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Found 15 results

  1. Welcome to My Top Ten Water-Type Pokemon countdown. This blog will also features various types of countdowns (searchable by the countdown tag) in addition to the Who's That Pokemon series. It will continue other series in due time, with one coming later this afternoon. This series will feature my top five, top ten, or top twenty (or top anything really) of anything Pokemon. My opinions on various Pokemon subjects do change extremely often so my #1 today might not be my #1 tomorrow. With that in mind, today's countdown will be Water-Type Pokemon. Everyone who knows me knows that Water is my fav
  2. Introducing Magiana, the new Pokemon design. While no type has been revealed yet, it looks somewhat like a trapped steel bunny. CoroCoro also gives information on why it is so special; stating that Volcanion is chasing after it, and only he knows Magiana's secret. Will this Pokemon make a surprise appearance in Z, or is 7th generation coming sooner than we think? More information will come as CoroCoro updates.
  3. #10. Leafeon A bit low for an eeveelution but the grass-type eeveelution makes it on this list at #10. Grass is my 3rd favorite type, but I do feel like the type itself just deteriorated after the first two gens. Is Leafeon a bad design? Not quite, but it doesn't live up to the five that came before (except maybe Flareon). It also doesn't help that Leafeon looks like an inferior version of what's coming next. #9. Shaymin This little cutie ends up here at #9. For obvious reasons, I've never used a Shaymin during my playthroughs but with 100 base all around, it's fai
  4. #10. Malamar Malamar is a Psychic and Dark type Pokemon introduced in the Kalos region. The anime features a group of three evil Malamar abducting and brainwashing Officer Jenny and other humans and Pokemon, in an attempt to take over the world. It is also the evolved form of Inkay; the first Kalos Pokemon caught by Team Rocket. I've never used a Malamar for a full playthrough, but I would love to. Unfortunately their stats aren't up to much, but their backstory and design is just so fascinating. #9. Mew The original event legendary Pokemon ends up here. The myster
  5. #10. Froslass The adorable Ice / Ghost dual-type Pokemon makes her mark here. A much better alternative to the ugly looking face from Generation 3. Generation 4 committed various injustices towards older Pokemon with some evolutions, but some of these evolutions were absolutely perfect and exactly what the Pokemon needed. Froslass here is exactly that in design; albeit not in stats. Never have I ever used one, but she's cute I guess. #9. Kyurem A bit surprising to see a Gen 5 Pokemon on this list I assume? Gates to Infinity really helped my impression of this Pokemo
  6. It's been a while since my last blogpost on the Pokemon world, and a lot has happened in the past 9 days. Perhaps the most important piece of news is the Superbowl trailer. The trailer features subtle references to the 20th anniversary of Pokemon and is currently just over one minute long. Noticeably, the music cuts out at the end, perhaps implying the trailer isn't complete. The edit on the Superbowl, broadcast on February 7, will be 30 seconds long. View the current trailer here: The next big piece of news is... a new Pokemon game! But alas, it is not Pokemon Z,
  7. As stated in the above blog entry, a new Pokemon was to be revealed on January 15, and it has been. Welcome Chandelure to the mix. Chandelure is a Ghost / Fire type which floats in the air. A full detail videoing its in-game play will be available on January 31. Even more information about the game has also been revealed. Four new support Pokemon are revealed; Sylveon, Croagunk, Pachirisu and Magikarp. There are 3 modes announced so far; Single Battle (with 3 different difficulty settings), Local Battle (where one player uses the control pad and one uses the big screen), and Online Battle (Fri
  8. Corocoro has finally leaked and WOW, it's a good'n. First thing to detail; Pokken Tournament. Standard Mewtwo, Garchomp and Braixen have all been announced as playable characters for the title, which hits the Wii U on March 18th in Japan. USA and UK releases should be Q2. These characters are all exclusive to the Wii-U edition. This brings the character roster to 15 Pokemon thus far! Next up; even MORE events. In addition to the recent mythical Pokemon events, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres will be distributed with their HIDDEN ABILITIES; which were as of yet unavailable. These are Snow Cloak, S
  9. The Official Youtube Pokemon Channel have just announced the #Pokemon20 campaign earlier today. This announcement showed various things to be distributed starting in February. The first and possibly most important mention for everyone is the distribution of all mythical Pokemon, beginning in February. This includes Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and all event legendaries from Generations 4 and 5. Another thing to note is a New 3DS bundle containing a pre-installed Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue from the virtual console, and a cover plate containing artwork of either Charizard or Blastoise. This deal is exc
  10. Stunky. The Skunk Pokemon. A Poison and Dark dual-type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. Without beating around any bushes, you could also call this the Pokemon no one gives a shit about; like many Pokemon that originated from Generations IV and V. Most of them look like shit anyway, so it's not particularly surprising. Stunky herself looks rather cute I guess but her evolution is nothing short of an abomination. But that's not why we're here today. We're here to discuss Stunky (as a random number generator chucked out her number, smh.) Interestingly, Stunky has a base stat of 329; which is
  11. A new playable Pokemon character will be announced for Pokken Tournament on January the 15th. This Pokemon is teased as its name includes the character 'ラ'. Could we finally see the iconic Rattata for everyone out there named Joey, or might we see the ever impressive hardening Metapod? Both of these are high possibilities. Other possibilities include Water-Ground starter Swampert, electric legendary Raikou, or maybe they'll throw an atrocious curve ball right at us by sending Gyarados into the mix. Whatever it is, it's sure to ignite discussion and speculation amongst little Pokemonsters. It's
  12. Clefairy. The uh... Fairy Pokemon. Clefairy is a Fairy-Type Pokemon (previously a Normal-Type pokemon until GameFreak decided that the Fairy Pokemon should be a Fairy Pokemon). Clefairy evolves via moon stone into Clefable, another Fairy Pokemon, and evolves from Cleffa when friendship is high. I always, mostly always, usually, sometimes, very rarely stick to my word, and this is no exception. Clefairy was actually the original travelling partner for our anime protagonist Ash, until she got rejected for some yellow mouse thing at the last second. There could be a few reasons for this; misogyny
  13. It's been a difficult year for all us little Pokemonsters. Suffering through the announcements of Super Mystery Dungeon, Pokken Tournament and even a full Corocoro scoop on Volcanion; who we all knew existed over a year ago. But now, our ship is finally coming in... for most probably another disappointment! But let's forget about that and examine the picture posted by Junichi Masuda; the game freak logo and half of the Earth. GameFreak is only usually involved in main series games, and if you look closely, the Earth looks like it contains a huge letter Z on it; varying from green to blue. Is t
  14. A new year and a new episode. And what better way than to start the year by going right back to the very beginning; a very good place to start. Many uneducated on Pokemon trivia would believe that Pikachu would be the first Pokemon ever created, but let me inform you otherwise. Meet the real first Pokemon created; Rhydon. Rhydon is known as the Drill Pokemon, and is a ground and rock type. It evolves from Rhyhorn quite lave in their evolutionary line; at level 42, and later gained a new evolution; Rhyperior in Generation IV. Due to this, Rhydon has the highest base stat Attack for any not full
  15. Welcome to Who's That Pokemon! This particular series features discussions about various pokemon; their stats, their design, just anything, in depth. So let's begin; Fearow. The "Beak Pokemon" and the evolved form of Spearow. A normal / flying type Pokemon and the second (and irrelevant) regional bird from Kanto. Let me be honest and say that I have never used a Fearow, nor am I planning on using one in any gameplay anytime soon (except in a nuzlocke if I find one and then it can be used as death fodder). Fearow's stats aren't up to much, and its movepool is no better. It's a shame it ca