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Found 37 results

  1. Which ones do you have? Which ones do you want? Which ones do you use the most? Told ya I'd make this thread @Hylia @RihannaRTT @Jake Made some changes that I wanna talk about...
  2. Released in 2019, Boy Problems, a Role Playing Game will get it’s own Side B. Click on link in Twitter box to get information on it. Release date to be expected March, 2021. Boy Problems:
  3. Available On: Nintendo Switch Release Date: June 17, 2020 & Fall 2020 NA Website: https://swordshield.pokemon.com/en-us/expansionpass/ JP Website: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/sword_shield_expansion/ Confirmed Information Sword & Shield Updates Free Update out now Includes the introduction of a new character; Klara or Avery Includes Galarian Slowpoke - a pure Psychic-type Pokemon. Pokemon Home released in February 2020 Zarude - a new Pokemon - to be released via Mystery Gift Expansion Pack Info A bundle of two updates: Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra Uses your current save data Available to prepurchase now £27 / $30 for the bundle, per game. Prepurchase bonus is redeemable now; new Pikachu and Eevee outfits A physical bundle containing one copy of Sword / Shield and their respective expansion pass releases November 6. Prepurchase bonus is 100 Pokeballs. The Isle of Armor Releasing June 17, 2020 Galarian Slowbro (Poison/Psychic type) - evolves using an item found on the Isle of Armor. Kubfu - a new Fighting type legendary Pokemon Urshifu - the evolved form of Kubfu with two forms; Fighting/Dark or Fighting Water. It can also Giganatamax. Gigantamax Forms of Rillaboom, Cinderace, Inteleon, Venusaur, Blastoise - all with their signature G-MAX Moves. 100 Returning Pokemon New Pokemon added to Max Raid Battles Mustard - Your new mentor who trained Leon and was champion for 18 years. The Tale of Klara/Avery; a new rival who wishes to become a gym leader Restricted Sparring - a new way of battling that limits the Pokemon you can use and forces the battle under set conditions. Tutor moves - that include completely new moves like Grassy Glide and Burning Jealously. These can be obtained by trading in Armorite Ore - found in Max Raid Battles on the Isle of Armor Apricons that can be made into Pokeballs An EXP Charm that gets your team more EXP New Fashion Options The Cram-o-matic is a machine that lets you recycle 4 items to create a new item. Max Soup can be created to allow any Dynamax Pokemon to obtain their Gigantamax Form, if they have one. And more The Crown Tundra Releasing October 22, 2020 (USA), October 23, 2020 (EUR + Japan) Galarian Slowking (Poison / Psychic type) - evolves using an item found in the Crown Tundra. Has the new ability Curious Medicine - activates Haze upon entering battle - and the new Psychic-type damaging move Eerie Spell which reduces the PP of last move used by the opponent by 3. Calyrex - a Grass and Psychic Pokemon that once ruled over Galar Galarian Forms of Articuno (Psychic/Flying), Zapdos (Fighting/Flying), Moltres (Dark/Flying) New Legendary Pokemon - Regieleki (Electric-type) and Regidrago (Dragon-type) All old Legendaries Return 100+ Returning Pokemon New Pokemon added to Max Raid Battles Peony - a new character to the Crown Tundra, who has come with his daughter, in search of Legendary Pokemon. Dynamax Adventure is a new co-op mode that lets you explore Pokemon Dens underground. You use rental Pokemon for this mode but are able to swap rental Pokemon out for other Pokemon you catch during this endless mode. The Galarian Star Tournament is a new battle challenge allowing you to battle existing characters in a multi-battle format. New Fashion Options The Ability Patch is a new item that allows Pokemon with regular abilities to access their Hidden Ability. And more
  4. So who else plays them? I've only ever played 3, New Vegas and 4. Currently can only play 4 so that's been taking up most of my time now I'll make an better OP later when I'm not on mobile/lazy https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallout_(series)
  5. A Taiwanese man was one of the lucky few to actually get his hands on a Playstation 5. Unfortunately, his wife wasn't really thrilled with the amount of video game he played preceding the purchase, so he had to hide the fact that he bought one from her. So, he told her that it wasn't a Playstation, but an Air Purifier. And to his credit, both devices do have a similar appearance! Unfortunately for this fella, his wife quickly was able to tell the difference between a Playstation and an air purifier, and quickly sold the gaming console from out under her husband. According to the man who bought the system from the wife, it was the cheapest price for one he'd seen! https://www.radio.com/kluv/latest/mans-wife-sells-his-ps5-he-said-was-an-air-purifier
  6. Anyone part of the PlayStation community? Tell us what games you are currently playing and also your favourites, maybe you have a favourite gaming genre. Show us any cool screenshots and gameplay videos. You can also show off your level, trophies, rank and points with a Trophy Card. Get yours here. Basically anything related to PSN goes here, happy gaming.
  7. Well? Assuming you are interested in one or the other, do you intend to buy right after launch or will you wait a bit?
  8. I haven't been here a while, but I saw there was no thread yet for the new Animal Crossing game that's gonna be released for the Nintendo Switch. Please tell me I'm not the only one who's really excited about this! The graphics are so stunning and I LOVE that we'll be able to decide where the villagers will move in, will remove that whole hassle of having to plot reset. Also; proper paths!
  9. Inspired by my rewatching of the Back to the Future trilogy, which is making me want to give the Telltale game a try I love the Star Wars: Battlefront series (all of them except the 2015 version, but particularly the original Battlefront II), and I also really like the NES Batman based on the 1989 movie and Ghostbusters: The Game
  10. Hi gaymers, I'm gonna buy myself a console because I'm bored and we're working from home so I don't have a reason to go outside indefinitely But as a non-gamer myself, I don't know which one of the two consoles to get. What would y'all recommend?
  11. Watch the all-new trailer for the The Last of Us Part II, launching on PlayStation 4 on February, 21, 2020. Learn more and pre-order http://thelastofus.com
  12. FINALLY https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/60346/Red-Dead-Redemption-2-Is-Coming-October-26th-2018
  13. Not sure how many FOTP members actually play games but I guess we'll see! GTA V is currently free to keep for a limited time on Epic Games. CLICK HERE Make an Epic Games account if you haven't, go to the GTA V page, then Get it And voilà, you have it! Offer ends 5/21/2020 at 10:00 PM.
  14. Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel [TCG] First ever release date: January 24, 2019 GAME RULES Each player begins the game with 4000 LP (Life Points) Each player starts the game with 4 cards in the starting hand The Main Deck size is 20 to 30 cards 5 cards maximum size in the Extra Deck Each player has 1 Skill Card that they place near the Dueling field at the start of the Duel. Skill Card’s effects do not use the chain Extra Deck monsters can be placed in the Main Monster Zone (there are no Extra Monster Zones on the field) Each player has 3 Main Monster Zones, 3 Spell and Trap Zones, 1 Field Zone and a Graveyard. There is no Main Phase 2, so remember to set any Spells or Traps you want to use before you enter your Battle Phase! The first player doesn’t draw on their first turn, the hand size limit is 6. Both players can have an active Field Spell Card and a maximum of 3 copies of any card with the same name in both the Main Deck and the Extra Deck. (For those familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, you'll recognise those rules) CARD RULES Existing Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards CANNOT be used in this format. However, the Speed Duel cards (with the exception of Skill Cards) may be used in a proper Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG format duel. Speed Duel cards have a holographic "SPEED DUEL" text across the info box of the card. Skill Cards relate to a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise with that character being shown on the back, and the card effect on the front. The first set of cards released are the Starter Decks, totalling roughly 120 unique cards. These decks are Destiny Masters and Duelists of Tomorrow. Each starter deck contains 3 smaller smarter decks (for a total of 6) usually with 20 cards, 3 extra special variant cards (like Amazoness Village) and 9 Skill Cards (3 per character). Destiny Masters focuses on Yugi, Pegasus and Ishizu, while Duelists of Tomorrow has decks for Joey, Kaiba and Mai. The first Booster Pack, Arena of Lost Souls, releases on March 29th containing 50 new cards - including three skill cards for Bonz. Each pack contains 4 cards. More pre-constructed decks and booster packs will be released in the future. CARD LISTINGS Starter Decks: Destiny Masters 24 January 2019 A Cat of Ill Omen Black Illusion Ritual Blast Held by a Tribute Blue Dragon Summoner Dark Magic Attack Dark Magician Girl Dark Magician Dark Rabbit Double Coston Feral Imp Gravekeeper's Assailant Gravekeeper's Cannonholder Gravekeeper's Chief Gravekeeper's Curse Gravekeeper's Oracle Gravekeeper's Priestess Gravekeeper's Recruiter Gravekeeper's Shaman Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier Gravekeeper's Stele Gravekeeper's Vassal Hidden Temples of Necrovalley Jar of Greed Legion the Fiend Jester Lightforce Sword Magic Jammer Magician's Circle Mimicat Parrot Dragon Relinquished Riryoku Rite of Spirit Rogue Doll Sage's Stone Sebek's Blessing Seven Tools of the Bandit Shard of Greed Sword of Deep-Seated The Eye of Truth The Golden Apples The Stern Mystic Thousand Knives Toon Alligator Toon Defense Toon Masked Sorcerer Toon Mermaid Toon Rollback Toon Summoned Skull Toon Table of Contents Toon World Tribute Doll Wild Tornado Wonder Wand Yami Starter Decks: Duelists of Tomorrow 24 January 2019 Alligator's Sword Dragon Alligator's Sword Amazoness Archers Amazoness Chain Master Amazoness Heirloom Amazoness Sage Amazoness Swords Woman Amazoness Village Baby Dragon Battle Ox Birdface Blue-Eyes White Dragon Burst Stream of Destruction Champion's Vigilance Copycat Cost Down Cyber Shield Dicephoon Dragon's Rebirth Elegant Egotist Flame Manipulator Flame Swordsman Fusion Gate Gearfried the Iron Knight Graceful Dice Harpie Lady 1 Harpie Lady 2 Harpie Lady 3 Harpie Lady Sisters Harpies' Hunting Ground Interdimensional Matter Transporter Kaibaman Kunai with Chain Legendary Sword Little-Winguard Lord of D. Luster Dragon #2 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman Meteor Dragon Mountain Polymerization Red-Eyes B. Dragon Red-Eyes Spirit Ryu-Kishin Powered Shadow of Eyes Skull Dice Sogen Sonic Shooter Spirit Ryu Stamping Destruction Stray Lambs The Flute of Summoning Dragon Thousand Dragon Time Wizard Trap Jammer Triangle Ecstasy Spark Twin-Headed Behemoth Tyrant Dragon Windstorm of Etaqua Arena of Lost Souls 29 March 2019 Arcana Knight Joker Jack's Knight King's Knight Queen's Knight Sphere Kuriboh Twister SKILL LISTINGS Starter Decks: Destiny Masters 24 January 2019 Destiny Draw Yami Yugi/Skill If you lose 2000 or more LP, you can activate this Skill during your next Draw Phase. During your Draw Phase, you may search your Deck for any card, reveal it to your opponent, and add it to your hand instead of drawing. If you do that, flip this card over. Final Draw Yami Yugi/Skill Activate this Skill during your Main Phase. Once per turn, during your turn, you may place a counter on this Skill. If it has 3 or more counters when you would draw a card, you may search your Deck for any card and add it to your hand instead. At the end of the turn you use this Skill, you lose the Duel. Gravekeeper’s Lot Ishizu/Skill If you lose 1800 or more LP, you can activate this Skill during your next Draw Phase. During your Draw Phase, you may search your Deck for a “Gravekeeper’s” card, reveal it to your opponent, and add it to your hand instead of drawing. If you do that, flip this card over. It's a Toon's World! Pegasus/Skill/Continuous Spell Card This card is treated as “Toon World”. Millennium Eye Pegasus/Skill At the start of the Duel, look at your opponent’s opening hand. You may choose to have that player shuffle their hand into their Deck and draw a new hand. (If both players use a Skill at the same time, the Turn player resolves their Skill first.) Millennium Necklace Ishizu/Skill At the start of the opponent’s turn, before they draw, you may look at the top 3 cards of their Deck and rearrange them in any order. This Skill can only be used once per Duel. Mind Scan Pegasus/Skill Power of Dark Yami Yugi/Skill/Field Spell All Fiend and Spellcaster monsters on the field gain 200 ATK/DEF, also all Fairy monsters on the field lose 200 ATK/DEF. Prescience Ishizu/Skill If your opponent’s LP is more than twice your LP, activate this Skill. You may look at the top card of both your and your opponent’s Deck at any time. Starter Decks: Duelists of Tomorrow 24 January 2019 Aroma Strategy Mai/Skill You may look at the top card of your Deck at any time. Beatdown! Kaiba/Skill If you control a Level 5 or higher monster, you can activate this Skill. All monsters you currently control gain 300 ATK for each Level 5 or higher monster you control. At the end of your turn, flip this card over. Dragon Caller Kaiba/Skill Once per Duel, you can use 1 of the following Skills. • If you successfully Normal Summon “Lord of D.”, add 1 “The Flute of Summoning Dragon” from your Deck or GY to your hand. • Reveal “The Flute of Summoning Dragon” from your hand, then add 1 “Lord of D.” from your Deck or GY to your hand. Flight of the Harpies Mai/Skill If you lose 1800 or more LP, you can activate this Skill during your next Draw Phase. During your Draw Phase, you may search your Deck for a “Harpie” card, reveal it to your opponent, and add it to your hand instead of drawing. If you do that, flip this card over. Grit Joey/Skill At the start of your turn, call 2 numbers and roll a six-sided die. If you roll a number you called, your LP do not get lower than 1 until the end of your opponent's next turn. This Skill can only be used once per Duel. Last Gamble Joey/Skill At the start of the 5th turn, activate this Skill (count both players' turns). During your Main Phase, you can reduce your LP to 100 and discard 2 cards from your hand. Roll a six-sided die and draw cards equal to the result. This Skill can only be used once per Duel. Pal-O’Mine-zation! Joey/Skill During your turn, you may reveal 1 Normal Monster in your hand. This turn, that Monster can substitute for any 1 Fusion Material. If you do, the other Fusion Material(s) must be the correct one(s). This Skill can only be used once per Duel. Peak Performance Kaiba/Skill/Field Spell Card All Dragon, Winged Beast, and Thunder monsters on the field gain 200 ATK/DEF. Tribal Synergy Mai/Skill If you have an “Amazoness” monster and a “Harpie” monster in your hand, reveal them and draw 1 card. If you control an “Amazoness” monster and a “Harpie” monster, draw 2 cards. Each of these Skills can only be used once per Duel.
  15. Anyone plays? Game is so simple yet so fun and addictive! If you play then post screenshots of some of the weirdest/funniest things that happened to you
  16. Miss Show Business

    Video Game

    I feel like this might get no replies but I'll take my chances Has anyone been playing the new Mario Kart Tour mobile game Nintendo recently released? I've been HOOKED. The controls are so confusing at first but once you learn them it's easy It also has alot of features for free, un-paid users.
  17. Habbo was so iconic in 2004. Aaah, the nostalgia... Being 6 years old; pretending to be a grown 12 year old; courting virtuals who had their ASL set like 13/f/ca; taking them out on e-dates and then after a 5 minute excursion to the club or restaurant, we head back to a random room with a mode furniture double bed and begin our romantic exchanges of "uuuhhhh", "ooooooohhh" and "fuck yeahs" across our computers which required dial up internet. Habbo was the breeding ground for most of the high profile trolls we see flourish on social media today. Tbh even til this day I always ask my faves if they played it when they go on livestreams lmao... But what's your user if you do/did play Habbo? What were your Habbo experiences?
  18. So I've been replaying some NES games and I thought maybe we could use a thread here about retro games in general. Discuss any favorites of yours, your collection, special games you own, hardest games you've beaten, whatever. @LittleDudeNT5 @Jake @rose @Dan @Hylia