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  1. Rolling Stone: “The lyrics remain the same on Kesha’s take, though the style is more grandiose.” Huffington Post brands the new version of “True Colors” an “an emotional update thanks to Kesha’s haunting vocals.” NME declares the song to be “a moody, gothic electro ballad,” and adds, that “knowledge of Kesha’s legal wrangles weigh heavy on this new version, imbuing the lyrics, which address overcoming hardship and knowing your own worth, with powerful new meaning.” Vanity Fair notes that “Kesha sounds more powerful than ever… As Kesha sings ‘I won’t apologize for the fire in my eyes’, it’s pretty obvious exactly whom the message is meant for.” Glamour says the song “give us chills,” and adds, “It’s the perfect anthem as Kesha rises above such a devastating time in her life and career.” Marie Claire states that “True Colors” is “in a word, liberating… We missed your ✨, Kesha.” The Guardian puts the track into the context of Kesha’s overall output: “Kesha has long been a pop dance queen, thanks to the barnstorming success of her breakout single ‘TiK ToK’, and subsequent chart-toppers ‘Blow’ and ‘Take It Off’. Her last album, 2012’s Warrior, showcased a rawer side: on single ‘Dirty Love’, Kesha embraced her inner rocker convincingly by wailing alongside Iggy Pop. ‘True Colors’ is still by all means a pop song, but there’s grit in her delivery.” Finally, Salon sums the singer’s return up with this: “…while Kesha’s creative dispute goes on, this new incarnation of her, one ready to declare ‘I’m not afraid, I’m not’ but to do it so joyfully, is so welcome.” Source: http://www.idolator.com/7631746/zedd-kesha-true-colors-review-revue
  2. xPIKACHUx

    Not AZ's mixtape & EP ranking higher than all of Onickel's albums Talent only!
  3. TL;DR hack: just read everything that's bolded! In an era where payola is the key to success and Twitter overhypes anyone who's seen the top 10 of the hot 100, when is not refreshing to discover a new artist? DVSN is a Drake-approved and Drake-signed Canadian duo made up of the producer Nineteen85 and the singer Daniel Daley that I discovered sometime last month after letting YouTube go wild with it's whole autoplay feature. Never really went back to listen to their stuff after that night but I was bored and had figured they had an album out by now because unlike RCA, , Drake knows he has a flop label and doesn't mind letting his flop signees provide the world with some tunes! ----- THIS ALBUM CAN BE DESCRIBED BEST IN CONSIDERATION OF IT'S DICHOTOMY: THE GOOD AND THE UGLY The Line and With Me are probably the most notable tracks on this album, both being singles and both being 7 minutes long. With Me is the better of the 2. The lyrics are repetitive trash that can be summed up with the line, "Fuck with me now", but where the song exceeds is in it's sound. Showing it's true roots in R&B, it almost creates a feeling of rolling around in the sheets with someone who you're blindly in love with. It's probably the shortest 7 minute track known to man, the production just leaves you wanting more. In complete contrast, you have The Line, which is one of the most boring, try-hard "I want to be PBR&B so bad!" songs I've heard since that ugly song Blue from Beyonce's self-titled! Though the lyrics are much much better than With Me and most of the tracks on the album, the sound is so cringe, so bad, and so long. One of the best things about With Me is when a female vocalists and a choir of sorts sneaks in with a cute "yeah yeah yeah yeah" adlib that creates such a heavenly feeling because it is simply done right. But The Line literally takes that adlib and makes it a sample, looping it for at least 6 WHOLE MINUTES which doesn't sound bad until you realize that the sample sounds like some obese lion seal sending out a depressing mating call or better yet!! like they drugged some poor guy and recorded him trying to sing while choking on a dick! How come Sampha isn't credited for his OBVIOUS appearance on this album? Not only does it just sound horrible but it often crashes with the the verses and no level of synth can hide that! I don't even care about any of The Line's good qualities because every single one of them were done better on With Me. The bottom line is that from the start, it's very important that you know DVSN is capable of perfection but just as capable of trash. They show it best in attempts to remake their golden tracks. This can be seen in a song like Hallucinations, where the lead singer's falsetto is used to create this amazing atmosphere of tranquility. You can feel the song get better and better with every wave of synths, making an effortless slow jam but this same falsetto is taken to lead Try/Effortless and falls flat in the aspect of what it could've been, only ending up sounding like some rejected Nick Jonas demo that got bamboozled with a bunch of trendy sound effects. SEPT. 5TH'S STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS IS BEING FULL OF DRAKE DEMOS Don't get me wrong, of course I love my fave but everyone knows that all Drake has done with his OVO sound label is sign people who remind him of himself. I support him and everything he's done/is doing for urban but he is more than likely an egotistical maniac who is aware that every male in R&B/rap wants to sound and be their own version of Drake. DVSN is one of Drake's many clones, they've just added their own unique flavor to the formula. A lot of this can be credited to the fact that the producer of the duo is Nineteen85, a longtime producer of Drake who is responsible for bops like Hotline Bling, Truffle Butter and One Dance. While at many points in the album you can hear similarities in the production, all of the songs are taken to a level that Drake's production usually shies away from. Unlike Drake's amazing but usually repetitive beats, DVSN's production is very interactive with the lead singer but often times can feel overdone. It doesn't change the fact that Angela's instrumental sounds like a calmer version of the second half of Drake's Furthest Thing and Too Deep sounds like it could be an extensions of How Bout Now's hook. The good thing is that if all else fails in a Drake song, you will always have a great beat to jam out to. The bad thing is that if all else fails in a Drake song, the lyrics ripped directly from the man-diary of a fuckboy was 100% the main reason why! Throughout the 10 songs on SEPT. 5TH, the lyrics fail to vary from your everyday, "I guess I actually might've hurt my ex", "sex will fix all of our problems, lol its not a big deal" and my personal favorite "you're different from the rest, I guess I'll be a decent person!" In a way, it's not exactly hard to love the lyrics in songs like Hallucinations, The Line and Angela where the effort put into the lyrics are more than evident, they try to tell a story, they attempt to paint a picture and it's executed. You can even appreciate the lyrics in songs like Too Deep and In + Out where they at least sound sexy and completely fit with the atmosphere that's created. And yet, you'll never cringe harder than when you sit back and try to make sense of the writing in Sept 5th, With Me and Do It Well, the latter serving Drake's stripper fetish better than he has himself! DID I MENTION THE LEAD SINGER SOUNDS LIKE IF A PART-TIME TREY SONGS AND PART-TIME AUGUST ALSINA IMPERSONATOR HAD A STROKE? Just putting that out there. Though Daniel Daley's falsetto is truly ear candy, his enunciation sucks ass. Usually, I don't mind that. I stan Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, FKA twigs, Ariana Grande and Tinashe and though they are all known for being talented, none of them are exactly known for their ability when it comes to pronouncing the English language. What makes it so bad on this album is that he mumbles every chance he gets because someone told him that was his signature sound but was cruel enough to make him believe that was a good thing! His vocals can actually add to the music in a song like Too Deep, where he depends on ad-libing and chopping his parts up for the sake of our ears the beat. Daniel's voice could even be useful when he actually sounds like he's not on his deathbed, like in SEPT 5TH and Try/Effortless. But the philosophy of mumbling equating to sounding sexy, one that has been popularized by the likes of Justin Bieber, proves it's own theory wrong once again. Even when he's mumbling he's so nasally and it certainly doesn't help. He's probably only had one octave his whole life and that wont change no matter how much he attempts to scream in the second half of With Me and The Line. The fact that he can half-ass screaming but can't half ass his voice cracking No like we seriously need to reflect on this, he wouldn't let himself scream full out to make up for his lack of vocal ability but he still cracked harder than Mariah trying to whistle after the 90's Anyways, it's more than clear that the star here is the production and not the singing itself. If there was any time in this album where the vocals were truly expanding the sound and not just holding it back, it would be when the mystery female singer and her choir squad came in and made Daniel sound like, well.. Daniel, it doesn't get any worse than him! IS THIS ALBUM ATTRACTIVE? This album isn't ugly, but it still needs some contour to smooth out the rough edges. For anyone who enjoys a good PBR&B, soul album, this album is a great addition to your library and though you'll very rarely go back to listen to it in full, when a song like Too Deep or Hallucination pops up on shuffle, you'll be in a thoughtless reverie of good music. But god bless you if The Line shows up instead With amazing production but lyrics that lack consistency in quality and vocals that can become beyond annoying if you listen too close, I give it a 7.7 Replay: Too Deep, With Me, Hallucinations, Angela Skip: Another One, Do It Well Delete: The Line
  4. Overall the concert was amazing, It was a pretty basic stage set up but it def added more to the show. You can focus on her more and not really being distracted. Her vocals slayed live. I wouldnt change ANYTHING in the setlist at all. I think it is a much better show compared to her diamonds world tour. She was enjoying herself much more it seemed like. Only thing I would change I wish it was longer. BUT SHE WALKED INFRONT OF ME DURING THE OPENING!!!! VIDEO BELOW!! ANY QUESTIONS?!?!
  5. Ok so thanks to the all so lovely Mariah stans on this forum, I have started my love for Mariah. So, as requested, I will be giving my opinions the first full album of hers that I have listened to (and purchased ) 1. Honey - Her smooth vocals is what hooked me the minute the song began, but then towards the end her powerful vocals came and swept me away. However, it isn't my favorite off the album. It's not something that I would crave.........yet. I'm sure it will grow me the more I listen to it, or at least I hope so because I really did like it since I really did like the song. 2. Butterfly - Really liked the chorus in this one with the choir. Made me felt like I was at the Church Of Mariah and she was blessing me. I can see myself listening to this song during a night drive or if I'm just laying in bed. 3. My All - Holy jesus when I first heard this song I got chills. Definitely one of my favorites off this album. There's just something about her vocals and the arrangement on this song that makes it perfect. The good sis Newton showed me a remix of this song but I prefer this one so much more for its simplicity and beauty. 4. The Roof - This one is a grower for sure. I did find myself bopping my head to this but after it was done I kinda forgot about it (especially by the time Whenever You Call came around, but we'll get to that soon.) 5. Fourth Of July - Those whistle tones! Probably one of my favorites from my album too. Another song I can see myself driving at nighttime to or hanging out doing homework to. It's just so peaceful and pretty. 6. Breakdown - I knew about this song but never gave it much thought. What a mistake. It's a peaceful bop which is hard to make and get it right, but hunty Mariah did it. 7. Babydoll - Yas another peaceful bop that I can bump my head to. Yet another nighttime drive song which my life has been lacking a lot of recently tbh so I am here for the amount on this album. 8. Close My Eyes - Pretty, but I forgot about it pretty quickly because of the track that comes after it 9. Whenever You Call - ScalpedT. This is definitely my favorite on this entire album. It's hard to describe it but it is just so beautiful and it made me feel like God himself was taking me away from this earth because this song just made me so deceased from its perfection. 10. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) - Meh, didn't leave much of an impression on me, tbh. 11. Beautiful Ones - Didn't really like this one much But I'm here for it growing on me and it eventually becoming one of my faves. 12. Outside - Great ending to the album. I've probably said this a million times now, but ha vocals on this track are out of this world But yea, those are my thots on this album. I've only listened to it twice so I'm positive my opinions of certain songs will change the more times I listen to it. I hope you all enjoyed my first blog entry lol hopefully I will actually do more blog entries.
  6. The 100 Best Albums of 1980s 60. Madonna, True Blue 33. Madonna, Madonna 20. Madonna, Like a Prayer Only artist with 3 albums on the list 2nd highest ranked female album 3 out of 4 released albums The rest is coming now. We need post and we need to appreciate her acclaim more
  7. "Netflix had a solid start to 2016, reporting that it now has 81.5 million subscribers worldwide. But that wasn't good enough for Wall Street." "The streaming giant, in reporting its first quarter earnings on Monday, also forecast that subscriber growth in the second quarter would be below industry expectations. That news sent Netflix(NFLX, Tech30) drove shares down 11%." "Netflix added 2.23 million subscribers in the U.S. last quarter, and revenue was up 18% over last year. The company said that 42% of its subscribers are outside the United States." "The first quarter was helped by several series including "House of Cards," "Fuller House," and Marvel's "Daredevil." "Meanwhile, Netflix rival Amazon announced Sunday night that its monthly subscription option for its bundle of Prime services, like free shipping and original content, would include a monthly subscription option." "Up until this point, Prime service has been only available as a $99 annual subscription. It will now have Prime Video, a stand alone service for its movie and TV collection, that will cost $8.99 a month." SOURCE
  8. With the release this week of Ariana Grande's music video for lead single "Dangerous Woman" off her forthcoming album, the singer has racked up quite a list of music videos over her career. Below, our 10 favorites. 10. Baby I Back in 2013, Grande described her video for “Baby I” as a “90’s throwback-type vibe”. Though the singer was only in diapers in the 90’s, the block party style of the “Baby I” music video – equip with overalls and graffiti walls -- compliments the light R&B stylings of the song itself. 9. Right There Though few would associate Ariana Grande with William Shakespeare, Grande’s music video for “Right There” is a well-structured spin-off of Romeo and Juliet -- though in this tale, the priest raps, and Romeo is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son. “Right There”, more a short film than a music video, flaunts the former Nickelodeon star’s acting skills, reminding us that Grande, like Shakespeare, truly is a renaissance woman. 8. Love Me Harder Lightning, rain, storm clouds: nature’s elements perfectly reflect the turbulence of a passionate relationship in the music video for “Love Me Harder”. Though the Weeknd co-stars in both the video and the song, Grande takes the reigns in this music video as a woman demanding the love she deserves, cat ears and all. 7. Focus The music video for “Focus” is out-of-this-world, quite literally: with star-emblazoned jumpsuits and neon wigs, the video looks like a clip straight out of Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. With several dark-lit choreographed dances, Grande’s moves pay homage to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, and it works. 6. Dangerous Woman In Grande’s most recent music video, her transformation from Nickelodeon star to dangerous woman is officially complete. Clad in lingerie and a 90’s tattoo choker, Grande has abandoned her signature up-do and perkiness for sensuality and seductiveness. 5. Bang Bang Powerful ladies joined forces for this all-star music video, with each of them getting their moment in the spotlight. Taking on a very "hot child in the city" vibe, Grande rocks out in a white booty shorts while having some fun with the dancers. 4. One Last Time Ariana sure loves space! Following "Break Free," Grande is back on Earth -- but this time, it's about to be destroyed by a meteor. In the chaos of Earth's last moments, a stripped-down Grande is remembering her last love. The world is burning, but Grande soars. 3. Break Free It was another installment of Pop Stars Go To Mars -- and fans certainly weren't complaining about the intergalactic space jam. Donning futuristic outfits while still managing to rock out, the video was a perfect pop clip: aspirational, fun, and glam all at once. 2. Santa Tell Me This certainly isn't her most complicated video, but it might just be the most fun. Grande -- who has got a real knack for Christmas tunes -- cuts loose with friends and silly animal ears while singing about a Christmas love. For a singer that often shows off her sultry side, this peek at her goofy side is a real holiday treat. 1. Problem The retro video reintroduced fans to Ariana Grande, and between the mod '60s fashion and captivating dance moves, was it any surprised we kept re-watching all summer long? This song and video launched Grande into a new echelon of fame, and she's kept us captivated ever since. Source
  10. Oops...she did it again and again. Setting out to rank Britney Spears' videos is, of course, a near impossible task. She's had so many that instantly come up as a must-include, both when discussing her oeuvre as well as music video categories at large. Wish to discuss best dance breaks? Must include Spears. Want to break down best school-set videos? Must include Spears. Want to discuss the best music video fashion? Must include Spears. You get the idea. So, with the caveat that she's had way more than 10 winners over her career, we present 10 of the best below. Note that these are solely for videos; as much as possible, we tried to leave the songs out of it, meaning that personal empowerment faves like "Stronger" just missed the cut, even though Brit's chair dancing was something to behold. (Plus, never forget, she conducted lightning with her hand). We also have to give honorable mention props to "I Wanna Go"; the video itself may be sort of forgettable -- although we'll never complain about seeing Happy Britney -- but the "Cross 2: Cross Harder" sign on a movie theater automatically earns it some LOL points. Without further ado, Britney's top 10: X
  11. Jose

    Tori Amos - Boys for Pele

    Boys For Pele It took me like 10 minutes to realize this is better than To Venus and Back and my fav album even better than american god posse :Favorite Tracks 1.Not the Red Baron 2.Father Lucifer 3.Professional Widow 4.Muhammad My Friend 5.Talula Special Mention to: *Marianne *Beauty Queen/Horses Less Favorite Tracks 1.Mr Zebra just that track i don't get it Favorite Videos: 1.Hey Jupiter 2.Caught a Lite Sneeze 3.Talula 4.Professional Widow My Singles Choice Would be like: 1.Caught a Lite Sneeze 2.Talula 3.Professional Widow 4.Father Lucifer 5.In the Springtime of His Voodoo 6.Twinkle 7.Beauty Queen/Horses she was at her peak at 90's so she could do this Beauty Queen/Horses 9/10 Blood Roses 7.5/10 Father Lucifer 10/10 Professional Widow 10/10 Mr Zebra 5/10 Marianne 8/10 Caught a Lite Sneeze 8/10 Muhammad My Friend 9/10 Hey Jupiter 7.5/10 Way Down 7/10 Little Amsterdam 8/10 Talula 9/10 Not the Red Baron 10/10 Agent Orange 8/10 Doughnut Song 7/10 In the Springtime of His Voodoo 8/10 Putting The Damage On 8/10 Twinkle 8.5/10
  12. Vroom Vroom EP (4.5/10) Charli XCX hasn’t quite enjoyed the mainstream crossover she’s obviously capable of, but her influence looms over pop as a songwriter and a test site for daring ideas. The Vroom Vroom EP is her latest experiment: Produced entirely by PC Music's Sophie, it finds Charli in her trademark middle-finger-flipped repose. But here, the 23-year-old Brit veers away from the marketable rebellionthat underpins her poppier work: Vroom Vroom is pointedly uncommercial and abrasive. The title track sounds like a rickety clown car whose horn toots Missy's "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"—a blocky, disjointed paean to fast rides and good times. "Boom boom boom/ Hear me coming through the radio," she speak-sings with affected enunciation, referencing her hit song from The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack. "Watch me go zoom zoom zoom/ Try to catch me but you're too slow." The lyrics to Vroom Vroom deal with being young, free, hedonistic, and ambitious in ferociously trite terms, and to a tinny soundtrack. "Cute, sexy, and my ride's sporty," Charli sing-songs on "Vroom Vroom." "Dance while we're young on top of the mountain," she trills on "Paradise," a Eurotrance duet with Hannah Diamond, one of PC Music's leading faces. Is she sending up pop’s shallow triumphalism? Or reinforcing it? As Charli sees it, audiences are smart enough to detect the artistic intent at the heart of this collaboration—to "be sharp, potent [and] deadly," as she said in a statement, and be "number one," as "Trophy" puts it. But few things are as wearying as pop culture that constantly congratulates you on how clever you are for "getting it," and Vroom Vroom is nothing if not exhausting. Spring Breakers is a good litmus test here: If you were a fan of Harmony Korine's 2012 exploitation flick, you'll probably love the intentional shallowness and plasticky transgression ofVroom Vroom. If (like me) you would have walked out had you not spent $18 on a ticket, you'll probably hate it. Charli and Sophie do push each other here, though only one of them really benefits: Paired with an actual songwriter, Vroom Vroom is the closest Sophie's ever come to making viable pop songs. "Paradise" at least feels complete, a trance ballad indebted to East 17and Avril Lavigne that continually peaks without offering much of a payoff, other than a horrible processed baby-voice refrain, and some brief, lovely harmonies between Charli and Hannah Diamond. Hooked around a sample from Pulp Fiction, "Trophy" pits Charli’s confrontational rap ("bitch I’m here to fuck you up") against a glitchy dancehall beat reminiscent of Major Lazer. It’s relentless and dispiriting, too shallow to pass as sincere, too obvious to work as satire—if that is the intention, then it comes off closer to a cheap "Weird Al" Yankovich pop rip than, say, the KLF or ZTT Records’ early output. At times, Vroom Vroom recalls Britney Spears' Blackout, made in the wake of Spears’ public breakdown. Spears was always assumed to have little agency in her own work, and on that record she toyed brilliantly with ideas of autonomy and unwholesomeness, using sharp lyrics and sharper production to play with the idea of disintegrating identity. These same ideas underpin the PC Music project, and you can hear them at work on Vroom VroomEP. But no one is being done any favors reducing Charli XCX to a vapid cypher, particularly as it drains her vivid personality from the work. The EP bottoms out on the final track "Secret (Shh),” a grime-indebted ooze where she does a generic good-girl-gone-bad routine that yanks all the joy out of misbehaving. Sucker was thrilling because it felt like pop with a death wish, its creator giving her all in the name of sheer recklessness and pure kicks. Vroom Vroom just sounds dead behind the eyes. http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/21683-vroom-vroom-ep/
  13. SockBitch

    So in honor of the inevitable build up of LG5 in the coming weeks and months, I figured we could all go back and reflect on all of Mama Monster's albums to see how they've held up and how we've seen them change the world. I've relistened through them all over the past couple days and suggest you do the same. I'll start The Fame The one that started it all. And honestly? It has NOT aged well imo. I can't quite put a finger on what my biggest issue with it is, but I feel like it has to do with the fact that in 2008 it was so out of left field compared to the 1000000000th Timbaland song on the chart that it just felt so fresh and exciting. Some of it has held up alright, but I would never listen all the way through again except for nostalgia's sake. Best Song: Just Dance Worst Song: Paper Gangsta Total Score: 3/5 The Fame Monster Literally there isn't anything to say. My face melted the first time I heard Bad Romance. Alejandro's weave snatching left me scalped. Her tribute to baby Katy Perry and the rest of the slain Illuminati queens. A whole song about masturbation. MotherFUCKIN TELEPHONE. This was flawless when it dropped and still remains one of the best pop releases of the past 20 years and a testament to how a flawless 8 song collection can stand infinitely better than a sprawling mess. Best Song: Telephone Worst Song: Bad Romance (Starsmith Remix) Total Score: 5/5 Born This Way Ugh I'm so torn on this album. I mean the artwork is still a FUCKING travesty and I can't believe that "gagacycle" was actually approved. I see this album of an example of both the good and bad that come with giving people unquestioned creative control. Musically the majority of this album is still solid, but this was just getting to the point when Gags felt that everything she did needed to be accompanied by a 25 minute speech about loving yourself as an outsider and I'm like, bitch, I get it, but let your music do the talking for you. Marry the Night still gets me SO pumped. Her Express Yourself cover is catchy. Judas is way better than it has any right to be. Bloody Mary deserves a feature length satanic slasher film music video. Highway Unicorn is such a mess but it makes me so happy to be American for some reason lol. Heavy Metal Lover is the ultimate drunken 2 am bop. You and I and The Edge of Glory are still UNTOUCHABLE. But as high as the highs are, the lows are reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyy low. I'm looking at you Bad Kids... Had someone been there to cut this down to a 12 or 13 track deal, it would've been amazing. And had she learned to shut her mouth every once and a while and let her music and performance do the talking, I also don't think she would've crashed from grace nearly as hard as she did. Though maybe it was all for the best. Best Song: The Edge of Glory Worst Song: Fashion of His Love Total Score: 4/5 ARTPOP Artflop. Chartdrop. This album garnered so much hate and I really don't know why. It's not without it's flaws, sure, but I feel like it's such a nice blend of all the good things she accomplished before, but less generic than TF, less excessively dark than TFM, and way less preachy than BTW. Honestly out of all of her albums this is the one I'm most likely to listen to start to finish (especially considering I deleted Shits 'n' Thugs from my iTunes ). Aura is just crazy enough. Venus / G.U.Y. / Sexxx Dreams is the perfect trio of smut. Do What U Want is the music that greets you in heaven. Her cover of Selena Gomez's Love You Like a Love Song is great and actually surpasses the original. Donatella and Fashion are like Vogue for the 21st century. And Applause is THE best song when you need a boost for that last mile at the gym. Ya it's not perfect, but it's gaga at her most balanced, and that in and of itself is a beautiful thing. Bets Song: Do What U Want Worst Song: Jewels N' Drugs Total Score: 5/5
  14. [Thank you @Ryan ] This month I will be telling yall my favourite albums released this year and my favourite albums I've listened to this year that were released from other years So this is kinda a top 20 albums of this year countdown Stay tuned List so far: From 2015: 10 Fifth Harmony - Reflection 9 Alison Wonderland - Run 8 Justin Bieber - Purpose 7 Ellie Goulding - Delirium 6 Hilary Duff - Breathe In. Breathe Out. 5 Samantha Jade - Nine 4 Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon 3 Selena Gomez - Revival 2 Miley Cyrus - Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz 1 Grimes - Art Angels From other years: 10 J Cole - 2014 Forest Hills Drive 9 Sia - 1000 Forms Of Fear 8 Mariah Carey - Rainbow 7 Rihanna - Rated R 6 Mariah Carey - Mariah Carey 5 Sky Ferreira - Night Time, My Time 4 Mariah Carey - Emotions 3 Lana Del Rey - AKA 2 Mariah Carey - Daydream 1 Tinashe - Aquarius
  15. Just read this review and was blown away at the analysis of Blackout. Usually Pitchfork doesn't touch Top 40 artists, but in this case they made an exception for Britney - and it's worth the read! http://pitchfork.com/features/poptimist/6734-poptimist-10/ Some highlights: On Get Naked (I Got a Plan): On Autotune: On Piece of Me:
  16. The recurring themes of "sex" and "love" in music have been put under a microscope in a new study by Superdrug Online Doctor that weighs the success those words in music against each other over the past half century. The survey looks at every song on the Billboard Hot 100 charts from 1960 to 2014 and counts the occurrences of "love" and "sex," as well as words that include them like "beloved and "sexual," in effort to diagnose music's most prevalent theme. Each word use is counted once in a song, with songs counted for as many weeks as they appeared on the Hot 100 chart. That "love" wins in mentions drastically overall should probably come as no surprise (the number of "love" mentions remains consistently above 10,000 over this period, while "sex" peaks at a little over 1,500) but the trends of use are interesting and ripe for reflection. The success of songs mentioning "love" has been strong since the beginning of the test, but saw its peak in 1988, performing high in the surrounding years. Meanwhile, "sex" mentions peaked in 2009 with help from Ciara's "Love Sex Magic" and Jeremih's "Birthday Sex," which were both in the Billboard Hot 100's top 10. As well, curiously, "sex" mentions see peaks and dips in popularity almost year to year. The use of "sex" in song titles and lyrics was uncommon until the late 1980s, which the report suggests MTV's rise in popularity might be partially responsible. It also states a general growth in sexualized content across all media, as "occurrences of sexual content on television almost doubled between 1997 and 2001." As for artists who lead with most popular uses of each term: Overall Madonna tops the list for most hit "love" songs, followed by Stevie Wonder and Chicago. Meanwhile, the Black Eyed Peas lead for "sex" hits, followed by Bruno Mars and TLC. James Brown, Rick James and R. Kelly, respectively top the list of musicians who mention "sex" most frequently in their hit songs. The Glee cast, Aretha Franklin and Luther Vandross go the more wholesome route, overall, mentioning "love" more frequently than anyone in each song of their hit songs surveyed. The extensive full report: https://onlinedoctor.superdrug.com/s...on-the-charts/
  17. Hello everyone. Over the next 14 days (I hope) I will be counting down my fave albums I've listened to this year. Not every album I post will be from this year, some last year, even the 90s, but the majority are new releases this year. Some albums included will be by Iggy, Ariana, Mariah... but I don't wanna spoil too much. I hope you all stick around for the next 2 weeks as I countdown my fave gems this year, and discuss my choices, negatively or positively (mostly positive tho pls ). I will be posting my first album tomorrow, lemme know if you're interested and I'll tag you each time I post an album to keep you updated. I'm looking at you guys P.S I know my name's not Venus XCX right now but that one is more iconic and I'll be changing it back when I can anyway. P.S.S Pay no attention to the messy banner Final list: