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  1. Urbanov


    Hello, hi and welcome to my thread where I'm going to rank best songs and albums of 2018. Just like in the 2016's version of it (I missed 2017's cause I was too lazy and basically it was a #YearOfCtrl for me, so...) with each position on the list I will try to leave short comments or occasionally some hashtags describing it and (in case of the albums) suggest three essential tracks. If you want to know my full opinion of a certain song or album just ask in this thread and I'll try to justify it (even though I probably already did that somewhere here on FOTP). I must admit that we had a lot of strong releases this year, although I only prepared a list of 25 best albums and 10 best songs. It was challenging as fuck, but overall I'm happy with my list and I can't wait to share it.
  2. I think this one's gonna flop but I'm going to post it anyway ngl I'm bored on vacations and well... maybe I can introduce you to something new
  3. Graphic design is my passion! It's that time of year again ladies and ladymen: I reveal some questionable opinions and get dragged by Liam and the Reycists I will be counting down my top 18 albums of 2018, an ongoing tradition of mine since 2014! "Did he even listen to 18 albums this year?" Liam and Lachlan jinxed. This year had some amazing releases and some duds and they will praised/dragged deservedly so. Now get your kettle boiling because it's time for taste and tea. 💋 List so far: Previous year ends: Venus XCX's Top 14 Albums Of 2014 Venus XCX's Top 10 Albums of 2015 Venus XCX's Top 16 Albums of 2016 Venus XCX's Top 17 Albums of 2017
  4. Rusually don't do these but if im trapped at home for christmas might as well unlike everyone else im just gonna drop the completed list in the op! including EPs in this list b/c there have been some fantastic EPs released this year, which would be a shame to ignore! lmk your thoughts 13. liberation - christina aguilera yes, it has made every other year end and it's made mine as well! album was off to an extremely rocky start with the release of accelerate (which has grown on me immensely btw) and fall in line was....underwhelming and screamy to say the least. but the album came out and to my surprise had great replay value! voice of the generation has shown her singing chops and as usual, her ballads are the go to. trinity: maria, unless it's with you, twice 12. nina cried power - hozier hozier has made his long-awaited return with his criminally short EP, nina cried power. if it was longer it would've for sure made the top 10 because this ep served straight QUALITY. the title track is one of his strongest works, his voice makes me feel things! his brand of pop has been sorely missed in music and im glad he had such a strong return with this EP. trinity: nina cried power, NFWMB, moment's silence 11. astroworld - travis scott travis has been an inescapable presence in rap this year and WHEW this album DELIVERED. noah fence to miss minaj or miss cardi but neither of their albums came close to the quality mr. scott came through with on this album! a solid mix of absolute bangers and more chill vibes, there's a song for everyone on this album! also came through with SOTY, sicko mode. no song this year has gone as hard as sicko mode and that's just how it is! astroworld blocking queef from #1 was such a highlight of this year ugh his MIND trinity: sicko mode, butterfly effect, coffee bean 10. no shame - lily allen almost forgot this album existed until i read other year ends and after revisiting it since its release, yes this album is quality. i love lily's tongue in cheek songs and she has a good ear for catchy hooks, sheezus may have been panned but it was still extremely enjoyable! no shame sees a much more vulnerable side of the singer but her ear for catchy melodies is as reliable as ever. trigger bang is SUCH a strong lead and the feature from giggs elevates the song to another level. she shows us some of her most intimate lyricism on this album! trinity: trigger bang, apples, everything to feel something 9. golden hour - kacey musgraves the biggest country album of the year tbh, and deservedly so. this AOTY nominated album shows how effective a great voice, relatable lyrics, and great melodies can do. musgraves easily combines country with some modern electronic influences and the result is pretty much impeccable. really happy this album has been so widely acknowledged because its a gorgeous piece of work and this album REEKS of timelessness. this year's melodrama tbh! (though it doesnt come close to melodrama in quality) trinity: space cowboy, slow burn, butterflies 8. head over heels - chromeo i gotta say i slept hard on this album but after catching an absolutely PHENOMENAL set at outsidelands i was compelled to listen and wow this album is flawless from start to finish. it's such fucking fun, simple, feel good music. must've been is SOTY for me tbh. this album can make anyone dance, and while none of the album tracks matches up to mustve been in pure quality, every track still has standout moments. all in all, this album is funky babey!! trinity: must've been, one track mind, dont sleep 7. pray for the wicked - PATD whew, i can already feel the lashings from all the pretentious members on this forum who regard anything pop punk as trash! pray for the wicked is PATD's strongest work since TWTLTRTD, and im glad he went for a much poppier route on this album. each song is infectiously catchy and the lyricism is honestly the same punky, stupidly angsty trashiness that we all love to hate and hate to love. this album is great to listen to for basically any high energy situation and high hopes turned out to be the SMASH i knew it would be so there's the GP validation! brendon urie's attitude brings the entire album together and some may say he sold out, but if selling out sounds this good then idc! trinity: high hopes, say amen (it's saturday night), roaring 20s 6. sweetener - ariana grande yes, i switched like a BITCH on this album. preceding its release, i was vocal about being underwhelmed by lead NTLTC, and then the absolutely horrid TLIC killed all hype for me. but she came back with a vengeance on god is a woman and at the release of the album, i was sort of ~meh~ on it. then i realized i was expecting another pop album when ari clearly wanted to do R&B and found myself returning to the album rather frequently. the first album remains weak, but the 2nd half is ALL killer no filler and ari's lyricism and personal touch to the work has made it honestly something spectacular. get well soon is one of my favorite songs of all time now! i love it sm. trinity: get well soon, god is a woman, goodnight n go (and nothing for everytime bye!) 5. dirty computer - janelle monae i really can't imagine how anyone couldn't have this album in their top 5. no offence but this album shits on the archandroid and electric lady on every level. this album sounds so fully realized, so diverse, so experimental yet fundamentally simple, a concept album without the pretentiousness! i really do love the prince influences on this album and as the case for many albums on this list, seeing it live at outsidelands made me realize truly how much of a masterpiece this album is. janelle has such an unflinching way of executing her concepts and she's definitely a current visionary in the pop realm. she has an amazing attitude, digestible political commentary (complex doesnt equate to good...sometimes simplicity is the most effective!), all packaged into an amazingly sonically diverse and cohesive album. mad props to ms. monae! trinity: screwed, django jane, make me feel 4. a brief inquiry into online relationships - the 1975 yes, the 2018 critics darling is also a masterpiece! this album has received some flack from other members for being pretentious or overrated, and i completely agree! this album is absolutely pretentious and probably overrated, but at the same time, it's such a strong, intense body of work that deserves the recognition it's been receiving. i truly believe it's one of the only ALBUM experiences released this year, a-la melodrama. every listen deserves a start to finish. similar to dirty computer, it has songs that flow easily from one to another, sonic experimentation that lends to some incredible moments (how to draw/petricolor was such a fucking moment) and overall it has a perfect blend of satirical humor and sharp lyricism that it's just fun to listen to. bangers and ballads, political commentary, electronica...the 1975 did snap yes! trinity: tootimetootimetootime, how to draw/petricolor, i always want to die (sometimes) 3. turn off the lights, vol. 1 - kim petras whew another pick that will be slammed by the members of this forum! this EP has delivered the BEST pop music of 2018, and that's that on that. every song serves catchy, infectious, dancefloor QUALITY and ms. petras (despite the rocky year she had with troye dropping her and her work with dr. luke) has shown to be a compelling voice to listen to in pop music. yes, this EP was dr. luke produced and largely sees no artistic growth from her previous singles, but i'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt since she herself has not yet shown to be trash. this EP is honestly just pop perfection and that's all i can really say on it. it was the probably one of the best music moments of october and even after halloween, i still return to the tracks often b/c they're so fucking catchy it's unreal trinity: close your eyes, tell me it's a nightmare, in the next life 2. high as hope - florence and the machine her best album, period. yes florence has been previously known for her maximalist production (which is still amazing), but florence's best asset has always been her voice and she truly let her voice be the shining star on this album and it shows. her lyricism is sooo soft and beautiful and lush i adore it. such an incredibly beautiful album...sky full of song is her best work imo. it's criminal she didn't perform it live during her set but i digress. i truly think this album is her magnum opus and i don't see how she can top it, every song takes u somewhere and evokes such a strong feeling of nostalgia and melancholy. props to florence, the album is timeless and p4k can choke for their review. trinity: sky full of song, the end of love, no choir, and hunger too since picking 3 is too hard 1. a star is born OST - lady gaga & bradley cooper is anyone surprised? my fave lady gaga has delivered an incredible soundtrack which easily shot its way to my #1 most listened to album this year. ive been DYING to hear shallow since the trailer release and it didnt dissappoint, shallow remains my most listened to track of the year. bradley shows some great vocal chops too although everyone knows that gaga is the real star on the soundtrack and it truly showcases some of her best work ever. her vocals are top notch, and she delivered what her fans have always wanted - some powerhouse, no nonsense BALLADS. the ballads on this album had me shook from start to finish and i havent stopped stanning to this moment! i am one of those people where i do think my fave releases the best music which is why she's my fave and that held true for this album as well! trinity: shallow, ARUTW, is that alright, look what i found, i dont know what love is, ill never love again (idc they're all top tier) honorable mentions (these albums were all great but either weren't memorable enough for me or didnt have high enough replay value to crack the top 13!)
  5. i’m willing to guess this will probably flop bc i’m not a very frequent poster, I usually just watch the tea & news from the side however! I decided to join in on the fun & make a list that I think slays. so if anyone’s interested, feel free to agree or disagree with my selections! let’s get started edit: i’ll be posting 5 per day!
  6. #11 Kylie Minogue, ‘Golden’ Kylie goes country? Why not – she’s tried everything else. Always hot to invade new musical territory, the “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” legend takes over Nashville with the rhinestone-cowgirl disco twang of Golden. It’s a confident statement about sashaying into her 50s, facing up to mortality and heartbreak – in many ways, her most personal album since her underrated turning-30 cult favorite Impossible Princess. The One True Kylie gets elegiac in the ballad “Music’s Too Sad Without You,” but she sparkles brighter than ever in the banjo-disco of “Raining Glitter.” Check it out!
  7. Welcome back, my dearest little dumplings, to the fourth annual year-end review thread of the Reycism group! This has been a tumultuous year for music and trust me when I say that the four of us have a lot to say about it. For those who have never been party to one of these threads before or those who have forgotten all that they entail, I'll provide a short rundown of what to expect out of this thread. Way back in 2015, what was then a group of three members (Andres, Hunty Bear and myself) came together to condense our year-end ranking threads as one under the banner "Reycism: The Year in Reyview". We saw such success with the concept during the first year that we decided to continue the tradition in 2016, this time with the addition of a fourth member (Lachlan). Things were much the same in 2017, though I didn't contribute due to a lack of spare time. In 2018, we're back up to four contributors for our fourth anniversary, though. Poetic, eh? Expect contributions from Andres, Hunty Bear, Lachlan and I to be posted as regular updates in this thread for the next week or so! We love comments, so don't be afraid to chime in if you have something to say! It's always a pleasure to discuss our favorite music. Now, let's get a little info about what each member is going to be sharing this year. Contrary to my two previous years of contributions, this year's list will be comprised of my favorite songs of the year, rather than my favorite albums. Every artist included on my list was limited to one track, to keep it from getting monotonous. Also contrary to previous years, my list this year is ranked in order from worst to best! Forty songs are included in my countdown, so I've decided to dub it "Americunt Top 40" in honor of Casey Kasem's "American Top 40" radio show. I look forward to your reactions. Hello and welcome to my top 15 albums of 2018! This year was a great, almost overwhelming year for music, and especially women in music (something my list will be sure to reflect). In a shocking departure from last year, I actually have my list fully prepared and will have reviews/impressions for each album. I know, I know, hold the applause! I'm really not phoning it in this time... and I honestly feel sorry for the other girls! 💋 Just like last year, I'll be unveiling my Top 20 favorite albums of the year (no EPs) in chronological order! Click on each album icon for their respective entry post! Kiss kiss 💋 Expanding a little on last year, I'll be counting down through 25 of my favourite albums released in 2018. I've written enough paragraphs of useless information at university this year so my commentary will be relatively short and sweet. I sincerely look forward to everybody's '______'s music is so pretentious ', '_____ is so boring' and the occasional 'I agree with _____' comments! PAST REYVIEWS 2015 2016 2017
  8. Top Five Singles 1. Nicki Minaj - Good Form 2. Little Mix - Woman Like Me 3. Ariana Grande - No Tears Left to Cry 4. CupcakKe - Cartoons 5. Mariah Carey - GTFO Top Five Albums 1. Nicki Minaj - Queen 2. Mariah Carey - Caution 3. CupcakKe - Ephorize 4. Little Mix - LM5 5. Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born
  9. barbie ferreira


    i'm going to be sharing my top 20 songs of 2018 since this was a pretty good year for music! i know my taste in music is trash, but hopefully, you enjoy! 20. cardi b - i like it. i usually hate rap, but i love spanish influences songs and this is a 100% bop and the main sample is perfect. 19. sabrina carpenter - paris. this track is led by an electric guitar, i think. the verses are nice. the chorus is good. my favorite part is the bride. which is just intrumental with spoken french. the french spoken word compliments the instrumental perfectly. 18. allie x - can't stop now. this song is very calm and sounds very similar to her track, lifted, which also sounds like side to side. aside from that, the songs is very catchy and has nice production. my favorite part has to be the outro, which lets the intrumental shine and slows down, slurring the bpm, until the track ends. 17. graveyardguy - final girl (feat. slayyyter). skip to slayyyter's verse and thank me later. i'm kidding, but slayyter's verse really shines in this song. it's a dark, halloween bop with almost robotic vocals. this would be so much higher on the list, but i only like slayyyter's part, so... 16. sabrina carpenter - almost love. i only recently discovered this song, but it's very good. the intro is very calm with light synths, but it quickly transitions into verses with dark synths and snares, making this song a complete bop. 15. slayyyter - bff this is an electro-ish pop songs with sort of light pc elements. very charli xcx, even though i hate comparing artists. this track features a verse from ayesha erotica, who also produced the track. this song is one of slayyyter's best. 14. hayley kiyoko - sleepover. although this song was released in 2017 as a single, it was included on hayley's 2018 album, so i'm counting it for 2018. anyways, this song has nice verses, but the chorus is amazing. it's calming, yet sensual at the same time and hayley's calm vocals are the cherry on top. 13. christina aguilera - fall in line (feat. demi lovato). this song has one of the best key changes i've ever heard. the rnb sound fits christina and demi's voice amazingly and the lyrics are so uplifting and empowering. 12. camila cabello - real friends. this song proves songs don't need to be upbeat to be amazing. it's a simple guitar lead song, talking about fake and real friends. it's emotional, relatable, and very soft sounding, but the lyrics speak volumes. 11. ariana grande - god is a woman. we've all heard this song and we all love it. this feminist anthem is amazing, starting with a smooth guitar transitioning into a trap bop. the choir at the end is one of the best parts in ariana's discography. 10. camila cabello - she loves control. when i first heard this song, i remember being astounded at the production, vocals, and chord progression. the song is a latino inspired track, much like havan, and is danceable and beautiful at the same time. 9. allie x - not so bad in la. i was pleasantly surprised to hear some trap influences on this song. it's a great, catchy, and somewhat dark song. 8. allie x - science. this song is pop perfection and is one of the best pop songs ever. the production on this song is amazing and overall, this song is a 100/10. 5. lady gaga & bradley cooper - shallow (radio edit). emphasis on radio edit. this song is so powerful from it's lyrics to melody to even it's... lower tier production/mixing. definitely one of gaga's best songs ever. from the acoustic start to the upbeat and rock-ish end, this song is amazing. 6. kim petras - in the next life. kim really put together one of the best pop projects ever with her halloween ep, turn off the light vol. 1, didn't she? anyways, this song is upbeat and sounds like a modernized version of something from the fame monster... but on acid. also, can we appreciate that the second verse was sung entirely in german? scheibe tease. 7. lady gaga - i'll never love again (film version). this song is so beautiful and i know 99.9% people bawl their eyes out to this song. especially when it switches to bradley singing. 4. lady gaga - look what i found. i get so many amy vibes from this song. it's a 100% bop and so nostalgic. definitely one of gaga's best. the song is at first led by a piano, but other jazzy intrsuments kick in the the song later, making it what cheek to cheek should've been. 3. lady gaga - why did you do that? i know people will be confused to why i put this, but it's such a bop and music doesn't always have to be serious. it was very nice to see gaga make some different types of music and while this song is very generic, it's amazing. the xylophone mixed with the hard bass has been done before, but gaga's vocals against it sound amazing. 2. kim petras - tell me it's a nightmare. i could go on all day about how good her ep is. anyways, this song is absolute perfection. her vocals are stunning as always. the song starts with her vocals crying out, "tell me how we got here. i see you, but you're not there," and transitions into a verse, followed by a chorus both with amazing production. 1. lady gaga - always remember us this way. this is one of my favorite gaga songs ever, if not my favorite. the melody is so tearjerking and the lyrics are amazing. i without a doubt believe that this is the best song of the year.
  10. Too long to cut and paste, or just me too lazy to do it... Go visit Elle Magazine and give them some click love - Here
  11. Lachlan

    The series returns for one night only in honour of the great Mariah Carey and her latest record. Proceed with caution! --- GTFO - 9/10 An excellent track that I feel is getting lost in the excitement of the album's release. The song is sleek and modern without catering too hard to any particular trend, and her vocals find a perfect balance between being breezy and packed with attitude. I'm not entirely sure it should be the opening track, but that doesn't dampen any of it's shine! With You - 8/10 This song felt forgettable to me on my initial listen, but it's truly grown on me like a nasty rash and I'm convinced that @Venus XCX spiked my drink when he was down in Sydney a few weeks ago! This song sounds like a classic in a similar vein to We Belong Together, ignoring the fact that it didn't even scratch at the Bubbling Under. I love the Bone Thug/Breakdown lyric, we love a woman that references her back-catalogue. Those whistles towards the end of the song are definitely the tea as well. Caution - 7/10 Another really contemporary sounding cut, serving us #late #night #drive #vibes. It's not my absolute favourite from the album, but it's also not a skip by any means, and I feel as though it will grow on me as time starts SlippingAway.m4a. A No No - 8/10 Mariah has always handled samples excellently, and this Crush on You sample is no exception. The second verse on this is really great, from her university vocabulary with words like 'irregardless' to the Gilligan's Island references. She sounds like she's having fun on this one and I'll be bopping to it for a while. The Distance - 9/10 This truly deserves to be a hit. I love the contrast between the wordy verses and the simplistic chorus. Ty Dollar $ign doesn't even ruin the song with his 15 second verse and for that we are thankful. Serving gorgeous ad-libs on that final chorus, oh yes we stan this one for sure. Giving Me Life - 10/10 Mariah linking up with Blood Orange is a collaboration I never envisioned happening but I'm so glad it did because they came together to create the best song on the album. The production is immaculate but that's not surprising. The track is intimate and warm, and her lower register does wonders. The outro on this track is amazing (that last minute... whew), and something a little different for Mariah. One Mo 'Gen - 7/10 Mariah's very own Partition is here! The repeating of the 'yeah-yeah, one mo' gen' line over and over needed to be cut at the end of every chorus. Other than that, this song is pretty great; particularly that pre-chorus which is so melodically gorgeous. 8th Grade - 8/10 A great mid-tempo track all-round. The melodies are smooth and I actually found this song has been getting stuck in my head. The extended outro with the production switch-ups really lifts the song up to another level though. It's probably the Timbaland ad-libs but it vaguely reminded me of an early 00s Aaliyah-esque song. Stay Long Love You - 5/10 This song is pretty middle-of-the-road territory. There's nothing particularly memorable about it. I'm not going to skip it when listening to the whole album, but I won't be sticking it in any playlists either. Gunna doesn't add anything to the track and was entirely unnecessary. At least the chorus is catchy! Portraits - 10/10 It's rare that the final track on a Mariah album isn't a showstopper and thankfully this lives up to those expectations. The deep piano instrumentation harks back to her early ballads and those subtle strings in the latter half of the song are divine. Gorgeous melodies, gorgeous lyrics, gorgeous vocal performance. --- OVERALL - 81/100 This is a really solid album, and it appears she's one of the only legends who actually cares about releasing quality music. No shade to Kylie or Madonna of course! She manages to put her own spin on contemporary R&B and trap sounds without sounding like a blatant trend-hopper so props to her. However, anyone saying this is her best album since _______ clearly doesn't remember that Elusive Chanteuse AKA a top 5 Mariah Carey album still exists.
  12. Taylor is BACK!!! After teasing her fans with two singles with impressive music videos each, and two more promotional singles that left us in awe - she dropped her latest album, “reputation”, this Friday and so, here is our review! We decided to do a three-way track-by-track review, so that every song gets dragged and praised! Reviewed by: @#Music, @Alex. & @TattooedHeart Read our review here!!
  13. The one and only Christina Aguilera is officially back after an extremely long hiatus. What seemed like more than just 6 long years after dropping Lotus, the vocal powerhouse has returned with her new single along with a music video titled “Accelerate” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz. The song was co-produced by none other than Kanye West, as well as Che Pope and Mike Dean. Read More
  14. Freaky Prince


    1 1 LADY GAGA & BRADLEY COOPER | A STAR IS BORN SOUNDTRACK INTERSCOPE 106,373 -21% 59,117 15,612 31,643 http://hitsdailydouble.com/sales_plus_streaming
  15. Please buy it once, but it twice...
  16. Hello~ I am a new member of this forum. My favorite One Direction song is “Story Of My Life” This song gets payed absolute dust for the lyrics that are just so beautiful. This is my favorite lines. Take a look. Written on these walls are the colors that I can't change Leave my heart open but it stays right here in its cage I know that in the morning now I see us in the light upon a hill Although I am broken, my heart is untamed, still And I'll be gone, gone tonight The fire beneath my feet is burning bright The way that I been holding on so tight With nothing in between What a beautiful lyrics !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-TE_Ys4iwM
  17. More: http://www.vulture.com/2018/10/a-star-is-born-how-the-media-would-have-covered.html?utm_campaign=vulture&utm_source=tw&utm_medium=s1
  18. Infrared


    She better get that black percentage up
  19. Hello girls and gays! My university hosted an advance screening of A Star is Born tonight, and I was lucky enough to attend! So, I have decided to share my thoughts on the film here! DISCLAIMER: I am not going to post any spoilers, so for those of you who want to avoid them, you don't have to worry! To give a little bit of a backstory, the doors for the event opened at 7:30 and the movie was to begin at 8. My university is decent sized, but it isn't huge, so I figured I'd get there at like 7:15 and be fine. Nope. I open the door to the building and I could barely step inside the line was so long. Fortunately, I was meeting up with a friend and he was near the beginning of the line, so phew! I asked what time he got there and said a little before 7, so I was shook. Clearly I underestimated how many people would come. So the doors finally open and we snatch good seats. About 15 minutes before the film begins, a student group goes on to play a cute acoustic set, but the thing that completely shook me was for their final song, they performed Poker Face. Now it was done really well, but what shook me was that the entire crowd was living for it. I mean the entire set before that, no-one was really paying attention, but for Poker Face everyone was singing along and clapping. Ugh it really showed people are still here for her to serve bops! Now on to the movie. Overall, it was truly beautiful. The acting was amazing. The music was unbelievable. I'm not going to speak about the plot and everything directly, but my favorite scene had to have been at the beginning at the gay bar. Shangela and Willam were great. Gaga was great. Bradley did amazing too. Other scenes I highly enjoyed were ones between Gaga and Bradley that were romantic, yet playful at the same time. You could really tell they had solid chemistry throughout the film. I also loved when she socked a guy in the face. And when their dog they got together was in the scenes. Now, I'm not going to lie, there was a time or two in the movie where I was like meh, where is this going? But they quickly got back on track and continued to snatch me. The thing that got me the most was definitely the ending. I mean, I'm still processing it. Truly, truly, truly moving. I mean the entire auditorium left in tears, that's how powerful it was. I'm going to go back when it hits theaters and I cannot wait to watch again and pick up on things I missed, etc. Also I thought it was cute how I could point out when they filmed at Coachella, JWT, etc. it was pretty cool. And you can totally tell that The Cure was totally made for the soundtrack. I was expecting it to make a surprise appearance or something that's how similar Ally's pop songs sound. Leaving the auditorium was an experience as well. While wiping away the tears, everyone was lauding Gaga and her acting. Multiple times I heard, "I like Gaga so much more now," "She's an amazing actress," etc. They were giving away free posters at the end so I was able to snatch one to rihmember my first time seeing it. I'm just so very proud of Gaga. I started stanning during The Fame era and to see her continually heighten the bar for herself, album after album, tour after tour, project after project, is something so special to me. I literally grew up with her as my role model, someone who I could always look to for happiness, and to now see her become a legend right before my eyes is just so special to me. I'm so emotional and need to stop blabbing, so I'll finish here, but lemme just say GO SEE ASIB IN THEATERS OCT 5!
  20. barbie ferreira


    last saturday, i went to the reputation tour and from what i remember (i was SO h*gh during the opening acts BJKKRBJDCO), it was amazing. my favorite performances were ...ready for it?, i did something bad, love story, and look what you made me do. it wasn't my favorite concert ever, but it was definitely one of the most cohesive and amazing shows i've ever seen.
  21. Intro - 10 I Get Crazy - 8 Itty Bitty Piggy - 7 Kill da DJ - 9 Mind on My Money - 8 Nicki Minaj Speaks - 10 Slumber Party - 6 Shopaholic - 7 Go Hard - 9 Nicki Minaj Speaks - 6 Best I Ever Had (Remix) - 9 Handstand - 8 Keys Under Palm Trees - 7 Get Silly - 9 Easy - 6 Five-O - 7 Nicki Minaj Speaks - 6 Envy - 8 Can Anybody Hear Me? - 6 Still I Rise - 7 I Feel Free - 5 Outro - 9 Beam Me Up Scotty - 10 Conclusion: Nicki was finding her sound with this mixtape and to me it sounds like a lot of demos made for Pink Friday. It's full of good rapping and messages but the production/yelling gets very annoying. Some of the songs are repetitive (example: Slumber Party) and the samples are loud/overused. All in all, it was a decent mixtape but I prefer the Nicki we have now. I would rate this mixtape a 6/10.
  22. By cycling through different aspects of her artistic persona, Lana Del Rey keeps coming closer to its essence. The trip- and hip-hop sheen of 2012’s Born to Die gave way to the psych-rock smolder of 2014’s Ultraviolence, which led to the opulent languor of 2015’s Honeymoon. Last year’s gleaming Lust for Life presented alt-pop’s quintessential sad girl as actually—could it be?—happy. “Mariners Apartment Complex,” her first new solo single since that album, goes one step further. It posits a Lana Del Rey who is not only a fully rounded character but also a port in a storm, as recognizable and reassuring as the old AM radio staples the song updates. She revels in her accumulated powers here. It’s her first collaboration with Jack Antonoff, a producer who was so ubiquitous last year that his presence on a track could be distracting, but that isn’t the case here; as with LDR’s previous collaborations, including with the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach across Ultraviolence, this one becomes fully hers. Musically, it’s a somber 1970s-style rock ballad with piano, acoustic guitar, and swooping strings. The lyrics, which she whispers as much as sings, are sly and sphinx-like as usual, referring to pop culture like it’s a modern Greek mythology. Through it all, she insists that she’s not what we thought she was—she’s stronger. “I ain’t no candle in the wind,” she declares, and then, later, “You're lost at sea, then I'll command your boat to me again.” The point is clear: This is Lana’s world, we’re just living in it. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/lana-del-rey-mariners-apartment-complex/