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  1. Not me thinking they would actually do something good it was easily the worst performance of this show that i have ever seen Suzana wasn't that big disaster, she only forgot all little details that she was supposed to do, and that 'dancing' was Dara's performance was mess, first she came down in 'MDNA Tour' style, then sang random chorus of LAP over GGW music, and she forgot to sing LAV while trying to get on a horse, and i don't wanna comment on the last part.
  2. shit thumbnail but SHE HANDLED THIS PERFECTLY. THE ARRANGEMENT. THE CONTROL. she might have a bit of problems here and there in awards shows and arena shows, but she can sing live, and has an amazing voice. still not better than than the original, but doesn't make this any less amazing
  3. I believe this is the only live version. If you girls haven't seen it, the whole concert (that this was apart of) is quite entertaining.
  4. ugh when she wants to, her control is amazing recorded version of dis pls
  5. More videos of her dancing at last night's Coachella concerts:
  6. more dates to come https://twitter.com/LiveNationON/status/722066482256048128/photo/1
  7. evyeniarocks


    I heard Kesha has been doing secret shows under the name "Yeast Infection." Does anyone know how to get into these shows/find out when they're happening?
  8. HQ audio: http://kesha-rose.tumblr.com/post/142940925596/zedd-and-kesha-live-at-coachella-2016-performing
  9. That was actually very good! slay mama
  10. So, what would your ideal Lana Del Rey concert be? Mine would be: (Show Introduction) 01. Music to Watch Boys To 02. Burnt Norton 03. Honeymoon 04. Body Electric 05. Serial Killer 06. Art Deco 07. Brooklyn Baby 08. Young and Beautiful 09. Ride 10. Cruel World (Brief Intermission) 11. Shades of Cool 12. High By the Beach 13. Summertime Sadness 14. Ultraviolence 15. The Blackest Day 16. Swan Song 17. God Knows I Tried 18. Terrence Loves You 19. West Coast 20. Video Games 21. Off to the Races (Brief Intermission) 22. National Anthem (with acapella intro and monologue outro) 23. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (acapella)
  11. Reputation


    Then Drake proclaimed his feelings for RiRi to his fellow Canadians. "One more time, if you would do me the favor and make some noise for the greatest woman I've ever known in my life," he told the stadium, which went nuts. Source
  12. My preferance: 01. Introduction / Warrior 02. Crazy Kids 03. We R Who We R 04. Blow (contains elements of the Cirkut Remix) 05. Interlude / Gold Trans Am 06. Dirty Love 07. Take It Off 08. Backstabber 09. Party At a Rich Dude's House 10. Interlude / C'Mon 11. Machine Gun Love 12. Last Goodbye 13. Supernatural 14. Thinking of You 15. Interlude / Your Love Is My Drug 16. Blah Blah Blah 17. Tik Tok ENCORE 18. Timber 19. Die Young What's yours?
  13. Green Unicorn


    23, May - Nashville, TN 11, June - Pittsburgh, PA 16, June - Prior Lake, MN 18, June - Bowling Green, KY 28, July - Windsor, ON 30, July - Dubuque, IA
  14. He called ha the greatest woman he's ever known in his life
  15. jk but they did THIS: les•bi•on•ic queen
  16. i'll be forever grateful to her for inventing rimming the true bottom icon she has done this before btw! oh wow a homosexual's hero!
  17. Kesha will make a return to the stage in May when she performs at the two-night celebration "Dylan Fest: A Celebration of Bob Dylan's 75th Birthday," an all-star tribute to the folk icon's diamond jubilee. The May 23-24 event at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium to benefit Thistle Farms will feature more than 30 artists performing Dylan's tunes, including Emmylou Harris, Jason Isbell, Kacey Musgraves, Ann Wilson, Kurt Vile, Wynonna & The Big Noise and Boz Skaggs. As of press time, the gig will mark Kesha's first public performance since a New York judge dismissed her claims of abuse and "hate crime" against former mentor/producer Dr. Luke last week. Though her name seems odd on the Americana-heavy roster, Kesha lived in Nashville with her mom as a child and has a history with Dylan that dates back to her stripped-down 2011 take on "Don't Think Twice It's All Right" from the Amnesty International USA 76-song Dylan covers collection Chimes of Freedom. Source