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  1. will make a nice OP sometime but stream this in the meantime x
  2. I mean, it contains Roulette (her best song ever ), witness, power, bon apetit, chained to the rhythm, etc.. ugh a MASTERPIECE
  3. Xtina is going to answer them, I guess you have to #Bionic and ask your questions on her twitter or instagram. All my questions are shady ones like "Why isn't Birds of Prey in the standard" or "Can you release Kimono Girl?" and she probably won't answer them anyway, but I'm looking forward to seeing some questions (hopefully they're not lame ones like "where did you get inspiration for blah blah" etc)
  4. the intro the chorus The Instrumental the outro The CHAOS It's a perfect representation of ARTPOP and Gaga circa 2012-2014 I still remember the demo leaking in summer 2013 and everyone going NUTS (including me) p.s the DEMO remains the best version
  5. Gimme More I'm A Slave 4 U Work Bitch Hold It Against Me Womanizer Oops! Baby One More Time Me Against The Music Make Me...
  6. Idc what anyone says about that era, it's literally the perfect pop record. It's easily her most cohesive album, has no fillers and it's just pure pop from start to finish. If anyone asked me what the definiton of pop perfection is be I'd say Femme Fatale.
  7. Christina Maria Aguilera has a lot of music. What is your ranking of her discography? Mine is this: 1. Keeps Gettin' Better (a compilation full of one definite promise...that unfortunately gotten away for so many years) 2. Stripped (she will never top this project) 3. Liberation (wait, she did! but not really...) 4. Back to Basics (a lot of basics, but gorgeous nonetheless) 5. Bionic (I wish this album was entirely sounded like Birds of Prey or Monday Morning or Little Dreamer or at least Elastic Love) 6. Christina Aguilera (this album is very good, there's a reason why it sold so many copies guys) 7. Lotus (good concept, good motivation...but why?) 8. Burlesque (basically Back to Basics but make it a bunch of Nasty Naughty Boys) Had it ever been a thread? If yes, I'll delete it soon.
  8. It is a widespread view that B2B is long and has some filler (despite the filler being talent personified) so I challenge you to trim down the 22 tracks into 12 You can play with the order of the tracks too if you so wish (but you gotta tell us why ) 1-Back to Basics Intro 2- Makes Me Wanna Pray 3-Back in the Day 4- Ain't No Other Man 5-Understand 6-Slow Down Baby 7-Oh Mother 8-FUSS 9-On Our Way 10-Without You 11-Still Dirrty 12-Here to Stay 13- Thank You (dedication to my fans) 1-Enter the Circus 2-Welcome 3-Candyman 4-Nasty Naughty Boy 5-I Got Trouble 6-Hurt 7-Mercy On Me 8-Save Me From Myself 9-The Right Man Go
  9. Rank them from favorite to least favorite ...Baby One More Time (You Drive Me) Crazy Oops!.. I Did It Again Toxic Womanizer Circus 3 Hold It Against Me Till The World Ends I Wanna Go Scream & Shout S&M Remix
  10. Daenerys


    Will you be waiting for the official release to listen to Chromatica or listen when it leaks?
  11. melomelo


    does gaga write or does she not write the most ear wormy hooks ever? examples: "its coming down on me, water like misery" - Rain On Me "this is my dancefloor, i fought for" - Free Woman "i wanna take a ride on your disco stick" - LoveGame "im a free bitch baby" - Bad Romance "walk walk fashion baby" - Bad Romance "scheisse scheisse be mine, scheisse be mine" - Scheiße am i right or am i right? these are a couple off the top of my head. add more and tell me which is your favorite
  12. Do you have any songs or artists that are anomalies in your music collection - i.e. they're not really like anything else you listen to? This came up on shuffle earlier and I still can't believe I like it
  13. ha! beautiful day! how you guys doing? :llama::llama::llama:
  14. West Coast Mariners High By The Beach Video Games Love Ride edit: i forgot doin time wasnt the lead cause she released the other songs like a year before either way, mariners is number 2
  15. after mainly using the ASIB soundtrack over the past 18 months I really rediscovered Gaga's catalogue again in the past couple of lockdown weeks In particular ARTPOP - I'm amazed how it keeps growing on me with every year that passes like there used to be some tracks that I skipped, like Swine, Jewels'N'Drugs, Manicure, Mary Jane Holland & Fashion! however, all these tracks have grown on me so MUCH .. I even switched on Swine and Jewels (tracks that I absolutely couldn't stand) obviously you have to be in the right mood for it, but when I am, it's really a 10/10 album with no skips for me now
  16. Poker Face Telephone Judas Do What U Want Million Reasons Rain On Me
  17. pick your top 3 or top 5 fav latin artists and your fav song by them Shakira - Estoy Aqui Bad Bunny - La Santa Karol G - Casi Nada J Balvin - Ay Vamos or Safari Anitta - Sua Cara edit: idk if i should include Cardi? if so Cardi B - Bodak Yellow or Money yours?
  18. estoy aqui inevitable ciega sordomuda ojos asi suerte (whenever wherever) whew the TALENT
  19. Using your favs, what would your ideal album be out of only her unreleased collection? There's so many good songs to choose it's so hard Dancing with the Devil Chain Reaction Buried Alive You Control My Heart Heart's on Fire A La Discotheque D.U.I. (Dancing Under the Influence) Nicolas Cage Mouth Strange Love Shots on the Hood of My Car Last Boyfriend Red Lipstick This is Me Breaking Up with You Use this if you need a complete refresher
  20. BeySelfSabotagé is about to get a #1 with Savage Remix when she didn't even acknowledge the song at all and posted nothing about it on social media to promote it. Looks like her excellence is finally catching up with her petty ass by making her get organic #1's. So my bright mind made up a game where you have to predict with gifs, descriptions, a made up dialogue, or whatever you want, how Beyoncé will react after she hears that Savage Remix finally went #1. The prize for this game is absolutely nothing, since we are a humble and broke forum section. I'll go first. Beyoncé when she sees everyone tagging her on a Billboard tweet announcing her #1 Beyoncé trying to get to her manager Blue Ivy for convincing her to do the Remix
  21. Ruthless Love


    L'Oréal Hair Zone Mall Tour ...Baby One More Time Tour (You Drive Me) Crazy Tour Oops!... I Did It Again Tour Dream Within a Dream Tour The Onyx Hotel Tour The M&M's Tour The Circus Starring Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour Britney: Piece of Me (2013) Britney: Piece of Me (2016) Britney: Live in Concert Piece of Me Tour