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  1. @Divine @Raindrops @Barbie @Sweetener @Jake @Royalty @Law @Taylor @Urbanov @Daenerys @Jae @Cosmic Former No Tears Lounge thread names: Hosted By: @Hannah | May 23, 2016 1. Love Me Harder 10. My Everything 2. Problem 11. Best Mistake 3. Break Free 12. Intro 4. Be My Baby 13. Too Close 5. One Last Time 14. Only 1 6. Break Your Heart Right Back 15. Cadillac Song 7. Why Try 16. You Don't Know Me 8. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart 17. Bang Bang 9. Hands On Me Hosted by: @Hannah | June 15, 2016 1. The Way 9. Lovin It 2. Tattooed Heart 10. Piano 3. Baby I 11. Better Left Unsaid 4. Honeymoon Avenue 12. Boyfriend Material 5. Right There 13. Almost Is Never Enough 6. You'll Never Know 14. Popular Song 7. Daydreamin' 15. Put Your Hearts Up 8. Pink Champagne Hosted by: @Hannah | July 19, 2016 1. Into You 10. Let Me Love You 2. Touch It 11. Knew Better / Forever Boy 3. Dangerous Woman 12. Be Alright 4. Side To Side 13. Leave Me Lonely 5. Moonlight 14. Focus 6. Everyday 15. Bad Decisions 7. Thinking Bout You 16. Step On Up 8. Greedy 17. Jason's Song (Gave It Away) 9. Sometimes 18. I Don't Care Hosted By: Hannah | September 9, 2017 1. Touch It 10. Knew Better / Forever Boy 2. Thinking Bout You 11. Focus 3. Into You 12. Let Me Love You 4. Moonlight 13. Leave Me Lonely 5. Side To Side 14. Bad Decisions 6. Dangerous Woman 15. Everyday 7. Greedy 16. Step On Up 8. Be Alright 17. Jason's Song (Gave It Away) 9. Sometimes 18. I Don't Care Hosted by: @Hannah @Luca. & @Hyun. | October 8, 2016 Hosted By: @Hannah & @Hyun. | September 24, 2017
  2. Like the title says: Most: BREATHIN', pete davidson, R.E.M., Sweetener Least: Successful (based off the snippet)
  3. Savage

    Discussion Closure

    Yes "closure". We often forget about it while a relationship is headed to an inevitable end. Some of us do not even attempt to provide closure to others due to variety of reasons which might include fear of rejection, shyness, not having enough motivation to do it, or simply not being able to face how a relationship that you've invested time and effort in is coming to an inevitable end. In this thread, i will try my best to provide just that to many people i've done wrong along the years, so we can all move along with our lives, i've a lot of work to do in here so bear with me guys. First, i've decided that i won't be trying to save myself, explain my reasons for doing what i've done or to point fingers at anybody, because admitting your mistakes is an essential part of growing up, and i'm a grown up. I admit i've done many mistakes in FOTP and i'm hurting because i've hurt others with my insensitive words and stupid actions. Playing with people's emotions have finally caught up to me in the end and i'm not happy with the hurt i've caused to others. No one deserve to be lied to no matter what, i don't understand how i even found the balls to do it for so long, i'd be furious as fuck if someone did me like that, but right now it is not about me, it's about you, you've got to give yourself time to heal (from the hurt i've caused you) and for us to provide closure to each other and move on to do better things in our lives. Second, I've always loved when others were sincere with me and trusted me with their personal stories, i should have done the same no matter how doubtful i was of the consequences of opening up and letting my guard down. I've personally witnessed amazing members in here who conquered their fears and gained their confidence back in marvelous ways, i feel they know who they are already! I just want to tell them that i'm inspired by your strength and power everyday, yes, i know this may sound strange to some, since i've always paraded the notion i'm self-sufficient, and while this might be kinda true for me at 27, but yes, sometimes you need to look up to others and be inspired by them still, even people who are younger than you, so do not stop being your amazing selves no matter what, even if you have others who might have problem with how you express your self and what not. You might not know who's watching you to take notes, because no one, and i repeat, no one has everything figured out really, beginning with me! Third, i know forgiving others might take some time, because you just know your ego wouldn't let you be that quick to forgive easily, you will still feel suspicious, and sometimes you would not even trust the other person again, but it is not of me to hold grudges for so long or not to make the first move to forgive someone or to provide them with enough comfort so we can begin the healing process (after departure), i've always been exceptionally good at it and that's how i kept many life-long friendships in my real life. Even if you won't forgive me for what i've done to you, which is understandable of course, just know i whole-heartedly forgive you, and by the time this post gets posted, my heart, soul and brain will be free from any kind of hate towards anybody. Fourth, i didn't know if i should apologize to each person i've ever hurt in FOTP via PM or in a public post so everyone could see everything i've ever made, but i've decided i'd go with a public post since i feel it's important for me to admit to my mistakes in a public way, the people i've hurt deserve it more than anything. I just don't know where to do it since it might have NHB/PM related info, so dear moderators, please let me know how to properly do it. Time for me to heal all the wounds i've caused. So till i get a reply, i will keep it general and i hope i could cover all the mistakes my stupid ass has made (also let me know if i've done other mistakes beside the ones below!). Now let's get to work, shall we boys and girls? I feel terribly sorry for everyone i've ever shamed their looks. Just know that no one has control over their genetics, but know you are beautiful regardless of anything and what matters the most is in your heart, so keep it clean and free from hate. please forgive me for looks-shaming you, it is just trashy to do so. I feel terribly sorry for everyone i've ever shamed for having a mental illness. Just know that most of mental illnesses happen due to chemical imbalance in the brain, you can't voluntarily control it, so it is stupid for me to use it as a drag while knowing this simple fact, i'm also a doctor, how stupid can that be really! but just know that this will never make you less of a person and i hope you get the better treatment for your case. Please forgive me. I feel terribly sorry for everyone i've ever shamed for their body and how their body looked and what not, and while it happened only once, it will also be included here. Just know that you are more than your body and that no one should ever objectify you based on how your body looks. The most important thing is to be healthy and to enjoy your body in all shapes/sizes since it can do a lot of fun things. Just love your body and handle it with enough care. please forgive me for body-shaming you. I feel terribly sorry for everyone i've ever shamed for what they have chosen to reveal about their journey to explore their sexuality. Just know that i'm still going through the same thing as you and that it is completely normal for you to be confused about many things regardless of your age, again it is a journey and it is okay to not figure it out instantly. I feel awfully sorry for shaming anybody who didn't choose to be born/live in a country where LGBTQ+ rights are non existent. Just know that i live in one which has no idea what a human right looks like, and that lack of basic human rights can affect all of us, whether it was lack of LGBTQ+ rights or otherwise. Trust me it will get better with time and we will all, one day, live in a society free from all kinds of prejudice against minorities like you and me. Please forgive me for being stupid and insensitive to you. I feel terribly sorry for judging others for what they chose to do with their time on FOTP (socializing or otherwise). Just know that you have the freedom to do whatever the fuck you want and no one should tell you what to do with your time here or other places. Please forgive me for being stupid and judgmental of you. I feel terribly sorry for the way i've dealt and handled numerous discussions with some members who might/might not had different opinions than mine. Just know that even if we disagreed on many things, that doesn't mean we can not respect/love each other regardless of anything. I feel terribly sorry for everyone who i have ignored while they needed me with them. Just know that you can always PM me and i will reply to you at a suitable time. please forgive me. I feel terribly sorry for anyone and everyone who is/was disappointed by my actions at any given point in time. I know that mentioning that "i'm a human" who "can always make mistakes" like other humans is cheesy af, but just know that i will try my best to minimize my mistakes from now and on. Now If you've read all the above with an open heart and an open mind, then you're my hero and i will always be here for you just like how you were there for me at some point or another, and even if you won't accept any of it, just know i wish you the absolute best on your future plans/dreams and for us to be kind to each other whenever we cross paths. That's all. I still Love you no matter what. Ahmed.
  4. She must really need the streams to pull that Zara Larson tactic. Ouch
  5. Chris Morlock


    i was browsing Discogs and https://www.discogs.com/Keha-Your-Love-Is-My-Drug-Radio-Edit/release/6891255 what is this
  6. Freaky Prince


    1. Into The Blue 2. Million Miles 3. I Was Gonna Cancel 4. Sexy Love 5. Sexercize 6. Feels So Good 7. If Only 8. Les Sex 9. Kiss Me Once 10. Beautiful 11. Fine 12. Mr. President 13. Sleeping With The Enemy 14. Sparks
  7. Just Whitney


    What are your top five tracks off Queen? Mine in no particular order: Ganja Burn Coco Chanel Majesty Come See About Me/Nip Tuck
  8. Do the FOTP Barbz/Kingdom have taste and can confirm what I just said?
  9. My trinity is: Right Moves, Like I Do, and Pipe What's yours?
  10. Brinty Tips For Gays


    Cake like lady Gaga Cake like lady Gaga Outsold Joanne TBH
  11. Just rank them from best to worst: ...Baby One More Time Oops!... I Did It Again Britney In The Zone Blackout Circus Femme Fatale Britney Jean Glory
  12. Just rank them from best to worst: Kylie Enjoy Yourself Rhythm of Love Let's Get to It Kylie Minogue Impossible Princess Light Years Fever Body Language X Aphrodite Kiss Me Once Golden
  13. Urbanov


    Hey. I saw there's no thread to talk about indie music or latest releases of lower profile/not popular artists. Instead some people like to talk about them in other sections around the board. Why we won't talk about them in one thread instead of being all over the place? Feel free to comment on anything in here that does not relate to popular music! If it gets some traction maybe we could pin it sometime later? Lemme start with Testing being an amazing album. Rocky really fucking did THAT Also Daytona is a perfect short album (EP? ). Isolation still remains an AOTY though with Dirty Computer being slightly behind. I'm taggin all of the indie bitches I know
  14. Modern Woman


    Often I see threads about the (holy) trinity for a fave's discography, but I don't think you're a true stan until you hate some of your idol's work Name 3 songs for your Unholy Trinity from each Lana album Yes, I count Paradise separately Bookmark this thread for future @Ursula frothing at our choices
  15. I was wondering if anyone here has any popular playlist on Spotify. By popular I don't mean followed by thousands of people... 1000+ or more is good. Share some tricks with us, how can I get followers.
  16. Today is the #InternationalCatDay, so let's now appreciate the underrated Kitty Kat! One of the best B'Day songs? ✓ Visually stunning video that deserved to last longer? ✓ Should've been a single? ✓ Do the FOTP Hive have taste and appreciate this masterpiece?
  17. Now sistren let's recap the FULL BLACK cast The ICONIC intro with the drummer and dancers making way for her in the Egyptian queen costume the insane routine previous to the lifting of the stands to show Bey in her sorority sweatshirt The fucking BLEACHERS on the stage a FULL MARCHING BAND first song? CRAZY IN LOVE with instrumentals...the "drop it" in the middle and the dance break...straight into FREEDOM and then the BLACK NATIONAL ANTHEM??? her fucking MIND and then one of the most iconic moments of HERstory....the single pluck of the Formation intro at the end of the black national anthem the crowd going BATSHIT INSANE hearing it and her smirking after hearing the crowd literally lose their minds .. "BABY IM BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND...BITCH IM BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND...I DID NOT COME TO PLAY WITH YOU HOES...I CAME TO SLAY BITCH" WHEN SHE PERFORMS SORRY WITH THE BUGABOOS AND THE SUCK ON MY BALLS her performing KITTY KAT and BOW DOWN bitch did she really? her acknowledging that she created the gays by performing the ***flawless remix mixed with feeling myself i literally cannot believe that happened going into the fucking performance I literally said all I want to hear is the flawless remix and then the bitch REMIXED IT WITH FEELING MYSELF DJ khaled announcing renaming coachella to beychella telling the crowd how it is THE INTERLUDE WITH THE LES TWINS my wig was NOT ready the drunk in love performance with her on the crane into the lilac wine dance break when the first bass to partition rang through and the crowd SHRIEKS EVERYONE knew what that bass meant her performing partition backwords??? her fucking mind the GUEST APPEARANCES jay (no one cared but still) THE DESTINY'S CHILD REUNION WHEN THEY APPEARED IN THEIR ICONIC POSES RIGHT AFTER RUN THE WORLD THE SOLDER SAY MY NAME MEDLEY her dancing with solange i still cant believe this performance exists but here it is truly the best performance in herstory and the energy in the crowd was so fucking wild people literally were losing their minds thats all
  18. Some people think Tinashe has the potential to be as big as Janet Jackson ! All she needs is a push in the right direction apparently ! What do we think ?
  19. @Urbanov don't have another tantrum, please It doesn't sound dated, so you cant use that excuse now Every minute of it slays, Gaga could rock this IndistrialRockGa would show these lil girlies how it's done
  20. Hair Black Jesus + Amen Fashion Bad Kids Fashion Of His Love The Queen what's the point in releasing the album of the decade when u put filler on it like lbr those songs should've never been on the album
  21. 1. Artpop 2. Monster 3. Born This Way 4. The Fame 5. Joanne + vote for your fave track in the poll
  22. Brinty Tips For Gays


    Mine would be these 1-Performance at the superbowl performing a 2016 type BBMAS medley but with added songs like Slumber Party , Gimme more , Hold it against me , overprotected and Everytime LIVE and she brings out medoner for Me against the music as well as Nicki & Kesha for TTWE , she releases the lead the night before and performs it there with a music video premier 2-We get a bunch of good promo interviews on Ellen , Jimmy Fallon etc 3-She goes on SNL to perform the lead single and a promo single and does some skits 4-We get good televised performances at the AMAS & BBMAS 5-She performs at the Grammys and releases the album after the performance and the 2nd single is released the next day 6-we get a controversial sexy music vid ( for example: BOMT , Toxic and maybe Oops ) 7-She performs an album medley at the Vmas and releases the 3rd single afterwards then goes on a WW tour 8-When the tour ends she puts up a poll on what ever tf like she did in the femme fatale era for the 4th single and the fans choose 9-She films the video and wraps up the era with a performance on New year's rockin eve i know all of this would never ever fucking happen since knee has gotten so lazy but a stan can dream
  23. Dumbo

    Lana Del Rey: The Singles

    1.Video Games 2.Born to Die 3.Blue Jeans 4.Summertime Sadness 5.National Anthem 6.Blue Velvet 7.Ride 8.Dark Paradise 9.Young and Beautiful 10.Once Upon a Dream 11.West Coast 12.Shades of Cool 13.Ultraviolence 14.Brooklyn Baby 15.Black Beauty 16.High by the Beach 17.Music to Watch Boys To 18.Love 19.Lust for Life (feat. The Weeknd) 20.Summer Bummer (feat. ASAP Rocky and Playboi Carti) 21.Groupie Love (feat. ASAP Rocky) 22.God Save Our Young Blood (with Børns) Promotional singles: 1.Off to the Races 2.Carmen 3.Burning Desire 4.Terrence Loves You 5.Honeymoon 6.Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind Remix singles: 1.Summertime Sadness (Remix) (vs Cedric Gervais) 2.Young and Beautiful (Remix) (vs Cedric Gervais)