, Pentatonix, Grace Helbig, GloZell RuPaul's Drag Race Queens: Bob The Drag Queen, Alaska, Laganja Estranga, Willam, Kim Chi, and Mariah Balenciaga This is INCREDIBLE. The amount of talent this guy has is insane, I'm so glad he finally did a full album. This is all such a masterpiece and he needs the praise. Stan pls.
  2. So that's RedOne new song 1. He had THE NERVE to invite Pig Hilton to appear on ha video, seriously bitch? Good fucking Bye, how dare u 2. So yall Rihmember how we all drag Katy for sounding "basic af"?, let's be honest, this guy is like the Gaga's version of Katy's Dr. Luke, do we still want and need her same basic sound every era? like i said, yes is a bop & catcy af, but it also sounds dated and basic, i mean it can be 2950 and his production will still sound exactly the same Idk, i mean, she's always changin' her sound, R&B to TF/TFM to BTW to AP, so i think it's ok for her to keep working with new producers, i wouldn't mind 1 or 2 songs, not as main producer i wouldn't mind that, but after seeing P.Hilton i bet he's over, good luck next album bae Basically this is ha timelime with main producers: Fusari | RedOne | Garibay | DJWS | Mark Ronson so, are u excited about Mark? are u still pressedT because she scrapped RedOne's songs? Who are u rooting more? Plus, if ha songs get re-produced by Mark Ronson, i dont think it'll be a big change tbh, just like Paparazzi, rihmember ha version? vs the one we had i mean, the intro/production we had >>> RedOne version KEEP IT CUTE GURLS, IT AIN'T BG
  3. This is literally the best P!ATD song, yall haters can suck my ass
  4. The video has +705 million views and +2,2 million likes
  5. Galaxy

    Music Video

    800.343.159 Coming for 1 billion
  6. Tagging the only justin stan on the forum so this doesn't flop @Philip Oh and maybe @Cortez
  7. So the ones I know Milla Jovovich Cristiano Ronaldo JLo Ryan Seacrest Perez Priyanka Enrique Mylene Farmer
  8. http://www.eonline.com/news/769862/b...eo-with-g-eazy
  9. Chris Morlock

    Music Video

    i didnt see it posted, so
  10. Give In To Mary Jane. is so fucking good MICHAEL JACKSON vs LADY GAGA: ♚ "THE KING OF ArtPOP" ♛ Mashup Album.
  11. frankgutz


    This remix of DWUW literally is the one of the best things i rihmember from the ARTPOP era, the synths , the hit that got away
  12. Up and coming king of pop, Jacob Sartorius, has just released the music video for his debut single, Sweatshirt. What do y'all think?
  13. This girl serving everything but good music this era.