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  1. http://time.com/4264746/2016-time-100-poll/vote/69/?xid=time-100-poll-2016 Vote gorls
  2. Compilation of snippets that Ariana has played. She said it's going to be a fan favorite, probably because she's dissing her ex Jai Brooks and singing to Big Sean. Why are y'all sleeping on this? Let Me Love You > Dangerous Flop & Flop Alright
  3. I thought a poll would be the best way to decide this I didn't know where to put this thread so please move this to the right place if I am wrong!
  4. Great, great read White middle-aged men don’t understand Madonna because she’s not performing for them, says Sali Hughes. That’s why they label her “tragic” Last week, when 17-year-old model Josephine Georgiou joined Madonna on stage in Brisbane, the pop star pulled down the girl’s top, apparently not realising she was bra-less beneath – and immediately apologised. Despite Georgiou later describing this as the best moment of her life (and Madonna flying the girl and her mother back, as VIPs, to her Sydney show), showbiz reporters and columnists leapt on it, speculating that the 57-year-old star is in the throes of some humiliating emotional breakdown and should probably step down and take stock. Further evidence of Madonna’s fragile mental state is as follows: in Melbourne, she kept fans waiting for hours before performing an entirely free secret gig. On the same night, she sipped a cosmopolitan – her first alcoholic drink in six months – in front of a delighted audience (I’m not speculating – my close friend was there and described a wonderful atmosphere throughout). This is truly the stuff of Bedlam and a suitable case for lobotomy. The trigger for this madness, they say, is a custody battle with ex-husband Guy Ritchie, over where their 15-year-old son Rocco should live. There are no accusations that Madonna is a bad parent, only a stricter one, but the ongoing family woes have clearly hit her hard. She’s spoken of her pain at some of the concerts, posted emotional tributes on Instagram, even dedicated songs to Rocco in his absence. It would be easier to swallow the relentless criticism of Madonna if it weren’t so shamelessly drenched in sexism, ageism and the barely-veiled belief that a 57 year-old woman has no business performing at all. Question Madonna’s artistic choices, performances and music all you want (this tour has been hailed by fans and reviewers as a major return to form), but if your criticism comes sandwiched between phrases like “withered old hag”, “act your age” and “time to give up” – as they typically did – then they are rendered null and void by any right-thinking person. She’s seen to be inflicting her big mouth and aged body on millions of people when she should be content to settle into a backward-looking retirement of polonecks and comfy shoes. As with almost everything Madonna does, the press and public reaction is as culturally insightful as the art itself. Double standards are rife. When Kanye tweets millions about his back passage and porn stash, he’s having “a moment”. When Madonna talks about her family onstage, she’s mid breakdown and should be sent to pasture. There’s also a rather grotesque glee seeping through the pursed lips of cultural commentators. We love to see prominent women in strife. When a female star is beset by ill-health, bereavement, addiction or family trauma, then all is right with the world. If home life is suffering seemingly as a consequence of a woman’s career focus, then all the better. But a mother pushing 60, selling out arenas and clearly getting laid, who seems broadly happy with her life? Inconvenient. Critics would like a humbler and weaker Madonna, one with less energy and more decorum. They’re more comfortable with a tragic heroine in the grips of a media-manufactured nervous breakdown than with a near-pensioner striving ahead with zero fucks given for a bigoted, misogynistic view of appropriateness. The media’s problem with Madonna, though, is that she’s not tragic and never has been. And she’s intentionally polarising, never a people-pleaser. Madonna isn’t meant to impress the likes of Piers Morgan (who called Madonna a dirty old woman, just a week after he told Kim Kardashian to put some clothes on - while simultaneously approving her “great body”, of course). Truly, there is no popstar in history so demonstrably uninterested in the approbation of straight white men who despite their inherent privilege, manage to command less power and cultural significance than she. “Madonna’s irrelevant in 2016,” said one commenter last week, which is, of course, why she’s dominated celebrity news pages for months, her every action forensically picked over with sharpened tweezers. Whatever she contributes through music and performance, Madonna will always be relevant in a world so frequently aghast merely at her continued existence. I can barely remember a time in my life when people haven’t wanted Madonna to shut up and behave. And during almost four decades in the business, she’s never looked even close to obeying orders. We were overdue a moment of patriarchal mouth-frothing over Madonna, and here she is, back in “Sex book mode”, as skittish as when she snogged an African-American Jesus and enraged Pepsi, as unshakeable as when she shed that sabotaging cape and climbed back onstage to nail the rest of her BRITs routine in significant pain. She is as defiant as when, a fortnight after the terrorist attacks on The Bataclan, when other major artists like U2 and Foo Fighters had understandably cancelled their French concerts in fear, she stood before a screaming audience in Paris, dressed as a Harlem flappergirl, strumming “La Marseillaise” on her crotch. Then, as now, she is powering through, poking fun at the haters, joyfully pushing buttons with a jackhammer. Do Madonna fans think she needs to be less tardy about show start times? This one does. A seasoned pro should know better. Do we universally agree that it’s a good idea to project images of Rocco on stage, while his mother tearfully sings torch songs? I wish she hadn’t done it, not least because it fuelled irresponsible headlines that may jeopardise her case in court. But I accept that her sometimes questionable decisions are just what happens when someone is so steeped in the principle of “the show must go on”, even during the hardest of times globally and personally. It’s what defines Madonna as a person, and what still, for me, makes her an artist without peer. @SaliHughes
  5. Back in the day there was a troll on twitter by the name of Kelsey Hilson. She was tweeted at by some celebs, and blockedT by many. Here are some of her iconic tweets here are a few of her NSFW tweets She was nasty yes, But she was the first ever recognized Twitter Troll When Twitter banned her page #RIPKelseyHilson started Trending There are multiple dupe accs now but the original Kelsey Hilson is forever gone I'm posting this cause I was chatting with my gorls @ChooseyLover and @Dr. Slay and she came up
  6. Lucky: Elvira Isaeva is one of three people that were booked on the doomed Russian-bound flight that crashed and killed all 62 passengers onboard A mum has told how she narrowly escaped death by missing a flight that killed all 62 people on board because she overslept. Elvira Isaeva from Russia was one of three people that missed the tragic flight fromDubai to Rostov-on-Don airport , which crashed in bad weather on Saturday. The 33-year-old had overslept following a friend's birthday and missed her flight, so she ended up staying longer in Dubai than initially planned. A spokesman for the Natalie tour company, which organised the holiday, Andrey Sevostyanov, said: "She did not catch her transfer due to the fact that she left the hotel really late." Tragic: Emergency workers at the crash site of the doomed FlyDubai flight The initial list of people who died in the crash even contained her name, although it was removed after further checks were made. Read more: Doomed FlyDubai pilots were BOTH set to become fathers - and one was on last flight before new job Shocking: Elvira Isaeva's ticket for the flight The Russian native describes how she started to receive phone calls from worried friends and family in the morning before she had even realised what had happened. Overslept: Elvira Isaeva missed the doomed FlyDubai flight after she lost track of time She said: "People were asking me if I was alive." Investigation: Aviation experts inspect the flight recorder from the crashed Boeing 737-800 Flight FZ981 Elvira posted on social media saying: "I am shocked about what happened. "I could’ve been there among the people listed as dead. I don’t know how it happened. I think my mum’s or my child’s prayers for me must be strong." She also described how she met a lot of the people who died in the crash as they were staying at the same hotel. Evidence: Aviation experts inspect the flight recorder from the doomed Flydubai plane that crashed in Russia Elvira will now be sent home via the same airline to her native city of Rostov-on-Don in south-western Russia's Rostov Oblast region. X Final Destination teas
  7. This was the weekend that Paramount was supposed to have unveiled the French feature The Little Prince. However, they abandoned the film’s U.S. release, and the big story instead is that Disney’s Zootopia managed to stay atop the American box office for a third straight weekend, becoming the first animated feature to three-peat in the U.S. since The Lego Movie in 2014. In its third weekend, Zootopia experienced another phenomenal hold, dropping a slim 25.9% for an estimated $38 million weekend. Its total gross is $201.8m. The furry stars also stayed atop the international box office, nabbing $64.8m, lifting the global total to $591.7m. Its top foreign country is China ($173.4m), where the film has surpassed Kung Fu Panda 3 and Monkey King: Hero Is Back to become the highest-grossing animated feature ever released in that country. Here are the worldwide grosses for some of Disney’s other recent features, to give a sense of how well the film is performing: Frozen (2013) — $1.27 billion Big Hero 6 (2014) — $657.8 million Tangled (2010) — $591.8 million Zootopia(2016) — $591.7 million Wreck-It Ralph (2012) — $471.2 million Bolt (2008) — $310 million The Princess and the Frog (2009) — $267 million X
  8. http://jezebel.com/are-we-on-the-verge-of-a-new-beyonce-album-drop-1766731974 KING BEY IS COMING BACK TO CLAIM HER THRONE YOUR FAVE SHOULD FEEL THREATENED
  9. When the manager of a supermarket found out why a man was shoplifting, he refused to press charges — and got downright generous. Store manager Radzuan Ma’asan (above) offered the man a job, and even threw in some cash to help with current expenses and to send his oldest child to school. The 31-year-old shoplifter, who remains anonymous, was caught in Malaysia stealing about seven dollars in food from a Tesco. Ma’asan questioned the man, who tried to exit the store with his son while carrying fruit and drinks. The man confessed immediately, shocking the manager with his honesty. The father of three explained he’d had to quit his job to take care of his wife and children after she slipped into a coma during childbirth. A visit to a relative’s house where the family was staying confirmed his story. His wife is now recovering at home and the store manager told The Star that his number one priority was to ensure that the seven-year-old gets enrolled in a school. “The man’s situation really touched our hearts,” said Ma’asan, who is now looking for the right tasks to assign to his new employee. X
  10. Ignacio


    Again This is all I have to say:
  11. World number one Novak Djokovic says male tennis players should earn more money than their female counterparts because more people watch them play. Earlier, Indian Wells tournament CEO Raymond Moore said the women's WTA Tour "ride on the coat-tails of the men". After claiming victory at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, 11-time major winner Djokovic said the men's tennis tour "should fight for more". But the Serb described Moore's comments as "not politically correct". Tom Fordyce: Equal pay is a myth - and a minefield Djokovic, 28, said women "fought for what they deserve and they got it", but claimed prize money should be "fairly distributed" based on "who attracts more attention, spectators and who sells more tickets". There has been equal prize money in all four majors - the Australian Open, US Open, French Open and Wimbledon - since 2007, and combined Masters events such as Indian Wells and Miami pay the same to men and women. But female players are paid significantly less at women-only events when compared with similar sized men's events. World number one Serena Williams said Moore's statement was "offensive", calling it "mistaken and very, very, very inaccurate". "There's only one way to interpret that. Get on your knees, which is offensive enough, and thank a man," added 21-time major winner Williams, 34. "We shouldn't have to drop to our knees at any point." Moore, a 69-year-old former player from South Africa, said: "If I was a lady player, I would go down every night on my knees and thank God that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal were born, because they have carried this sport. They really have." He later apologised for the "erroneous" remarks. Billie Jean King, who co-founded the WTA Tour and won 12 Grand Slam singles titles, tweeted: "Disappointed in Raymond Moore comments. He is wrong on so many levels. Every player, especially the top players, contribute to our success." WTA CEO Steve Simon, said Moore's comments were "extremely disappointing and alarming". What else did Djokovic say? The Serb admitted it was a "very delicate situation" and was "completely for women power". He said: Equal prize money has been the main subject of the tennis world in the past seven or eight years Both men and women's games should "fight for what they think they deserve" Women have to go through "hormones" and other challenges men do not Women have to make "sacrifices for certain periods of time, the family time or decisions that they make on their own bodies in order to play tennis" A widespread view, by BBC tennis correspondent Russell Fuller A debate about the relative strengths of the men's and women's game should not be off limits, but the language Ray Moore used was deeply offensive - and it is hard to see how he can command the confidence of the players who will return to Indian Wells next year. Novak Djokovic's comments are shared by very many in the men's game. He is suggesting prize money at combined events should be distributed on the basis of ticket sales and TV viewing figures. That may lead in future to women being paid more, but could also fatally undermine the principle that men and women should be treated equally for competing on the same stage - irrespective of the number of sets they are asked to play. Men's v women's tennis 973 million viewers for men's 2015 ATP tour 395 million for women's 2015 WTA events and finals $21.65m won by Novak Djokovic in 2015 $10.58m won by Serena Williams in 2015 1973 US Open became first Grand Slam to offer equal prize money 2007 Wimbledon joined other Grand Slams in offering equal prize money Excluding Grand Slams, 395 million watched WTA Premier events and finals on TV and digital, compared with 973 million for ATP events In 2015, the Wimbledon men's final attracted a peak audience of 9.2 million viewers, compared with 4.3 million for the women's final. At the US Open, the men's final drew 3.3 million viewers, compared with 1.6 million for the women's final However, in the previous two years, the US Open women's final was watched by more viewers than the men's. Men's finals generally garner more ticket sales than women's finals. However, in 2015, tickets for the US Open women's final sold out before the men's Djokovic earned $21m (£14.5m) in prize money last year, compared with Williams' $10.5m (£7.3m), but the two 10th highest earners, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Roberta Vinci, both earned $2.2m (£1.5m). Men play five sets at the Grand Slams. At all other times both men and women play three sets. Source: BBC News
  12. Just in time for Easter, Plug.dj has raised up from the ashes just like Jesus Christ, and has come to wipe away all sin such as that disgusting dub***** site whom's full name won't shall not be said. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR SECTION'S PLUG.DJ ROOM You're free to login to your old accounts, your playlists should be intact. I'll make sure to post in this thread when the room is active and people are on so feel free to follow this thread!
  13. For nearly half her life, 13-year-old Delaney Clements battled neuroblastoma, even after the cancer spread to her brain. The Grand Rapids, Colorado, teen gained fame when she met Taylor Swift as an early Christmas wish. On Monday, her family shared the news that she passed away. Clement’s Dec. 19 encounter with Swift came about thanks to a social media campaign, #DelaneyMeetTaylor. The girl was in hospice care, as they had run out of treatment options, Fox31 reported. In a post on Facebook, her mother, Wendy Campbell, said her daughter’s pain was well managed in the end. “As the days go by please know we love and are grateful for each and every one of you,” Campbell wrote on Friday. “Thank you for spreading awareness and keeping Delaney's spirit alive." X
  14. DogsNotDead

    Sorry, I got someone to track the IP address. forgot the profile :
  15. Strigoi

    Gaga posted on her snap chat. Interesting choice of words. Must be important to be capitalized. Song title? Album title? If so, are you here for Slay the Power and or Feel the Slay????