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Found 15 results

  1. Welcome to My Top Ten Water-Type Pokemon countdown. This blog will also features various types of countdowns (searchable by the countdown tag) in addition to the Who's That Pokemon series. It will continue other series in due time, with one coming later this afternoon. This series will feature my top five, top ten, or top twenty (or top anything really) of anything Pokemon. My opinions on various Pokemon subjects do change extremely often so my #1 today might not be my #1 tomorrow. With that in mind, today's countdown will be Water-Type Pokemon. Everyone who knows me knows that Water is my favorite Pokemon type (although my favorite Pokemon isn't a water type). They're so majestic and beautiful. So let's crack on with #10: #10. Dewgong Dewgong is a Water / Ice Pokemon (and not the only one on this list either). It featured in Lorelei's initial Ice-type Elite Four team. Truth be told, I've never used a Dewgong because there has always been a better alternative, but I actually want to use one soon. Maybe in a future playthrough (#hint #hint). Dewgong looks so beautiful and clean. Beauty seems to be a big factor on this list actually... #9. Milotic Probably the most overrated Gen III Pokemon to ever exist. It's an absolute stunner but if I'm honest, it's just lacking. I don't play competitively. My in-game teams never see a use for "bulky Pokemon"; I always hit hard and fast. For that reason, Milotic is almost irrelevant. It's on this list because it's one of my favorite Water-types, but it struggles to go higher because of its lack of use in game. GameFreak need to serve that Water / Fairy mega evolution (perhaps with Pokemon Z, which seems to be the Anti of the Pokemon world). #8. Kingdra Another Pokemon that suffers from the curse of in-game playthroughs. It has good stats overall, and while any Pokemon (within reason) can smash in a game like X and Y, or Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it still restricts my use of Kingdra; especially when they appear so late in game, and there are usually stronger alternatives. Yeah, Kingdra's dragon dance makes it powerful and Swift Swim increases it's speed, but who has time to set up Rain Dance and Dragon Dance in every single in-game battle? Certainly not me. Kingdra is an adorable Pokemon design though, and a highlight of Generation II. Fuck you Clair. #7. Suicune Another Gen II Pokemon appears here. The first legendary to appear on this list, and the box legendary of Pokemon Crystal. Every aspect of Suicune is wonderful. It's design is just so beautiful. It's majestic. The ribbons just add a lovely touch to the final design too. It's great to see a 4-legged Pokemon like Suicune be represented in Pokken Tournament. Water types can fight too, you know. Even as a legendary, Suicune suffers in this non-competitive list like Milotic and Kingdra as it's more suited for defensive (aka weak bitches only) play. #6. Greninja One of my absolute favorite designs from Generation VI, and actually within the last three or four generations too. I knew everyone was talking shit when they said the Froakie evolution would be Water / Fighting. It was the most obvious dark type since ever. It's a Ninja! I'm really glad it was Dark after all since I despise the majority of Fighting types. Greninja has an amazing design (as opposed to his prevolutions which are slightly terrible). His stats and moveset make him an amazing starter Pokemon and perfect partner for the Kalos region (albeit not being my favorite Kalos starter either though). A great Pokemon design. #5. Gyarados Probably one of the most iconic Water-Type Pokemon of all time. Gyarados was THE Pokemon back in the good old days. I'm glad it received a mega evolution in Gen VI because frankly it deserved one. But wait... Water and DARK? The actual fuck? Everyone and their grandmother knows that Gyarados should be Dragon type. I hope we get a Mega-Gyarados Y or something. Maybe even make it more special orientated (or include an ability which increases the power of "beam" moves for say Hyper Beam and Ice Beam). Regardless, Gyarados is one iconic mothafucker and will always hold a special place in my rankings. There's some tough competition about but Gyarados snatches a top five spot! #4. Kyogre The other Water-Type legendary Pokemon to make it onto this list, and the highest non genwunner Pokemon too. Kyogre has always been one of my favorite Pokemon; water type or not. Easily the best Gen III legendary (even if I traded away my original Sapphire for a Yugioh game when I was a kid). The struggle to catch this bitch was insane in Emerald. It's a shame Groudon got the better primal ability rendering Kyogre relatively useless. Groudon may have the better primal ability, but when will he ever have the acclaim and fans that the real Gen III legendary (Rayquaza? I don't know ha) does. #3. Lapras The other Water / Ice Pokemon to grace this list. Lapras is used as a method of transportation for trainers wishing to cross the seas. They even took advantage of this in Pokemon X and Y, giving it away to trainers (similar to the Gen 1 games) and including a special sprite for it while surfing. It's a shame it hasn't got a mega evolution... yet. I feel like they're saving it for Z (and if there isn't one in Z, I will be extremely disappointed). Lapras does have the issues in-game where its bulk outweighs its power, but this is the one exception on the list. I adore Lapras and it's in my top five Pokemon of all time. A flawless design and adorable Pokemon from head to... shell? Lapras will always be on my team if available. (In fact, it was on my first X and Y team). #2. Vaporeon Of course an eeveelution is going to appear on this list. Vaporeon is my favorite Gen I eeveelution, and is my 2nd favorite overall eeveelution, and 2nd favorite Water-type Pokemon too. Another bulky pokemon due to its HP stat, but it's definitely not slacking in attack power, with 110 base stat in Special Attack. It's move pool is a bit lacking and I do wish it would be changed at some point, but it's clearly to stop certain eeveelutions becoming too powerful. Vaporeon is already rather well-used in game and competitively too. I mean what else do you really need? Surf, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball and Hyper Beam is usually my in-game moveset for Vaporeon. #1. Starmie This surely wasn't too much of a surprise for anyone, considering my love for Kween Misty. Starmie, my #1 favorite water-type Pokemon, is a Water and Psychic type; the best of both worlds really. Starmie has always provided me with reliable in-game success, and has always been a powerplayer in the competitive field as well. That's just how the kween of water type Pokemon rolls. It also housed my favorite Pokemon attack ever; Bubblebeam. Another ode to Misty's flawlessness. My in-game Starmie will never let me down; serving Surf, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam and Psychic. I even caught a shiny Staryu in ORAS which I evolved (after cloning) into a shiny Starmie. The true kween.
  2. Introducing Magiana, the new Pokemon design. While no type has been revealed yet, it looks somewhat like a trapped steel bunny. CoroCoro also gives information on why it is so special; stating that Volcanion is chasing after it, and only he knows Magiana's secret. Will this Pokemon make a surprise appearance in Z, or is 7th generation coming sooner than we think? More information will come as CoroCoro updates.
  3. #10. Leafeon A bit low for an eeveelution but the grass-type eeveelution makes it on this list at #10. Grass is my 3rd favorite type, but I do feel like the type itself just deteriorated after the first two gens. Is Leafeon a bad design? Not quite, but it doesn't live up to the five that came before (except maybe Flareon). It also doesn't help that Leafeon looks like an inferior version of what's coming next. #9. Shaymin This little cutie ends up here at #9. For obvious reasons, I've never used a Shaymin during my playthroughs but with 100 base all around, it's fair to say, it plays like Celebi and Mew for in-game. The design of the original Shaymin is rather boring to say the least, albeit cute, but what is really stunning is the Sky Forme; picking up a fairy typing, impressive ability and expansive base stat in Special Attack and Speed. Not to mention, it's design is what Leafeon should have been. Look at this thing, it's purely wonderful. #8. Bellossom Bellossom comes from one of my favorite Grass-type lines; the Oddish line. Unfortunately, while losing her poison typing, Bellossom also just loses it in general. It's still slightly adorable and decent enough I suppose, but that 50 speed is extremely lacking; and while Vileplume suffers from a similar curse, Vileplume has the offensive capabilities to back itself up. Bellossom just feels weak. A nice design but weak. #7. Victreebel I was always under the impression that Victreebel was simply a Physical attacker, but apparently this is untrue as it's Special Attack stat is only 5 points lower than the Attack stat. Victreebel brings back fond memories of the anime for me; where it would constantly attack James with it's venus-fly-trap like body. Maybe it's not the best in-game Pokemon, and I haven't used one yet because I've always been #TeamVileplume, but it's a great Pokemon overall. #6. Tropius This is a really bad Pokemon. It just is. With 51 speed, 68 attack and 72 special attack, Tropius isn't going to be at all useful in game. Not to mention, it has a tragic movepool as well, for the most part and cannot utilise itself properly. A mega evolution focusing more on attack than defense would be a good touch. But if it's so bad, why is it here? Because that design. So majestic. So powerful-looking (even if it isn't powerful at all). A beautiful design and always one of my favorite Grass types. A shame I can't use one since they're so bad. #5. Roserade Going from one of the worst battlers to one of the best. Roserade is fucking powerful. Boasting a massive 125 special attack stat, and for a grass type; impressive 90 speed, Roserade sure knows how to work her stuff. She's also a beautiful Pokemon design. The only flaw is her technician ability which seems redundant when the majority of her moves have over 60 in power, and it would only be useful for a powered up never-missing Magical Leaf or Hidden Power. However Natural Cure and Poison Point can work well too in game. #4. Venusaur The OG (Olive Garden). And life surely is an olive garden (thanks Pumkin!) with Venusaur around. The original grass starter from the world of Pokemon, and a much better design than the fat lizard and the fatter turtle. Venusaur has long been my favorite of the Kanto starters. It's an all-round great Pokemon both offensively and defensively; being able to use powerful attacks like Petal Dance and Sludge Bomb, and being able to defend and recover with the likes of Sleep Powder and Leech Seed. #3. Meganium Meganium; the Grass-type starter Pokemon from Generation II. Frankly, the best designed Grass starter Pokemon (not that it had any competition from Gen 3's ugly lizard, Gen 4's ugly Venusaur copy or Gen 6's ugly... whatever even is Chesnaught? Honorable mention to Serperior which is actually rather beautiful but didn't make it to this list.) Meganium tops Venusaur in this list, not because of power or defense. Because of the design. However, that design isn't Meganium's alone; more importantly Bayleef. It's actually always a shame to evolve my Bayleef into a Meganium, but it has to be done. Meganium's stats and movepool are both lacking but a Grass / Fairy mega with Moonblast could help fix that. #2. Vileplume Vileplume is an amazing Pokemon. It has a great 110 Special Attack stat and gains moves the likes of Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball, Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed and Moonblast; a move that most other Grass / Poison types are unable to get. Moonblast is only available as a lv43 Oddish in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Vileplume's design has always been rather simplistic but within that lies beauty; an ironic beauty considering its name origins. The only thing holding Vileplume back is her speed stat. My love for Vileplume grew even more in Pokemon X and Y when I caught my first shiny Pokemon in Route 6; Oddish. But if I've been banging on about Vileplume this whole time, then why is she not #1? Well... #1. Celebi I think you already know her name. After coming at #4 on my Psychic-type list, Celebi returns here with a vengeance and claims the top-spot. Celebi obviously is a Grass and Psychic Pokemon, and another of the all-round base 100 event legendaries. Base 100 Speed is especially great for a Grass type considering it's usually what holds many Grass Pokemon back. It's Natural Cure and access to many useufl in-game moves, make it a force to be reckoned with. An absolutely adorable design and there's no other fitting place for it than here.
  4. #10. Malamar Malamar is a Psychic and Dark type Pokemon introduced in the Kalos region. The anime features a group of three evil Malamar abducting and brainwashing Officer Jenny and other humans and Pokemon, in an attempt to take over the world. It is also the evolved form of Inkay; the first Kalos Pokemon caught by Team Rocket. I've never used a Malamar for a full playthrough, but I would love to. Unfortunately their stats aren't up to much, but their backstory and design is just so fascinating. #9. Mew The original event legendary Pokemon ends up here. The mystery of Pokemon; Mew. Does anyone know how Mew came about? Does anyone really know anything about Mew? Honestly, I don't. Mew was the OG. A mysterious but also cute Pokemon with an even 600 BST. An adorable personality but there's just something that doesn't resonate with me. Maybe it's the lack of availability, maybe it's the weak bitch effect when compared to the real Psychic legendary of Gen 1. Maybe the producers of the original game felt the same, since Mew wasn't meant to be in Red and Blue until a late minute change. #8. Girafarig One of the most underrated Psychic type Pokemon to exist. It also has a great Normal typing which gives Girafarig a lovely Ghost-type immunity. I feel like Girafarig could have more to be desired with her base stats, but the use of Sap Sipper could become pretty nice for in-game. I haven't actually used Girafarig in game, bar one or two rare occasions, but I really love the Pokemon design. A beautiful and clean-cut design. #7. Lugia Let me begin by saying Lugia should not even be on this list. This is where having 3 potential typings would come in handy. Lugia is hailed as the beast of the seas and the guardian of whirlpools. There is absolutely no reason why Lugia should not be Water type; apart from a crippling 4x weakness to electric attacks. This could easily be rectified by the use of a primal or mega form with a Water/Flying typing, and a new ability referencing The Power of One; and making Lugia neutral to Ice, Electric and Fire. Let's also take a moment to remember Lugia's song, 'The Power of One'. Lugia is also noteable as his role as XD001 in Gale of Darkness; the powerful ship destroying Shadow Pokemon. #6. Delphox My absolute favorite starter Pokemon of the whole six generations. Generation VI brought Pokemon back to prominence and amazing designs overall; something which the prior 2 (and to an extent 3) generations lacked. An absolute stunner. Yes, it would have been better on four legs, but we already had enough Digimon copying going on in Kalos; the next thing we need is a Kyubimon crossover. Delphox embodies everything I love about Psychic types; powerful and smart, with an element of mystery and evil. Hopefully, she'll receive a mega evolution in the never-coming Pokemon Z! #5. Alakazam An absolute legend. There is a reason Alakazam used to be FEARED. Alakazam is the original trade evolution Pokemon and one of my favorites since the good old days of Pokemon Red and Blue; even if I was never able to actually obtain one and had to stick with good old Kadabra. It's mega evolution in X and Y is extremely frightening with his 175 base Special Attack. Alakazam is given decent coverage from the use of Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam and Energy Ball, outside of Psychic. Charge Beam is also handy in certain team situations to boost Special Attack (especially as an in-game player who doesn't like to use set up moves, i.e. Calm Mind). It's a bit of a shame he can't learn Thunderbolt like Gengar can though. Alakazam is a wise old fool and that's why I adore him. #4. Celebi Such an adorable Pokemon; and for a legendary as well. Celebi was the star of the fourth Pokemon movie, alongside the majestic Suicune. Showing compassion, cuteness and just general beautiful design, this adorable Grass / Psychic combination ends up here. Realistically, there's no way Celebi would go any higher on this list as the top 3 are actually my top 3 favorite Pokemon ever. Celebi is a cute ball of energy and I adore her and always have. It was a great gift alongside Pokemon Bank. #3. Starmie Featuring at the top spot in my Water-Type Pokemon countdown, Starmie ends up here at #3 in the Psychic-Type countdown. It's also my 3rd favorite Pokemon of all time. An amazing in-game Pokemon with very little resistant from any enemy team using the powerful combination of Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt and Psychic. Starmie has just gotten better and better throughout the generations and I pray to Arceus that one day we will have a mega evolution because L'oreal; she's worth it. #2. Espeon "WHAT!" I hear you all shout at your laptop screens as the Pokemon in my avi is not the #1 choice. Espeon is my favorite non-legendary Pokemon, that's for sure, and it's one of the most adorable and cutest Pokemon there is; it's based off a cat after all. If I wanted a pet from the Pokemon world, Espeon would probably be the one. Like all eeveelutions, Espeon is no slouch, but in particular is definitely one of the strongest of them all. With a respectable 130 Special Attack and 110 Speed, Espeon is such a powerful threat all emerging from this little cute cat, and with access to Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam and even recovery in the vein of Morning Sun, Espeon is one to be feared. #1. Mewtwo This really should have been no surprise to anyone. Mewtwo is my ultimate favorite Pokemon and therefore is my favorite Psychic type too. He's such a legendary iCON that he didn't just receive one mega evolution, no, he received TWO. And guess what? He's also the next big star of Pokken Tournament receiving a Shadow Pokemon form there too. Mewtwo is everything that Mew failed to be. Amnesia was so broken in Gen 1, and while not as broken any more, Mewtwo received such a buff in Kalos with the Mewtwonite Y boosting his base Special Attack to a whopping unboosted 194. Just remind everyone who the true Pokemon god is, coz everyone and their grandmother knows it ain't that failed design from Generation Four.
  5. #10. Froslass The adorable Ice / Ghost dual-type Pokemon makes her mark here. A much better alternative to the ugly looking face from Generation 3. Generation 4 committed various injustices towards older Pokemon with some evolutions, but some of these evolutions were absolutely perfect and exactly what the Pokemon needed. Froslass here is exactly that in design; albeit not in stats. Never have I ever used one, but she's cute I guess. #9. Kyurem A bit surprising to see a Gen 5 Pokemon on this list I assume? Gates to Infinity really helped my impression of this Pokemon; as with some other Gen 5 Pokemon like Virizion and Swanna. I've never used once, but this Pokemon isn't nowhere near as bad as I thought. Plus, it's a legendary so how bad can it truly be? #8. Cloyster My least favorite of the original five Ice-type Pokemon introduced in Generation 1. Cloyster ends up here at #8, mainly helped by its Water typing. Again, I've never used a Cloyster but my problem is this; Generation 1 had lovely Ice designs and was originally one of my favorite types... but after Gen 2, the designs started to lack. Ice is no longer the type it once was, and while Cloyster was nowhere near my favorite, it deserves it's place on this list. #7. Jynx Racist icon Donald Trump Jynx makes her place here at #7. I'm not a huge fan of Jynx. She's rather uglee if I'm 100% honest. However, I'm a huge fan of her pre-evolution, Smoochum. As this list is only discussing final evolutions, Jynx takes her place, but let's just remember this is all for Smoochum. The cutest baby Pokemon (alongside Pichu). #6. Aurorus One of the most beautiful designs in the Pokemon universe in the last ten years, and also probably one of the most lovely Rock type designs ever. This fossil Pokemon ends up here, alongside her signature move Freeze Dry. This Pokemon just exudes beauty, and at the same time extreme power with Refrigerate. A queen. #5. Glaceon Going from Leafeon at #10 in the Grass list to Glaceon here at #5... but surprisingly I think I prefer Leafeon. It almost just shows how Ice compares to Grass. Glaceon is a cute design but doesn't come anywhere near to the holy trinity of the eeveelutions (work it out). It also doesn't help that it's slow as fuck. However that 130 SpA stat can give off a powerful Ice Beam in-game. #4. Dewgong Another #10 in another list (Water-Type Pokemon), Dewgong starts the heavy hitters here. This is where Dewgong can really shine. While stat wise, Dewgong isn't anything special, Dewgong is an amazing looking design and totally deserving of a mega evolution. I'm still waiting to use one in a playthrough, but even that doesn't stop me appreciating the beauty of this flawless Pokemon. #3. Weavile A fast and heavy hitter, Weavile ends up here at #3. The evolved form of Sneasel; which is also an amazing design. As someone who prefers special attackers to physical, Weavile is one of the exceptional physical hitters. Almost serving ninja with his thief-like qualities, Weaville deserves all the success he gets. #2. Articuno Perhaps the most majestic legendary Pokemon to ever exist. The Ice/Flying dual-type legendary bird resides here. The one complaint I have about Articuno is that its stats focus more on defense; despite having horrible defensive typing. If Articuno was just a bit faster and stronger, it would be a force to be reckoned with. I'm waiting on that mega / primal form Gamefreak! For now, Articuno ends up here at #2. #1. Lapras This shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone who saw my Water list. Lapras is part of my top-five Pokemon of all time (alongside Mewtwo, Espeon, Starmie and Vaporeon). For that reason, Lapras becomes my favorite Ice-type. Hopefully sometime soon, Lapras will receive a boost with the form of a mega evolution (which I believe is why they made it a gift in Pokemon X and Y). Lapras is no longer the force it once was (and it's a shame that it no longer gets Solarbeam like in Gen 1; which even though it wouldn't be useful in any situation (except Quagsire perhaps), it's just cool to have). Lapras is so beautiful and majestic. Who doesn't love ha? Fucking fight me.
  6. It's been a while since my last blogpost on the Pokemon world, and a lot has happened in the past 9 days. Perhaps the most important piece of news is the Superbowl trailer. The trailer features subtle references to the 20th anniversary of Pokemon and is currently just over one minute long. Noticeably, the music cuts out at the end, perhaps implying the trailer isn't complete. The edit on the Superbowl, broadcast on February 7, will be 30 seconds long. View the current trailer here: The next big piece of news is... a new Pokemon game! But alas, it is not Pokemon Z, Pokemon AZ, a Kanto remake, an Orre third game, Pokemon Stadium 3, Pokemon Snap U, or any of the like. No, the new game is the Pikachu Detective Game! The official name for the game is Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo. The game features a talking Pikachu; who can no longer use moves due to his ability to talk. He is assisted by a young boy named Tim, who you control as you attempt to solve various crimes and mysteries; such as "where did Aipom go?". It's very interesting, isn't it? Very cool. It's not like we really wanted Pokemon Snap U *cries*. The game is download only and will be available on February 3rd in Japan. View some of the game's footage here: Are you excited for Detective Pikachu? I'm guessing the answer is no, so instead leave a comment saying what Pokemon game you'd like to be released this year!
  7. As stated in the above blog entry, a new Pokemon was to be revealed on January 15, and it has been. Welcome Chandelure to the mix. Chandelure is a Ghost / Fire type which floats in the air. A full detail videoing its in-game play will be available on January 31. Even more information about the game has also been revealed. Four new support Pokemon are revealed; Sylveon, Croagunk, Pachirisu and Magikarp. There are 3 modes announced so far; Single Battle (with 3 different difficulty settings), Local Battle (where one player uses the control pad and one uses the big screen), and Online Battle (Friendly or Ranked). It has also been revealed that Pokken Tournament and the WiiU Bundle will be released in North America and Europe on the 18th of March!
  8. Corocoro has finally leaked and WOW, it's a good'n. First thing to detail; Pokken Tournament. Standard Mewtwo, Garchomp and Braixen have all been announced as playable characters for the title, which hits the Wii U on March 18th in Japan. USA and UK releases should be Q2. These characters are all exclusive to the Wii-U edition. This brings the character roster to 15 Pokemon thus far! Next up; even MORE events. In addition to the recent mythical Pokemon events, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres will be distributed with their HIDDEN ABILITIES; which were as of yet unavailable. These are Snow Cloak, Static and Flame Body respectively. A Shiny Eevee will also be distributed. But we're not done yet, this month's Corocoro has minor information on Volcanion, including information on why he hates humans. It was also said that the next issue of Corocoro (Released February 15th) will contain a "World Exclusive Scoop Poster" and a MAJOR announcement thats affects the entire world of the movie. Pokemon Z announcement anyone? See the Corocoro scans below!
  9. RihannaRTT


    The Official Youtube Pokemon Channel have just announced the #Pokemon20 campaign earlier today. This announcement showed various things to be distributed starting in February. The first and possibly most important mention for everyone is the distribution of all mythical Pokemon, beginning in February. This includes Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and all event legendaries from Generations 4 and 5. Another thing to note is a New 3DS bundle containing a pre-installed Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue from the virtual console, and a cover plate containing artwork of either Charizard or Blastoise. This deal is exclusive currently to the USA, but will most likely be released in Europe (Slightly annoyed that I bought a regular New 3DS only a few months ago). In addition, this video shows information on Pokken Tournament, Pokemon Go and the Pokemon TCG. Watch the full video below!
  10. Stunky. The Skunk Pokemon. A Poison and Dark dual-type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. Without beating around any bushes, you could also call this the Pokemon no one gives a shit about; like many Pokemon that originated from Generations IV and V. Most of them look like shit anyway, so it's not particularly surprising. Stunky herself looks rather cute I guess but her evolution is nothing short of an abomination. But that's not why we're here today. We're here to discuss Stunky (as a random number generator chucked out her number, smh.) Interestingly, Stunky has a base stat of 329; which is shared by only one other Pokemon; Trubbish. That's right! Things already don't look good for the smelly sis. The main thing to discuss here though is it's typing. It's a Skunk so obviously it fits the Poison typing completely, but Dark? In Japan, the Dark type is known as the Evil type; which does clear up some misunderstandings about various Dark type Pokemon. But what exactly is dark or evil about Stunky? The fact most skunks have black fur? Well yeah, but Lucario is blue and isn't a Water type so the point is? Honestly, this is something I'm confused about after a recent theory video from The Aura Guardian, and I can honestly not find an answer. Lemme know if you have a theory about why Stunky is Dark type. I certainly can't figure this shit out.
  11. A new playable Pokemon character will be announced for Pokken Tournament on January the 15th. This Pokemon is teased as its name includes the character 'ラ'. Could we finally see the iconic Rattata for everyone out there named Joey, or might we see the ever impressive hardening Metapod? Both of these are high possibilities. Other possibilities include Water-Ground starter Swampert, electric legendary Raikou, or maybe they'll throw an atrocious curve ball right at us by sending Gyarados into the mix. Whatever it is, it's sure to ignite discussion and speculation amongst little Pokemonsters. It's not like we were expecting Pokemon Z to be announced today? Right? RIGHT? Fuck you Masuda! The list of potential adds, assuming final evolutions only, is as follows: Raticate Raichu Vileplume Parasect Tentacruel Slowbro Kingler Marowak Hitmonchan Hitmonlee Kangaskhan Jynx Gyarados Lapras Aerodactyl Lanturn Umbreon Granbull Heracross Kingdra Hitmontop Raikou Tyranitar Swampert Mightyena Sableye Aggron Manectric Plusle Flygon Gorebyss Relicanth Luvdisc Latias Latios Groudon Jirachi Luxray Rampardos Drifblim Honchkrow Chatot Drapion Lumineon Gliscor Heatran Giratina Darkrai Stoutland Zebstrika Scolipede Basculin Maractus Sigilyph Carracosta Cinccino Reuniclus Vanilluxe Galvantula Chandelure Heatmor Hydreigon Terrakion Reshiram Landorus Florges Malamar Dragalge Tyrantrum If I was a betting man, I could put money on the likes of any of the Hitmon trio, anything with a mega or primal form (Tyranitar, Groudon etc), Heracross, Raikou, Flygon or Jynx. I actually think it could be Jynx. There's also the possiblity of some non-final evolutions like Scyther, Kadabra or Frogadier, however these become more and more doubtful as the list goes on. Personally? I'd really love it to be Vileplume although I highly doubt we'll be seeing her make an appearance. Find out who the next Pokemon is on January 15!
  12. Clefairy. The uh... Fairy Pokemon. Clefairy is a Fairy-Type Pokemon (previously a Normal-Type pokemon until GameFreak decided that the Fairy Pokemon should be a Fairy Pokemon). Clefairy evolves via moon stone into Clefable, another Fairy Pokemon, and evolves from Cleffa when friendship is high. I always, mostly always, usually, sometimes, very rarely stick to my word, and this is no exception. Clefairy was actually the original travelling partner for our anime protagonist Ash, until she got rejected for some yellow mouse thing at the last second. There could be a few reasons for this; misogyny, misogyny, and trying to explain that a Fairy Pokemon was actually not Fairy. It opened up a whole new can of worms. Did I mention misogyny? Yes, Clefairy was most probably not chosen because she is pink and too feminine, and therefore the show would alienate the male audience of young boys; aka the target demographics. After all, girls weren't even introduced until Pokemon Crystal, innit. Instead Clefairy got demoted to some useless Pokemon plot for Mt Moon with some looney scientist. It's not all bad news though. Clefairy did give us one of the best mini-games from Pokemon Stadium!
  13. It's been a difficult year for all us little Pokemonsters. Suffering through the announcements of Super Mystery Dungeon, Pokken Tournament and even a full Corocoro scoop on Volcanion; who we all knew existed over a year ago. But now, our ship is finally coming in... for most probably another disappointment! But let's forget about that and examine the picture posted by Junichi Masuda; the game freak logo and half of the Earth. GameFreak is only usually involved in main series games, and if you look closely, the Earth looks like it contains a huge letter Z on it; varying from green to blue. Is this finally a confirmation of Pokemon Z? Are we going to get an announcement this week; on the 8th (the same day XY were announced in 2013)? And maybe an initial spread in Corocoro? Maybe when they said there was a big scoop in January, they meant actually being released in January; and not the January edition of the magazine. As a matter of fact, a lot of people know what's going on; just no one with enough love for us Pokemonsters to calm our beating hearts. At this point, who knows what will come first; Pokemon Z or Anti. I'd even put my money on LG5 at this point...
  14. A new year and a new episode. And what better way than to start the year by going right back to the very beginning; a very good place to start. Many uneducated on Pokemon trivia would believe that Pikachu would be the first Pokemon ever created, but let me inform you otherwise. Meet the real first Pokemon created; Rhydon. Rhydon is known as the Drill Pokemon, and is a ground and rock type. It evolves from Rhyhorn quite lave in their evolutionary line; at level 42, and later gained a new evolution; Rhyperior in Generation IV. Due to this, Rhydon has the highest base stat Attack for any not fully evolved Pokemon. Rhydon was rather a staple Pokemon to some in the first generation; also being used by the final gym leader; Giovanni, and your rival on some occasions. The developers of Pokemon confirmed Rhydon to be the first Pokemon created. He was included in the plans for the original Pokemon; where it was named Capsule Monsters, and was the first Pokemon indexed in the original Gen I games. (The index numbers later became equivalent to their dex number so Rhydon is now #112). Rhydon was also used by Blaine in the Pokemon anime, getting defeated by Ash's Pikachu (despite being a ground type with Lightningrod) where Pikachu literally aimed for the lightningrod. Perhaps this could be due to Blaine being in Team Rocket once upon a time. In the next episode, we will look at the first mascot introduced to the Pokemon series. But for now, let's have a round of applause for the Pokemon that started it all (even if none of us really like him).
  15. Welcome to Who's That Pokemon! This particular series features discussions about various pokemon; their stats, their design, just anything, in depth. So let's begin; Fearow. The "Beak Pokemon" and the evolved form of Spearow. A normal / flying type Pokemon and the second (and irrelevant) regional bird from Kanto. Let me be honest and say that I have never used a Fearow, nor am I planning on using one in any gameplay anytime soon (except in a nuzlocke if I find one and then it can be used as death fodder). Fearow's stats aren't up to much, and its movepool is no better. It's a shame it can't learn Acrobatics. The reason this Pokemon is my first in the series is because it's national dex number is the same as this blog's ID number (22). I found a shiny Fearow once in Platinum (which may or may not been hacked, I don't remember) and killed it, so Fearow doesn't really have the best luck. Fearow's biggest anime appearance comes as a Spearow where it attacks Ash in the first episode. It later returns when evolved and fights against Ash's Pidgeot (and loses). A metaphor of Fearow's existence, really.