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  1. Other

    I thought it'd be cool to just have a thread where we can all post any funny/interesting videos about Kesha. So if you're ever scouring through YouTube and see any interviews with her, any old clips of MCBL on YouTube, behind the scenes clips, etc., feel free to share!
  2. To celebrate its 25 birthday, we revisit Madonna’s provocative classic Erotica via the album’s key collaborators. Erotica Tony Shimkin [co-writer]: Shep and I would work on tracks and send them to her. She'd get her ideas together, then we'd all work on the tracks together in the studio in New York. We'd lay down vocals and melodies and develop the tracks further. Madonna always had a running book of lyric and melody ideas she was looking to incorporate into her music, so all she really needed was the inspiration of a track to spark that. At this particular time she was working on the Sex book, and I believe she always had a vision for this album. She's highly creative and determined and knows exactly what she wants to do. I don't think she ever goes haphazardly into the studio and just sees what happens. Shep Pettibone [co-producer]: Raw was the goal with this track. Erotica was very "musical" at one point. It went through many adaptations until it got to the final album version. The Kool and the Gang sample gave it the dark, mysterious vibe. Being a DJ first with DJ ears, I heard [their track] Jungle Boogie in my head over the song. I went and found the album in my library, rode it over the existing Erotica track and it worked! Bye Bye Baby Shep Pettibone: There was a lot of experimentation going on -- Madonna wanted her voice to not sound natural, and the filter thing was just what she was looking for. Tony Shimkin: Oh, this was fun! We had this really raw track and we'd rented some equipment to play around with. It wasn't like Madonna finished her vocal and then we said, 'Let's put this filter on it so it sounds like a telephone conversation'. We put the filter on this vocal as she was recording it, so we committed that effect to tape and there was no turning back. Everything kind of built off of that -- the effect inspired Madonna's performance because she heard her voice as she was recording it. I guess this song is the equivalent of breaking up with someone by text today! Deeper and Deeper Tony Shimkin: I think this song was a big nod to her beginnings as an artist. The disco feel is her going back to her Danceteria and Jellybean days. Other songs on the album are more sultry and emotional, whereas this is a real party anthem. Donna De Lory [backing singer]: Niki [Haris] and I were flown to New York to work on Madonna's record. We'd sung with her before so it was just a really comfortable relationship. And oh my God, this song! All Niki and I wanted to do was sing "SWEETER AND SWEETER AND SWEETER." Madonna was just like, "Belt it out!" So we did, and it was so much fun! Tony Shimkin: When you have Madonna's enthusiasm for something, her determination even, she's not really someone you can say no to! You kind of have to go all in on it, so I think Shep did then embrace the idea. He was like, "If we're gonna do it, let's really do it." And then the castanets came into play. Where Life Begins André Betts: This is the first song Madonna and I wrote [for the album]. I think you know what it's about, right? She explains it in the very beginning when she says: "Dining out can happen down below." I wasn't surprised that she was being so explicit -- I'm not gonna lie, I was happy about it. I looked at it like this: "She's Madonna, she can say whatever she wants." And I got the album concept from the very beginning. One time she brought in all these old Playboys just to look through for ideas. I was like, "Oh man, she's crazy but I love it." Bad Girl Tony Shimkin: On this album, both Bad Girl and In This Life were highly emotional songs for Madonna. But I didn't really realise how emotional Bad Girl was for her until we were done with the record. When you see her videos, you get an even deeper meaning and a deeper feel for what she put into the song. It's one of those songs, like Oh Father or Papa Don't Preach, where she really calls on her own emotions and experiences. She's never afraid to expose herself emotionally. Waiting André Betts: For this track I actually sampled stuff from Justify My Love. I'd worked on that track too so I had the masters. The "waiting" part is actually Madonna's vocals from Justify My Love. That was an easy sell to Madonna: when you play her something with her own vocal already on it, she's gonna respond to it. You know, we had a lot of fun. It wasn't a stiff working environment at all. I'll never forget she was wearing this floor-length fur coat and she sat down to start writing and this rat ran by! She just looked at me and said: "What's wrong with you? Dré, don't tell me you're scared of that rat. I'm from Detroit - I can handle a rat." Rain Shep Pettibone: I came up with the song the night before she was coming in [to the studio]. It was a Sunday, it was raining - ha! - and she wrote the words, and sang the song and harmonies all in that day. Rain came together very quickly. She also sang the lead to This Used To Be My Playground the same day. Why's It So Hard Donna De Lory: "I really liked recording this song because it just has such a universal message. It's all about peace and love. Tony Shimkin: During a break from recording, we all went on vacation. I went to the Cayman Islands and Shep went to Jamaica, so we both heard a lot of reggae. So when we came back, inspired by that, we kind of put together this track for Why's It So Hard. One day after Madonna had left the studio, I started playing around with some background vocal ideas, not really expecting her to hear them. But the next day she came in without me noticing and said, What's that? I played it for her and she said: "I like it, let's record it." I'm not a singer by any means, but those kind of ethereal backing vocals I can do, and they wound up on the record. It was a fun song to work on because it was such a departure from the rest of the album, but at the same time, it fits. In This Life Shep Pettibone: Actually it was my idea to write a song for her friend Martin [Burgoyne, a Studio 54 bartender who died from AIDS]. I had come up with some chords before she came over that day, and when shewalked in, she said: "That's beautiful, but I don't know if it would work with my album." But she quickly came up with the words in about 15 minutes and that became In This Life. Donna De Lory: I had also lost a really great friend to AIDS. I think nowadays, people don't really have a grip on what was going on at that time. And there was so much we didn't talk about. But here she was, talking about it. It's such a sad and beautiful song. Recording it, you know, it was sombre. She didn't really have to explain what the song was about; we just knew. Did You Do It? André Betts: One day Madonna went off for dinner with the Sex book guys. She and I had this playful way of talking, so some of the guys in the studio were asking if Madonna and me had done it -- you know, had sex. I just started freestyling: I recorded one of the guys saying, "Did you do it?" and then me saying, "You know I did it." Even though I didn't! When she came back from dinner with the guys in suits, she was like, "I want them to hear Waiting." But instead I played her Did You Do It? as a joke -- because it starts out sounding exactly the same as Waiting. When she heard what I'd done, she laughed so hard she got tears in her eyes. A few days later, she called me and said she wanted the song on the album. I was like, "No no no, Madonna, I'm not a rapper, I was just freestyling." She put her manager on the phone and he explained that I was gonna get a very generous cut of the publishing. So I was like, OK, the song's on the record! And because of Did You Do It?, the album got an explicit content sticker. Who else would do something like that? And u can find more interesting details here http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8006663/madonna-erotica-album-sex-book-oral-history?utm_source=twitter&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral
  3. I REALISED WE HADN'T HAVE ONE So I made one So I'm listening to Greedy right now
  4. just in case anyone forgot this is the best thing that's ever happened to me carry on
  5. Ripped from the film "Halal Daddy".It was supposed to be featured on the film's soundtrack but was held back last minute for possible inclusion on the album. Hope it makes the cut.Gorgeous track.
  6. Hello non-heterosexuals, this thread is for the listening parties that we're going to held for the Latin Queen of Pop: Belinda! We're scheduling a listening party for her debut album "Belinda" this upcoming week and then we'll just get going with her albums + collaborations that she's done. For the ones who are going to be a part of this incredible listening party and are ready to be blessed by these Pop bibles, feel free to post in this thread when are you available so we can all be together that same day to react here all at the same time. This thread will be here until we decide what day/time we're all available. Lucky stans:
  7. Other

    I posted a version of this like a year ago but obviously it's grown since then Maybe like 5% of this music is actually my parents' stuff, but the vast majority is mine. Whatcha say, FOTP?
  8. WELCOME TO THE KESHA DISCOGRAPHY MEGARATE 2017. These are the results of the event... 54 total songs were voted on, below will be the averages of each song, each album AND the least/greatest ratings. HERE WE GO! ALBUM AVERAGES Results... SONG AVERAGES... Results will be presented as 41-54, 31-40 ,21-30, 11-20, 6-10, and 1-5, all grouped from least (54) to greatest (1)... 41-54 31-40 21-30 11-20 6-10 1-5 And... that's the MEGARATE, Animals! I hope you all enjoyed it!
  9. Other

    If you wish to be added to this taglist, please @ me in the comments below and I'll add you accordingly. On the Flipside.mp3, if you wish to be removed from this taglist, just @ me and say so because I consciously understand that taglists can be an absolute pain in the ass!
  10. Other

    This site is mentioned on the Intimate And Live DVD - Looks like it's long gone tho??? http://www.kyliescoolworld.com/
  11. Seeing how nobody has jumped on the opportunity yet to make this, I'm hogging it this year. Following the tradition of @Dita @ICONICK and @Vertigo-go here is Xtina's 2017 events and pictures thread! The predecessor: HA! Let's hope she will start that motherfucking era at last We've been waiting for 5 fucking years May us Fighters have an eventful 2017! Feel free to update with pictures! Once we have them...
  12. Other

    January - January 2 - Monster High Zomby Gaga Doll ON SALE - January 16 - Joanne certified GOLD in Mexico - January 17 - First sneak peek at Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show February - February 2 - Press Conference for Super Bowl 51 - February 3 - Interview on her Halftime show | GMA - February 5 - Lady Gaga headlined the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show - Lady Gaga announced Joanne World Tour (tour dates) - Lady Gaga teamed up with Tiffany & Co. (Photo Shoot) - February 8 - Gaga released a video for John Wayne - February 11 - Perfect Illusion certified PLATINUM in Brazil - February 12 - Joanne surpassed 1.000.000 copies sold worldwide - Lady Gaga joined Metallica on the 2017 Grammys - February 24 - Joanne certified GOLD in The UK - February 26 - Gaga, Ellen and Pharrell Williams team up for The Love Project March - March 9 - 'Million Reasons' certified PLATINUM in The US - March 24 - Gaga was a gues judge on Ru Paul's Drag Race season 9 premiere - March 25 - Gaga performed at Elton John's 70th birthday - March 28 - Gaga celebrates her 31st birthday April - April 15 - Gaga headlined Coachella (first night)[1] - April 16 - Gaga dropped a new single called 'The Cure' - April 22 - Gaga headlined Coachella (second night)[2] May - May 1 - Gaga dropped a lyric video for 'The Cure' June - June 15 - Gaga attended the 'A Star Is Born' wrap party July August - August 1 - Gaga kicked off the Joanne World Tour in Vancouver[3] - August 24 - Gaga announced a Netflix Documentary: Five Foot Two - August 28 - Gaga signed on as ambassador for Swiss Watch Brand Tudor - August 30 - Gaga talks LG6: "I have started writing" September - September 6 - Five Feet Two official trailer - September 8 - Press conference before Five Foot Two premiere at TIFF - Gaga on the TIFF red carpet - September 18 - Gaga postpones the European leg of the Joanne World Tour due to chronic pain - September 22 - 'Gaga: Five Foot Two' officially available on Netflix worldwide October November December
  13. 2:52 oh and a kiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 7:44 ''She's like so big that people don't even know her last name, kinda like Zandaya''
  14. NowThisNews did a video re-capping the material in her Rolling Stone interview. I thought it was really well done!
  15. My Everything’s longevity is showing! Only her BEST album! Poor latex s&m bunnies were found rotting!
  16. A character concept album you say Rosé? Indeed! A basic rundown of what I think the story is about: A girl between the ages of 16 and 22 has grown up in "the hood" with little money in her life. She's likely been abused in some way, having lived in a low income area where crime would be more prominent and she roams at night. This has lead her to be more promiscuous and a tad self destructive. She has often had to go out and make her own fun since she was young, which often lands her in unusual situations (stalking boys, partying with drag queens and getting hit on by old men who want to by her affections [VIP sort of enforces this]) and in the company of "bad boys", who she ends up dating. Kesha's character falls head over heals for these boys. There are two romanic relationships: One where her issues get the best of her and she ruins the love and another where her partner cheats on her and gets involved with her ex-friend (Jeanie), who had previously betrayed Kesha's character. Her abuse issues manifest as she starts treating men as sexual conquests to help fill the void her abuse and boyfriends have left inside her. She eventually becomes drastically depressed (potentially suicidal). After going through her darkest period she realises that she has to accept her problems and acknowledge that they're embedded in her nature and move on. Now for the explanation! I'm going to go through the tracks in the album and explain how they link to the narrative of Kesha's character. (When I say "Kesha", I'm referring to her character). TEEN YEARS: Tik Tok, Take It Off, Stephan, Party At A Rich Dude's House & Dinosaur These songs represent Kesha's early to late teens and her experiences. She parties, drinks, stalks a boy, visits drag bars and get's hit on by old men. In Tik Tok she indicates that she finds Mick Jagger attractive, which shows her attraction to bad boy figures. Kesha also makes us aware that she is broke, but finds her way in the line "Ain't got no money in my pocket, but I'm already here". Take It Off shows her encounters with "freaks" (social outcasts) and that she has spent time in drag bars. I think the party locations are drag bars, because of the references to "glitter on the floor" and "freaks". Kesha's bad drinking behaviour and subsequent regrettable decisions are also mentioned when she sings, "Got a water bottle full of whisky in my hand bag. Got my drunk text on. I'll regret it in the morning. Stephan (song) shows that Kesha doesn't see a man's woman as a barrier worth respecting to get to him in the line, "I watched your ugly girlfriend smear across the room. As if I really care that she's here with you". Another thing that could be apart of Kesha's self destructiveness. Party At A Rich Dude's House reinforces all the party behaviours. She often encounters creepy old men (dinosaurs), which leads me to believe she was taken advantage of by one of them at some point, which then results in her self destructive behaviour of constantly partying, binge drinking and later, sleeping with lots of men. THE LOVE: Your Love Is My Drug Basically shows how she falls in love with with and becomes addicted to the boys. "Maybe I need some rehab or maybe just need some sleep. I got a sick obsession. I'm seeing it in my dreams. I'm looking down every alley. I'm making those desperate calls. I'm staying up all night hoping hitting my head against the wall" These are bad boys that her social circle warns her against, but Kesha doesn't care about the warnings, she's too deeply in love. "Won't listen to any advice. Momma's telling me I should think twice. But left to my own devices, I'm addicted – it's a crisis. My friends think I've gone crazy". She's deluded and committed. "My judgment's gettin' kinda hazy. My sleaze is gonna be affected. If I keep it up like a love sick crack head". FIRST BREAKUP / EX-FRIEND DRAMA: Kiss N Tell, Backstabber, Blind We all know the Backstabber story. Kesha's friend betrays her by stealing Kesha's car and talking shit about Kesha and they aren't friends afterwards. Kiss N Tel is Kesha's breakup with her first bad boy, who she discovers is cheating on her. Blind is where she finds out her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her with her backstabbing ex-friend. SECOND BREAKUP: Blah Blah Blah, Hungover, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, Boots & Boys Kesha is devastated over this breakup, because it meant much more than the last. This breakup "was all her fault". To try get over it, Kesha parties, but is brought back to reality to her hangovers hit and she is miserable. This is the combined premise of Hunger and Dancing With Tears In My Eyes. Along with the partying, Kesha is also sleeping with men left, right and centre (Blah Blah Blah, Boots & Boys) to "fill the void [they] left". She's also buying things to fill the void, as are represented by the boots in Boots & Boys. This part of the story is supported by the Animal outtake "While You Were Sleeping", which made me see the connection these other four songs have. Lyrics: HEALING PERIOD: Animal Kesha realises that she needs to accept life and people as is and take a step back and appreciate everything she has and how beautiful life can be. "I am in love with what we are, not what we should be. And I am, I am starstruck, with every part of this whole story" Kesha now understands that she can't fully control her pain and accepts it as part of her nature. She decides to take the bad when it comes at her and ride it out until things are better again. "So if it's just tonight, the animal inside, let it live then die. Like it's the end of time. Like everything inside. Let it live then die". Kesha knows now that life is too short to not make the most of it. "This is our last chance. Give me your hands, cause our world is spinning at the speed of light. The night is fading, heart is racing Now, just come and love me like we're gonna die". She's ready to make the most of life... "I'm not asleep, I'm up for the fight, into the magic". ... and not just give up and die. (I think the concrete is a reference to a gravestone) "And I don't want the concrete". Accepts that one day she will eventually die. "I am alive comes with the tragic". Kesha has come through her fun, but hard young life victorious having gained a greater outlook on life. - END - Sorry if this was messy and has any bad grammar. I wanted to get it all down and out of my head. If anyone wants me to clarify anything, just ask. IS THIS A REACH?
  17. https://shop.ladygaga.com/collections/joanne-essentials
  18. just found this online, it's from the set when she was shooting the "Applause/Fame Oxygen" interlude
  19. Other

    Sorry if someone already made this thread before, I saw it now on ATRL and I think it's really cool http://zerocharts.com.br/login