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Found 3 results

  1. #10. Leafeon A bit low for an eeveelution but the grass-type eeveelution makes it on this list at #10. Grass is my 3rd favorite type, but I do feel like the type itself just deteriorated after the first two gens. Is Leafeon a bad design? Not quite, but it doesn't live up to the five that came before (except maybe Flareon). It also doesn't help that Leafeon looks like an inferior version of what's coming next. #9. Shaymin This little cutie ends up here at #9. For obvious reasons, I've never used a Shaymin during my playthroughs but with 100 base all around, it's fair to say, it plays like Celebi and Mew for in-game. The design of the original Shaymin is rather boring to say the least, albeit cute, but what is really stunning is the Sky Forme; picking up a fairy typing, impressive ability and expansive base stat in Special Attack and Speed. Not to mention, it's design is what Leafeon should have been. Look at this thing, it's purely wonderful. #8. Bellossom Bellossom comes from one of my favorite Grass-type lines; the Oddish line. Unfortunately, while losing her poison typing, Bellossom also just loses it in general. It's still slightly adorable and decent enough I suppose, but that 50 speed is extremely lacking; and while Vileplume suffers from a similar curse, Vileplume has the offensive capabilities to back itself up. Bellossom just feels weak. A nice design but weak. #7. Victreebel I was always under the impression that Victreebel was simply a Physical attacker, but apparently this is untrue as it's Special Attack stat is only 5 points lower than the Attack stat. Victreebel brings back fond memories of the anime for me; where it would constantly attack James with it's venus-fly-trap like body. Maybe it's not the best in-game Pokemon, and I haven't used one yet because I've always been #TeamVileplume, but it's a great Pokemon overall. #6. Tropius This is a really bad Pokemon. It just is. With 51 speed, 68 attack and 72 special attack, Tropius isn't going to be at all useful in game. Not to mention, it has a tragic movepool as well, for the most part and cannot utilise itself properly. A mega evolution focusing more on attack than defense would be a good touch. But if it's so bad, why is it here? Because that design. So majestic. So powerful-looking (even if it isn't powerful at all). A beautiful design and always one of my favorite Grass types. A shame I can't use one since they're so bad. #5. Roserade Going from one of the worst battlers to one of the best. Roserade is fucking powerful. Boasting a massive 125 special attack stat, and for a grass type; impressive 90 speed, Roserade sure knows how to work her stuff. She's also a beautiful Pokemon design. The only flaw is her technician ability which seems redundant when the majority of her moves have over 60 in power, and it would only be useful for a powered up never-missing Magical Leaf or Hidden Power. However Natural Cure and Poison Point can work well too in game. #4. Venusaur The OG (Olive Garden). And life surely is an olive garden (thanks Pumkin!) with Venusaur around. The original grass starter from the world of Pokemon, and a much better design than the fat lizard and the fatter turtle. Venusaur has long been my favorite of the Kanto starters. It's an all-round great Pokemon both offensively and defensively; being able to use powerful attacks like Petal Dance and Sludge Bomb, and being able to defend and recover with the likes of Sleep Powder and Leech Seed. #3. Meganium Meganium; the Grass-type starter Pokemon from Generation II. Frankly, the best designed Grass starter Pokemon (not that it had any competition from Gen 3's ugly lizard, Gen 4's ugly Venusaur copy or Gen 6's ugly... whatever even is Chesnaught? Honorable mention to Serperior which is actually rather beautiful but didn't make it to this list.) Meganium tops Venusaur in this list, not because of power or defense. Because of the design. However, that design isn't Meganium's alone; more importantly Bayleef. It's actually always a shame to evolve my Bayleef into a Meganium, but it has to be done. Meganium's stats and movepool are both lacking but a Grass / Fairy mega with Moonblast could help fix that. #2. Vileplume Vileplume is an amazing Pokemon. It has a great 110 Special Attack stat and gains moves the likes of Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball, Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed and Moonblast; a move that most other Grass / Poison types are unable to get. Moonblast is only available as a lv43 Oddish in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Vileplume's design has always been rather simplistic but within that lies beauty; an ironic beauty considering its name origins. The only thing holding Vileplume back is her speed stat. My love for Vileplume grew even more in Pokemon X and Y when I caught my first shiny Pokemon in Route 6; Oddish. But if I've been banging on about Vileplume this whole time, then why is she not #1? Well... #1. Celebi I think you already know her name. After coming at #4 on my Psychic-type list, Celebi returns here with a vengeance and claims the top-spot. Celebi obviously is a Grass and Psychic Pokemon, and another of the all-round base 100 event legendaries. Base 100 Speed is especially great for a Grass type considering it's usually what holds many Grass Pokemon back. It's Natural Cure and access to many useufl in-game moves, make it a force to be reckoned with. An absolutely adorable design and there's no other fitting place for it than here.
  2. #10. Malamar Malamar is a Psychic and Dark type Pokemon introduced in the Kalos region. The anime features a group of three evil Malamar abducting and brainwashing Officer Jenny and other humans and Pokemon, in an attempt to take over the world. It is also the evolved form of Inkay; the first Kalos Pokemon caught by Team Rocket. I've never used a Malamar for a full playthrough, but I would love to. Unfortunately their stats aren't up to much, but their backstory and design is just so fascinating. #9. Mew The original event legendary Pokemon ends up here. The mystery of Pokemon; Mew. Does anyone know how Mew came about? Does anyone really know anything about Mew? Honestly, I don't. Mew was the OG. A mysterious but also cute Pokemon with an even 600 BST. An adorable personality but there's just something that doesn't resonate with me. Maybe it's the lack of availability, maybe it's the weak bitch effect when compared to the real Psychic legendary of Gen 1. Maybe the producers of the original game felt the same, since Mew wasn't meant to be in Red and Blue until a late minute change. #8. Girafarig One of the most underrated Psychic type Pokemon to exist. It also has a great Normal typing which gives Girafarig a lovely Ghost-type immunity. I feel like Girafarig could have more to be desired with her base stats, but the use of Sap Sipper could become pretty nice for in-game. I haven't actually used Girafarig in game, bar one or two rare occasions, but I really love the Pokemon design. A beautiful and clean-cut design. #7. Lugia Let me begin by saying Lugia should not even be on this list. This is where having 3 potential typings would come in handy. Lugia is hailed as the beast of the seas and the guardian of whirlpools. There is absolutely no reason why Lugia should not be Water type; apart from a crippling 4x weakness to electric attacks. This could easily be rectified by the use of a primal or mega form with a Water/Flying typing, and a new ability referencing The Power of One; and making Lugia neutral to Ice, Electric and Fire. Let's also take a moment to remember Lugia's song, 'The Power of One'. Lugia is also noteable as his role as XD001 in Gale of Darkness; the powerful ship destroying Shadow Pokemon. #6. Delphox My absolute favorite starter Pokemon of the whole six generations. Generation VI brought Pokemon back to prominence and amazing designs overall; something which the prior 2 (and to an extent 3) generations lacked. An absolute stunner. Yes, it would have been better on four legs, but we already had enough Digimon copying going on in Kalos; the next thing we need is a Kyubimon crossover. Delphox embodies everything I love about Psychic types; powerful and smart, with an element of mystery and evil. Hopefully, she'll receive a mega evolution in the never-coming Pokemon Z! #5. Alakazam An absolute legend. There is a reason Alakazam used to be FEARED. Alakazam is the original trade evolution Pokemon and one of my favorites since the good old days of Pokemon Red and Blue; even if I was never able to actually obtain one and had to stick with good old Kadabra. It's mega evolution in X and Y is extremely frightening with his 175 base Special Attack. Alakazam is given decent coverage from the use of Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam and Energy Ball, outside of Psychic. Charge Beam is also handy in certain team situations to boost Special Attack (especially as an in-game player who doesn't like to use set up moves, i.e. Calm Mind). It's a bit of a shame he can't learn Thunderbolt like Gengar can though. Alakazam is a wise old fool and that's why I adore him. #4. Celebi Such an adorable Pokemon; and for a legendary as well. Celebi was the star of the fourth Pokemon movie, alongside the majestic Suicune. Showing compassion, cuteness and just general beautiful design, this adorable Grass / Psychic combination ends up here. Realistically, there's no way Celebi would go any higher on this list as the top 3 are actually my top 3 favorite Pokemon ever. Celebi is a cute ball of energy and I adore her and always have. It was a great gift alongside Pokemon Bank. #3. Starmie Featuring at the top spot in my Water-Type Pokemon countdown, Starmie ends up here at #3 in the Psychic-Type countdown. It's also my 3rd favorite Pokemon of all time. An amazing in-game Pokemon with very little resistant from any enemy team using the powerful combination of Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt and Psychic. Starmie has just gotten better and better throughout the generations and I pray to Arceus that one day we will have a mega evolution because L'oreal; she's worth it. #2. Espeon "WHAT!" I hear you all shout at your laptop screens as the Pokemon in my avi is not the #1 choice. Espeon is my favorite non-legendary Pokemon, that's for sure, and it's one of the most adorable and cutest Pokemon there is; it's based off a cat after all. If I wanted a pet from the Pokemon world, Espeon would probably be the one. Like all eeveelutions, Espeon is no slouch, but in particular is definitely one of the strongest of them all. With a respectable 130 Special Attack and 110 Speed, Espeon is such a powerful threat all emerging from this little cute cat, and with access to Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam and even recovery in the vein of Morning Sun, Espeon is one to be feared. #1. Mewtwo This really should have been no surprise to anyone. Mewtwo is my ultimate favorite Pokemon and therefore is my favorite Psychic type too. He's such a legendary iCON that he didn't just receive one mega evolution, no, he received TWO. And guess what? He's also the next big star of Pokken Tournament receiving a Shadow Pokemon form there too. Mewtwo is everything that Mew failed to be. Amnesia was so broken in Gen 1, and while not as broken any more, Mewtwo received such a buff in Kalos with the Mewtwonite Y boosting his base Special Attack to a whopping unboosted 194. Just remind everyone who the true Pokemon god is, coz everyone and their grandmother knows it ain't that failed design from Generation Four.
  3. RihannaRTT


    The Official Youtube Pokemon Channel have just announced the #Pokemon20 campaign earlier today. This announcement showed various things to be distributed starting in February. The first and possibly most important mention for everyone is the distribution of all mythical Pokemon, beginning in February. This includes Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and all event legendaries from Generations 4 and 5. Another thing to note is a New 3DS bundle containing a pre-installed Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue from the virtual console, and a cover plate containing artwork of either Charizard or Blastoise. This deal is exclusive currently to the USA, but will most likely be released in Europe (Slightly annoyed that I bought a regular New 3DS only a few months ago). In addition, this video shows information on Pokken Tournament, Pokemon Go and the Pokemon TCG. Watch the full video below!