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  1. Tracklist: 1. Frontline - 5:39 2. Waitin - 3:15 3. Take Me Apart - 4:02 4. Enough 5:09 5. Jupiter - 2:05 6. Better - 4:26 7. LMK - 3:38 8. Truth or Dare - 4:12 9. S.O.S. - 2:22 10. Blue Light - 3:36 11. Onanon - 4:31 12. Turn To Dust - 4:29 13. Bluff - 1:12 14. Altadena - 5:10
  2. Title Meaning of LifeRelease date October 27, 2017Label Atlantic RecordsGenre(s) Soul popProducer(s) Craig Calvin (exec.), Greg Kurstin, Monarch, Nick Ruth, Mick Schultz & Jesse Shatkin Confirmed tracks All songs listed below are believed tracks for Meaning of Life Love So Soft Move You
  3. In 2016, Paloma announced that she was working on her fourth studio album, whose title was then supposed to be There's More To Life Than Love. Today, that was recanted, as Paloma made two announcements. The first of the two was that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Leyman Lahcine. The second was the new title and projected date for the fourth album's release: The Architect and 2017, after the birth of her child. In an interview with BBC Radio 2 on September 1st, 2017, Paloma premiered the first single "Crybaby" and discussed tracks from the album. The title track, "The Architect" is about Mother Nature singing to humanity as a whole and expressing her disappointment. Paloma also said that one of her major inspirations for the album was Marvin Gaye's album "What's Going On", which discussed the Vietnam War. She claimed that she wants to discuss world events of the moment, partly as a means of expression for her child and because "someone needs to". The album's release date was confirmed for November 17th, 2017 in the same interview. Tracklist: 1. Evolution (feat. Samuel L Jackson) 2. The Architect 3. Guilty 4. Crybaby 5. I'll Be Gentle (feat. John Legend) 6. Politics of Hope (feat. Owen Jones) 7. Kings and Queens 8. Surrender 9. Warrior 10. 'Til I'm Done 11. Lost and Lonely 12. Still Around 13. Pawns (feat. Baby N'Sola, Janelle Martin & Naomi Miller) 14. WW3 15. Love Me as I Am Deluxe Edition: 16. Power to the Peaceful 17. Tonight's Not The Only Night 18. My Body 19. Price of Fame Likely outtakes: Avalanche Breaking Point Fooled Gold & Glitter Me and My Baby Money Mothers & Daughters Protect You Shatter Shout It Out Sirens Skin I'm In So What Substitute Tired Too Late Toy Why Do Eye Wild Wild Things Woman to Woman You You, Me and the End of the World 6 Feet Down
  4. Album

    Tracklist First Single - Praying Timeline (2017) Interviews Rumored Songs and Lyrics Recent Looks Old Information:
  5. Confirmed Facts: Pharrell is a producer. The album has been worked on since before Dangerous Woman was even released. Ariana has stated that the album is nearly finished. None of the snippets she teased will make it on to the album. Ariana wants only 10 songs on the album. Wants to sound more like Whitney and Mariah. Rumors: Lead single will premiere at the Grammy's where Ariana will perform. March 30, 2018 release date Rumored Songs: I've Heard It Both Ways
  6. Official Tracklist: 1. Love {4:39} 2. Lust For Life (feat. The Weeknd) {4:24} 3. 13 Beaches {4:56} 4. Cherry {3:01} 5. White Mustang {2:45} 6. Summer Bummer (feat. A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti) {4:13} 7. Groupie Love (feat. A$AP Rocky) {4:45} 8. In My Feelings {3:59} 9. Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind {4:18} 10. God Bless America - And All The Beautiful Women In It {4:36} 11. When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing {4:36} 12. Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems (feat. Stevie Nicks) {4:14} 13. Tomorrow Never Came (feat. Sean Ono Lennon) {5:08} 14. Heroin {5:54} 15. Change {5:21} 16. Get Free {5:34} Total Length: 1 hour, 9 minutes, 3 seconds Other recorded tracks: Architecture Roses Bloom For You Yosemite Lust For Life (Solo Demo) Tomorrow Never Came (Solo Demo) Something Real (13 Beaches Demo) Beautiful People (Solo Demo) Groupie Love (feat. A$AP Rocky) [Demo w/alternate Rocky verse] Malibu (Get Free Demo) Probable producers/collaborators: Emile Haynie Rick Nowels Kieron Menzies Dean Reid Benny Blanco The Weeknd Sean Lennon Max Martin Stevie Nicks A$AP Rocky Boi-1da Playboi Carti An acronym, "SR", was noted. A lyric from this song is "You took the [SR]", with the acronym enumerated in the actual lyric. This track was apparently recorded for inclusion on a soundtrack and will not be a part of the album's tracklist. On February 17th, the song thought to be titled "Young and In Love" was leaked in full and revealed by posters placed around Los Angeles to be simply titled "Love". On February 18th, the track was released as the lead single of the album. Variance reported on February 18th that the album would include collaborations with multiple artists and that it was more upbeat and made "for the fans". On February 20th, she confirmed in an Instagram livestream to promote the drop of the video for Love that the album has "retro sensibility with a futuristic flair". During a phone interview with BBC Radio One on February 20th, she said that "Love" is a good indicator of the sound of the album as a whole. On February 24th, Lana did an interview with BBC Radio Two. She was at a rehearsal space with The Last Shadow Puppets member Miles Kane and confirmed that the two of them had been writing together, for an unspecified project, unlikely to be this album. On March 19th, Father John Misty confirmed on Twitter that he has not collaborated with Lana for the album. On March 27th, a new song was registered on ASCAP: "Lust For Life", featuring The Weeknd. On March 29th, the album trailer was posted, confirming the album title as "Lust For Life". On April 18th, the Dazed Magazine interview was released, confirming a song titled "Tomorrow Never Came" featuring Sean Lennon. Courtney Love also confirmed that she had not collaborated with Lana for the record. On April 26th, it was confirmed by Pitchfork that Stevie Nicks contributed to writing a song on the album. On May 11th, a song titled "God Bless America" was confirmed by Lana's interview with Elle Magazine. On May 13th, the Arabic music streaming service Anghami announced a soon-to-be-released track titled "Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind". On May 15th, Lana's interview with Flaunt Magazine confirmed the titles "When The World Was At War, We Kept Dancing" and "Beautiful People (feat. Stevie Nicks)". On May 17th, Lana's interview with Paris Match magazine confirmed that the album would be released on July 21st, 2017. A song titled "13 Beaches" was also confirmed to exist, though it wasn't explicitly stated to be on the album. On May 18th, Lana posted rehearsal footage of herself dancing while a snippet of a new track played in the background. The title of this song is not yet confirmed, though it does not seem to be one of the songs whose titles was already known. On May 20th, Lana performed a new track titled "Cherry" at KROQ's Weenie Roast festival. On May 24th, Lana tweeted, confirming the album release date of July 21st, 2017. On May 27th, Lana confirmed in an interview with the BBC that Lust For Life is 18 tracks long. On June 2nd, Lana previewed a song featuring Playboi Carti, A$AP Rocky and Boi-1da on Instagram. This song was believed to be titled "Daisy Chains", but is actually titled "Summer Bummer". On June 3rd, Lana shared a clip of a song written in March titled "Roses Bloom For You", which did not make the cut on Lust For Life. On June 8th, Lana posted another snippet of a new track on Instagram, titled "White Mustang". On June 10th, Lana posted one more snippet of a new track on Instagram of a song titled "Change". On June 12th, Lana posted a further clip of the track "Change". On June 22nd, several retailers posted a 16-track listing for Lust For Life. On June 23rd, Shazam started recognizing snippets that Lana had previously posted, confirming that the 16-track listing from the previous day was real. On June 27th, Lana posted a snippet of the studio version of "Cherry". On June 30th, Lana announced on Twitter that the pre-order for the album would be available on July 12th, along with two new tracks. On July 5th, track lengths were posted on several music databases. On July 6th, it was confirmed that the two new tracks set to come with the Lust For Life pre-order are Groupie Love (feat. A$AP Rocky) and Summer Bummer (feat. A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti). On July 12th, the Lust For Life pre-order went up, along with a live premiere of Groupie Love and Summer Bummer on Apple Music's Beats 1 radio. On July 13th, the French hip-hop website Masilia2007 posted an 8 minute track consisting of 30 second snippets from each of the tracks on the album.
  7. produced by St.Vincent and Jack Antonoff 1) Hang on Me 2) Pills 3) Masseduction 4) Sugarboy 5) Los Ageless 6) Happy Birthday, Johnny 7) Savior 8) New York 9) Fear The Future 10) Young Lover 11) Dancing with a Ghost 12) Slow Disco 13) Smoking Section
  8. Lily has been posting LQ snippets galore recently Possible songs: Family Man The Fourth Wall Never Meant To Break Your Heart Who (feat. Lady Chan) Your Choice (feat. Burna Boy) You're Onto Me (There's more that accompany snippets) More info I stole from here There's also this...
  9. Album

    Lol u never know with this cunt, but apparently an album is coming in 2018
  10. Track list: 01 Beautiful Trauma 02 Revenge 03 Whatever You Want 04 What About Us 05 But We Lost It 06 Barbies 07 Where We Go 08 For Now 09 Secrets 10 Better Life 11 I Am Here 12 Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken 13 You Get My Love
  11. Album

  12. Title Dua Lipa Release date February 10, 2017 Genre Pop, Alternative, Indie, Dance Label Warner Brothers Records Songwriters Andrew Wyatt, Lucy Taylor, Talay Riley, Chelcee Grimes, Karen Poole, Laura Dockrill, Sarah Hudson, Camille Purcell, Noonie Bao, Emily Warren, JHart, Iain James, Ed Drewett & Lindy Robbins TRACK-LIST 1. Genesis 2. Last Dance 3. Hotter Than Hell 4. Be the One 5. IDGAF 6. Blow Your Mind (Mwah) 7. New Love 8. No Goodbyes 9. Thinking 'Bout You 10. Room For 2 11. Lost In Your Light (feat. Miguel) 12. Bad Together 13. Garden of Eden 14. Dreams 15. New Rules 16. Begging Me 17. Homesick SINGLES New Love August 21, 2015 Dua Lipa x | x | x Be the One October 30, 2015 Digital Farm Animals & Lucy Taylor x | x | x | x | x | x Last Dance February 9, 2016 Dua Lipa, Stephen "Koz" Kozmeniuk & Talay Riley x | x | x | x Hotter Than Hell May 6, 2016 Dua Lipa, Gerard O'Connell, Tommy Baxter & Adam Midgley x | x | x | x Blow Your Mind (Mwah) August 26, 2016 Thoughts, expectations?
  13. It seems likely the lead will be coming in January, which means that the album will come Spring. THREADS WITH INFO: Info: She's in talks to sign with BMG UK. Update Feb 1 - The deal is officially signed (See Here) She wants to do a pop album. However she'd like the music to be a little "Gloomy" She posted that she is in the studio April 8 (Insta) April 13 (Insta) and April 14th (Insta) Kylie and the label want to make a "great, big, classic Kylie pop record." The album will likely be out before the end of 2017. Kylie confirmed she is working with Biffco. They have worked with her on many tracks before including hits such as Love At First Sight and In Your Eyes Recently Commented “I’ve started a new album. It’s been so rewarding and such a good tonic to be back in the studio. “It’s my 30th year in music and it feels fresh, exciting. I can’t wait to finish it and share with everyone.” Anything else? Let's speculate Kylie Minogue working on heartbreak album Kylie Minogue is working on a new album, inspired by her recent heartbreak. [...] "I'm busy in the studio working on a new album. I'm so excited," Minogue said in Sydney. [...] The singer will let the music do the talking, admitting the album will be inspired by the last few months. "Yes, in fact, slightly, it's been an interesting few months but fantastic for moving forward creatively and, funnily enough, I feel like I just want to spread the love so that's what the album's going to be about," she said. The singer recently signed a new recording deal with BMG, having released her last 12 albums in the UK through Parlophone. [...] "It feels like it's been a while and I've signed with a new label, fantastic, fantastic fresh new energy. I know what I want to do, I know it's the right partnership and there's a part of my brain that's constantly assessing the songs we've already recorded, or thinking about what we want to do next, so I'm looking forward to a busy few months ahead, but very exciting times," she said. http://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/kylie-minogue-working-on-heartbreak-album/news-story/d84d0fdf0522151d07ee3ab833a60c57
  14. Album

    Would you guys like to hear a similar sound or style of music on LG6 as "The Cure"? I would not mind it. I heard The Cure on the radio today and it was definitely radio ready. I would like to hear something similar on LG6 but more innovated and different. Any other types of music or styles that she could revisit? The Fame style groove was awesome too.
  15. katy.to/witness track list: 1: Witness 2: Hey Hey Hey 3: Roulette 4: Swish Swish (ft Nicki Minaj) 5: Déjà Vu 6: Power 7: Mind Maze 8: Miss You More 9: Chained To The Rhythm (ft Skip Marley) 10: Tsunami 11: Bon Appétit (ft Migos) 12: Bigger Than Me 13: Save As Draft 14: Pendulum 15: Into Me You See
  16. The MTV Unplugged live album is available for pre-order here -- the full track list below. 1. "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" 2. "Ruin" 3. "Stitches" 4. "Three Empty Words" 5. "Patience" 6. "Bad Reputation" 7. "Don't Be A Fool" 8. "Roses" 9. "Mercy" 10. "Never Be Alone" 11. "Use Somebody/ Treat You Better" Source: Billboard
  17. Charlie's album is available for pre order and releases Jan 18 https://twitter.com/charlieputh/status/915997923204354048 Does this not embed tweets?
  18. Discussion

    Please do not argue if you haven't listened to all of them. The very 1st album Madonna gave us was "You Can Dance" in 1987, IMO this is the superior one, the track list is perfect and the remixes ares so good. it's a cute album, IT GAVE US SPOTLIGHT, and I love "progressive" albums. Then we have Remixed Prayers GHV2 REMIXED (An album full of bops) Remixed and Revisted Confessions Remixed Which one do you like more?
  19. x Tracklist: 1. Shout Out To My Ex 2. Touch ft. Kid Ink 3. Reggaetón Lento (Remix) [CNCO & Little Mix] 4. F.U. 5. Power ft. Stormzy 6. No More Sad Songs ft. Machine Gun Kelly 7. Oops ft. Charlie Trump Supporter 8. You Gotta Not 9. Down & Dirty 10. Your Love 11. Nobody Like You 12. Private Show 13. Nothing Else Matters 14. If I Get My Way 15. Is Your Love Enough? 16. Dear Lover
  20. Lead single: ’71 Charger Registered/Rumored Songs: Jupiter Drive (Unlikely) Dumpster (Unlikely) Love Me America I Hate The Way I Love You Innuendo Generation Let Me In
  21. Just officially announced on her social medias!