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Found 135 results

  1. I've added the Bonus Target tracks to the poll. Multiple choice option added.
  2. Game

    Witness Born This Way 1. Witness Marry The Night 2. Hey Hey Hey Born This Way 3. Roulette Government Hooker 4. Swish Swish Judas 5. Deja Vu Americano 6. Power Hair 7. Mind Maze Sheibe 8. Miss You More Blood Mary 9. Chained to the Rhythm BJ + AF 10. Tsunami Bad Kids 11. Bon Apetit Fashion of His Love 12. Bigger Than Me Highway Unicorn 13. Save As Draft Heavy Metal Lover 14. Pendulum Electric Chapel 15. Into Me You See The Queen 16. Dance W The Devil You And I both tbh TWTD is like the best song on Witness lol 17. Act My Age Edge of Glory Witness: 9 BTW: 9 You?
  3. Game

    Lady Gaga Albums +/- Game part of the: FOTP FAVE ALBUM series You know the rules!! Each song starts with 30 points, if it's your fave +5 and if it's your least fave -5. See, simple The Albums: The Fame- 30 The Fame Monster- 30 Born this Way- 30 ARTPOP- 30 Cheek to Cheek- 30 Joanne- 30
  4. Discussion

    This album is too good to only be exclusively on Tidal. It's annoying how Jay-Z and the people that run Tidal think the inconvenience of us fans will make us subscribe to Tidal but nahh. I have the physical copy but I want to stream it on Spotify. I personally hate listening to songs on my itunes through my iphone.
  5. THIS BOP GOES OFFFFFFFF literally no one talks about this godly hymn, lets stop sleeping on one of aris best CUZ WE BOTH KNOW WHAT COULD GOOOOO DOWN WHEN WE GET TOO CLOSEEE
  6. I'm not Team Katy (never will be) but I think it's crazy and creepy that Taylor (almost 30) is willing to still stretch this feud out (though understandable since Katy released a diss track response). I feel like these grown ass woman need to bury the hatchet and move on. I think Taylor Swift has some mental illness she's keeping to herself. There is no way a human can be so evil and manipulative. She looks evil and scary too I feel like shes the type of person that would pay a hitman 50 million dollars to murder someone she hates
  7. #1: Lorde | Melodrama

    Hello grateful grapefruits, flop queen @Vulnicura. here with an opinion no one really asked for but I do take request so if you read this feel free to give requests. Will be doing all sorts of other (pop mostly) albums as well. Just decided to post this since it came out and has been overhyped. Green Light - Wow still that fucking bop probably one of my favorite pop songs of 2017. It's almost manufactured to be a perfect song, which normally I would hate, but this was just so unexpected and again WHAT A FUCKING BOP and the build up throughout the song to the final chorus is just amazing. 10/10 Sober - Actually thought it was just gibberish at the beginning. It is very calm in comparison to Green Light which kind of makes it overshadowed by it but it's a solid concept for a song. Not something I could replay a lot though but I kind of like it. 7.5/10 Homemade Dynamite - This has already become a fan favorite but at the moment it's not yet a 10 for me. It gives me Blackout vibes with the drums a bit. And I also see the Tove Lo input in it definitely could work for her as well. Still not packing the energy of Green Light but definitely memorable 8/10 The Louvre - The title and the beginning already sound cool so I have a bit more hope for this song already. Sounds very familiar with the production and overall feel. Sort of reminds me Ellie Goulding. Not too strong of a chorus but an interesting concept. FOXES. It reminds me of Foxes with a bit of 2014 pop. The title also seems to be very appropriate, really gives me Louvre vibes, whatever that would be. For some reason I'm also hearing it as "Broadcast the boom boom boom boom and make 'em my deathwish"8.6/10 Liability - The title had always suggested me some sort of medieval vibe but the song itself is just a short, sweet great ballad. I like the lyrics and the simplicity and how it ends. 9/10 Hard Feelings / Loveless - I'm usually a sucker for longer songs, especially double songs but I feel that there were missed opportunities with this. Hard Feelings itself is quite great but I don't think it would really work out of the context of a double song. Same with Loveless. I love the buildup in Hard Feelings reminds me of Green Light a bit but towards the end it could have been slightly shorter for a equal balance of Hard Feelings and Loveless. As I was listening I also thought that Hard Feelings' end was a part of Loveless' intro or at least something that transitioned into Loveless so when there was a gap in between the songs I thought it was SUCH a wasted opportunity (why bother putting two songs together when they don't fit?!). Moving onto Loveless, I sense that there wasn't really a solid concept for the song since it was so short and just faded out at the end which was another missed opportunity for me (and such a long fade out as well which was pointless). At least make Loveless longer if Hard Feelings was going to make up most of the song. Despite saying all this I actually enjoy the song since it's still a double song. 9/10 Sober II (Melodrama) - It has nice production and all, sounds great, I like it, but I still think it's overhyped. 8/10 Writer In The Dark - It's a very dramatic indie track that I can appreciate but not something that has replay value to me 7.75/10 Supercut - Ooh I like the way this sounds from the beginning. Sounds like something that could really pass as a Taylor song, a more poppy sound than Lorde usually puts out. It could use a really explosive moment at the last chorus instead of having a 1 and a 1/2 minute ending. 8.4/10 Liability (Reprise) - I like how this sounds like it could work being placed right after Liability but also works well after Supercut. I also like how although it's a reprise of Liability it sounds different but doesn't stray too far from the original sonically. A nice little segue 8.25/10 Perfect Places - I've never thought of it as an album closer but it works well. Sounds like something from the Pure Heroine era as well, while still having that Antonoff sound of slightly indie synthpop. I also really like the kicks 8.5/10 Average: 8.45 Overall thoughts: I have to say, I was expecting Lorde to be a fad after Pure Heroine so I was surprised with this album a bit. I like the more poppy direction it has taken but I also wish it was slightly darker sonically to really go all out.
  8. Game

    Rihanna Albums +/- Game part of the FOTP FAVE ALBUM series TTY'all know how to play this game. Albums start with 30 points. If it's your fave +5 if it's your least fave -5. The Albums: Music Of The Sun: 30 A Girl Like Me: 30 Good Girl Gone Bad: 30 Rated R: 30 Loud: 30 Talk that Talk: 30 Unapologetic: 30 Anti: 30 No posting twice in a row. You can't copy a user that is not the one first above you. I can't find a taglist... First one to get to 200 points win.
  9. Other

    WITNESS PRISM 1. Witness Roar 2. Hey Hey Hey Legendary Lovers 3. Roulette Birthday 4. Swish Swish Walking on Air 5. Deja Vu Unconditionally 6. Power Dark Horse this is too hard i love Power (those drums kill me) but i love DH 7. Mind Maze This Is How We Do 8. Miss You More International Smile 9. Chained To The Rhythm Ghost 10. Tsunami Love Me 11. Bon Apetit This Moment 12. Bigger Than Me Double Rainbow 13. Save As Draft By The Grace Of God 14. Pendulum Spiritual 15. Into Me You See It Takes Two 16. Dance With The Devil Choose Your Battles What about you?
  10. Other

    WITNESS PRISM 1. Witness Roar 2. Hey Hey Hey Legendary Lovers 3. Roulette Birthday 4. Swish Swish Walking on Air 5. Deja Vu Unconditionally 6. Power Dark Horse 7. Mind Maze This Is How We Do 8. Miss You More International Smile 9. Chained To The Rhythm Ghost 10. Tsunami Love Me 11. Bon Apetit This Moment 12. Bigger Than Me Double Rainbow 13. Save As Draft By The Grace Of God 14. Pendulum Spiritual 15. Into Me You See It Takes Two 16. Dance With The Devil Choose Your Battles
  11. Gaga needs the Born This Way body again. I mean damn her body was fire During The Fame era Gaga was sort of fit but her arms and thighs were big especially poker face. She was a bit thick. During The Fame Monster she was very skinny but not nicole richie skinny but still skinny and not in a good way like born this way skinny. During Artpop she gained a dramatic amount of weight and remained the same weight in the cheek to cheek era. She lost a few pounds during the Joanne era but idk like her body is cute and juicy now but its not POP STAR DOMINANCE slayage like born this way. The GP called her fat during the superbowl and I was watching the coachella on livestream and I couldnt help but notice that she's a bit chunky. Her ass was eating through those leggings and the outfit was too tight since her belly showed. I'm not body shaming I just think she needs to be careful with what outfits to wear. Her abs during the born this way era
  12. "You go with the flow but to make waves..." so, what's your fave track? the beats are great, i'm currently obsessed with "deja vu".... IT IS AN INSTANT BOP ... should be a single right now.. i feel her in this one, katy's team what are you all doing? it is safe to say everyone here in FOTP will be singing this.. "when you're drunk, you say i'm the one, then you wake up.. inside my head i'm in a vaccum..." "Into me you see" is a slow song.. same goes to "save as a draft" ... not my cup of tea... also "mind maze"... "roulette" is growing on me.. it'd need more spins.. i love "tsunami"... it continues the prism theme i guess.. "witness" is the most interesting tack to me.. there's a new katy in there.. Production wise, this is her best album, she stepped her game up with "witness". i give it a solid 8 for now. No links.
  13. With the way both they robbed talented black artists I would actually ship them together since they are both made for each other. Stealing from black culture has become their main trademark. Both get away with a lot of it. Both barely have any talent. Justin Timberlake can't sing that well. J-Lo is just notorious for sounding like a strangled cat choking on a hair ball. It angers yet amazes me how both of these mediocre jokes can get away with using the "N" word and doing stupid shit like this It breaks my heart that Janet Jackson was thrown under the bus and her career never revived thanks to Pussified Timberlake. It breaks my heart that artists like Usher aren't popular anymore but Justin Timberlake still is whenever he releases stuff It breaks my heart that artists like Ashanti don't get much attention anymore but J-Hoe still does.
  14. She's just not special in my opinion. Factually she's not that good of a vocalist. Her songwriting skills are decent but most of the non singles are mediocre. As a performer she's just not that great. Her music is pretty fast food compared to other singer songwriters. Her career isn't that impressive either. She may rob a lot of grammies but she does not have 200 million records sold worldwide, WROTE all her 18 number one singles (minus one being a cover), etc. I just don't see Adele having longevity in her career. People will tired of the same ole boring ass songs. It's one thing if she were a legend then she can be repetitive with her work but she's not a legend (nor will she ever be) therefore the GP will eventually get tired of the same tired ass albums with just a different number title.
  15. 1.He took part in a wardrobe malfunction @5:29 2.And proceeded to make one of the biggest disappearing acts in HISTORY 3.Spilling all of his and Britney Spears' sex life into radio interviews and proceeded to sell her out in a music video 4.he's pussified 5.used Michael Jackson's "off the wall" as inspiration for "justified" yet only including frank sinatra and the rat pack as influence
  16. Rumor

    I could see Just Like Me getting released, but then, if she hasnt released anything from November last year I doubt there'd be another single.
  17. Discussion

    B10 will mark 20 yrs in the industry for Brit What are your thoughts in regard to sound, image, promo and all that good stuff WELCOME TO THE TEA PARTY
  18. We all know that she is not a Beyoncé but i think she is a good dancer Especially 4:58 Wanna see your opinions Keep it cute
  19. When people think of a white girl they either think of taylor swift or katy perry type of girls. Katy Perry is pale as mayo, eyes blue as the waters of Fiji, and privilege high as the sky. She's the epitome of a middle aged white woman. However Katy keeps embarrassing white women by trying to be "down" with the black folks by featuring them on her songs, and trying to pose and act "hood" (her word not mine). White girls are seen as messy, culture vultures and racist because of white girls like Katy Perry. Instead of being classy, woke, and elegant like Barbra Streisand, Michelle Pfeiffer, Emmy Rossum, Meryl Streep. Now white girls are seem as ditzy, low brained, and lost like Katy Perry and Paris Hilton.
  20. Tag should be labeled "Fact". Rihanna is just above her contemporaries. She never flops and she knows how to handle each era well. Ya'll can call her desperate for having multiple buzz singles before Anti but the bitch worked hard and SNATCHED her hit singles during Anti. Rihanna will be a legend in 5 years. There's no going backwards in her career. I feel like certain other artists like Katy Perry, Adele, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga can't ever be on her level of success and longevity. Lady Gaga is talented but the release of Judas scarred her success in the upcoming years. Taylor Swift is overexposed. She will not have a successful era next album. I guarantee you that. Adele releases the same music all the time. People will get tired of her tired ass songs over and over again. Adele only won AOTY because of White Privilege. Katy is only on her 4th album and already underperforming. She's the joke of the industry now. It's cool to make fun of Katy Perry now. She's racist and insensitive towards mental health. Rihanna may not be perfect and has her ways but she keeps it 100 and never has to brown nose anybody which is why she got this far and will continue to walk the pathway to success.
  21. Discussion

    Which Adele song is the ultimate?
  22. Album

    I'm STILL pressed at the fact these gems weren't singles Better Man on the moon Change your mind If i'm slaying could've been a double video with better WE CAN'T LET THIS HAPPEN NEXT ERA
  23. Which Whitney classic is the best?
  24. I mean, they both put out (mostly) good music but the GP is not getting them??