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  1. Anyone remember this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. Full HD performance with intro and receiving award: Just the performance in HD:
  3. He's been doing Madonna reactions on his channel a lot and is falling in love with her. He reacted to Confessions, Madame X, and Ray of Light as well as some music videos, but he wanted to do the Confessions Tour so he's taking it act by act. He is living and I thought you'd all enjoy part one! You should sub to him because he's absolutely adoring everything she does and it's amazing to watch someone fall in love with her like this.
  4. HQ audio: http://kesha-rose.tumblr.com/post/142940925596/zedd-and-kesha-live-at-coachella-2016-performing
  5. Unapologetic Bitch


    Madonna.com has published the credits for Madonna’s Madame X Tour. The listing includes all the creative and technical partners who contribute to the show and reveal, among others, the names of those in charge of the video projections, the art director and the photographers featured in the upcoming tour book, and participating designers in the costume department. There are of course familiar names and some new entries. The show is created and directed by Madonna with Megan Lawson as co-director and lead choreographer. Jamie King this time is the creative producer of the show. Al Gurdon and Stufish Entertainment Architects are back in charge of the lighting and stage design and Madonna’s longtime collaborator Danny Tull is the video content director. Kevin Antunes is the musical director of the show. Kevin is also the only familiar face in the band together with Monte Pittman on guitar and Rickey Pageot on piano, accordion and percussion. Lots of new names to get familiar with (and instruments you’ve rarely seen on a Madonna tour) complete the music department and many new entries are welcome in the choreography and dancers departments. Andy Lecompte and Aaron Henrikson are once again the familiar faces in the hair and make-up department. Eyob Yohannes – who has been Madonna’s stylist for her most recent projects is the new costume designer for the show. On a post on Instagram Eyob thanks Arianne Phillips and B for their “wisdom and support.” Tony Villanueva is of course Madonna’s head dresser. SHOW Created and directed by Madonna Jamie King – Creative Producer Megan Lawson – Co-Director and Lead Choreographer Damien Jalet – Creative Advisor Luigi Murenu & Iango Henzi – Creative Consultants Carla Kama – Associate Creative Producer Tiffany Olson – Associate Creative Producer Stephanie Roos – Associate Creative Producer Al Gurdon – Lighting Designer Stufish Entertainment Architects – Set Design BAND Madonna Kevin Antunes – Musical Director Monte Pittman – Guitar Gaspar Goncalves – Guitar Rickey Pageot – Piano, Accordion & Percussion Jessica Pina – Trumpet & Background Vocalist Ademiro “Miroca” Paris – Percussion & Guitar Carlos Mil-Homens – Percussion Francesca Dardani – Violin Celia Hatton – Viola Mariko Muranaka – Cello Andrea “Munchie” Lanz – Background Vocalist Dana “Yazarah” Williams – Background Vocalist PERFORMERS Ahlamalik Williams – Dancer Marvin Gofin – Dancer Mccall Olsen – Dancer Baylie Olsen – Dancer Allaune Blegbo – Dancer Sasha Mallory – Dancer Loic Mabanza – Dancer Daniele Sibili – Dancer Sierra Herrera-Grey – Dancer Chaz Buzan – Dancer Nicolas Huchard – Dancer Ai Shimatsu – M Stand In BATUKADEIRAS Jussara Spencer Anastacia Carvalho Edna Oliveira Jessica Eliane Tavares Irina Paula Carvalho Darlene Barreto Catia Ramos Antonia Tavares Keila Cabral Ellah Barbosa Iara Xavier Santos Jacira Duarte Etelvina “Bianina” Tavares Idilsa Tavares CHOREOGRAPHERS Megan Lawson Matt Cady Marvin Gofin Damien Jalet Nicolas Huchard Baylie Olsen Mccall Olsen Ahlamalik Williams Derrell Bullock ASSISTANT CHOREOGRAPHERS Nicolas Huchard Amilios Arapoglou Sierra Herrera Allaune Blegbo COSTUME DEPARTMENT Eyob Yohannes – Costume Designer Taryn Shumway – Assistant Costume Designer Timothy Chernyaev – Assistant Costume Designer Mae Heidenreich – Assistant Costume Designer Aliyah Christmas – Assistant Costume Designer Amanda Kai – Costume Department Coordinator Samuel Ososki – Tailor Michael Velasquez – Tailor Anthony Garcia – Tailor Kenberly Pierre-Paul – Costume Assistant Raquel Castellanos – Assistant Joya Cleveland – Costume Accounts Robert Christie – Costume Sketcher Lisa Krizner-George – Cutter Thayne Whitney – Stitcher/Patternmaker Ke Cindy – Seamstress Teri Lloyd – Seamstress Sandra Nieto – Seamstress Ivanova Mariano – Seamstress Mallory Rinker – Seamstress Olga Kim – Tailoring Izabella Litvak – Tailoring Aris Bordo – Tailoring Noelle Rasco – Stitching Arielle Crawford – Stitching Anna Kate Reep – Stitching Brandon Brinkley – Shopper Alexa O’neil – Shopper Toni Grant – Shopper Lucy Gaston – Shopper Lauren Lau – Shopper Aran Simi – Costume Intern Geraldine Henriques – Costume Intern Toni Grant – Costume Intern Luis Fereira – Costume Intern Catherine Goba – Costume Intern LIVE NATION Arthur Fogel – Tour Promoter and Producer Gerry Barad – Associate Promoter Tres Thomas – Tour Director Rick Sobkowiak – Tour Accountant and Operations Colleen Cozart – Production Accountant Tiffany Hilliard – Assistant to Arthur Fogel Staci Saari – Ticketing Cynthia Oknaian – Ticketing Sherine Sherman – VIP Program Coordinator Brian Samuelson – VIP Program Coordinator THE TEAM Andy Lecompte – Hair Stylist for Madonna Aaron Henrikson – Make-Up Artist for Madonna Jean-Michel Ete – Nutritionist Tarin Graham – Esthetician Marlyn Ortiz – Madonna’s Trainer Hind Abdul Jabbar, Rita Melssen – Assistants to Madonna Jill McCutchan – Tour Manager Tori Fillat – Assistant Tour Manager Travis Dorsey – Chef Natalia Dyduch – Housekeeper Ricardo Gomes – Social Media Jeremy Childs – Road Manager Tony Villanueva – Head Dresser Diogo Goncalves – Assistant Corvett Hunt – Hair Stylist Kamilah Gerestant – Braider Justin Heslop – Makeup Artist TOUR CREW Jason “JD” Danter – Production Manager Brian Wares – Stage Manager Mike Morobitto – Theatrical Stage Manager Emma Cederblad – Production Coordinator Justin Mcquown – Director of Security Carla Vagland – Venue Security Harry Forster – Lighting Director Oli James – Lighting Crew Cheif James Jones III – Lighting Tech Mike Rothwell – Lighting Tech Dave Baxter – Lighting Tech Matt Levine – Lighting Tech Jason “Lew Lew” Lewis – Rigger Sean Mullarkey – Automation Rod “Rawd” Van Egmond – Head Carpenter Allen “A.J.” Haley – Carpenter Eric Cardoza – Props/Carpenter Tim Colvard – FOH Engineer Demetrius Moore – M Audio Tech Sean Spuehler – Vocal Mix Engineer Lauren D’elia – Vocal Mix Engineer Matt Napier – Monitor Engineer Alistair “Ali” Viles – RF/Audio Engineer Lee Fox-Furnell – Monitor Tech Arno Voortman – Audio System Engineer Robert “Bongo” Longo – Head Backline Tech (Keys) Tommy Simpson – Backline Tech (Strings) Iain “Robbo” Robertson – Backline Tech (Drums/Percussion) Dan Roe – Programmer Gemma Daly – Ambiance Allison Sulock – Video Server Tech Dany Lambert – Video Projectionist Heken “Mel” Dykes – Wardrobe Supervisor Candice Lawrence – Wardrobe Noriko Kakihara – Wardrobe Michael Velasquez – Tailor John Spink – Merchandise VIDEO CONTENT Danny Tull – Video Content Director Nuno Xico – Editor Russ Senzatimore – Editor Tom Watson – Editor Jerry Chia – Editor Ryan Drake – Editor Hamish Lyons – Editor MANAGEMENT Guy Oseary – Manager Sara Zambreno – Manager Danielle Doll – Mgmt. Coordinator Maria Jose Gutierrez Reyes – Mgmt. Coordinator Rachel Gordh – Assistant to Guy Oseary Johann Delebarre – Webmaster LIVE NATION MERCHANDISE Bruce Fingeret Alyssa Tobias Pete Weber Ben Rawling TOUR BOOK DESIGN Anya Lange TOUR BOOK PHOTOGRAPHY Ricardo Gomes Steven Klein PARTICIPATING DESIGNERS Elizabeth Manuel, Prada, Miu Miu, Burberry, Versace, Paula Rowan (Gloves), Mugler, Agent Provocateur COSTUMING THANK YOUS London Fog, Doc Martens, Zana Bayne, Levi’s, Ray Bans, Dsquared, Converse, Adidas, Starter, Arel Studios, John Kristiansen, Mio Design NYC, A Perdifiato
  6. The performance isn’t on YT yet so here it is on ellentube: https://www.ellentube.com/video/katy-perry-makes-small-talk.html
  7. Xtina's just announced that she's coming to Mexico in December! Monterrey- Auditorio Citibanamex Capacity: 8,000 Guadalajata- Telemex Auditorium Capacity: 8,712 Mexico City- The Sports Palace Capacity: 20,000 Tickets go on sale on September 20. Pre-sale: September 18 and 19
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0008914 at the 2:08:42 mark!
  9. Full setlist: 1) London Boy 2) Lover 3) Can't Stop Loving You (Phil Collins cover) 4) Holy Ground 5) The Archer 6) You Need to Calm Down