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Found 534 results

  1. Please vote for the song/s that you think has the best and worst feature/s.
  2. Awkward title, but I can't be bother to think of a more succinct one Look at the stan badges of the user above you, and pick an artist you've never heard before. Give them a spin, and tell us what you thought, so the user below you can make the next selection It might be a good way to discover new music!
  3. Game

    Lady Gaga - Hail To Vegas: The Show Intro (with elements of Paparazzi, Dance In The Dark, Teeth and Monster) 01. Monster 02. Poker Face 03. Alejandro 04. The Cure 05. Dance In The Dark Interlude 001: Visual (galaxy themed, with elements of Venus, PARTYNAUSEOUS) 06. Venus 07. G.U.Y. 08. LoveGame/Sexxx Dreams (Medley) 09. Dancin' In Circles 10. Summerboy/Boys Boys Boys (Medley) Interlude 002: Band interlude (really short, consists of small set & outfit change) 11. So Happy I Could Die 12. Do What U Want 13. Mary Jane Holland Interlude 003: Visual (with elements of Princess High (Stache)) 14. John Wayne 15. Heavy Metal Lover 16. A-Yo 17. Born This Way (Country Road Version) / Hair 18. Joanne (Where Do You Think You're Going?) 19. Yoü And I 20. Million Reasons Interlude 004: Visual (with elements of Judas, Highway Unicorn † Road To Love, Black Jesus † Amen Fashion & Perfect Illusion) 21. Electric Chapel 22. Judas 23. Paparazzi 24. The Fame 25. Money Honey Interlude 005: Visual (Marry The Night: The Prelude Pathetique) 26. Marry The Night 27. The Edge Of Glory Interlude 006: Encore (basically the entire room is black, til Gaga pops up and sings the 'ooh' acapella part of Bad Romance) 28. Bad Romance
  4. CAL GLASTONBURY 2018 FEB 18- FEB 20 @Bleachella @Harry_CAL @Jon. Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Mariah Carey are the headliners. You get to choose 7 performers out of the ones chosen to perform in your day. The official performers: @8Bit Heart- Beyonce @Robert. - Maxence @Cosmic- Charli XCX @Surrealism- Zendaya @Hector- Brendon Urie @marsblyr- Adele @Harry Styles- Harry Styles @Maria- Christina Aguilera @Hector- Britney Spears @Beauty Queen- Halsey @Edu- Lindsay Lohan @Hector- Belinda @Joanne- Nick Jonas @Maria- Zayn @Love So Soft- Kelly Clarkson @Lucky17- Celine Dion @Kuba- Katy Perry @tigerlily13- Camila Cabello @ryjapo- Sam Smith @timothee- Carly Rae Jepsen @RebelHeart15- Shawn Mendes (Even though he doesn't appear in the video) You all need to make an article about the performance of your artist. Have it ready by next week! You post all of your articles next week in this thread. FEB 18- SUNDAY (DAY 1) FEB 19- MONDAY (DAY 2) FEB 20- TUESDAY (DAY 3)
  5. Welcome to the FOTP Faves Magnum Opus Megarate! Returning as your resident FOTP Faves Megarate Host, it's Monster! From the early 80s, through the 90s, into the 00s, and up to the 10s, the FOTP Faves have released nearly 100 albums! With the help of FOTP, I have compiled a list containing each FOTP Fave's fan-claimed magnum opus! In the biggest FOTP Faves Megarate yet, it is now time to decide which magnum opus the FOTP Community believes is superior! How to Participate 1. Fully listen to at least one album included in the Megarate. I will only accept ballots that have albums completely rated. It is not required to rate all the albums, however, I will not accept half-rated albums. Additionally, I will not accept ballots that are clearly trolling or rigging the outcome. 2. Assign a numerical rating, out of 10, to each song on the albums in the Megarate. For each album, you are allowed to score one song as an 11, meaning your favorite track, and one song as a 0, meaning your least favorite track. It is not required to use the 11 or the 0 in your rates. It is also encouraged that you include commentary on the songs or the album as a whole! 3. Send your completed list of scores to myself via personal messenger by March 11, 2018 and tune into the Results Show later that week! I hope you all enjoy this event as we celebrate the FOTP Faves and their greatest releases thus far! I would like to extend a special thank you to @Lachlan and @RihannaRTT for making this event possible! I would also like to thank @Vulnicura. for the beautiful banner! Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or concerns below! No matter what the outcome is, just remember to have fun!
  6. Yes the rumors are true, to celebrate 2:11 aka lamb appreciation day, I have decided to host the first annual Lamby Awards! PM me your nominations or post them in a spoilers below by 25th Feb. (NOMINATE 3-5 members for each award) All the available categories are below, only members on the Lamb Tag List are eligible for a nomination. Self-nominations are allowed. - Nomination Period - 11-25th Feb - Nominations Reveal - 28th Feb - Pre-Ceremony festivities - 3rd Mar (Sylk's anniversary btw) - Award Ceremony - 4th Mar Also, if anyone is interested in doing the award show with me, please let me know <3 Member Categories: Most Skinniest Lamb Most devoted Lamb who talked about nothing but Mariah all year long. Shadiest Lamb Lamb that learned from their fav and spread shade thick as their fur! Best New Lamb Lamb that is newly joined. (Eligibility: Jan 1st 2017 and on) Best Lamb Visuals Lamb that served visuals through their graphics, avis, sigs etc Best Casual Lamb A Lamb who occasionally dabbles into the world of festivities Funniest Lamb Lambs that constantly serves moments of laughter Most Missed Lamb Lamb that left us too soon </3 Most Tastiest Lamb Lamb with immaculate taste when it comes to Mariah's discography Lamb of The Year Most devoted, dedicated, hard working Lamb all year-long! Goat of The Year There are haters and we give them positivity! Most devoted, dedicated, hard working GOAT all year-long! (ALL fotp members are eligible for a nomination) Lamby Hall of Fame Award Veteran Lambs who have remained ageless! (Don't nominate anyone in this category as it is pre-select and will be revealed with the nominations) Music Categories: Best Mariah 90s Single Best Mariah 90s Music Video Best Mariah 00s/10s Single Best Mariah 00s/10s Music Video Best Mariah 90s Album Best Mariah 00s/10s Album Best Mariah Performance Best Mariah Catchphrase Friendly copy paste list: Once again, only people ON the lamb tag list are eligible unless specified otherwise !
  7. Hi fellow Spearleaders I did a thread similar to this in the Madonna section and people liked it nobody hated it so I have been wanting to do the same thing here, as Britney is my true queen (luv u Madonna.) I tried to find a thread similar to this in the Britney section with no luck, sorry if its a repeat thread somewhere months ago. But the rules are simple, all you do is choose a handful of your favorite songs from any era of Britney's nearly 20 year career! Unreleased is cool too. All you got to do is make a name for the album, make a track list that you think sounds cohesive and flows nicely. Choose about 12-18 songs and then if you wanna be extra you can choose singles and whatnot. so plz drop yours I might make a playlist of some of these so I can switch up listening to the same songs i've heard a thousand and one times. Album Title: Amnesia 1) Hold It Against Me 2) What You Need 3) Selfish 4) Lace & Leather 5) Brightest Morning Star 6) Overprotected 7) Born To Make You Happy 8) Amnesia 9) Hot As Ice 10) Quicksand 11) That's Where You Take Me 12) Liar Deluxe Edition 13) My Baby (ROAST ME IDGAF I LOVE THIS SONG) 14) Do Somethin' 15) Me Against The Music (Rischi Rich's Remix) 16) Unusual You 17) Seal It With a Kiss alright sisters whaddoya think? agree or disagree with which songs? PLZ POST YOURS IM SO EXCITED
  8. TRENDING GAINERS This season, you will have a chance to have a streaming hit for a non-single track. Every week, you would post in this thread 5 tracks from any of your albums (non-singles), stand-alone tracks, etc. 3 selected tracks will be chosen out of all entries per week and will have a chance to receive "PR" in Encore, meaning they will start to grow in streaming by themselves. This stands only for tracks that were sent to the radio. All singles that are released in-game usually are released to radio unless chosen not to by you. There is a bigger chance for newer songs to be trending gainers. You should update that post in the thread every week. Do not create a new post every week. You should write it in this format:
  9. February 2018 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 SMAPxSMAP : Maluma Christina Milian Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey/ Christina Milian Ellen: Ariana Grande Graham Norton Show: Lana Del Rey Sing! China: Charli XCX X Factor US: - The Voice Australia: Taylor Swift Rising Star (BR): Zayn X Factor UK: - Le Grand Journal: Halsey Jimmy Fallon: Lana Del Rey The Voice US: Britney Spears The Voice France: Brendon Urie SNL: Not Available This Month 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 SMAPxSMAP : Ariana Grande Lana Del Rey Halsey Christina Milian Ellen: Lana Del Rey Graham Norton Show: Kylie Minogue Sing! China: Carly Rae Jepsen X Factor US: Camila Cabello The Voice Australia: Christina Aguilera Rising Star (BR): Katy Perry Carpool Karaoke: Lindsay Lohan X Factor UK: - Le Grand Journal: - Jimmy Fallon: Harry Styles & Christina Aguilera The Voice US: The Voice France: Adele SNL: Not Available This Month 25 26 27 28 1 2 3 SMAPxSMAP : - Maluma Maluma Maluma Superbowl Preparations Vlog #1 on CAL Tube Ellen: Maluma Graham Norton Show: Lana Del Rey Sing! China: - Superbowl Preparations Vlog #2 on CAL Tube X Factor US: The Voice Australia: Brendon Urie Rising Star (BR): Maluma Superbowl Preparations Vlog #3 on CAL Tube X Factor UK: Maluma Le Grand Journal: - Superbowl Preparations Vlog #4 on CAL Tube © Calendarpedia® www.calendarpedia.com Data provided 'as is' without warranty MAGAZINES: TIME – Belinda VOGUE – ? V MAGAZINE –Britney Spears HARPER’S BAZAAR – Halsey ELLE – Lana Del Rey ROLLING STONE – Zayn BILLBOARD MAG – Christina Milian
  10. PLAYLISTS Update your playlists here! TUTORIAL: Every once a week, you should update your playlists. You can include up to 7 songs maximum per playlist. 1. Ariana Grande- Heaven & Hell 2. Maluma- Bad Habits 3. Lana Del Rey- Midnight 4. Lorde- Good Girls 5. Britney Spears- Fingertips 6. Zendaya- Heart 7. Mariah Carey- Across The Hallway _________ Songs that are dropped this week: Mariah Carey- Drifting Away Lorde- California Dreaming Belinda- Life In A Canvas New songs that were just added are bolded. Songs that were dropped are bolded in red. You need to mention which songs were dropped per week. You post your playlist post only once and you update it per week. You do not post it several times.
  11. Welcome to the Madonna vs Gaga mixed megarate! ALBUMS MUSIC | JOANNE Metacritic score: 80 | Metacritic score:67 Singles: Music, Don't Tell Me, What It Feels Like for a Girl | Singles: Perfect Ilussion, Million Reasons, Joanne RANK Who will win? @Moonflower @Freaky Prince @Salvatore @The One Below All @Venus XCX @Rebel Bitch @Mr. "Legend" Gorgeous @Bad Girl @rObi @Aleco @Violet @Milk @Nocturn @ParentalAdvisory @petedagrk
  12. Design made by the talented @Hector Hosted by Ronlop Welcome to Create A Label, a game where you can manage artists under your label and release singles and albums. Every article you post must be a minimum of 400 words (but more is welcome!). Also, you are only allowed to post a maximum of 15 articles per week for each artist that you signed. Since the very first season, there has been a very big improvement in articles so we want to be clear with this season's standards. This is the format for the articles this season and an article that will not follow this format will simply not count. PLEASE INCLUDE: - Name of region that promo is aiming for (e.g. Europe) - Title of article (e.g. Florence Welch appears on Le Grand Journal) - At least one image - Article (at least 400 words) - For articles posted as images, please also include a text version of the article title in your post and link it to Shrib where you should include the text version of the full article SALES Every 1 copy of a single = $1 in-game Every 1 copy of an album = $5 in-game You take 35% of your weekly tour gross.
  13. Okay, so I don't think we've done one of these since the Rainbow Tour concluded and the upcoming Macklemore/Kesha tour was announced... Just, build a 16-track setlist (that does not include Good Old Days, because that's a given)! RAINBOW TOUR'S SETLIST
  14. The Final Hello and welcome all of you at the official Final of the FOTPVision 7.0 and a total of 14 countries competing in this final. I have used this online randomized to create the running order, this is so to speed up the game. Things will get even more exciting now that only one can be crowned FOTPVision 7.0's champion! That will happen at the already legendary Results Show, held on Friday 9th February at 8pm GMT. One by one, we will reveal the points awarded by the FOTP community, which will eventually lead us to one victorious song. It promises to be an extravagant evening. The only thing that needs to happen now is for you to vote. To make things clear, these are the official rules for voting in the Final: Recap & Playlist Voting Template Participants
  15. Madonna and Gaga won the poll! Next mixed megarate will be between them! RULES! You can vote the songs from 1 - 10 ...you can use half points too. You can give in ONE song per album an 11 and a 0 if you want to. Do not troll vote Send your votes to me via PM, I'll tag you and inform you when the Kiki will begin. MUSIC VS JOANNA SONGS! AFTER YOU SEND ME YOUR SCORES DON'T EDIT THEM OR CHANGE THEM AS SOME MEMBERS DID IN MY LAST MEGARATE DEADLINE: - Don't let this flop
  16. Stripped | In The Zone 10,000,000 copies sold WW | 8,000,000 copies sold WW Metacritic score: 55 | Metacritic score: 66
  17. Instructions and Rules 1. PM me your chosen country Any country will be accepted, even non-European ones 2. PM me your chosen song Must be a main or featured artist that has connections to your chosen country and they can't be well known worldwide 3. PM me your chosen recap time Needs to be exactly 25 seconds, if I don't receive a recap time then I'll be choosing the chorus for you These can be changed as many times prior to the deadline. This is a closed contest and you shouldn't be discussing your chosen country, song or votes until the Final Results Show. For a more in depth version, including rewards, instructions and rules for the entire season, visit here: Dates and Deadlines You can convert GMT to your regional time here. Sign Ups Australia | Song | Recap Belgium | Song | Recap Finland | Song | Recap France | Song | Recap Germany | Song | Recap Greece | Song | Recap Ireland | Song | Recap Moldova | Song | Recap North Korea | Song | Recap Norway | Song | Recap Poland | Song | Recap Russia | Song | Recap Sweden | Song | Recap United Kingdom | Song | Recap Please read this and the Information thread before replying below or PMing me anything FOTPVision related. I expect at least 10 players so don't let this flop bitches. FOTPVision Fam
  18. 13.1.16 - 23.8.16 1. Honeymoon 2. Music To Watch Boys To 3. Ultraviolence 4. High By The Beach 5. Freak 6. Art Deco 7. Off To The Races 8. The Blackest Day 9. Swan Song 10. Terrence Loves You 11. Pretty When You Cry 12. Shades Of Cool 13. Brooklyn Baby 14. God Knows I Tried 15. Ride 16. West Coast 17. Video Games
  19. Introduction The FOTPVision Song Contest (sometimes popularly called FOTPVision) is the longest-running annual international online song competition, held primarily, among the member countries of the FOTP Union (FBU) since 2012. The competition is based upon the Eurovision Song Contest held all over the world since since 1956. Each participating country submits an original song to be performed on live television and radio and then casts votes for the other countries' songs to determine the most popular song in the competition. The contest has been running every year for 5 years, since its inauguration in 2012, and is one of the longest-running online events in the world. It is also one of the most watched non-sporting events in the world, with audience figures having been quoted in recent years as anything between 6 billion and 7 billion internationally. Instructions and Rules Prizes Because not many events are going on atm, I've decided there will be 3 prizes up for grabs. If you're already a VIP member, you can decide to use it to extend your own or gift it to someone else. 🥇 1st place: The winner from the final will get a free Premium VIP for 2 months. 🥈 2nd place: The runner up from the final will get a free Premium VIP for 1 month. 🥉 3rd place: The player who places third will get a free Standard VIP for 1 month. Please read this thread before replying below or PMing me anything FOTPVision related. I know there's a lot of information to take in but I'll be posting the relevant rules and instructions in the upcoming threads during this season. Don't let this flop bitches. FOTPVision Fam
  20. You know the deal. Add 5 to your favorite and subtract 5 from your least favorite. I didn't include the remixes (even though I love the Havana Remix). Never Be The Same - 30 All These Years - 30 She Loves Control - 30 Havana - 30 Inside Out - 30 Consequences - 30 Real Friends - 30 Something's Gotta Give - 30 In The Dark - 30 Into It - 30 I Have Questions - 30
  21. RULES I'll post a Lana Del Rey song and you just have to rate it, from 1 to 10 Don't let it flop like you did with Lust for Life ladies First song to rate RANK Get Free: 9.35 Blue Jeans: 9.05 Million Dollar Man: 8.28 Queen of the Gas Station: 8.05 Lust For Life: 7.72 The Blackest Day: 7:39 Diet Mountain Dew: 7:35 Honeymoon: 6.79 Blue Velvet: 6.57 Yayo: 6.45 The Other Woman: 6.29 Money Power Glory: 6:15 24: 5:83 Burning Desire: 5.00
  22. You can convert GMT to your regional time here. This may change due to FOTPVision staff' having a life FOTPVision Fam
  23. Brittana and Christana won the poll! Next mixed megarate will be between them! RULES! You can vote the songs from 1 - 10 ...you can use half points too. You can give in two song per album an 11 and a 0 if you want to. Do not troll vote Send your votes to me via PM, I'll tag you and inform you when the parteh will begin. STRIPPED VS IN THE ZONE SONGS! AFTER YOU SEND ME YOUR SCORES DON'T EDIT THEM OR CHANGE THEM AS SOME MEMBERS DID IN MY LAST MEGARATE DEADLINE: 21.01.2017 Don't let this flop
  24. Daydream | Like a Prayer | 20,000,000 copies sold WW | 15,000,000 copies sold WW 3rd best selling album of 1995 |Best selling single of 1989 One Sweet Day charted for a record-breaking-16 weeks at the top of Hot 100 | Like a Prayer named one of the best songs ever by Rolling Stone Metacritic score: 83 | Metacritic score: 92
  25. Game

    Welcome FOTPters to another rate! Britney stans, I hope you're ready for your Circus.mp3 LIKE YOU WOULD? So, basically The Circus Circus is the sixth studio album by American singer Britney Spears. It was released on November 28, 2008 through Jive Records. Looking to transition from her "darker and more urban" fifth studio album Blackout(2007), Spears wanted to make her next project "a little bit lighter".(Yet become ICONIC as the previous album) It debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200with first-week sales of over 505,000 copies, making it her fifth album to reach the top of the chart. Four singles were released from the album, two of which became international hits. Its lead single "Womanizer" peaked atop the US Billboard Hot 100 and registered as the largest jump to the top of the chart at the time after debuting at number ninety-six. It became Spears's best-selling song in the country since "...Baby One More Time", and received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Dance Recording at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards (2010). The second and third singles "Circus" and "If U Seek Amy" peaked at numbers three and nineteen in the country, respectively. Consequentially, Circus became Spears's second album after her debut effort ...Baby One More Time (1999) to have two top-ten singles and three top-twenty singles, also being her first to have two top-five singles in the United States along with five charting songs on the Billboard Hot 100. Enough chit-chat! The Rules PM your scores You can give only one 11 and 0 I'd love to see your commentaries,hunnies NO TROLLING, I'm serious or your scores will be banned from my rate Have fun and enjoy the shook places and such stuff Deadline is 16th February You betta listen! Tracklist: 1.Womanizer 2.Circus 3.Out From Under 4.Kill The Lights 5.Shattered Glass 6.If U Seek Amy 7.Unusual You 8.Blur 9.Mmm Papi 10.Mannequin 11.Lace and Leather 12.My Baby 13.Radar(Standard Bonus Track) 14.Amnesia(UK and Japanese Bonus Track) 15.Rock Boy(iTunes/Spotify/Musicload Bonus Track) 16.Rock Me In(Deluxe Bonus Track) 17.Phonography(Deluxe Bonus Track) 18.Trouble(French Amazon Deluxe Bonus Track) 19.Quicksand(European iTunes Deluxe Bonus Track) Have fun,womanizers! Tags: