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  1. My choices fluctuate between the last two but as of right now, it's Sweetener.
  2. More: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/11889493/dua-lipa-madonna-peak-forties-retire-smoking/
  3. https://nypost.com/2020/06/16/a-green-glow-has-appeared-around-mars/?utm_medium=SocialFlow&utm_source=NYPTwitter&utm_campaign=SocialFlow
  4. I REALISED WE HADN'T HAVE ONE So I made one So I'm listening to Greedy right now
  5. Why people sleep at this bop? Hope it will get bigger during summer. @Moderator can you move the thread to the right section please
  6. Ruthless Love


    https://open.spotify.com/album/5c98bYmwdRePxXPu1DQnl6 A brand-new Glory album cover is being added to her musical library!
  7. Welcome to the official FOTP Overwatch thread Post your progress, level, competitive ranking, favorite heroes etc and find other people to group up
  8. Dennis Reynolds


    Any photos of Dua you'd like to share? Post 'em here!
  9. Hey everyone! I know I have a thread in the graphics section for all my artwork but it doesn't get tons of traction (thank you to the handful of members who always check out the new work, love y'all) and I'm extremely proud of this one so I figured I'd put it in Gaga's main section. All the Chromatica photoshoot pictures coming out had me extremely inspired so two days ago I started work on this. I've worked on it consistently since then and finally finished it a little while ago. It came out exactly how I had envisioned and I'm so proud of it. The amount of work combining all the images (this is comprised from three of the "rat mask" images), removing the background from her hair (not perfect but looks solid), the chromatica symbol, etc. I hope you all enjoy the artwork and I can't wait to listen to the album tonight!
  10. On June 9th 2017, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson a.k.a. Katy Perry released her fifth studio album (yes, we need to count her Christian music debut album because that's a part of her history) titled 'Witness'. The album was supposed to present Perry in a much different light compared to her previous records. She called it "purposeful pop" era. The album was notably different in its sonic landscape and overall theme, also worth to be mentioned was the production that largely sounded way colder than any other records that she had ever released. I called it her Erotica era. However, unlike what was hoped, the album was criticized beyond terrors. The music was panned mainly because of the lack of tasty hooks that usually permeated her previous records. The lyrics however were praised and many critics noted the improvement of her songwriting ability. Still, the album had missed Perry's own expectations to reinvent her music and image for the public and possibly winning more critics hearts. She did gain some witnesses, but not as big as what she thought she could gain. So, what went wrong with the era? Some people had said that it's because of the stark differences of Witness compared to her other pop songs. Some others had said that it's because of the persona she chose to present to the public during this promotional period. More had even said that it's the change of her hairstyle and hair color . I can't disagree with any of those perspectives, however I believe that it was more about the promotional efforts themselves rather than those other aspects. Remember that though she performed often during this era, it was not as constant as her previous album cycles. Her performances on big notable events were largely hit-and-miss compared to the automatic success that her previous performances had made. That messy YouTube live broadcast event was also not that good in my opinion. The music is not the problem for me, but it's the singles choices that made me scratch my head in confusion. Perry opened the Witness era with "Chained to the Rhythm", a sophisticated yet fun song that perfectly articulated what she had wanted. A purposeful pop. A bipartisan, universal message to stop being ignorant and start to become more caring towards anything else in life. A message of change and progress without tearing someone's identity apart. It's a perfect purposeful pop song that only Perry knew how to make. Then, it stopped. Literally. She followed the lead single with a song called "Bon Appétit". This song featured a group called Migos and they were very popular rappers especially in 2017. In essence, it's a serviceable dance-pop song with fine production. However, the song is about sex....and just that. Ask yourself, did Katy not already make something like this before? And the answer is yes, she had, and it was much better. It was "Birthday". She even made a lyrics video that used food aesthetics. So, you ask yourself again, why did she release another "Birthday"? And, well, I don't have any answers for that . After that song, she released more singles such as "Swish Swish" and "Hey Hey Hey". "Save as Draft" was also sent to AC radio as a somewhat single, and I can't believe her stupidity for doing all that. Why? Here, let me explain to you what I envisioned could have happened with the Witness era. After releasing the song "Chained to the Rhythm" as a single on February 2017, what she could have done was to release the album's titular track as a second single. When? March. Release it and make a music video with a concept of an alien humanoid who crashed on Earth and had to witness what Earth people were doing in their lives. The video should have been creative; I imagine a short story where she couldn't believe how boring human lives were and nobody actually paid attention to her, the albino blonde humanoid, so she started to build a rocket ship to get back to outer space. However at the end, after everybody had become interested in what she's doing, she chose not to go back because she believed that despite the boring lives that human beings experienced, they're still beings that were alive and functioning properly. She also realized that humans have emotions that were beneath her alien intelligence but fascinated her nonetheless. Humans work because they have to, that's the way the world of Earth works and that made her genuinely curious. So, she stayed on Earth and her rocket ship became a site attraction. She adopted a human identity and adapted the way Earth women commonly behave and do, but expressed a little dissatisfaction at the end. Then, she would cut her long blonde hair short and immediately felt more confident as she looked to the mirror. It's the exact same hairstyle displayed on the album cover. There. Even if it wouldn't hit top 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, that music video will help her to at least get a top 5 hit. After that, she could release "Power" as the third single and promoted it as much as she could everywhere. Release it on April and create a short movie, duration about 10 minutes. A video where she starred as a daughter of a dysfunctional family. She could have siblings or just be an only child. Literally apply the songs lyrics about becoming a stronger woman as her character grew up. At one point, the family had their last dinner before the father walked away and divorced his wife. Katy's character would become hardened by this event and she became a tough as nail type of woman. She would also despise men. Gradually, she would build a movement with every women of any backgrounds to fight sexism and other negative isms that have oppressed women. However, some of the women in her movement actually have boyfriends, fiances, or husbands that support them and love them unconditionally. She realized that not every men were bastards and men also comprised of different personalities, characters, thoughts, and emotions. However, she still had clear intention to fight those who were actual jerks/bastards. The final scene would show all the women at one place where the bad men already await, and the video would end as the two sides rushed to clash. With a video like that, her purposeful pop concept would be fulfilled and it would definitely make "Power" a number one hit record. The third single could be "Tsunami". It's a song about sex much like "Bon Appétit", however the former is much more subtle lyrically and it has something that the other songs from the album truly lacked: groove. With this as a single, she could have made a very simple video. It would just be her walking at the beach and altering with shots of her inside a bedroom of a small house that she had near that same beach. If she wanted to be provocative, make the subject of desire a woman. However, it's still fine if it was a man. I don't really have strong imagery for the overall video, but I know that the final scene SHOULD BE of a huge tsunami wave that was about to hit Katy as she stood in the sea water embracing the upcoming force. Imagine that cinematography, imagine that iconic final scene as part of her videography. The single would probably stall on top 20, but it's totally alright because it's a very new GOOD sound for her. Then, as the final single, "Swish Swish" got to be released with a different, PROPER music video. A YouTube-r called Zachary Campbell had some fabulous ideas for a proper "Swish Swish" video in one of his 'Skype calls' videos that criticized Katy and what she did NOT do for the Witness era. Check it out! After all of those singles, I would say that she wouldn't have to release more singles. Maybe send "Save as Draft" as a AC radio promotional single like what she actually did, but perhaps create a video for it too. A lyrics video that would show her writing all the words by using a laptop. That would make a cute moment. "Hey Hey Hey" should have never been a single in my opinion because that song just immediately turned many people off with the 'been there, done that' Joan of Arc-inspired concept. I also think that she could have performed "Pendulum" at the Grammy Awards, make it a medley performance with "Chained to the Rhythm" as the first song and halfway through the performance it turned into "Pendulum". Had she done anything like these, the era would have been much more respected. But I guess in reality her health was not in really good condition so...yeah .
  11. Christina Maria 'Xtina' Aguilera released an album titled "Bionic" on June 8th, 2010. The album was supposed to represent her femininity and motherhood, two aspects that don't necessarily linked to each other all the time. It's an album that also 'killed' her momentum in pop music as the critical and commercial receptions it got were abysmal. After the release of the album, she went through several events that would alter the course of her career and changed a portion of her personality as well. Not Myself Tonight was released as a lead single in April that same year and it didn't do very well on the main singles chart. It didn't crack the top 20. It also caused highly unnecessary comparisons to then-rookie singer Lady Gaga. The music video also got criticized for the masochist imagery and various depictions of sexual activity much like her older single Dirrty. More singles were released as part of the album's short era including Woohoo, You Lost Me, and I Hate Boys. Now, with all of that out of the way, let's begin this moment. Here is Bionic: What Could Have Been? Bionic could have, or rather, SHOULD HAVE been led by the release of Woohoo as a single that would give a sneak peek to the album. Technically we already knew what was about to come after Xtina released Keeps Gettin' Better, the titular track of her greatest hits compilation album, as a single two years prior. However, Woohoo would still be a good leading single for both fans of the singer and general public because the song is, simply put, fun. It's not very different to any of her previous singles but at the same time it possesses a different charm within. The electronic production compliments the composition so well. Also, given that the song was actually made as a radio-only promotional single after the undesirable chart performance of Not Myself Tonight, there's a shorter edit that you could search on YouTube. Woohoo should have had a very creative music video that reflected the song's sexual yet cheeky nature. I imagine a concept of an intergalactic party; police forces from different planets would visit an open area where a large group of people were partying hardcore to the song. The cops would arrive and tried to arrest some people, but ended up engaging with everybody else. Xtina would serve a look as displayed on then-secret new album cover. There should be experimentation with CGI and practical effects as well. The party was held in a place that contained futuristic structures made of metals and plastics, with wireless floating monitor which would serve as the speakers. Xtina would sit on a higher surface to symbolize her leadership of the party/planet, watching the party-goers and police officers engaged with one another, while her CLONES would serve beverages, biscuits, and pies to everyone in the area. During Nicki Minaj's part, she could be one of the cops that became intoxicated and ended up grinding with a sexy guy on the dance floor OR she could be a different leader from a nearby planet that wanted to have fun at the party. The video would gradually fade out to a white screen at the end until there's a message popped up on-screen which stated "BI-ON-IC" typed using the same font on the album cover. In this scenario, Xtina would also give various public performances. She would still do the MTV Movie Awards as well as the VH1 Storytellers performances. However, there should be no trace of a song called Not Myself Tonight in any of these performances. Instead, she would perform an unknown song suspiciously called Bionic. She would also appear at the Oprah Show and performed Bionic together with Woohoo. Basically all of the performances that she would do during this early part of the era were primarily consisted of Woohoo and Bionic. This way, the former song would set an expectation and probably reach the top 20 or top 10, especially with the Minaj feature. Remember that Minaj was experiencing a mainstream career rising in 2010; it would have been an event had she done it like this. After Woohoo, Xtina should have released Elastic Love as the second single. Remember that Bionic was just a song promoted on live performances, not an actual single. Now, with Elastic Love, she would open her futuristic sonic intention of the album. It would be during the release of Elastic Love that she could start to talk about the whole futuristic design or theme of the album. Not only that, the album would be called BIONIC. She would explain what she loved to explain about Bionic as both fans and GP experienced another taste of Bionic. The Elastic Love music video would be an event. It would be a 10 minutes long short movie that also served as a sneak peek to Xtina's potential acting career. Basically to get people prepared for Burlesque. It would be a continuation of Keeps Gettin' Better video. She would star as the Bionic lady we witnessed in Woohoo video who's also a shapeshifter-hero. Her planet was in danger as a murderous criminal lurked in the streets at night. She would have her Bionic Guards planning a capture of the dangerous individual. Shots would alter between the daily lives of Planet Bionic civilians and the brutal murders which happened at night. At the end, the criminal would get captured by the Guards and brought before Madame Xtina. As she opened the device which captured the criminal's head, it would reveal the face of a man which was the previous leader of Planet Bionic: Madame X's husband. Continuing the promotional cycle, Xtina would perform Elastic Love at award shows. Every stage designs would be futuristic and there would be a lot of white and red to symbolize that Christina Aguilera is still a human-woman with bones and blood. She just knew how to play a character in a short movie. She would also perform overseas, perhaps in Britain and Asian countries. Japan would eat the song, especially with a music video like that. In the U.S.A., I think the song would reach top 10 or even top 5 because of its perplexing yet cannot-be-denied bombast. During the reign of Elastic Love, she would release the album in its full glorious form. I imagine the album would debut at the top of music charts all over the world. The sales would be big as Elastic Love perhaps hit number one on the Hot 100. The Elastic Love short movie would trend on YouTube and set an unprecedented success for Xtina. With the album finally released, she would perform any Bionic songs anywhere she needed. She could even still release You Lost Me as a single just like in reality. The song would have had a different video though. I liked the actual video but it's just disconnected from the Bionic visual direction. Now I just think it's boring. However, in my imagination, the video for You Lost Me would have been about the different stages of grief that Madame X had to go through after knowing that her ex-husband was the one who wrecked the planet. It would be filled with symbolism of her actual previous marriage and divorce; a video where Madame would visit a lonely place near the end, maybe a garden or an abandoned church, to pray to reaffirm her identity and also to decide what to do with her ex-husband. This way, the song would still make sense with the theme of Bionic. It's still set in a futuristic world, just a bit more humble. She could also release Monday Morning, Birds of Prey, Glam, and I Am as singles whether it'd be official or promotional. In this imaginary scenario, not only that the album experienced success, Xtina also experienced healing and reaffirmation of herself especially with her newborn child. The era would truly be amazing and never been done before! In conclusion, I can only imagine all of these things as it's not what had actually happened. However, it's truly fun to envision a wonderful era for Bionic. The album may be an uneven final product, but at least there's still glimpses of humanity that lied underneath all of the robotic parts. I appreciate this album so much.
  12. Somehow i found this song made by a tiktok star and i got the studio acapella for it which is a long story lmao Anyways, enjoy this mashup i made using the instrumental of toxic I'll probably make a reverse version with toxic's vocals and the instrumental of cake soon
  13. More: https://variety.com/2020/film/news/jk-rowling-transphobic-tweets-controversy-1234627081/amp/
  14. Michael.


    I was bored and made some Selena avatars and thought of sharing them they're all in VIP dimensions, but if you're non-vip and you want to use one of them I can resize it Look At Her Now Dance Again Lose You to Love Me Same Old Love Come & Get It
  15. After a light-year has passed, Sweetener still remains Ariana Grande's best album. It doesn't have the solid story line that thank u, next contains, however the songs of Sweetener are stronger than any songs of thank u, next. Strip away all of the Pharrell productions (although they sound Phresh Out the Runway.mp3) or the other productions, and the melodies will keep shining. The songs are well written, with exceptions for Sweetener and The Light Is Coming, and the singing is exciting. No forced risqué lyricism, instead the sexy songs felt naturally sexual. Also, Get Well Soon is still her greatest song...after Breathin' . I cannot say the same for forgotten, next or even Femme Fatale. The songs of next are so minimalist, some songs have forgettable melodies and when a bop like Make Up comes...it immediately comes to an end. Ghostin' is gorgeous when you listen to it, and then you forget about it. The songs of Dangerous Femme are strong but that 2016 production sounds so dated now in 2020 wow... at least Into You remains a generic bop! One more thing, I am so tired of people who say that Sweetener is her worst album, worst reviewed album, worst rated album, etc. when in reality the album was praised by everybody. Few per-son-a-li-ties on YouTube who reacted to the album negatively means nothing when the rest of the world actually ALMOST worshiped Sweetener .
  16. Not a good week for Lea Michele. It looks like they just suddenly targetted her and everyone attacks her, weird.
  17. https://www.amazon.com/Taylor-Monthly-Calendar-Songwriter-Celebrity/dp/1975418514/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=taylor+swift+2021+calendar&qid=1590157134&s=books&sr=1-1 https://www.amazon.com/Taylor-Monthly-Calendar-Songwriter-Celebrity/dp/1975418336/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=taylor+swift+2021+calendar&qid=1590157297&s=books&sr=1-2 https://www.amazon.com/Taylor-Monthly-Calendar-Songwriter-Celebrity/dp/197542736X/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=taylor+swift+2021+calendar&qid=1590157297&s=books&sr=1-4
  18. Moira O'Hara


    FINALLY! Snap.
  19. Queen. I hope she does more acapellas and live concerts in the future.