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  1. Review

  2. https://www.wonderlandmagazine.com/2018/02/14/troye-sivan-covers-wonderland/
  3. Review

    I cringed hard, even if sometimes I couldn't hear what they were saying I can't at their akward reactions when the dancers were ..touching Madonna The guy wondering why she isn't sweating after all the dancing I just can't understand straight people sometimes
  4. Man Of The Woods now holds the worst score of any 2018 release on you can check some of the massacre in the spoiler 54 in Metacritic http://www.metacritic.com/browse/albums/score/metascore/year/filtered?sort=desc&year_selected=2018 Poor dat Karma keeps receipts Janet must be enjoying the show
  5. I just made a discovery As we know Gaga is on a break, but is she teasing her upcoming projects? I think the fuck she is Look at this: Do you see it? Once you see it, you won't able to unsee it Just look at it Look at the teddy bear It's all stitched. And who else is stitched? Frankenstein Is this all? You thought, hunty Same day Gaga starts being active on the Little Monster app... What is she doing exactly? Resurrecting a dead site! Resurrecting... Trying to bring it back to life... And who else matched this description? Frankenstein Brb heading to the nearest wig shop Frankenstein will snatch a shit ton of wigs I mean look at the forehead, it has to be covered somehow Frank (Will You Stitch Me Back Together) [Accordion Version] is coming to top the charts as if they're one of the messy Little Bottoms
  7. Review

    This just proves that a documentary about the halftime show actually exists
  8. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-42924491 The hot boiling tea
  9. The 60th Grammy Awards My Reaction + Thoughts soon ................................ idk probably tomorrow because i still havent recovered from bruno mars and ed sheeran last night. but yeah. see you then! A THREAD (gonna do proper format later lols.
  10. The Grammy Awards loves U2. Like, really loves U2. The Grammys loves U2 more than President Trump loves his McDonald’s hamburgers, or that copy of Forbes featuring his orange mug that he reportedly requests porn stars spank him with. And so, on Sunday night, millions of unlucky viewers were subjected to the worst U2-related imposition since that time the Irishmen loaded their shitty album onto your iTunes sans permission. The Most Self-Satisfied Band in the World™ made not one but three appearances during the 2018 Grammys telecast. First they attempted to ruin an otherwise stellar show-opening number by Grammy-nominated rapper Kendrick Lamar; then, the quinquagenarian rockers performed one of their new songs on a barge in front of the Statue of Liberty, with Bono brandishing a star-spangled megaphone because of course. And, last and blessedly least, Bono and The Edge closed out the show by presenting Bruno Mars with Album of the Year (more on that later). Who the hell is this for? People who watch NCIS, apparently. The Grammys airs on CBS, the preferred channel of problematic, flyover state uncles. And like its host network, “Music’s Biggest Night” remains a paragon of unhipness. U2 wasn’t even nominated for a Grammy this year yet was afforded the most airtime of any musical act, while nominated tastemakers like Lorde and Cardi B weren’t even allowed to perform solo (Lorde was offered to take part in a group Tom Petty tribute, which she declined; Cardi B backed Bruno Mars on their “Finesse” remix). “Even the night’s most powerful performance… felt wildly hypocritical, as this courageous woman poured her heart out to a room full of people who not only refused to speak up on her behalf but continue to work with her alleged abuser.” Lorde’s status as the only female Album of the Year nominee and the only one who wasn’t asked to perform solo not only speaks to the Grammys’ irrelevancy but also its woman problem. “Of the 899 people nominated over the last six Grammy Awards, only nine percent were women,” according to The New York Times, citing a report published by the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative at the University of Southern California. If that weren’t enough, 13 of the 18 people on the Grammys’ Board of Directors are men, including its chair, vice chair, CEO, and vice president. I guess that explains why Beck beat Beyoncé. And while we’re talking performances, at a time when ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is breaking up immigrant families left and right, is it really a good idea to have Sting (?) sing his dated tune “Englishman in New York,” a celebration of being a “legal alien” in the Big Apple? Even the night’s most powerful performance—Kesha’s tear-filled rendition of “Praying,” about the pain and agony she allegedly suffered at the hands of producer Dr. Luke—felt wildly hypocritical, as this courageous woman poured her heart out to a room full of people who not only refused to speak up on her behalf but continue to work with her alleged abuser. The decision to have James Corden return as host, in a year when artists wore white roses to support the Time’s Up movement and a record number of artists of color received nominations, was a safe (and so very CBS) one. Why not Samantha Bee, who did such a great job emceeing her Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, or stand-up great Dave Chappelle, who’s well-versed in hip-hop and delivered the best line of the night: “I just want to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a black man be honest in America is being an honest black man in America.” Instead, we had Corden following up Kendrick Lamar’s fiery political performance with a groan-worthy crack about being “the least diverse host in Grammys history.” Even worse was when the pasty Brit pointed out Jay-Z in the crowd and joked, “Guys like me and you, we’re hood forever.” Many of the presenters made little sense, too. Why did Sarah Silverman co-introduce a performance of “Despacito”? Because she makes racist jokes about Hispanic people? Who thought Katie Holmes, of Dawson’s Creek fame, should announce the arrival of Cardi B and Bruno Mars? Because she’s a ’90s throwback, like their song? And the awards. Oh god, the awards. SZA, who released one of the best albums of the year in CTRL, lost in Best New Artist to EDM crooner Alessia Cara (as did Khalid). In fact, as the most-nominated female artist with five, SZA came home completely empty-handed—and then, to add insult to injury, was forced to perform toward the end of the program. Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic won Album of the Year over Kendrick Lamar’s far superior DAMN., continuing the Grammys’ utter contempt for hip-hop—a trend that includes Taylor Swift’s 1989 besting Kendrick’s To Pimp a Butterfly; Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’ Raising Sand over Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III; the O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack beating Outkast’s Stankonia; and Kanye West’s magnum opus, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, failing even to secure an AOTY nomination. Only one rap album has ever been awarded Album of the Year: Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below in 2004. Hip-hop has been the most influential genre of music for the last quarter-century, and it’s long past time for the Grammys to get the message. Then again, with a coterie of out-of-touch middle-aged men at the helm, and a network that caters to dads, don’t expect “Music’s Biggest Night” to freshen up anytime soon. Source: X
  11. USA Today - First in their list Luck be a lady in gothic black. Lady Gaga stunned in her Armani Privé gown, which featured a lace bodice and a long, dramatic train. And did you catch her rings? https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/entertainthis/2018/01/28/best-dressed-stars-grammys/1073303001/ LA Times - First in their list Lady Gaga cut a dramatic figure in a custom Armani Privé high-necked lace bodysuit and a billowy detachable skirt, complete with train and high-leg slit. The performer and nominee topped off the dramatic look with Lorraine Schwartz chandelier earrings embellished with more than 300 carats of black diamonds. http://www.latimes.com/la-ig-grammys-best-worst-looks-photos-20180128-photogallery.html Evening Standard - First in their list As for best dressed? Lady Gaga turned heads in a dramatic couture creation by Armani Privé. The design boasted an ornate lace jumpsuit, which was mostly covered by a sweeping skirt that filled the red carpet. However, all eyes weren't just on her outfit, but also on her intricate hairdo. The singer displayed ribbon interlacing through her blonde locks, creating a dramatic corset braid. https://www.standard.co.uk/fashion/news/grammy-awards-best-dressed-red-carpet-2018-lana-del-rey-lady-gaga-chrissy-teigen-a3750826.html News.com.au Lady Gaga — who last Grammys rocked a biker chick, under boob ensemble — covered up for this year’s red carpet. She’ll be performing the title track of her latest album Joanne during the ceremony. Gaga being Gaga, she didn’t show flesh but still made quite the spectacle. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/awards/grammys/grammys-2018-red-carpet-all-the-best-and-worstdressed-celebs/news-story/5cf76bf599fd7fad294efb2789060615 Us Weekly Lady Gaga set the tone, arriving early in a custom Armani Prive gown with a thigh-high slit, revealing a lace-clad leg under her skirt. Her Lorraine Schwartz jewels added even more drama. https://www.usmagazine.com/stylish/news/grammys-2018-best-dressed-stunning-red-carpet-gowns-dresses/ Cosmopolitan Gaga was second to perform, and appeared very quickly after opener Kendrick Lamar, so it made sense that she was just about the first person on the red carpet: She had to get this Armani some quality promenading time before she changed into her angel outfit. Mission accomplished, Stefani. This was one of the highest-impact outfits of the night, and one the telecasts turned to again and again for its glamorous B-roll — proving yet again that she's among the best at making the world her stage. http://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/fashion/a15908600/grammys-best-dressed-red-carpet-2018/ The Independent Nominated for best pop vocal album and best pop solo performance, Gaga opted for a decadent Armani Privé gown, offset by her bleach blonde hair and a white rose in support of #TimesUp. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/fashion/grammy-awards-2018-best-dressed-beyonce-red-carpet-fashion-lady-gaga-a8182646.html#gallery Pop Crush http://popcrush.com/2018-grammy-best-dressed-looks/ Hollywood Life Lady Gaga showed off her amazing fashion sense in a gorgeous, black lace body suit, covered with a full black skirt with a dramatic train. It was a custom Giorgio Armani look. She wore her blonde hair in a long braid, and showed off a smokey cat eye. http://hollywoodlife.com/2018/01/28/grammys-best-dressed-2018-grammy-awards-red-carpet-dresses/ *Stolen from GGD
  12. Review

    graphics by @Michael. Now that Joanne closed the era, we have 5 full eras and a whole decade of Gaga videos In order to somewhat celebrate this anniversary, I'm hosting this megarate where every participant will give all of her videos a score based on how much they like the video. Basic rules: 1. Rate every video from 1-10! 2. You are allowed to give one 11 to your favorite video, however 0s are not allowed! 3. Don't troll. 4. Comments are highly recommended. 5. Send your rates by private message. 6. Deadline: March 17th Videos: Participants: @Moonflower @SWINΞ @Merryem @Mr. "Legend" Gorgeous @Chris Morlock @Luca @Violet @petedagrk @Dan @Monster @Freaky Prince Hopefully, as many people as possible participate xoxo, Freaky Prince
  13. They did a list prior to the release of Reputation and Rob Sheffield has re-updated the list to include songs from it. New top 10: 1. All Too Well 2. New Romantics 3. Delicate 4. Long Live 5. Blank Space 6. Getaway Car 7. WANEGBT 8. Dear John 9. Holy Ground 10. New Year’s Day full list
  14. If Ari had continued with the 'Moonlight' concept, what do you guys think the tracklist would have been like? I made my own tracklist of what i thought the album would have been with some songs which are already on Dangerous Woman now, some which were rumoured to be on Moonlight and some which Ari had teased us with but never put on the album. The genre would kinda be like funky/jazz-pop (step on up, it aint right, aint about what you got) with hints of r&b-pop (moonlight, i dont care, i've heard it both ways) Do you guys think it would have been better than Dangerous Woman? Let me figure out how to show you guys the tracklist lmao im so new to this sksk
  15. https://twitter.com/GagaMediaDotNet/status/954088127458631681 The video doesn't show up, sorry it'll have to stay as a link.
  16. Review

    You know the rule Upvote this I'm fucking tired of doing this
  17. Review

    Setlist for my show - https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/lana-del-rey/2018/air-canada-centre-toronto-on-canada-23e178db.html I was way back in the nosebleeds but I have grown to like the nosebleeds section cause you see like literally everything. Before Lana Kali gave us a very good opening act and these people behind me could not get enough of her. It was clear that a good chunk of people also knew Kali. Anyway Lana, she looked and sounded great - Lana has for sure improved a lot in live settings over the years. As far as I know this was her debut performance at our arena and she rocked it She manages to play the big arena while maintaining the charm of an indie act (which she discussed a little during the show). The opening was awk cause 13 Beaches starts playing and she is singing from a backing tape but is not on stage yet so everyone is like where is she - then she walks from the side of the stage in all her indie glory (No coming from underneath or starting on a platform or smth - iconic). I loved how the Floor of the stage was also a video screen. It reminded me of Kylie her X2008 tour and how she had similar. It made for some really cool visuals. The side screens really provided good visuals and also reminded me of the LFL teaser video. I love era consistency so she gets huge points from me for this. She and her backing dancers laid down on the stage for the performance of Pretty When You Cry. Now this is a song my friends in attendance and I have memories with lmao. It is probably the only song out there that truly makes me feel like garbage but it was a nice number. I loved the view on the screen combining the visuals with the moves the dancers were doing. Next was Cherry which you could tell everyone was waiting for cause everyone went into meltdown when it started. Scarborough Fair was a dreamy moment that provided a good transition into an acoustic rendition of Yayo which everyone stanned. Just her on the guitar and she sounded great - it looks like this might become a permanent part of the show. Following this she did Born To Die and Blue Jeans which may be the highlight of the show for me because they are two classics that I think everyone in there knew. Only moms and dads who chaperoned their kids were not singing along honestly. I am rambling on now but the next thing I will say is I loved that she included the Happy Birthday, Mr President video and the Ride Monologue - these are good nods to iconic moments in her career and help the feel of the bigger show. MTWBT was the sole Honeymoon representative (as a complete song anyway) which is a shame because people are dying for Salvatore. I had hopes The Weeknd might appear for Lust For Life but that did not happen. She was so cute recreating parts of the video on stage with the choreography. After Ride she had me shook with playing the Burnt Norton instrumental while going down and interacting with stans. She took pics and accepted their gifts to her. Shes a sweetie honestly. But Burnt Norton Video Games - A couple got engaged in the Floor section during this number and it was on the same side I was sitting on so I saw everything. People were stanning hard and before the next song she had everyone say congratulations while giving everyone a kii with her sarcastic "thats exciting" Next was Love which after she said she was nervous for. I wonder why as she rocked it - I guess its one of those songs for her. She gave everyone the option between Serial Killer or Ultraviolence and SK won. Its a bop so it was a good number. Though I do wish there were more Ultraviolence on the setlist - Shades Of Cool, Brooklyn Baby, CRUEL WORLD. Then she was prompted by the audience to sing Get Free so she did a snippet and wow she knew exactly when stans were going to yell out lyrics pointing the mic to the audience Then last was Off To The Races which I have never been big on but she had everyone singing along including myself - then she exited the same way she came on. Overall, a very good show. She obviously loves interacting with her stans and I wouldnt hesitate to go again. TLDR Iconic, Yayo on guitar, engagement during Video Games, Prompted to sing Get Free, Burnt Norton - And thats sincerely Aidan xoxox
  18. As I watched the Whitney Houston Tribute, my bff was taking pictures of my reaction to our Queen during FaceTime . I figured I would share and see if anyone was able to relate to my overwhelmed fighter feels that night ps peep her tits in the corner ps I am so quenched for xtina news, this is my desperate plea