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  1. Ariana Grande began as a star in a multitude of Nickelodeon shows, and that later lead her to begin a singing career. After releasing three massively successful albums, Ariana has just released the first taste of her fourth album with the single, ‘No Tears Left To Cry’. The song went to #1 on iTunes in a few hours, and quickly has become one of the biggest topics this Friday. It has received massive hype everywhere, so lets break it down, is it as good as everyone is saying? Is Ariana promising a great fourth album? We’ll have to see. READ MORE
  2. At the moment my favourite song is Accelerate, but my old time favs are Cruz, Monday Morning, Let There Be Love, and We Remain (...honorable mention to Dirrty & NMT.) I can't really pick a favourite so I'm not sure why I'm even posting this. A sign of truly loving an artist I suppose. Anyway, only a few more days until our lovely lady graces us with the soundtrack to our lives for the next few years.
  3. rayven


    I wanna get more into madonna's discography. The only album I really know from start to finish is confessions, but other than that I just know her well-known singles and a few deep cuts. So where should I begin??
  4. Régine Filange

    ....the Queen of Music released her first album and ended everyone + all the future faves. Stream it on Spotify if you wanna have a good summer, good hair and White Teeth Teens.mp3! She released Borderline first, Arianna who? Holiday, a classic masterpiece! Burning Up, a music video with Tumblr aesthetics before it was cool. What a PIONEER !!!3312!! Vocals were on POINT, people thought she was black when they first heard it! Yes, a real vocalist! Lyrical genius, yes we stan.
  5. Prettiest Poison.


    Hi y'all! Due to Natalia/Teddy serving as the talk of the town on the blogs recently, I have thus been inspired to rank a truly magnificent work of art, Natalia Kills' sophomore record: Trouble! I know for a fact that I will get brutally attacked for some of my decisions regarding the placings for certain songs, but facts are facts opinions are opinions. I definitely don’t think any song on here is terrible, but I prefer some songs to others when bopping my ass or crying in the shower. Without further ado, here is my definite ranking of each track on Trouble: 13. Rabbit Hole 12. Trouble 11. Daddy’s Girl 10. Watching You 9. Controversy 8. Stop Me 7. Problem 6. Devils Don’t Fly 5. Saturday Night 4. Outta Time 3. Boys Don’t Cry 2. Marlboro Nights 1. Television
  6. Freaky Prince


  7. The rumors are true this is my FAVE Madonna album I also like every song on this album which is rare but I love that light 90s R&B what can I say Its also mostly cohesive in sound and theme so slay Madonna Survival - A great opener to the album as it sets the mood and presents the overall genre very well - 8.5 Secret - Ok slay. Canada stans this song and it still gets pretty good airplay here - The guitar and R&B Fusion works very very well and I really like the progression in the song as well as the happiness theme - Relatable - 9 Id Rather Be Your Lover - I love the lyrics in this song and the Funkier hip hop R&B Madonna is trying out here and I also love the rap too - 9 Dont Stop - This is an obvious Filler but its a cute little breezy bop so I cant help but to it - 7.5 INSIDE OF ME - A sexy laid back bop - Very very sexy while being very classy as well and I love the sex breathing throughout the song - 8.75 Human Nature - A great response regarding peoples reactions to the Sex Book and Erotica - She has no reason to apologize and she says it all in this sexy harder hitting bop - 9 Forbidden Love - Whew that piano. Love the Jazzier elements on this one - Poor COADF FL - 8.5 Love Tried to Welcome Me - Probably my FAVE song on this album - Immaculate production and lyrical structure - 10 Sanctuary - Ok this is where we start to see the cohesiveness break a bit as the album slips into a deeper electronica vibe - This song has a heavy hip hop style though and is a darker moment than the songs prior - WIG at how it transitions into BS - 8.75 Bedtime Story - Here we see the cohesiveness break almost entirely as this sexy dark electronic bop surprises you at the albums end - The overall vibe to the song is very removed From what the rest of the album has presented to this point - Love this song and this is probably her best video too - Very much a stepping stone toward Ray Of Light as well - 10 Take a Bow - Back to the R&B cohesiveness - This is a lovely laid back ballad that while maybe a bit basic - Its underrated now and she should really give it more attention - 8.5 Overall - this album presented another progression in Madonnas career while still acknowledging her previous work The production is immaculate as well as the writing. Love listening to it all the way through Score = 97.5 = 88.636%
  8. Yes, this is my second thread about this, I know But I just can't help it Who directed these? Who? Gaga better get his ass to the LG6 lead video set Come and stan with me THIS IS HER BEST VISUAL EVER FIGHT ME LIDDOS
  9. Freaky Prince


    January - January 4 - Gaga announced as a performed at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards - January 14 - Gaga kicked off the European leg of the Joanne World Tour in Barcelona - January 26 - Gaga released Joanne (Where Do You Think You're Goin'?) as the third single off Joanne - Gaga released a music video for Joanne (Where Do You Think You're Goin'?) - January 28 - Gaga performs at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards February - February 3 - Gaga canceled remaining 10 shows off the Joanne World Tour - February 12 - The Cure certified Platinum in The US March - March 30 - Gaga releases a cover of Elton John's 'Your Song' April - April 10 - Gaga performs a cover of 'Your Song' at Elton John's Grammy Salute May / June - June 6 - Official first trailer for 'A Star Is Born' released July August September October - October 5 - 'A Star Is Born', starring Gaga and Bradley Cooper is released November December
  10. TomTom2288


    They love her https://www.nashvillescene.com/music/spin/article/21013571/kesha-takes-a-victory-lap-with-macklemore-at-bridgestone-arena
  11. H.O.N.E.Y

    Session 02 | Discussion

    Welcome lovelies to the our 2nd session of our amazing extravaganza #FOTPMOVIECLUB hosted by Queen @Anna-wa and myself. Hopefully you enjoyed our last session where we watched Love, Simon. Hopefully this time everyone can be able to show up. Promo: First a rundown of the reviews on Love, Simon: Before voting make sure u watch trailers of movies you're not familiar with: Love Beats Rhymes (2017) | Submitted by @The Plague The Space Between Us (2017) | Submitted by @Anna-wa J'ai Tué Ma Mère / I Killed My Mother (2009) | Submitted by @CalixSpurius The Proposal (2009) | Submitted by @Princess Aurora Baby Driver (2017) | Submitted by @Music Meister La La Land (2016) | Submitted by @Princess Aurora The 5th Wave (2016) | Submitted by @Music Meister The Shape of Water (2017) | Submitted by @Regina Phalange The Others (2001) | Submitted by @Regina Phalange Tomb Raider (2018) | Submitted by @Music Meister Pulp Fiction (1994) | Submitted by @H.O.N.E.Y Vote for a minimum of 6 movies out of the 11 available: Vote Here So what we're gonna do for session 02 is have two groups. Group A will be on Tuesday at 6 PM EST on the 26th. Countdown for Group A Group B will be on Saturday on the 30th at 6 PM EST. Countdown for Group B Everyone better show up.
  12. Aidan.


    I got the urge to do this so why not This is one of my fave Madonna albums 1) Erotica - This is honestly one of the most creative songs of her career production wise - the song has many layers and they all combine together very well. I am sure at the time this track was considered raunchy but by todays standards it is pretty tame - 9 2) Fever - This is honestly my fave song on the album. A song of its time and pure house music - Madonna ha power turning a Jazz standard into a house song - 10 3) Bye Bye Baby - This song gets dragged so much but I love it - the production is rich hip hop and she delivers many drags - 8 4) Deeper and Deeper - Another great house track which represents the era well. Complex lyric structure and I always mess up singing along but this deserved to be a bigger hit - 9 5) Where Life Begins - For sure the most explicit song on the album but what is not to love about this track - I love her spoken word story approach and the touch of humor she adds and honestly she manages to be very classy as well - 8 6) Bad Girl - Love this song and its lyrical content and also one of her best videos if you ask me - 8.5 7) Waiting - JML is maybe my fave Madonna song so I love that it is sampled here - I like this song and her rapping but it does feel a bit like its missing something overall - 7.5 8) Thief of Hearts - BITCH *glass shatters* - I love the sound effects and also queen of dial up sounds - A bitchy and assertive song which I love - 8.5 9) Words - I like this song but I dont really have anything else to say about this one - 7.5 10) Rain - Here we come to the little breath of fresh air in the album. A heart warming ballad and a passionate song indeed - 8 11) Whys It So Hard - Absolutely love the reggae trip hop fusion shes got going on here and that is my fave part of this song. I also honestly see it as relatable - 8.5 12) In This Life - Errrr nice but not a huge fan tbh - 6.5 We dont know Did You Fart - Recycled and pointless and not even on my version 13) Secret Garden - 5 Overall - this album is quite tame considering its title and the controversy that surrounded it at the time It sounds very of its time and represented the early to mid 90s quite well. One of my faves and highly enjoyable Total score = 104 = 80%
  13. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8462635/blackpink-k-pop-history-hot-100-billboard-200?utm_source=twitter&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral
  14. All out of 10 1) Dancing - Like many of her albums, this was the obvious choice for the lead single. The song is the excellent mix of pop banger and country she was going for. A song with a seemingly innocent theme but is full of heart and acceptance of her age Score: 8.5 2) Stop Me From Falling - While this is not the most obvious follow up to Dancing it is a good one. The style of vocal she uses is really unlike anything she has ever done before. Love the opening and the hard country influence in the chorus Score: 8.5 3) Golden - One of her best title tracks. Love the western sound in it that you hear in movies - A very nice touch. The chorus is ethereal. A great choice for the title track - I think it sums up the overall theme of whatever happens we are all still GOLDEN! Score: 9 4) A Lifetime To Repair - This is arguably the most country track on the entire album. Hard banjo with a very country style to her voice - again unlike anything she has done with her voice before. I absolutely adore the opening line and this is for sure my fave on this album right now. You dont really expect the chorus to go off like it does when it starts but it DOES. Relatable too Score: 10 5) Sincerely Yours - First of all I think this track is kind of in the wrong position on the album. I think it should have been at or toward the end. Anyway this is such a sweet track - A way of saying that even when she says goodbye its only for now. She really does love her fans and I am so glad we have a track like this from her now. Great chorus and wording - goes together so well Score: 8 6) One Last Kiss - I regard this track as one of only two tracks that really only pad the album and dont offer anything much more. So far I have been skipping this one and havent given much thought to listening to it - thats all for now Score: 6 7) Live A Little - This song pulled me in right away because of the opening. I stan the kind of distorted guitar. Has a nice build up to the banger of a chorus and I like the message of stop taking things so seriously Score: 8.5 8) Shelby '68 - Legend sampling car sounds so us gays know that a Shelby is a car. No but really this a great song. Has a great progression and while being slower it has an element of being able to dance along a little. She really channels a country singer here singing about a car! Score: 8.5 9) Radio On - I absolutely live for the little high note where she says Radio On. Fantastic song that could be taken as being pretty damn sad but also has a very positive side to it as well. Put the radio on and everything will be okay even if its not right now Score: 8.5 10) Love - Padding number two. While I think this song is cute and listen to it I dont think it really offers anything more to the album - which is okay. Also here the lyrics are a bit cringe. Only a little. I mean the part about the heels - what even Score: 7 11) Raining Glitter - I feel like the opinions on this one are pretty divided on this track right now. But I do like this song. Kylie shows that country and disco can be mixed. Some very hard disco moments on this one. This is one of the very pop moments of the album Score: 7.5 12) Musics Too Sad Without You - This is a great ballad track and the feature works well. I can see why she put it last because it doesnt exactly blend with the rest as well. However I also dont like the fact its last because it doesnt feel like a closing track to me. That being said I love her backing vocals during Jacks part and the chorus is amazing. A great song to slow dance to. The echoing in the song really works as well Score: 8 13) Lost Without You - OH MY GOD. This is outstanding. Completely ethereal and full of heart - those spoken word vocals make this track along with the outstanding chorus. I think this track is very much about her ex and she does it very well. Full of heartache without sounding too sad and still has a positive outlook at the end Score: 10 14) Every Little Part Of Me - I think this one has much more of a mainstream sound. You can see she was really experimenting with the sound for this album. Love the message of this song that if youre gonna be with her you better love all her best parts and the faults too Score: 8.5 15) Rollin' - Ok I have to agree this is a bit similar to Dancing. I think it also has similar themes to Fine from KMO except done a lot better. Overall a good track but not one I am coming back to much at the mo Score: 7.5 16) Low Blow - THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE STANDARD. A standout from the album for sure. I will say I dont think it works to close the deluxe but whatever. The mix of pop, country and funk is absolutely excellent and unique. I love the chorus of this song too and how the song builds toward it - I hope she includes in on tour especially seeing as it has the part that would encourage audience inclusion Score: 9.5 OVERALL I think she has delivered her most solid album since Body Language. She has a great balance of it being a very Kylie album while still being something new. It has the bops, it has the heart and it shows she was truly committed to this album. I could not ask for more from her right now 133.5 out of 160 = 83.43 out of 100
  15. Jose

    Duffy - Endlessly

    Endlessly All I can say is that it's an underrated album, better than Rockferry and deeper, but it was ruthless ignored maybe you will remember Amy Winehouse or Adele while listening some of her songs, I do but in a good way, i think she was inspired a lot of Amy (i'm talking about her musical compositions) Favorite Tracks: 1.Endlessly 2.Hard for the Heart 3.Don't Forsake Me 4.Too Hurt To Dance 5.My Boy Special mention to: *Well, Well, Well If you listen it you'd think its bored, but it's not, listen to the lyrics, the music and get your weave snatched Less Favorite Tracks: I Think i don't have one, i find every song on this album actually good Favorite Videos: 1.Well Well Well (the only video released ) My singles choices would be like: 1.My Boy 2.Don't Forsake Me 3.Endlessly 4.Breath Away 5.Well Well Well 6.Loverstruck/Girl I absolutely think that with a better promotion, this album would be more appreciate for the public, and would achieve the success that she had with Rockferry, for example, Mercy was almost everywhere, and then she was forgotten, that's sad, i think that with My Boy or Don't Forsake Me she could have done something like that, even with Well Well Well which is a friendly safe radio song, or Girl or Loverstruck... but anyway, i hope that for the next album they do things in the right way My Boy 9/10 Too Hurt to Dance 10/10 Keeping My Baby 7/10 Well Well Well 8/10 Don't Forsake Me 10/10 Endlessly 10/10 Breath Away 8/10 Loverstruck 8/10 Girl 7/10 Hard for the Heart 10/10
  16. https://variety.com/2018/music/news/lady-gaga-on-her-mtv-documentary-win-and-reinventing-herself-through-the-pain-exclusive-interview-1202851231/
  17. 1. All Too Well 2. Style 3. Out Of The Woods 4. Ronan 5. You Belong With Me 6. New Year's Day 7. Blank Space 8. Love Story 9. Fifteen 10. 22 11. Shake It Off 12. I Knew You Were Trouble 13. Our Song 14. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 15. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Thoughts? Would EveningStand lie? x
  18. I gotta admit that even when Beyoncé might not be my shit music wise, the CONSISTENCY IN QUALITY and effort she puts in every music vide/aesthetic/cinematography she gives to her fans is flawless af, sometimes im jealous af cuz my faves could never i respect her ass tbh, she's another since ST and she deserves all the praise and all the good things in life just for that, i quit as her hater tbh (i lowkey was also shook at the fact that she sampled one of my fave trip-hop bands in Lemonade btw) Get the coins bitch!! i hope she slays this new era, congrats to all of ha fandom
  19. AQUARIUS & NIGHTRIDE & JOYRIDE FOTP RATE RULES: Listen to all of the albums in full. Rate every song from 1 to 10. You are allowed to give one 11 and 0 per album, but it's optional. Trolling is not allowed. Your average score must be over 5.00. Please rate the intros, interludes and outros like regular tracks. There will be a separate reveal for them. Send your rates via PM. You don't have to send your rates for every album at once. Comments are highly accepted, but just to make it clear, whether I'll include them at the end or not depends on how many people write them. I will need at least 15 people to participate. The deadline will be set shortly after in case anyone else would still want to join. PM-Friendly Tracklist: #TeamTinashe: Listen: AQUARIUS / NIGHTRIDE / JOYRIDE ---------------------------------------- Rundown: Participants: @Venus XCX @Hylia @Freaky Prince @Music Meister @Hunty Bear @Royale @Jake @Jose @H.O.N.E.Y @Michael. @Lachlan @Urbanov