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  1. Who knew the good Xtina stan had such a lovely voice. "Tutz Mah Barreh, know you love my cock, come on a give me water dessert" @Agugaga any chance you could do more covers in the future?
  2. My friend knows some of Charlie Puth's people, and he has verification that THIS is Charlie's real private Facebook account. He shared this video in support of Trump. Some of the comments: He also shared a link to Rand Paul's "Hold Hillary Accountable" petition, which lobbied for the prosecution of Hillary Clinton by the U.S. Department of Justice. And after the Orlando Pulse shooting, he shared this post saying that "The bigger change that needs to happen has nothing to do with guns. It's time to take the political correctness out of America." If you guys have any doubts that this is the real Charlie, he is friends with other people with the last name Puth, perhaps family: And last year, he said this about The Donald to Rolling Stone. It sure sounds like he's hiding something to me. You know what to do, FOTP... P.S. Didn't his ass sing a song with Selena Gomez? And he's supporting Trump who wants to deport Mexicans and build a wall
  3. Why do we allow people who can’t fulfill the basic description for their job title succeed? Madonna and Rihanna are the two highest certified female artists, and neither can sing. Don’t need you to post receipts of Rihanna signing Love on the brain with her fingers doing yoga, or Madonna talksinging one her forgotten 80s ballads. They can’t sing, yet they sell millions. Does the GP Stan mediocrity? Are these a example of white and lightskin privilege? Had Madonna been black she wouldn’t have gotten where she was today. Had Rihanna been darkskin people wouldn’t have latched onto her like they do. Fact Before you come for lightskin Black woman Mariah Carey, she can sing and she worked for fame. Before you claim Whitney had success, she had to promoted and used by a white man, and forced to make pop music that appealed to a white audience, as well as present herself in a “safe” way. Discuss sistrens
  4. Margerine Flange

    ....the Queen of Music released her first album and ended everyone + all the future faves. Stream it on Spotify if you wanna have a good summer, good hair and White Teeth Teens.mp3! She released Borderline first, Arianna who? Holiday, a classic masterpiece! Burning Up, a music video with Tumblr aesthetics before it was cool. What a PIONEER !!!3312!! Vocals were on POINT, people thought she was black when they first heard it! Yes, a real vocalist! Lyrical genius, yes we stan.
  5. So now that even Beyonka is over rip and her shtick doesn't work anymore I- , wig Anyhow hunties, is Rihallah the one and only true legend ? I mean, she's been always SERVING exquisite beauty and nipples too and a fashion ICON bops and hits too, wa wa wa, others could never and besides the media doesn't hate her ala taylor she's starring in critically well-reviewed movies (go watch Ocean's 8 tbh) she's global, she can sing live (dont @ me) she doesn't rely on fake personal drama to sell albums she's critically acclaimed and writes songs TOO, wow must be amazing to be a songwriter too she's been serving longevity and on top of that she stays relevant without even singing but selling lingerie and cosmetics? actually, when will your fave? anyway, I don't make the rules and this is the tea for today.
  6. Sorry boo boo, but your stans asked for it In light of her recent world tour which includes Madonna surfboarding on a black woman and a "gypsy" themed section, the time has come to go over some of Madonna's most racist, culturally appropriative and insensitive moments. shall we? Ignoring the apologetic portrayal of the supposed "Queen of Pop" by the mainstream media, this thread is supposed to serve as a reminder of what Madonna truly is and how she got away with it all. Despite what most people believe, Madonna has been racist and downright unapologetic about her racism (no pun intended) for 25+ years. So here are some of Madonna's most racist moments: #1 Madonna did a photoshoot in blackface and doesn't get what's wrong with it. In one of her Rolling Stone interviews, Madonna admitted that she did a whole photoshoot in blackface for her 2008 Hard Candy album, which was heavily inspired by r’n’b music and was produced by Pharrell Williams and Timbaland. She wanted to call the album "Black Madonna". Madonna says her manager put a stop to the publication of the said photoshoot, complaining that people “wouldn't get” her blackface. Later on, the same photographer used the same concept (pictured above) for a photoshoot that caused controversy. #2 Madonna, a white woman, used the N-word publicly to address her white son. Madonna took to Instagram to post a picture of her son Rocco and hastagged the picture with the racist slur. When shit hit the fan and people started to call her out for it, Madonna did something most media outlets didn’t report on. She didn’t apologize until a day later when her PR team took over. Before that, she was being vile on Instagram and attacking people for calling her out for the use of the N-word. „Ok let me start this again. #get off my dick haters!“, she said. Days after the scandal, Madonna brought her son David to The Grammy Red Carpet. This has never happened before or after this scandal: "I have black friends i can't be racist" - the madonna version #3 Madonna called Barrack Obama a 'black muslim' Click here for footage During her MDNA World Tour in 2012, Madonna showed her ignorance by calling President Obama a ‘black muslim’. #4 Madonna believes all black men are inherently sexist Despite being tied up to a chair and beaten up by white man , Madonna believes black men are the ones who disrespected her the most. She says that her black partners disrespect women because it’s a “cultural thing” for them to hate on women because black men grew up without fathers. Yes, she really said this. Such a white woman. #5 Madonna believes all black women are inherently submissive. In the same interview, Madonna messily tries to explain the reasons why black women are „more willing“ to accept abuse from a black man. Yikes! #6 Madonna defiled a Martin Luther King picture to promote her REBEL FART album The cover of Rebel Heart features a close-up of Madonna's face wrapped in a BDSM-alluding tangle of black cord. Then, she she Instagrammed images of Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Bob Marley, seemingly oblivious to the concept that a white artist who's made various forms of black music throughout her career showing images of civil rights icons tied up in cord is demeaning. #7 Madonna still believes she is more disenfranchised than the black community In her recent interview with Out Magazine, Madonna once again compared different disenfranchised groups like it’s a competition. She concluded her thoughts by saying that all other groups have gotten some rights, while she, as a white woman, still has it worst. In case you haven't been full from this meal, here are some cultural appropriation bites: A niqab bite a geisha bite, because why not? You're in for a sari bite? i mean if you don't want it, you can try a kimono bite Sources (just in case someone wants to live in denial) http://jezebel.com/5384938/madonna-i-did-a-photo-shoot-with-steven-klein-and-i-painted-my-face-black http://www.buzzfeed.com/passantino/madonna-calls-her-son-the-n-word-on-instagram-deletes-commen#.xhVaMa9O http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/madonna-calls-obama-a-black-muslim-20120925 http://allaboutmadonna.com/madonna-library/madonna-interview-spin-january-1996 http://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/mar/25/madonna-malawi-charity-squandered-millions (if you want to read about her malawi "charity") http://jezebel.com/madonna-seriously-needs-to-check-herself-1677109950 http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/madonna-says-that-women-have-it-harder-than-black-people-and-gay-community-as-theyre-still-trading-on-their-ass-10101292.html
  7. Another song that was cut from self-titled
  8. Christina Baby, what was your tone? I understand she probably wanted to sound Whitneyesque, but it sounded atrocious. Her regular tone is much more pleasing, and is one of the best in the industry don’t know why she wouldn’t just sing it normally. Then the constant face of struggle, she wasn’t even going in like she could have. Then those messy ass runs oh lord, Jesus wept at that. Literally no connection to the music whatsoever, I almost cancelled by cable subscription because of it. Very disappointed in Christina. I guess the years of not releasing have really taken a toll on her vocals and musicality. A talent wasted and destroyed.
  9. Not them not recognizing her still after they turned around! Poor thing! Rita was probably there to promote her second album, which will be released the day after never, exclusively in Neverland.
  10. No, these aren't my words.. start at the 2:17 Mark Oh and disclaimer: if you are a sensitive madonna stan who's going to bore me with a lecture on ageism while you have a long history of being a repeat offender,, save it, ship it back, return to sender, i don't have time for y'all, kindly leave the thread. Now The entire video is a cringe fest really (buzztrash is trying to be kids react 2.0 to stay relevant!) but the unexpected madonna shade had me so fucking weak i was like : the madonna shade is also the official caption for this video This lil' girl went in not madonna being a synonym for "old" i can't with this.
  11. delete it fat

    I'm a centre-right gay and I'm proud of it
  12. I was on the weird side of the youtube and discovered that they played PI on repeat at Best (Male) Model Contest of Turkey in 2016 I think this is better than PI's music video + Apparently number 15 became the world's top model after winning this. It's so weird how audience examines models with their eyes as if they are trying to choose fruits at grocery market or something
  13. She will debut at no.1, and then destroy for 17 weeks. This single is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Only person who could dethrone her is herself or adele. Maybe Rihanna but neither of them are releasing soon. I'm very frightened
  14. Not even exaggerating, almost every thread turns into a debate about her , The entire world could lose their sense of hearing right now and the thread about it would beovertaken by a madge stan talking about how Gaga flopped after 5 years and how reductive she is . Might as well move BG to Gagas section because she is queen. I can't wait until Camilla Cabello releases so i can make a few threada about how she outsold 5th harmony. But until then Nosega flopped with her 4th album! She is not a major pop girl and is continously outsold. Meanwhile mage has sold out tours across the globe and went no.1 in Algeria.
  15. Some hacker got season 5 of Orange Is The New Black(which doesn't come out until June 9th) and apparently some other shows and is trying to ransom Netflix for money or he will leak it all. He just leaked the first episode of season 5 which I'm downloading now. LOL http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/hacker-threatens-to-release-new-season-of-orange-is-the-new-black-1202403612/ I wish he would leak season 2 of Sense8 first even though that will be released in a week anyway. ETA: just finished downloading the first episode and it's legit and has some time clock counter in the upper corner. I hope he leaks everything. YASSSS Hunty!!! We want it all!!!!
  16. Here to discuss about promotion and live performances of music.
  17. t was announced this summer that former Spice Girls stars Mel B, Geri Horner and Emma Bunton will be reuniting as GEM. And fans' wait for the first taste of the group's new invasion on the pop charts appears to be over, after the trio's first single, Song For Her, has reportedly been leaked online. The release of the funky track comes after former bandmate Mel C revealed she and fifth member Victoria Beckham are 'relieved' not to be joining the group. The single leaked on the Internet on Wednesday, leading to speculation that it was GEM's first single, with the voices sounding distinctly like those of the iconic pop stars. The lyrics in the song detail finding a young woman within who seemed to be lost - perhaps alluding to their younger past in the spotlight. the group have been hurtled into the spotlight ahead of their debut after former bandmate Mel C spoke of the reunion. She told the Sunday Post newspaper: 'It was a really hard decision to make. But once it was made I felt very relieved and that proved to me that my instinct was right.' Mel also admitted that although the ladies shared an amazing and life-changing experience together, they often go for months without speaking. 'There's always an ebb and flow to how much we stay in touch. We have spells of seeing each other and then not speaking for months. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3966532/Spice-Girls-reunion-group-GEM-s-single-leaked-online-s-revealed-Mel-C-Victoria-relieved-not-join-comeback.html#ixzz4QtfC2mlG