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  1. While listening to the song, she’s genuinely confused and after the song ends she’s laughing for minutes and laughing so badly that she’s crying. This is a mess. Usually she’s always open minded about music and she can pretty much like everything but she fucking hates this song “this is... this is bad. this is terrible”
  2. Review

    SLEEPING ON JAIRA BURNS Jaira is a brand new Interscope artist, she debuted last summer and so far has 5 singles out Ugly ended your fave's career Please listen YES QUEEN Ugly > Sugarcoat > OKOKOK > Burn Slow > High Rollin fyi INTESCOPE, LEVEL YA PUSSY UP THEY BETTER PROMOTE HEEEER AND RELEASE THAT ALBUM I'M NOT EVEN SORRY FOR THIS MASS-TAG
  3. The one and only Christina Aguilera is officially back after an extremely long hiatus. What seemed like more than just 6 long years after dropping Lotus, the vocal powerhouse has returned with her new single along with a music video titled “Accelerate” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz. The song was co-produced by none other than Kanye West, as well as Che Pope and Mike Dean. Read More
  4. AQUARIUS & NIGHTRIDE & JOYRIDE FOTP RATE RULES: Listen to all of the albums in full. Rate every song from 1 to 10. You are allowed to give one 11 and 0 per album, but it's optional. Trolling is not allowed. Your average score must be over 5.00. Please rate the intros, interludes and outros like regular tracks. There will be a separate reveal for them. Send your rates via PM. You don't have to send your rates for every album at once. Comments are highly accepted, but just to make it clear, whether I'll include them at the end or not depends on how many people write them. I will need at least 15 people to participate. The deadline will be set shortly after in case anyone else would still want to join. PM-Friendly Tracklist: #TeamTinashe: Listen: AQUARIUS / NIGHTRIDE / JOYRIDE ---------------------------------------- Participants: @Venus XCX @Hylia @Freaky Prince @Music Meister @Hunty Bear
  5. Ariana Grande began as a star in a multitude of Nickelodeon shows, and that later lead her to begin a singing career. After releasing three massively successful albums, Ariana has just released the first taste of her fourth album with the single, ‘No Tears Left To Cry’. The song went to #1 on iTunes in a few hours, and quickly has become one of the biggest topics this Friday. It has received massive hype everywhere, so lets break it down, is it as good as everyone is saying? Is Ariana promising a great fourth album? We’ll have to see. READ MORE
  6. Two singer-songwriters with the same initials—Kacey Musgraves and Kylie Minogue—are releasing albums featuring disco-country hybrids only a week apart. Even stranger, both album titles contain the word “golden.” Humanity faces a choice. We can decry Minogue’s Golden and Musgraves’ Golden Hour as products of the Koch/Mercer-funded conspiracy they likely are. (KM! The fingerprints are everywhere.) Or we can fuse the best songs from each into some kind of Cosmic Countrypolitan Mixtape, to be enjoyed out in the Conspiracy Shed while figuring out where to thumbtack the photo of Kip Moore. In the interest of getting to the bottom of things, I humbly suggest the latter. The rest of review is HERE
  7. From what began as a hit Vine, Cardi B has become one of the biggest breakout stars of 2017. She scored massive stardom with her single ‘Bodak Yellow’. That single happened to also be the lead single for her debut album, titled ‘Invasion Of Privacy’. The album dropped last week, and quickly has been widely accepted. The album is projected to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 with around 40,000 pure units, and almost 200,000 SPS. So, the question bares, is this album worth the hype? Let’s see. READ MORE
  8. I could barely remember the last time a pure country album caught my attention by blowing up with praise from every music review site out there. It is with this curiosity, along with a blog user’s remark that “this will convert more gays into country than Joanne did”, that I clicked play on Kacey Musgraves’ third studio album, just to see what all the fuss is about. And the decision was nicely made – ‘Golden Hour’ is one of the first albums this year that really dazzled me, with its beautiful songwriting and taking the traditional country album a few steps forward. READ MORE
  9. She’s finally back, and the world of music couldn’t be more excited. Earlier this week, rapper Nicki Minaj announced a double single release of the songs ‘Barbie Tingz’ and ‘Chun-Li’ to be released today, April 12. The songs dropped, as expected, today, with a live premiere and interview on Beats 1 on Apple Music, along with an interview with the rapper. #NickiDay trended #1 worldwide on Twitter, and all the eyes were, and still are, on the rap queen herself. As Minaj’s first solo release since ‘Regret In Your Tears’, we see a new era upon us. Lets see if it’s worth a listen. READ MORE
  10. Kali Uchis has been an underground pop star for awhile now. It wasn’t until 2015 when Uchis self released her debut EP, ‘Por Vida‘. The EP did well for a self-release, spawning 4 singles, and gained a small but dedicated fanbase to the Columbian star. Her R&B and electronic fused music captivated listeners as she began to come into the spotlight. But, it wasn’t until the release of her 2017 single ‘Tryant‘ that Kali began to gain quite a following. The single was praised by critics, and began Uchis’ first major label album cycle. After the lead single, Kali dropped the latin banger ‘Nuestro Planeta‘ as well as ‘After The Storm‘, a collaboration with her long time friend Tyler, The Creator, as well as Bootsy Collins. Along weigh a performance of ‘After The Storm’ on The Tonight Show, it was announced Kali’s debut album, ‘Isolation‘ would be released. Is it really as good as the major hype it has? Let’s see. READ MORE
  11. #13 - 1989, #19 - reputation, #33 - Red, #148 - Fearless Full summaries of each entry: Full Article
  12. Azealia Banks is a name that really hasn’t been coming up too much in the press the last year, so, what has been up to? From dropping occasional singles, to making her acting debut in a film called ‘Love Beats Rhymes’, to even creating a skinscare store, Banks has kept herself busy, and pushing her career behind the scenes almost. The singles mentioned however might be the most noteable, which include the songs ‘Chi Chi’, ‘Escapades’, ‘Movin’ On Up’, and her most recent, ‘Anna Wintour‘, all of which are supposed to be from heavily anticipated followup to her 2012 mixtape, ‘Fantasea’, titled ‘Fantasea II: The Second Wave’. ‘Anna Wintour’ is the official lead single to the mixtape, followed by ‘Treasure Island’, which is supposed to be releasing this year along with the mixtape. READ MORE
  13. Look, I like Ariana a LOT and I think Dangerous Woman is my personal favorite record in her discography but......the era was absolutely rubbish. The era did start well with DW (single) which was commercially successful and there was quite a bit of promo. But from the moment she released Into You as the 2nd single, it all went downhill. In all seriousness, everybody was saying (including Spotify) that the song was gonna be a HUGE hit and that it had a 99.9% chance of going Top 10. However, Ariana pretty much did nothing with the single and was too busy hunting Pokemons, could have performed the song at the Teen Choice Awards 2016 to give it a push and 2 months later she decided to release Side To Side? I mean really fam? Well, when she performed the song at the VMAs and re-hired Scooter braun back, I got a bit of a glimmer of hope that things were gonna get better but......the worst had yet to come. Ariana was nominated for 3 awards at the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) for Best US Act, Biggest Fans and Best Pop on 6th of November 2016 and Side To Side was gaining momentum on the charts but for some reason Ariana missed the show and ended up saying ''I so wish I were there'' despite her fanbase begging her to attend and winning Best US Act. That was the moment I lost all hope for the DW era and I wanted it to end quickly. She rarely promoted the album, Into You flopped (Okay yeah, it went Top 15 but considering it's potential it wasn't good enough) and missed many award shows for no reason (not to mention the GRAMMYs 2017 despite having a 5 day break). I mean okay she had a tour, but there was no reason for me to get excited for a tour that I wasn't going to attend (I'm from Athens , Greece ffs. We weren't at our best financially). Oh and not to mention she didn't do anything with Everyday. Yeah.
  14. Album

    So on Soundcloud i released my promo single one month ago and that did alright but when i recently released it on Youtube it flopped and only got around 49 views, and my lead single for the album is also flopping EVERYWHERE, on my website, on my soundcloud and youtube and i'm worried for the future for my album, this album is my first and by the looks of things it won't get anywhere. just asking if you guys can listen to my lead-single on my Youtube:
  15. Dancing is her worst lead single since Word Is Out. Stop Me From Falling could've been a good song had it been given a proper bridge. Radio On and Raining Glitter are two of her best songs this decade. One Last Kiss is the most lifeless, generic song she's created and probably my least favourite song of hers apart from My Secret Demon. Music's Too Sad Without You is already underappreciated considering some of the garbage you're all stanning. Yours Sincerely despite it's cute lyrics sounds straight from the E=MC2/I Am Sasha Fierce demo depot. I blame Gaga for initiating this god-awful country pop trend. And finally, this album is one of her worst, only out-shitted by her debut and Enjoy Yourself. Kiss Me Once won.
  16. All out of 10 1) Dancing - Like many of her albums, this was the obvious choice for the lead single. The song is the excellent mix of pop banger and country she was going for. A song with a seemingly innocent theme but is full of heart and acceptance of her age Score: 8.5 2) Stop Me From Falling - While this is not the most obvious follow up to Dancing it is a good one. The style of vocal she uses is really unlike anything she has ever done before. Love the opening and the hard country influence in the chorus Score: 8.5 3) Golden - One of her best title tracks. Love the western sound in it that you hear in movies - A very nice touch. The chorus is ethereal. A great choice for the title track - I think it sums up the overall theme of whatever happens we are all still GOLDEN! Score: 9 4) A Lifetime To Repair - This is arguably the most country track on the entire album. Hard banjo with a very country style to her voice - again unlike anything she has done with her voice before. I absolutely adore the opening line and this is for sure my fave on this album right now. You dont really expect the chorus to go off like it does when it starts but it DOES. Relatable too Score: 10 5) Sincerely Yours - First of all I think this track is kind of in the wrong position on the album. I think it should have been at or toward the end. Anyway this is such a sweet track - A way of saying that even when she says goodbye its only for now. She really does love her fans and I am so glad we have a track like this from her now. Great chorus and wording - goes together so well Score: 8 6) One Last Kiss - I regard this track as one of only two tracks that really only pad the album and dont offer anything much more. So far I have been skipping this one and havent given much thought to listening to it - thats all for now Score: 6 7) Live A Little - This song pulled me in right away because of the opening. I stan the kind of distorted guitar. Has a nice build up to the banger of a chorus and I like the message of stop taking things so seriously Score: 8.5 8) Shelby '68 - Legend sampling car sounds so us gays know that a Shelby is a car. No but really this a great song. Has a great progression and while being slower it has an element of being able to dance along a little. She really channels a country singer here singing about a car! Score: 8.5 9) Radio On - I absolutely live for the little high note where she says Radio On. Fantastic song that could be taken as being pretty damn sad but also has a very positive side to it as well. Put the radio on and everything will be okay even if its not right now Score: 8.5 10) Love - Padding number two. While I think this song is cute and listen to it I dont think it really offers anything more to the album - which is okay. Also here the lyrics are a bit cringe. Only a little. I mean the part about the heels - what even Score: 7 11) Raining Glitter - I feel like the opinions on this one are pretty divided on this track right now. But I do like this song. Kylie shows that country and disco can be mixed. Some very hard disco moments on this one. This is one of the very pop moments of the album Score: 7.5 12) Musics Too Sad Without You - This is a great ballad track and the feature works well. I can see why she put it last because it doesnt exactly blend with the rest as well. However I also dont like the fact its last because it doesnt feel like a closing track to me. That being said I love her backing vocals during Jacks part and the chorus is amazing. A great song to slow dance to. The echoing in the song really works as well Score: 8 13) Lost Without You - OH MY GOD. This is outstanding. Completely ethereal and full of heart - those spoken word vocals make this track along with the outstanding chorus. I think this track is very much about her ex and she does it very well. Full of heartache without sounding too sad and still has a positive outlook at the end Score: 10 14) Every Little Part Of Me - I think this one has much more of a mainstream sound. You can see she was really experimenting with the sound for this album. Love the message of this album that if youre gonna be with her you better love all her best parts and the faults too Score: 8.5 15) Rollin' - Ok I have to agree this is a bit similar to Dancing. I think it also has similar themes to Fine from KMO except done a lot better. Overall a good track but not one I am coming back to much at the mo Score: 7.5 16) Low Blow - THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE STANDARD. A standout from the album for sure. I will say I dont think it works to close the deluxe but whatever. The mix of pop, country and funk is absolutely excellent and unique. I love the chorus of this song too and how the song builds toward it - I hope she includes in on tour especially seeing as it has the part that would encourage audience inclusion Score: 9.5 OVERALL I think she has delivered her most solid album since Body Language. She has a great balance of it being a very Kylie album while still being something new. It has the bops, it has the heart and it shows she was truly committed to this album. I could not ask for more from her right now 133.5 out of 160 = 83.43 out of 100
  17. Review

    Dancing. Not the best opener, the track is very feel good but sonically the dated production hinders it. It sounds like a bad Avicii redux from 2013. 5/10 Stop Me From Falling. Same as Dancing, it feels like another bad Avicii redux from 2013. Makes me want to go deaf, not want to dance at all. 4/10 Golden. The album picks up for a second here, the song has slight touches that make it interesting. Meticulously produced with great lyrics. 7/10 A Lifetime To Repair. Nothing particularly interesting here; forced, bland country-pop. Her vocals are brash in the chorus which is irritating. 4/10 Sincerely Yours. Thankfully as far from a Avicii redux as possible. Un-thankfully still a bland song with uninspiring delivery and a bad ending. 4/10 One Last Kiss. Hard to believe the producers did In Your Eyes, this is far from their best work. Again a generic, bland country-pop swang. 3/10 Live A Little. The intro is great but the song mostly descends from there. The chorus returns to the tiring country-dance sound, unnecessarily. 6/10 Shelby 68. Disappointed at the end result. The song doesn't really go there, the lyrics are great though. Poor delivery becoming a trend. 6/10 Radio On. The vulnerability the album needed. Timelessly beautiful, it sounds real, raw and gorgeously put together. Where was this Kylie? 8/10 Love. A mix of every late 00s to early 10s pop song mashed into another boring track. The production isn’t bad but it isn’t innovative at all. 5/10 Raining Glitter. The saving grace of the album. It has more groove to it, explores the country-dance genre more originally. Almost perfection. 9/10 Music’s Too Sad Without You. Another intimately, haunting track. Beautiful, simple delivery both vocally and sonically. Immediate highlight. 7/10 Lost Without You. It has elements that help it move from the Dancing redux category to one of the standouts. Spoken word is different. 7/10 Every Little Part Of Me. Dancing redux take fucking five? The bridge and choruses all sound the same. This is getting ridiculous. 3/10 Rollin’. Dancing redux take fucking six. Nothing inventive, nothing new. Bland, boring and uninspiring. Country-pop is not her forte. 3/10 Low Blow. Props for trying to mix up the sound. The song doesn’t shy away from making me cringe. Not a great song to close with. 5/10 Overall, this album really was a huge disappointment. Half the album sounds the same. Country-pop made happy-go-lucky wasn't the route Kylie needed. Considering what she has been through it surprises me how bland this album was. Lyrically, it was great but the delivery didn't compliment it at all. The only real huge highlight was Raining Glitter which combined country, pop, and dance in an inventive sound. The album needed more of that because instead, we got an album full of Dancing Avicii rejects. This is unfortunately her worst album, congratulations Enjoy Yourself. 54/100