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  1. I Brings That Levity

    This doesn't need any explanation other than. If you ever wondered what happens when you put 5 tone deaf "singers" on a stage and get them to cover a Annie Lennox & Aretha song here's your answer.
  2. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    Madonna stans will parade the streets with pitchforks and torches chanting about how Mariah only made it because she married tommy. But when they divorced, He did all in his power to destroy her and her career. Sending cars to follow her, blacklisting her from radio, telling people not to work with her. The most powerful music CEO at the time, doing all he could to destroy a single woman. Not to mention Mariah was battling bipolar disorder, and her fall from grace after Glitter. But Mariah remained and conquered a few years later releasing The Emancipation Of Mimi and securing another song of the decade and 10 million Sales Worldwide. Why? Miss Mariah has also never been a Illuminati darling and has no history of satanic imagery and freemasonry, like almost every other pop star. No hands over the eye, no pyramids. A pure kindhearted religious woman, why?
  3. In her Zach Sang interview she said she wasn’t worried about Charts and Success, but her she is releasing two albums in 6 months, 4 singles in 3 months, and encouraging her fans to stop streaming her current number one. Completely obsessed with Mariah still
  4. so perhaps this confirms that she's working with him on the album
  5. I Brings That Levity

    I know many people will know this already but I've just noticed all the sexual innuendos in my all time favourite song Honey, and i'm disgusted... Lyrics "And it's just like honey, When you're love comes over me"... Comes being a euphemism. "Always strung out for another taste of your honey"... Just Rude! "It's like honey when it washes over me, You know sugar never ever was so sweet"... So she loves to be covered in seamen and lick it off. "One hit of your love addicted me, Now I'm strung out on you darling, Don't you see"... She's getting addicted to the salty stuff now. "Every night and day, I can hardly wait, For another taste of honey"... This guy must be pretty active. "Honey I can't describe, How good it feels inside"... She's a sallower "I can't be elusive with you honey, Cause it's blatant that I'm feeling you, And it's too hard for me to leave abruptly, Cause you're the only thing I wanna do"... At least she's faithful to the same guy. Video Pumping action with her back up dances dressed as "Seamen" If you were to do this dance with just 1 hand it would simulate ejaculation. Again with the Seamen dressed in white. Jet ski = Sperm She really did that after saying thank you, next to Tommy Mozzarella.
  6. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    It seems the bubblegum pop singer has finally called off her obviously PR engagement to strong chinned SNL comedian, Pete Davidson. Now that the “One Last Time” singer has realized that getting engaged 3 weeks after breaking up with a long time boyfriend, for clout doesn’t translate into album sales. Will she use the breakup to push her new album, coming just a few months after critically overrated flop SweetnLow.? I predicted this not to long ago, am I right? Is Ariana gearing up for a major relevance surge into Supreme Pop Girl status? The likes not seen since Gaga, and Katy? Will AG5 produce the big headed and small bodied high belt chantueses first number one single? Disqus!
  7. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    These are the best of the best, choose one.
  8. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    It seems the payola success has already gone to the balloon headed pop singers head. After Cardi’s wonderful and humble win for best rap album, Ariana posted “trash”. There were multiple receipts, and she’s already backtracking. Did the, “This is King Kong” rapper hack Miss Grandes account, or was the Cunty Songtress just sticking up for her sis?
  9. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    This years grammies are flops but who of the chosen BNA will suffer the backlash and inevitable curse that only the likes of Mariah and Adele have evaded? Miss Alessia Cara got the work and has since flopped, we know for a fact it’s between Dua Lipa and Bebe Rexha and perhaps Khloe x Hollie if Beyoncé sends that 50 thousand dollar check. I’m hoping for Dua, she is unoriginal, serves no vocals, choreo, or stage presence or good music. Desperate for hits 79 singles off of one album. Bebe Rexha serves everything and don’t @ me
  10. The singer known for her best song, “In My Head”, new album has so far received an astonishing “88” on metacritic indicating universal acclaim. Alleged queen up pop, Madonna, has achieved no such score since 1998. But is supposedly the most acclaimed female artist of all time, why? Why is the 2 time #1 debut singer, which the other artist mentioned doesn’t have despite being in the music industry for over 35 years, more acclaimed? disqus
  11. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    My signatures

    My signatures are an integral part of fotp history, and I will list them below. It’s hot outside and sit on my porch, sucking a popsicle. It’s cherry flavor, their favorite flavor was always cherry. I sit and reminisce about the times we spent together. And I don’t feel sad, because those memories bring me happiness. I finish up my popsicle just as they call me inside, they’re still here with me. But I still think about our memories, so that I’ll nver forgot them when they’re gone. I sometimes wish we lived forever. Just look at world now, Normani is gone, Ally is gone, Dinah is gone, Lauren is gone, and I’m still standing. My name is Camila Cabello, and I want to take you on a journey through the development and creation of my most personal album yet, simply titled M(e)ila. Put your safety goggles on now, this is where the darkness comes to light... _______________________________ I was on various drugs when I chose this username, and now I must suffer the consequence of it. This is not a publicity stunt, I’m actually worried for my mental health. Please if anyone is reading this, please help me. Please buy Charmbracelet on iTunes , you know the shtick. Send me receipt verification, and then I’ll get better. Please, please, please do this for your friendly neighborhood troll, I know you want to see more of me in this upcoming year. Please do this for me and help me, and help him. __________________________________ It was unusually chilly this Halloween night. I had decided to attend one of my towns infamous Halloween party’s that night, and was enthralled. The party was excellent, lots of people had really great costumes and I had gone as a pirate. The party was on the outskirts of my small town a little whiles away in the wood. I had drunkily dozed off in One the tents, and when I had awoken everyone had already gone. I checked my phone and it was around 1am. I only had 3% battery so I had about enough to make one call, I decided to try my local taxi service, Brocka Taxis. My town was very small, and at the time didn’t have Uber or Lift. Luckily, they picked up and said I was lucky I had called as they were doing their last drives of the night. They said the wait would be around 30 minutes so I waited in silence. My phone died shortly after the call, I stood by the street I walked to in the cold. I watched my breath in the freezing air to pass the time. A little time after, I saw the headlights of a car begin to materialize in the distance. I waved my hands and they honked on notice. The slowly pulled up to me and I read the little motto I had come to know. “Brocka Taxis, We’ll never say never!”. I was glad at that time, cause if they could I’d be stranded here. I got in the taxi and was greeted to a rather good looking women in her late 20s. I said hi and introduced myself just to be cordial, she replied back “Hello, I’m Brandy, where are you headed?”. My stomach dropped and I almost gasped. “Excuse me what did you say?”, I questioned nervous. “I said Hi, I’m Brandy, where are you headed?”, she replied with a slight giggle at the end. I saw her shoot me deathly glare in the rear view mirror along with a taunting smile. Desperate, I told her my location, she smiled and what she said next to me stunned me. “Ah, I know where that is, we’ll have to take the freeway though, that sound good?”. She smiled with that again, I shuddered. We sat in silence for minutes, even though they felt like hours, as she awaited my response. I gathered all the courage I had in me and replied, “No, no thank you actually”. She chuckled slightly to herself, and unlocked the doors, I had no idea she had even locked them. I got out and immediately started walking back the other direction, I heard her start to drive along side me and I held my head down. “You have a safe night” she said as she drove on off. I looked up shortly after and the car was gone, not a skid mark or anything just vanished. It was a long dark walk home that night, my only company the Full moon. __________________________________ My sweet sweet nana loves gays, but gays like me, you see. I’m normal, my nana loves me because I don’t act like a typical gay. One day my nana saw to gays kissing on tv, she turned the channel and whispered a silent prayer to God, “damn them to hell god, and abomination”. I giggled, it’s ok my sweet nana loves gays, gays like me. Another time I recall, my nana was walking to the store and saw to young teen boys holding hands, “Disgusting!” She screamed, the ran out of embarrassment. She told me when she got home, I lightly chucked to myself this time, my sweet nana loves gays, gays like me. One day I was in my room, dancing around to toxic, when my nana barged with laundry, “what the fuck are you doing! Come pray with me now!”, i was embarrassed, but I was acting weird. So we prayed, and she’s looked at me a little funny since. But i guess it’s ok, my nana loves gays, gays like me? ____________________________________ Ugh, I dread the day I turn 30. I know it’s so so far away, but it scares me. That’ll be the day my life ends, I’ll be a old fart rocking in chair by the fireplace reminiscing about how things used to be. Mariah Carey will be playing on the radio, no nevermind, it’ll be playing on whatever music technology my grandkids leave for me on table. They’ll barely visit their poor old grandpa. Every second will feel like years as I await my imminent death. Those below the age of 25 will laugh at me as I leave my house to get the mail. Spitting in my face, calling me a “old fag”. I’ll run, no limp, back into the house using my walker. I’ll cry, and wait until mother Mariah calls me back to the Lovely Place to live with her for all eternity. Where she lives there’s no beginning and there is no end, and it’ll feel like you’re dreaming, but you won’t be sleeping. ___________________________________ “Happy Black History Month” reads the status posted by fotpforums user @DespunkThoseFawkingBawls “Ugh leave this forum you fucking annoying race baiting freak” replies user @Madonna despite the status just being posted 4 seconds ago. It may be 3:32am where the madonna stanning user lives. But that didn’t stop him from logging and and checking Winnie’s post history for updates. Just like it didn’t stop him the other 2321 times. “This will make him leave!” The Madonna Stan thinks, a demented smirk sprawled across his face. He sits inches away from the HP laptop screen, the 376x282 low definition display burning his corneas to a crisp. But he doesn’t care. He never cares. All her cares about is the moment when Winnie wakes up, and sees that notification. How will he feel? Will he weep? Will he become enraged? Will he wallow in sorrow? Or will he ignore the notification, just like the other 674 stacked in his notification box from the same user. The madonna user wonders if he’ll ever be acknowledged again. And for a brief moment he wonders if his efforts are in vain? Should he perhaps put this energy somewhere productive? But he doesn’t like thinking logically. It hurts his head. He steps two feet over to his twin-sized mattress, nuzzled comfortably in the corner of his 6x6 room. His head lays roughly on the bare mattress, not a bed sheet or pillow in site. As he drifts off to sleep, the stinging sensation from screen watching for 13 hours still present. A smile sprawls across his face. “I bet he’ll be pressted” he thinks as he drifts off to sleep. But I won’t be, and I never am.
  12. PAINTED a picture, I thought I drew you well It was all in my heeeeaaaaaaadddd A fucking BOP, literally her top 5 entire discography. Hard trap and Britney Spears bubblegum pop. Bad Idea gives me Toxic vibes
  13. As the current most influential female artist besides Madonna, miss Mariah Carey is being mentioned by every upcoming Pop Girl. Most recently, Sweet But Psycho Master Lady Caca mimicrist Ava Max. Ava has multiple times mentioned Mariah as her influence and even has videos of her singing AIWFC the timeless classic, and Always Be My Baby another timeless classic. It’s known Mariah only acknowledges cemented female acts with blue check marks, so will Miss Mariah give her coveted “We Love You Darling! 💗💗” tweet to Ava on Twitter. Before she even blinks at miss grande?
  14. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    Whitney - released Whitney that got 4 number ones Mariah - released Daydream spawned two number one debuts and the longest running number one of all time Gaga- released BTW which changed the industry and birthed the iconic singles like Judas, BTW, and Edge of Glory. Madonna - Finally got her debut, which marked the birth of a legend Celine - Color of My Love sold 20 million copies Britney - released her best album Blackout, album got added to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Beyoncé - B Day and classic Irreplaceable Rihanna - Unapologetic, Diamonds smash single, Stay smash single, alright around smash Ariana - Two number one debuts, her first number ones. Why?
  15. Christina has again stated she'd love to do a song with Brit, while also saying she'd love to recreate Lady Marmalade with Gaga and Cardi B. This must have Agu pretty pressed! What's everyone's thoughts on these possible collabs?
  16. frankgutz

    • So Real [1999] • I Wanna Be With You [2000] • Mandy Moore [2001] • A Walk To Remember OST [2002] • Coverage [2003] • Wild Hope [2007] • Amanda Leigh [2009] • Tangled OST [2010] SO REAL: • Candy • Walk Me Home • So Real I WANNA BE WITH YOU: • I Wanna Be With You MANDY MOORE: • In My Pocket • Crush • Cry COVERAGE: • Drop The Pilot • Have A Little Faith In Me WILD HOPE: • Extraordinary AMANDA LEIGH: • I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week • The Princes Diaries [2001] • A Walk To Remember [2002] • Try Seventeen [2001] • How To Deal [2003] • Chasing Liberty [2004] • Saved! [2004] • Romance And Cigarettes [2005] • American Dreamz [2006] • Because I Said So [2007] • Dedication [2007] • License To Wed [2007] • Southlands Tales [2007] • Swinging With The Finkels [2009] • Tangled [2010] • Love, Wedding, Marriage [2011] • Hotel Noir [2012] • Christmas In Conway [2013] • 47 Meters Down [2016] • Tangled Before Ever After [2017] • [2012 - 2013] TRON Uprising • [2014 - 2015] Red Band Society • [2016 - PRESENT] This Is Us MANDY MOORE TUMBLR: http://mandyleighmooregifs.tumblr.com/ UPCOMING PROJECTS: THIS IS US | NBC Show | Season 03 THE DARKEST MIND | Film [2018] WIFI RALPH | Film Voice [2018] MIDWAY | Film [Rumored]
  17. Y’all are quick to jump on Kelly, Harvey, and Cosby but Michael draws the line, why? A GROWN man inviting kids to a estate designed for children, sleeping in the bed with them, having personal relationships with them, and most were complete strangers. How is this normal? Endless accounts of pedophiliac accusations, Latoya spoke out against her own brother, why? “He was found innocent!!!” Michael Jackson was and continues to be the top 3 biggest if not the biggest celebrity of all time. With the NeverLand estate possessing dozens of paid staff and security, why would it not be possible to cover up any possible evidence? Why would it not be possible to pay off people in power? He is probably the most lucrative artist ever along with the Beatles, why would record executives and anyone in his circle not fight to protect his estate and keep him out of jail? Why are Michael accusers always shamed and dragged so relentlessly, as if there is not even a chance for truth? Why is the parents settling a big deal? If you can’t get jail time, which he would NEVER given his stature, wouldn’t compensation be the next thing. Are the families of slain innocent individuals at the hands of police officers “lying and desperate for money” when they include compensation in the claim? Just face the facts, y’all do not care about the abused children. You are just quick to jump on a bandwagon. You intentionally ignore all the signs that point to abuse. And makes excuses “Oh he didn’t abuse the home alone kid” ok? Perhaps he didn’t abuse literally every child he came across? Especially not a famous one with some power and leverage “The accuser attended his funeral!!” Many abused still feel some type of connection to there abuser, that is the nature of abuse. Why do battered woman stay with their partner? Why are there stories of kidnapped not escaping when given adequate opportunity? Is this documentary very convenient at a time where discussion of this nature are very popular? Yes Does that make it false? No This is not about tarnishing michaels legacy, as he will continue to remain the most successful male solo artist of all time and the king of pop. But it is meant to bring truth and closure to his victims and let the world know of his atrocities. Nobody is perfect, regardless of how many charitable donations he did or how many people he touched with his music. He was a sick and disgusting man who committed some of the worst acts imaginable to innocent children. and his time is up
  18. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    Celeb News

    We all know Madonna has made music with some incredible artists, and made classics like Me Against The Music and 4 minutes. But she has also had relationships with some very questionable people who may have committed some very disgusting crimes. What collab from Madonna do you regret the most? I choose Bitch I’m Madonna, I believe without Nicki and instead a different feature it would have been a hit. Perhaps an actual Beyoncé verse not just a cameo, the song is a lowkey bop and I bop it frequently tbh.
  19. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    Taylor, Ariana, Adele, Rihanna, and Beyoncé are all having rumors for albums this year. They are unarguably the biggest female musicians in the world currently So how Who will sell the most and be most successful? Adele is always a monster in album and single sales, Rihanna to especially in streaming and singles, Taylor does well all around, and Beyoncé usually snags in touring, acclaim, and has good album sales. She could also snag some high single positions if she actually releases to streaming and promotes. But Ariana is shaping up to conquer, with two number one debuts and two multi week number ones secured as the point lead for 7 rings will be over 200, she will definitely snag in singles unless Rihanna can pull something off. She will also most likely have massive first week sales, album sales I’m not sure about. What do you girls think?
  20. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls


    I first stanned Ms.Minogue when I heard CGYOMH on some form of commercial when I was a young gay. Back at that time I had a habit of instantly stanning any female pop chanteuse, I started stanning Mariah at that time as well. So what about you guys?
  21. The no solo top 10 until 3rd album singer, has been garnering a lot of attention and accolades lately. But why is it she has only been able to snag actually commendable achievements thanks to controversy? Pint-Sized songstress, Ariana Grande was desperate for a number one until Thank U Next came. Prior she had only been able to succesfully chart with collabs and lead singles, most notably No Payola Left to Buy which only managed to snag its highest position #3 during its debut thanks to multiple first week radio deals and endless promotion. Shortly followed by a desperate attempt at being artistic and controversial God is a woman which failed to make any lasting impact. Her highly awaited Sugar Substitute era was cut short when her label and scooter realized it wouldn’t make the impact they expected, but they continued on and persevered. With the spotlight on her after the tragic death of her beloved ex Mac Miller and the surprise termination of a hasty engagement, Ariana released her most desperate attempt yet. But it was a hit that stuck like grits, her lead self-titled single to upcoming album Thank U Neegxt (Said with stereotypical African American woman accent) debuted at #1 on billboard, thanks to multiple radio deals and TTH placements on Spotify. After spending an astonishing 7 weeks atop the chart it was replaced by actual organic hit Without Me by genuinely biracial singer Halsey. In recent news, the tiny titted singers new single That Sounds Very Familiar To Me! is set to debut atop the hot 100, making Ariana an elite group of 3 females having multiple hot 100 #1 debuts, Madonna not being one of them but Mariah being. But a glaring question continues to roar its ugly head, why can’t the singer, who names her pets after black people despite knowledge of the historic dehumanization of black people by comparing them to animals, have an organic hit? Only after the tragedies of Manchester, the death of an ex, a surprise engagement and diffusion of said engagement and multiple payola deals can the singer finally secure an genuine mega smash by herself, why? disqus
  22. Bhad Bharb

    Money flopped, End of Discussion JK, anyway, it seems like the GP is ALREADY over Cardi B, she's been Flopping lately and it's all Thanks to... Overexposure!! She thinks releasing 500 songs in 2 months will Give her more popilarity but it's the Other Way around honey.... Oh poor girl, It's quite sad to be Honest
  23. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls


    Edit: I lied, finished the song and video and it WAS A SERVE. Receipts looking like phone numbers, if it ain’t money then wrong number! She is really such a horrible artist Her lyrics are so corny and cringe it’s embarassing, and it’s obvious she is really trying the urban blackcent wave. When 7 Cock Rings sounds like another Beyoncé reject. TUN was only a hit thanks to Pete and controversy, YouTube views flopping and payola kept it on Billboard. Imagine was a flop single that her label thought would stick thanks to it being about Mac. Seven Reengs sounds like a flop, very basic wanna be trap pop song No vocals, no lyrics, barely serving in the video. TUN is shaping up to be her worst album yet, truly pathetic for the supposed biggest pop star of modern times peak. Inb4: “R-rih-Ana is unbothered with her forgotten soon to be broken streaming records and multi week number one!!!!” Or maybe “what about it.gif” or the best one “How is she flopping???? Thank U Next literally broke Spotify streaming records and she is the most followed female artist in Spotify history, It also spent 7 weeks on Billboard with as big as a 100 point lead on the other spots.” Followed by 12 upvotes from the 12 Ariana stans left on here.