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  1. A little over two years since the Queens rapper dropped her third studio album The Pinkprint (which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and hit the top of the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart), her loyal fans -- The Kingdom -- have been craving another set. Nicki said that she can't wait to see her fans react to her upcoming fourth album, adding, "I know it's going to be my best body of work ... That's next on my bucket list -- to deliver my fourth album and make sure that it's a classic hip-hop album that people will never forget." In a recent interview Nicki announced that she had scrapped the 3 pack of singles she released back in March which were No Frauds, Regret In Your Tears, & Changed It. On April 10th, she announced the release of her 2 singles Barbie Tingz & Chun-Li. During Instagram live, she announced the date change of her album, Queen. Which will now be coming in August 10th instead of June 15th. SINGLES: Released: April 12th, 2018
  2. Urbanov


    Oh wow oh my fucking wow
  3. Release Date July or August 2018 Genre Pop, R&B Label Republic Records TRACKLIST 1. Raindrops God Is A Woman No Tears Left To Cry The Light Is Coming R.E.M. Sweetener Get Well Soon SINGLES No Tears Left To Cry April 20, 2018 Single Thread
  4. His manager mentioned it in a Billboard interview: Yup, a new album from Shawn Mendes is coming! In an interview with Billboard, Shawn’s manager, Andrew Gertler, said the album “will probably come out at some point next year. We don’t know when yet.” Can you believe this will be Shawn’s 3rd album – already?! Gertler also mentioned that Shawn “wants this album to be what allows him to be accepted as an artist and a songwriter and to be a household name in that sense”, adding that Shawn “started with just him and an acoustic guitar on stage; he’s [since] put a great band together. He very much, I think, sees his future path as being a great frontman, and I think that ‘Holdin’ Me Back’ is a good indication of where it’s going to go. It’s exciting.” Single#1 Promo Single#1 Promo Single#2/Possible Single#2
  5. garrettgivre


    Tracklist First Single - Praying Timeline (2017) Interviews Rumored Songs and Lyrics Recent Looks Old Information:
  6. Rebel Bitch


    It's time for the official thread now when things started to happen Madonna teases new music on her instagram Madonna was photographed while she was leaving a recording studio in London today (January 17 2018) Pinn this thread pls @Lachlan @Onika
  7. TRACKLIST: 1. Liberation 2. Searching For Maria 3. Maria 4. Sick of Sittin' 5. Dreamers 6. Fall In Line (Feat. Demi Lovato) 7. Right Moves (Feat. Keida & Shenseea) 8. Like I Do 9. Deserve 10. Twice 11. I Don't Need It Anymore (Interlude) 12. Accelerate (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & 2 Chainz) 13. Pipe 14. Masochist 15. Unless It's With You Music Videos:
  8. Introduction Good Friends Big Bushy Mustache Sad Song Backwards Everything I'll Ever Need All for What S.O.B. Creep City The Bruiser Clothes Off Palace in the Sky Mississippi Delta (I'm Your Man) 1st single is CREEP CITY - will post the video/official audio when is out - IT IS on iTunes PRE - ORDER. - > http://smarturl.it/JakeShears August the 10th
  9. http://people.com/food/britney-spears-food-cravings-exercise-routine/
  10. http://smarturl.it/GF_OCEAN Silver Eye: Deluxe Edition is a two-disc set featuring new artwork and a bonus disc of remixes and alternate versions, including a new version of Ocean featuring Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode and a previously unreleased remix of Anymore from the band’s Will Gregory. CD1 Anymore
 Become The One
 Faux Suede Drifter Zodiac Black 
Beast That Never Was
 Everything Is Never Enough
 Moon In Your Mouth
 Ocean CD2 Ocean (Feat. Dave Gahan) Anymore (Will Gregory’s Don’t Stop Now Remix) Everything Is Never Enough (Video Mix) Anymore (Joe Goddard Remix) Systemagic (Ralphi Rosario Lunar Eclipse Mix) Anymore (Whatever/Whatever Remix by Justin Strauss & Bryan Mette
) Everything Is Never Enough (Chris Liebing Burn Slow Remix) Anymore (Ralphi Rosario Remix)
  11. New Album Cover Official Tracklist 01. "The Way I Am" -3:06 02. "Attention" - 3:28 03. "LA Girls" - 3:17 04. "How Long"- 3:20 05. "Done For Me" (featuring Kehlani) - 3:00 06. "Patient" - 3:10 07. "If You Leave Me Now" (featuring Boyz II Men) - 4:03 08. "Boy" -4:23 09. "Slow It Down" - 3:10 10. "Change" (featuring James Taylor) 3:37 11. "Somebody Told Me" - 3:36 12. "Empty Cups" 2:51 13. "Through It All" - 3:26
  12. The album that helped me accept my being gay, and honestly changed my life. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years already. Come celebrate this masterpiece
  13. 7th original album, will contain the theme song for "KINGDOM HEARTS III" with Chikai (Don't Think Twice in English). 01. Play a Love Song 02. あなた (Anata) 03. 初恋 (Hatsukoi) 04. 誓い (Chikai) 05. Forevermore 06. Too Proud (featuring Jevon) 07. Good Night 08. パクチーの唄 (Pakuchii no Uta) 09. 残り香 (Nokoriga) 10. 大空で抱きしめて (Oozora de Dakishimete) 11. 夕凪 (Yuunagi) 12. 嫉妬されるべき人生 (Shittosarerubeki Jinsei) Snippets to songs below: http://www.utadahikaru.jp/music/album/title_16.html
  14. Track list: 01 Beautiful Trauma 02 Revenge 03 Whatever You Want 04 What About Us 05 But We Lost It 06 Barbies 07 Where We Go 08 For Now 09 Secrets 10 Better Life 11 I Am Here 12 Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken 13 You Get My Love
  15. According to a fan on ATRL who attended her show in Milan, Lana confirmed an album was on the way and to watch out for new music. She said the album will sound a lot like Change from Lust for Life, but we don't know if she means sonically, or production wise. Thoughts, trials and tribulations? Give them to me! hi i'm the source
  16. Singles Cry Pretty April 11, 2018
  17. Title Meaning of LifeRelease date October 27, 2017Label Atlantic RecordsGenre(s) Soul popProducer(s) Craig Calvin (exec.), Greg Kurstin, Monarch, Nick Ruth, Mick Schultz & Jesse Shatkin Confirmed tracks All songs listed below are believed tracks for Meaning of Life Love So Soft Move You
  18. Lenny Kravitz is set to release his 11th studio album, Raise Vibration, on Sept. 7. The news arrived with the first single, "It's Enough," which a press release describes as a "a tense, decisive rumination on the global state of affairs today." “People are standing up," Kravitz noted. "I’ve had enough of racism. I‘ve had enough of war. I’ve had enough of the destruction of the environment and the greed and dishonesty of world leaders. We’ve got to get back on track towards moving forward through higher understanding.” Kravitz premiered the song's video on Facebook, complete with a warning that it was "graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers." The eight-minute-clip contains news footage of, among other things, police brutality, animal abuse and white supremacists, as well as demonstrations against all of those issues. Musically, Kravitz channels his inner Curtis Mayfield as he runs off a litany of topical issues. 1. "We Can Get It All Together" 2. "Low" 3. "Who Really Are the Monsters?" 4. "Raise Vibration" 5. "Johnny Cash" 6. "Here to Love" 7. "It's Enough" 8. "5 More Days 'Til Summer" 9. "The Majesty of Love" 10. "Gold Dust" 11. "Ride" 12. "I'll Always Be Inside Your Soul"
  19. Liberation 02. Searching For Maria 03. Maria 04. Sick Of Sittin' 05. Dreamers 06. Fall In Line feat Demi Lovato 07. Right Moves feat Keida and Shenseea !!!!08. Like I Do feat Goldlink 09. Deserve 10. Twice 11. I Don't Need It Anymore (Interlude) 12. Accelerate feat Ty Dollar Sign& 2 Chainz !!!!!13. Pipe feat XNDA 14. Masochist 15. Unless It's With You
  20. Mr. "Legend" Gorgeous


    Welcome FOTPters to another rate! Britney stans, I hope you're ready for your Circus.mp3 LIKE YOU WOULD? So, basically The Circus Circus is the sixth studio album by American singer Britney Spears. It was released on November 28, 2008 through Jive Records. Looking to transition from her "darker and more urban" fifth studio album Blackout(2007), Spears wanted to make her next project "a little bit lighter".(Yet become ICONIC as the previous album) It debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200with first-week sales of over 505,000 copies, making it her fifth album to reach the top of the chart. Four singles were released from the album, two of which became international hits. Its lead single "Womanizer" peaked atop the US Billboard Hot 100 and registered as the largest jump to the top of the chart at the time after debuting at number ninety-six. It became Spears's best-selling song in the country since "...Baby One More Time", and received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Dance Recording at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards (2010). The second and third singles "Circus" and "If U Seek Amy" peaked at numbers three and nineteen in the country, respectively. Consequentially, Circus became Spears's second album after her debut effort ...Baby One More Time (1999) to have two top-ten singles and three top-twenty singles, also being her first to have two top-five singles in the United States along with five charting songs on the Billboard Hot 100. Enough chit-chat! The Rules PM your scores You can give only one 11 and 0 I'd love to see your commentaries,hunnies NO TROLLING, I'm serious or your scores will be banned from my rate Have fun and enjoy the shook places and such stuff Deadline is 16th February You betta listen! Tracklist: 1.Womanizer 2.Circus 3.Out From Under 4.Kill The Lights 5.Shattered Glass 6.If U Seek Amy 7.Unusual You 8.Blur 9.Mmm Papi 10.Mannequin 11.Lace and Leather 12.My Baby 13.Radar(Standard Bonus Track) 14.Amnesia(UK and Japanese Bonus Track) 15.Rock Boy(iTunes/Spotify/Musicload Bonus Track) 16.Rock Me In(Deluxe Bonus Track) 17.Phonography(Deluxe Bonus Track) 18.Trouble(French Amazon Deluxe Bonus Track) 19.Quicksand(European iTunes Deluxe Bonus Track) Have fun,womanizers! Tags: