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Found 4 results

  1. As stated in the above blog entry, a new Pokemon was to be revealed on January 15, and it has been. Welcome Chandelure to the mix. Chandelure is a Ghost / Fire type which floats in the air. A full detail videoing its in-game play will be available on January 31. Even more information about the game has also been revealed. Four new support Pokemon are revealed; Sylveon, Croagunk, Pachirisu and Magikarp. There are 3 modes announced so far; Single Battle (with 3 different difficulty settings), Local Battle (where one player uses the control pad and one uses the big screen), and Online Battle (Friendly or Ranked). It has also been revealed that Pokken Tournament and the WiiU Bundle will be released in North America and Europe on the 18th of March!
  2. Corocoro has finally leaked and WOW, it's a good'n. First thing to detail; Pokken Tournament. Standard Mewtwo, Garchomp and Braixen have all been announced as playable characters for the title, which hits the Wii U on March 18th in Japan. USA and UK releases should be Q2. These characters are all exclusive to the Wii-U edition. This brings the character roster to 15 Pokemon thus far! Next up; even MORE events. In addition to the recent mythical Pokemon events, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres will be distributed with their HIDDEN ABILITIES; which were as of yet unavailable. These are Snow Cloak, Static and Flame Body respectively. A Shiny Eevee will also be distributed. But we're not done yet, this month's Corocoro has minor information on Volcanion, including information on why he hates humans. It was also said that the next issue of Corocoro (Released February 15th) will contain a "World Exclusive Scoop Poster" and a MAJOR announcement thats affects the entire world of the movie. Pokemon Z announcement anyone? See the Corocoro scans below!
  3. RihannaRTT


    The Official Youtube Pokemon Channel have just announced the #Pokemon20 campaign earlier today. This announcement showed various things to be distributed starting in February. The first and possibly most important mention for everyone is the distribution of all mythical Pokemon, beginning in February. This includes Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and all event legendaries from Generations 4 and 5. Another thing to note is a New 3DS bundle containing a pre-installed Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue from the virtual console, and a cover plate containing artwork of either Charizard or Blastoise. This deal is exclusive currently to the USA, but will most likely be released in Europe (Slightly annoyed that I bought a regular New 3DS only a few months ago). In addition, this video shows information on Pokken Tournament, Pokemon Go and the Pokemon TCG. Watch the full video below!
  4. A new playable Pokemon character will be announced for Pokken Tournament on January the 15th. This Pokemon is teased as its name includes the character 'ラ'. Could we finally see the iconic Rattata for everyone out there named Joey, or might we see the ever impressive hardening Metapod? Both of these are high possibilities. Other possibilities include Water-Ground starter Swampert, electric legendary Raikou, or maybe they'll throw an atrocious curve ball right at us by sending Gyarados into the mix. Whatever it is, it's sure to ignite discussion and speculation amongst little Pokemonsters. It's not like we were expecting Pokemon Z to be announced today? Right? RIGHT? Fuck you Masuda! The list of potential adds, assuming final evolutions only, is as follows: Raticate Raichu Vileplume Parasect Tentacruel Slowbro Kingler Marowak Hitmonchan Hitmonlee Kangaskhan Jynx Gyarados Lapras Aerodactyl Lanturn Umbreon Granbull Heracross Kingdra Hitmontop Raikou Tyranitar Swampert Mightyena Sableye Aggron Manectric Plusle Flygon Gorebyss Relicanth Luvdisc Latias Latios Groudon Jirachi Luxray Rampardos Drifblim Honchkrow Chatot Drapion Lumineon Gliscor Heatran Giratina Darkrai Stoutland Zebstrika Scolipede Basculin Maractus Sigilyph Carracosta Cinccino Reuniclus Vanilluxe Galvantula Chandelure Heatmor Hydreigon Terrakion Reshiram Landorus Florges Malamar Dragalge Tyrantrum If I was a betting man, I could put money on the likes of any of the Hitmon trio, anything with a mega or primal form (Tyranitar, Groudon etc), Heracross, Raikou, Flygon or Jynx. I actually think it could be Jynx. There's also the possiblity of some non-final evolutions like Scyther, Kadabra or Frogadier, however these become more and more doubtful as the list goes on. Personally? I'd really love it to be Vileplume although I highly doubt we'll be seeing her make an appearance. Find out who the next Pokemon is on January 15!