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  1. Right girls and gays time to rank. I know all the beyhive have very different opinions about the songs on the album so let's battle Also please don't shoot me for placing certain songs so low it genuinely doesn't mean I think they are bad it just means that there are other songs on the album I prefer There is only 1 song on this album I do not like and even that song is still incredible and has the superpower.mp3 to make me go bald 1. Haunted 2. Blow 3. ***Flawless 4. Jealous 5. Drunk in Love 6. Partition 7. Mine 8. Pretty Hurts 9. No Angel 10. XO 11. Rocket 12. Heaven 13. Blue 14. Superboring Don't forget to leave your ranking in the comments
  2. Let's settle this once and for all, is Pharrell's recently musical outputs trashing and album destroyers? We're talking about his music Post-Happy. Sweetener is a pretty good example, it's got some brilliant Max Martin productions, but then Ariana had to get Farel in to ruin the album with his trashy copy+paste sounds like it was made by a 4 year old on a free music studio app covered in Bingo adverts because he can't be bothered to pay $9.99 per month to remove adverts music.
  3. Beyoncé


    Right girls and gays time to rank. Today I have a chosen one of the most iconic albums of all time for us all to rank. This is gonna be impossible to rank because it's such a perfect body of work and I adore it so much. Freedom All Night Daddy Lessons Don't Hurt Yourself Formation 6 Inch Hold Up Pray You Catch Me Love Drought Sorry Sandcastles Forward
  4. Beyoncé


    Right girls and gays time to rank. As you all know Beyoncé is one of the greatest performers of all time, meaning every single one of her tours are incredible. However some are quite clearly better than others. Time to see who has taste and who doesn't You can include OTR and OTR II if you want to but I won't as they were joint tours and y'all know how I feel about Jay-Z The Formation World Tour I Am... World Tour The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour The Beyoncé Experience Dangerously in Love Tour Wow all her tours really show her growth as an artist and performer don't they Don't forget to leave your ranking
  5. I was just thinking about it earlier, and I just had to start a topic about it to get the conversation going (besides, since I’m new here, I may as well start topics on my own somehow). I think if Kim worked with different producers on her debut album whenever it comes out (especially those who aren’t accused of sexual abuse), it would benefit her career greatly. To me, Kim and Max Martin are a perfect match to work together. They’re both European and Max has had tons of 00s pop classics to his name, that I think his production on a track or two of Kim’s would fit very well. Her sound is very 00’s pop to me, so it works. I also think she’d work better with Shellback, Mattman & Robin, OzGo, Oscar Holter, Captain Cuts, etc. She can keep working with Cirkut if she really wants to, but I think these 8 producers are a much better substitute for her work than Dr. Luke. What do you guys think?
  6. So Miley Cyrus hasn't had a Solo top 10 hit in the UK since Wrecking Ball and hasn't had one in the US since then either (If you exclude Malibu which peaked at #10). Did she overexpose herself in 2013 and drive the public to the point where ? Do you think Miley can reclaim her faux throne as a main pop girl? Or will the unauthentic foot licking "Ready, Set, Don't Go" singer remain best known for having a feud with Ninki, failing at dissing legends like Mariah and having the shortest career peak ever? People like Agugaga try and call Ariana a fad, but at least her career peak lasting longer than two songs. Also where have Demi Potato and Selena "I can't hear you" Gomez been.
  7. 13.1.16 - 23.8.16 1. Honeymoon 2. Music To Watch Boys To 3. Ultraviolence 4. High By The Beach 5. Freak 6. Art Deco 7. Off To The Races 8. The Blackest Day 9. Swan Song 10. Terrence Loves You 11. Pretty When You Cry 12. Shades Of Cool 13. Brooklyn Baby 14. God Knows I Tried 15. Ride 16. West Coast 17. Video Games
  8. I Brings That Levity

    So i've just listened to Taylor new song "You Need To Calm Down", which admittedly i love already. However i can't help but notice how similar it sounds to Air Balloon by Lily Allen. The instrumental on both songs are near identical (to my ear), and the chorus on both songs having that progressive high note makes me think it's more than a coincidence. The writing style also reminds me of Lily (prior to her last album). Now i wouldn't go as far to say Taylor actually just copied the song (despite the click bait thread title), but there's certainly a strong resemblance between the two songs. Thoughts?
  9. I Brings That Levity

    Without a move, without a botox'd 44 year old man, without any featured artists. Do you think Lady GoGa can score another authentic solo Billboard Top#10 hit? Or has she left it too late following the hype from ASIB that by the time she releases she'll go back to The Cure level of success?
  10. Beyoncé


    Right girls and gays it's time to rank. So recently I've been revisiting badgalriri's discography, and wanted to get other peoples opinions on her albums. I was originally going to do 'ANTI', but that has already been done so my next choice was 'Unapologetic'. Let's go! I'll start us off Diamonds Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary Stay Phresh Out the Runway Loveeeeeee Song Lost in Paradise No Love Allowed Nobody's Business Pour It Up Numb Jump Get It Other With What Now Right Now Half of Me Don't forget to leave your ranking below
  11. Katy Perry - Now that she's growing her hair back is her career back? Lady Gaga - With the hype of ASIB fading away will "Yass Gaga" be all the GP will be saying this summer, or will we see Noseanne pt2? Madonna - Will her Eurovision appearance get the lady who's in the same age range as one of my Grandparents back in the charts? Demi "I don't know her either" Lovato - With new management and a new fake tan will Poot hit the nail on the head with the GP?
  12. With the impending release of Madame X, I thought this would be a cute little topic of discussion The question is: What do you think about pop girls releasing music about or monetizing their political beliefs and/or recent tragedies? In terms of tragedies, I'm not talking about Ariana singing about Manchester or Mac Miller, since that's reasonable and happened to/around her, but I'm referring to when artists use tragic events that they are/were completely in no way connected to, probably have never met anybody connected to, and possibly never researched. A block of text by yours truly that I don't particularly wanna go through and litter with emotes:
  13. Doesn't she look strangely like living legend Gwen Stefani? Her face, hair and outfit are giving me real Gwen vibes, if it wasn't for the accent you could easily fool me in to thinking this was Gwen. Edit: The Thumbnail doesn't show it, you'll have to watch the video to see what i mean.
  14. Beyoncé


    Right girls and gays time to rank. List the songs from Queen B's legendary album B'Day from your favourite to your least favourite. I'm just gonna include the songs from the standard edition because there are like 10000 different versions of this album and I don't have time to go through all the bonus tracks. Justice for Beautiful Liar though, she deserved to be included on the standard edition and I will always bop to Welcome to Hollywood that song is the definition of being an Illuminati queen. This is actually gonna be very hard because I love every single song on this album, ugh it was so good and she managed to complete it all within the space of 2 weeks like the queen she is Get Me Bodied Freakum Dress Déjà Vu Suga Mama Ring the Alarm Resentment Check on It Upgrade U Irreplaceable Listen Green Light Kitty Kat Don't forget to leave your ranking below
  15. Right girls and gays time to re-arrange. I am aware a similar thread has been made before but I'm gonna do this anway. So, recently I've been revisiting 'Witness' by Katy Perry, and I can't help but think that the album could've done so much better critically and commercially if the tracklisting had been arranged slightly better, better singles were chosen, and a few tracks were dropped from the record. Because of this, I've messed around with the tracklisting to try and make it flow better and have removed the songs that I think drag it down. Please don't drag me in the comments for this remember this is just my opinion. The singles are highlighted in green. Witness Hey Hey Hey Roulette Chained to the Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley) Déjà Vu Power Tsnuami Bon Appétit (feat. Migos) Swish Swish (feat. Nicki Minaj) Act My Age Bigger Than Me Save as Draft Rise Pendulum Don't forget to leave your track listing below
  16. I Brings That Levity

    I'm sorry but can we just take a moment to appreciate L.A.M.B by Queen Stefani, it's gotta be up there as one of the best pop solo debuts in "recent" times. I was going to say more but the songs speak for themselves. Unique, ageless, classic bops. The videos are consistent in quality too, What You Waiting For is easily my favourite debut song by any solo artist. It's a shame she went on hiatus in 2007 as she could have slayed for a few more years, sadly Gwens latest album failed to match up to these for me and it doesn't look like she'll have much if any new music anytime soon.
  17. Beyoncé


    Right girls and gays it's time to rank again. To all my fellow iconic Girls Aloud stans out there, it's time for us to rank one of the greatest electro - pop albums of all time, 'Tangled Up'. I'll start us off. Call the Shots Sexy! No No No... Close to Love Black Jacks Can't Speak French Girl Overboard What You Crying For Control of the Knife Crocodile Tears I'm Falling Damn Fling Don't forget to leave your ranking below
  18. Beyoncé


    Right girls and gays time to debate. Everybody list your top 3 Katy Perry songs so we can battle it out and see what tracks deserve to be in the Holy Perry Trinity I’ll keep score of how often each song comes up 1. E.T. 2. Dark Horse 3. Firework
  19. Right girls and gays time to battle and decide what the worst track on each of Kylie’s albums is. I don’t know if this has been done before I’m gonna start this anyway Kylie - Look My Gay Enjoy Yourself - My Homo Heart Rhythm of Love - Count the Gays Lets Get to It - Live and Learn your sexuality Kylie Minogue - Time Will Pass You Bi Impossible Princess - Through the Gays Light Years - I’m So Gay Fever - Homo Affair Body Language - Somegay X - Cockmic Aphrodite - Too Gay Kiss Me Once - No Pharrell I do not want to record this song Golden - Love Don’t forget to write your least favourites at the bottom
  20. frankgutz

    1. I think TOXIC is trash, i do believe Britney has better songs, i think that the Grammys gave her ha first Grammy to this shit for pitty after all those years they snubbed her, she have better songs/videos, yet, this shit remains as an overrated shit, same for Piece of Me & the MTV Music Awards 2. I also think BLACKOUT is overrated af, yeah i know this was her comeback after ha fucking meltdown, so?? that doesn't make it an iconic album neither the best one of her discography, get over iT 2. BAD ROMANCE is overrated af, it's not even a cute song anymore, #sorrynotsorry, all of you waiting for a BADROMANCE2.0 can have a painfull dead, can't believe ya'll say this is her best song when she have more iconic, fresh, creative songs 3. ARTPOP ain't that bad, yes it's a fucking mess, i do believe tho, the name of iT plus the mess that happened when her manager Troy left her were the real reason the album flop, not because the music is bad, for me Aura, Venus, Sexxx Dreams, Swine, MJH, Applause are fucking bops, Dope & G.U.Y. are shit 4. KATY PERRY ain't funny, i think she's a bitch, i still cringe everytime i remember how she made that homophobic song Ure so Gay, yet she ended aiming gays/kiddos, Teenage Dream is the only song i can listen of her, i do believe the rest of her music is trash, yes i tried & i gave her a chance but no thank you. 5. I hate McDonald's, the 2 times i ate there when i was like 4 i got sicked, i can't eat there since then, it's like eating shit 6. BEYONCÉ is a little bit overrated but now i think she deserve it, i admit she's talented 7. I always hated Adele tho i love her singles, i think she's a good vocalist, she's talented but she ain't my shit, i will always rather Amy Winehouse 8. Taco Bell's tacos, are NOT tacos, gross 9. CONFESSIONS ON A DANCEFLOOR is overrated af, BS, E, ROL, M shits on ha 10. I think that the bandwagon people do when an artist die is pathetic af & really, really sad 11. Music snobs are shit, just because u listen indie/alternative whatever doesn't make u better/smarter/whatever, and Pop fans are annoying af too, just because the only genre u listen is Pop that doesn't mean the other genres sucks neither are trash, educate yourself, plus, i dont give a shit if your fave has sold 100000000000 records, if i think her music is trash, is trash EDIT: More unpopular opinios i posted if you want to skip the messT: 12. PRISM is utterly trash, i just can't when i see people treating it as an experimental groundbreaking mature record, just because half of it it's different of the basic/safe shit she has bee doing since day1, just because it doesn't fit the TD sound doesn't mean it's a deep/changin pop culture event, how can u say that when we have more iconic, creative, experimental albums by pop girls out there, i mean, when @BJORK was mainstream in early 90's she made Debut/Post, then we have Kylie with Impossible Princess, Madonna's Bedtime Storie, even Gaga's Born this way have more experimental songs, and lately Beyoncé & RIh with ANTI, seriously yall can get your shit together & stop being delusionals 13. Asylum is defo the best season, Freakshow was really good and yall have to deal with it, Murder House was meh, it had some really really good episodes, but it took me ages to finished the season, tho the first season i watched was Asylum when it was released, so maybe i was expecting something as good as that, About Coven, I as one of the biggest fan of the Thriller / Horror genre was so dissapointed about Coven, sure is fun & it's easy to watch, but hey, if im watching AMERICAN HORROR STORIE and u gave me that funny shit ASYLUM | FREAKSHOW > MURDER HOUSE > HOTEL | COVEN 14. About madonna: I think she was an average acT in 80's but her fierce attitude & ha bright personality helped her a lot, music wise she wasn't that good, her records from 83 to 89 don't do nothing for me, except maybe for some singles, TRUE BLUE is overrated af as a melancholy throwback tbh, Her 90's records are the peak of her creativy, experimentation, i won't deny im kinda pressedT she was able to work with some of my faves like Massive Attack & Björk, lots of respecT for that, Erotica, Bedtime Stories, Ray of Light & Music shits on a lot of discographys, *with American Pie i was really turned off, plus Me Against the Music (one of the worst collabs ever happened), can't Rihmember when happened, but those two killed the love & the interested i had on her, The '00s came and for me she started to downgrade herself, AL wasn't that bad but for that time i wasn't that much into her, then we have Confessions which is overrated af, tho i love Jump, HD & MDNA are utterly trash, she stopped being a trendsetter and became a sad old bitch who follows trends, she lost ha power to reinvent herself, she started to became ha biggest copycat, after the 90's she couldn't put her shit together, about RH, when i heard some demos i had hope on her once again, kinda, but the studio record was sad and pathetic af, 15. MEGHAN TRAINOR is the biggest shit/worst act of the last decade ..... ill post more later
  21. Right girls and gays it's time to bring back unpopular opinions. I am aware this has been done before but I am reviving it because I have nothing better to do I'll start us all off It's No Secret is so fucking jarring to me, I hate it and I will never understand that song at all Enjoy Yourself is not her worst album, Let's Get to It is, all the songs are forgettable apart from Finer Feelings KM94 is her most underrated album and does not receive the love it deserves If I Was Your Lover deserved to be a single This isn't exactly unpopular but I just want to state Confide in Me is her best song and that's that on that Some Kind of Bliss is actually a very good song but I understand why people can't stand it Say Hey, Drunk and I Don't Need Anyone are all incredible songs and they don't deserve to be trashed by ya'll hoes Through the Years is so fucking bland and boring and I always skip it The For You, for Me version of Come into My World is better than the original and I listen to it more than the original I don't understand the hate towards Red Blooded Woman it's literally one of her best songs, I actually prefer it to Slow I think it's more fun X is in her top 5 albums I literally don't even care what people say that album is so fucking good and fun to listen to 2 Hearts is very underrated and I actually love it but again I see why others don't like it, and although it shouldn't have been the lead single it still deserved to be a single All I See and Nu-di-ty aren't bad songs ya'll just love to hate on them to seem cool Why do ya'll hate No More Rain like it's an excellent song especially considering what it's about Magnetic Electric should have been the opening track on X instead of 2 Hearts X would be more enjoyable if they'd chosen the best songs from that era and the tracklisting had been fixed properly like seriously who the fuck put Nu-di-ty and Cosmic next to each other it should have been a 2 disc concept album but they fucked up because they were too busy rushing her new songs out to the public Aphrodite is literally her most overrated album and it is nowhere near as amazing as people say it is Get Outta My Way is so fucking overrated I can't even handle it, everyone makes it sound like the song of century but literally anybody else could have sung it and it would've been just as good, maybe even better All the Lovers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Get Outta My Way Kiss Me Once is actually an amazing album, better than most of the shit released nowadays, but people overlook it just because it's Kiss Me Once like no one gives it a chance Skirt and Timebomb should have been on KMO replacing I Was Gonna Cancel and Sexy Love I love Mr President and it is so fucking fun to listen to Kiss Me Once>>>>>>>>>>Golden Don't forget to leave your unpopular opinions below
  22. Right girls and gays in the past I have created a bunch of imaginary Kylie tour concert setlists and I am finally gonna post them here so I can get your opinions I can't find all of them right now so I'll search for the others soon and upload them I promise I will also continuously update this page when I make more delusion setlists for us all to stan over BODY LANGUAGE TOUR GOLDEN TOUR (I conceived this after the Hyde Park Show) Don’t forget to leave your opinions below
  23. Right girls and gays recently I've been thinking that because Kylie has so many hits and amazing album tracks, she doesn't have time to put all her best stuff in her tour setlists. Sadly, this means some incredible stuff goes unnoticed and remains in the shadows So I've come up with a list of songs that she should include in her future tour setlists either because she has never performed them before or she has forgotten about them because she's too busy putting Spinning Around and Wow on her setlists I've tried to keep it as realistic as possible but I know that some of the songs mentioned below will never be performed in a million years but I would still like to see them live again Finer Feelings If I Was Your Lover Where is the Feeling? Put Yourself in My Place Dangerous Game Cowboy Style Some Kind of Bliss Did It Again Breathe Limbo Dreams Please Stay Light Years More More More Come into My World Burning Up Red Blooded Woman Chocolate Giving You Up 2 Hearts Speakerphone Into the Blue Million Miles Don't forget to leave songs you think she should perform live again in the comments
  24. I Brings That Levity

    Which ones of these former Mickey Mouse Club songstresses do you think is the dumbest? Is it spike TV karaoke show former judge, Sharktale singer and Oreo sales person Christina Aguilera? Is it umbrella wielding oops i did it again flight attend and queen of live singing Britney Spears? Is it the open wide here comes the chicken flavoured Tuna girl Jessica Simpson? Or is it noodle haired FLOP of 2018 Justin Timberlake?