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Found 165 results

  1. I decided to write a post on 31 of Lady Gaga's accomplishments in a cheeky way of celebrating her 31st birthday but I noticed there was sooo much to get through, I decided to just group them all together. So here is, instead, 15 of Lady Gaga's mega-accomplishments (grouped) as an artist, actress, model, entrepreneur and philanthropist. 1. Golden Trophies: 6 Grammy Awards, 1 Golden Globe, 1 Bambi Award Yes, Lady Gaga picked up quite a few gold awards winning 6 total Grammy Awards out of 17 total nominations for her Pop and Jazz efforts including Best Pop Vocal Album and a total of 6 nominations for her debut album, “The Fame”. Gaga also picked a Golden Globe Award in 2016 for “Best Actress” for her lead role in American Horror Story: Hotel which was also her TV debut. She also won the Bambi Award in 2011 for “International Pop Artist”. She also has been nominated twice at the Emmy awards and once at the Oscars. READ MORE Yas, mom I usually dislike Buzz feed, but this is AN ARTICLE darlin'
  2. Review

    In this thread, I'll make lists of each song by Gaga in alphabetical order. The lists will contain released, unreleased, unleaked, and rumored songs as well. You might be surprised when you see how may songs there are Songs that there are only snippets from are under 'Unleaked Songs'. Songs form the Red and Blue EP are under 'Only performed live'. Feel free to ask question about any song In case I forgot a certain song, recommend it in the comments. XXX - The Fame song XXX - The Fame Monster song XXX - Born This Way song XXX - ARTPOP song XXX - Cheek to Cheek song XXX - Joanne song XXX - Unreleased song XXX - Unlekaed songs XXX - Rumoroed songs XXX - Only performed live
  3. What song will Lady Gaga release next from Joanne? I think she would release something like Come to Mama or Dancin' in Circles and then closing off the era with maybe Hey Girl 11 delete it fat @Beauty Queen @GlenCoco @Merryem @John Wayne @Daenerys @SCHEIBE MONSTER @SWINΞ @Venus XCX @ARTSLAY @Lachlan @Gilly @Lord Stoneheart @sledgehammer @Halcyon @Geode @Edwinona @MikeyJean @Skyline @fab @HOEANNE @the great helper22 @Chris Morlock @LanaxGaga @Oh My Gaga @Nixter @The Countess @Tasso @Dawni @Britneygaga @SANDCASTLES @Salvatore @King Perry @Scully @Adore. @GLORY @Law @Diamond @PhCh @Are You Satisfied? @Kuba @Lucien @MONA LISA @Stripped @mistakenforlove @Nightmare @Marnie @Party Monster @Katy My Sass Queen @John Wayne @JustHereForX @Neon Nights @LanaxGaga @Jony @Coca-Cola @the great helper22 @ParentalAdvisory @HOEANNE @Kamalinthe212 @Madonna Gone Wild @Beauty Queen @Joanne @Joanne The Scammer @NoCareInTheWorld @aLan_aG @Princess Aurora @mistakenforlove
  4. Ed Sheeran claims both #1's for a 3rd consecutive week with his new album 'Divide' and successful hit 'Shape Of You'. Divide shifted 206,000 across physical (67% of this week’s total), downloads (13%) and streaming equivalent sales (20%) this week to keep its place at the top. His album has sold over 1M sales (now 1.18M) in just 3 weeks! ALBUMS As Divide is still the top spot, Drake debuted at no.1 with 'More Life' which sold 63,000 chart sales. Dame Vera Lynn enters at no.3 with her effort '100' and sets the chart record for the oldest living person with a top 10 album. Inside the top 10, Zara Larsson's debut album 'So Good' enters at 7 and Depeche Mode’s 14th collection Spirit at 5. Down the chart, record day makes The Beatles' iconic album 'SGT Pepper' re enters at 32. SINGLES Behind Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You which logs its 11th week on top, he continues to dominate the top 3 with Galway Girl at 2 and COTH at 3. This weeks highest new entry goes to Drake’s Passionfruit, which enters at Number 4. A total of 12 songs from the rapper's 'More Life' album enter the Top 40 this week, with his Giggs collaboration 'KMT' entering at Number 9. Clean Bandit's 'Symphony' which features Zara Larsson also debuts at no.6. Martin Jensen's Solo Dance climbs to no.8 and Anne Marie peaks at 10- her new personal best.
  5. Why Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ Is The Most Important Album Ever Made By A Female Artist 28 years ago this week, Madonna released what is not only her best album to date, but also what could be the most important release ever by a female artist. That’s not to say that Like a Prayer is the best album ever by a female artist, but it’s pretty close. After six years of being considered pop fluff and a disco dolly, Madonna was finally taken seriously by most music critics in 1989. Still, Like a Prayer deserved even more than bewildering critical acclaim. If Madonna and misogyny weren’t practically synonyms, Like a Prayer would have not only won several Grammys in 1990 (it didn’t even earn any major nominations), but it would be widely praised for its songwriting and production 28 years later. If a man delivered the same type of vocals Madonna did on Like a Prayer, critics would note that his voice isn’t technically perfect, but distinct, melodic, and full of emotion. When it comes to Madonna, who certainly could never hit the notes of Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston, it’s just easier for people to say that she “can’t sing.” For people (especially millennials) to understand how important Like a Prayer is to culture and music, they have to comprehend the repressive environment Madonna’s album arrived to in March of 1989. The late 1980s was ruled by the religious right, who believed AIDS was a curse God gave to the gay community. Women who were outspoken or wore revealing clothes were referred to as sluts, whores, bit**es, etc. Police brutality among African Americans was still widely accepted without much of a backlash. And interracial dating was still considered a taboo. With all of this in mind, let’s analyze why Like a Prayer is such a milestone of an album The “Like a Prayer” Video The “Like a Prayer” video has provocative imagery that caused the religious right to wet its pants. However, none of the imagery, which is used for pure symbolism, is blasphemous. Most importantly, “Like a Prayer” is a video that shows the viewer racism, sexism, and police brutality. It urges them to think and overcome it — this is something that wasn’t considered “cool” in 1989. The idea of a “Black Jesus” was also considered blasphemous to some, especially the religious right. The aftermath of “Like a Prayer” was groundbreaking in that Madonna beat the religious right at their own attempted game of censorship. Their efforts caused Pepsi to drop Madonna as a spokesperson, but they completely failed at hurting Madonna’s success or censoring the video. The “Like a Prayer” single and video hit No. 1 and remain widely loved classics almost 30 years later. Madonna paved the way for other artists to not only challenge the religious right, but win. The “Like a Prayer” Song Even if you aren’t convinced that the “Like a Prayer” video is an artistic masterpiece, the song “Like a Prayer” has stood on its own. Not only has Rolling Stone and Billboard praised it as one of the best pop songs of all time, but the song has become a spiritual classic, even for those who aren’t fans of Madonna. “Like a Prayer” became the highlight of Live 8 in 2005, and it was also one of the highlights of the 2010 Hope for Haiti concert. It was also prominently featured in Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl Halftime show. Any live performance of the song is sure to whip the audience into a frenzy. Express Yourself This decade, “Express Yourself” is mostly known as the song that inspired (maybe a little too much) Lady Gaga’s self-empowerment LGBT anthem “Born This Way.” However, as Gay Times Magazine notes, “Express Yourself” has become an empowering anthem for the LGBT community as well. However, in the late 1980s, the song was mostly known as a female empowerment anthem. “Don’t go for second best baby” became a catch phrase for strong women who were sick of being treated like second class citizens from men and other women who still subscribed to the patriarchy. AIDS Activism The pamphlet on AIDS Madonna included with each copy of Like a Prayer alone proves that the notion of Madonna being a bad role model and having a bad influence on Generation X (especially women and teenagers) just isn’t true. Madonna educated many about AIDS and safe sex at a time when schools, the media, and religious institutions stayed away from the topic. A move like this in 1989 could have hurt a showbiz career, but Madonna survived and thrived by doing the right thing and, possibly, helping to save lives at the same time. Pop Music Meets Art A Rolling Stone review by J.D. Considine from April of 1989 correctly noted that Like a Prayer was “as close to art as pop music gets.” The album touched on topics such as childhood innocence, childhood loss, child abuse, spousal abuse, women’s rights, and spirituality. It mixed all of these themes together to not only make the listener think and dance, but ask questions as well — some of which were risky to ask in 1989. Like a Prayer proved that an artist can mix style and substance in order to break societal and musical barriers. 28 years later, many pop artists, including Madonna herself, are trying to hit all the correct spots Like a Prayer hit, but they just don’t have the same effect.
  6. Review

    From the Erotica sessions, produced by Junior Vasquez. Turns out it's actually an early demo of Erotica! It's on SoundCloud.
  7. Hello and welcome in "My First Listen" cycle! Today I am going to listen to Back to Basics. Event starts within one hour (9PM CET). Are you guys with me? Recap:
  8. After singing the chorus on the huge hit ‘Hey Mama’ by David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha has kept popping into the mainstream world with her alternative voice, and fun danceable music. Other songs with her featured include ‘In The Name Of Love’ with Martin Garrix, and the hit, ‘Me, Myself & I’ with the artist G Eazy. She has also written many tracks in the past, but none of her own personal projects have never really impacted the pop world. But, she is here now with the soon-to-be-hit ‘I Got You’ and a debut EP to follow it, titled ‘All Your Fault: Pt. 1’. Let’s see if it has the quality to bring her to stardom some day. READ MORE
  9. Scores: Moonlight - 9/10 Dangerous Woman 8/10 Be Alright 8.5/10 Into You 8/10 Side To Side 8/10 Let Me Love You 6.5/10 Greedy 7/10 Leave Me Lonely 7.5/10 Everyday 5/10 Sometimes 7.5/10 I Don't Care 6.5/10 Bad Decisions 6.5/10 Touch It 9/10 Knew Better / Forever Boy 8.5/10 Thinking Bout You 9.5/10 Total 115/150 (76.66/100)
  10. Lady Gaga - The Fame

    LADY GAGA - THE FAME (REVIEW) hello. i started this awhile ago but i was extremely irrelevant and no one knew who i was. now a couple more people know me so this can get more than 20 views. i have been a huge gaga fan for awhile, but i haven't gotten into her full albums until now. i wanted to start from the beginning since I expect to review all of them sometime and that also means the fame monster because it is a godly bible from heaven. but that starts us with gaga's debut album, "the fame". im going to go back through the album and throw my two cents in, if anyone cares. let's begin! just dance - 8/10 - a cute bop, not anything special, nothing really i just play out of fun now, but isn't a bad song at all. lovegame - 10/10 - okay this is an iconic song, the lyrics, the beat, and when she screams "a love game" at the end of the bridge my poor wig cant handle it. timeless bop. paparazzi - 10/10 - ive loved this song for so long, a timeless bop. the production is just amazing and i love everything about it. flawless. poker face - 9/10 - the intro is so iconic, but a lot like just dance but i like the song overall a lot more. the production takes my wig every damn time. eh, eh - 9/10 - ok this might be unpopular but this song is so cute and i love it. it has a cute bop, and its nothing crazy but its just what i need. the lyrics are nothing special and its not single material, but shes so cute. nothing else i can say. beautiful, dirty, rich - 7.5/10 ok this was a good single choice, but i never saw it smashing tbh. the chorus is good, and the verses are kind of eh eh nothing else i can say but its still a cute song. bang bang. the fame - 8.5/10 - ok so this is the title track, the first track that is an actual album track. i like this start but what is this crackling noice? i love this chorus though a bop! i took half point off for that bad white noise/ crackling noise. fuck this BRIDGE. i love it. all around the track is cute, but 'lil forgettable, definitely a hidden jewel on the album though. money honey - 10/10 - ok since listening through the album for the first time, this has been one of my faves. its so boppable and infectious. a highlight. i will bop to this track for a while def, a new fave. starstruck - 9/10 - ok this is another track that is a BOP. i don't care for flo rida or space cowboy (wtf) but the track is another bop. the chorus is simple and not that over-produced bop, reminds me a lot of eh eh, but i like the track a lot. im taking a point off for flo rida's dumb ass, he can rot. choices gaga. boys boys boys - 8.5/10 - another BOP i love when artists put all their good songs in row, makes my ears love listening to the album a lot more. i like it a lot (lot). the chorus is once again a cute bop. the lyrics aren't anything special but i dont think that's what gaga went for on this album. paper gangsta - 10/10 - OMFG THIS BITCH IS FLAWLESS I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT WHEN I REALIZED THIS WAS THE SANG THAT PLAYED IN TELEPHONE MUSIC VIDEO I WAS SCREAMING SNATCH ME MOM ITS SO FUCKING GOOD. A BOP. A SONG. SO COULD'VE BEEN A SINGLE. THE PIANO IS SUCH A GOOD PLACE TO START OMFG SNATCH MY POOR WIG OFF AND THROW IT SO FAR. THE SUBJECT IS GOOD TOO AND I RELATE TOO MUCH. WHEN SHE SAYS "OOOOOAAAHHH" I AM NEAR FAINTING. brown eyes - 6/10 - a filler song. a cute one though, just not memorable at all. her voice is so cute though. the beat also sounds a little off-key or something. if she wanted a slower song i would've just wanted a cute piano and a little production, not these electric guitar chords around the song. i like it rough - 7/10 - did she start with the track with "yolo"? a point is taken off already. the song is forgettable, just another bop, but a filler one. it's really nothing special, but i like the track, just something i wouldn't run back to. this bridge, a point give back. summerboy - 8/10 - okay maybe the most rock influenced track? this guitar riff is cute. "just get in my bed" nnnn you don't beat around the bush gags. the chorus is really cute. i like this track just because it's something she hasn't done it. its just a fun track, wasn't gonna be a single, but a cute song. ok tbh why is gaga the queen of bridges, half of them have saved the tracks. a good closer though. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- overall: 120.5/140 or 86% ok so tbh this album is filled with bops, and a few fillers but overall a good debut. not an out-of-this-world type album, but it does have it's highs and lows. lyrically overall, this album isn't strong but being so new she probably wasn't allowed that much freedom. if you're a fan of gaga i'd recommend, a cute pop album. still dk why flo rida was there dafuq gaga.
  11. a Popfection review “So Good. I hate coming up with titles for things because it’s hard – you’re supposed to take all of the songs and kinda summarise it in one word and I just thought So Good was easy because the album is so good,” the rationale behind Zara Larsson’s very confident title for her anticipated debut album. The album has gone through a good several delays – to give some context a total of 5 official and semi-official singles have been released from May 2015 leading up to today. We’ve got Zara’s breakthrough singles “Lush Life” and “Never Forget You”, then we’ve also got some very different, more hip-hop and bass-influenced tracks like “Ain’t My Fault” and “So Good”, which to be completely straight and honest isn’t nearly as good as the first two songs. Here with the rest of the new album tracks, here are our track-by-track thoughts. READ HERE
  12. 2016 was quite a year of comebacks in the music world. Artists like Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, The Weeknd, and arguably the most memorable, Beyoncé. What’s so memorable about Beyonce’s comeback you may ask? Well, it was her second visual album after her highly acclaimed self titled, and especially because of the subject matter, mainly being her husband and cheating he did behind her back. The visual film is described as “A view of a woman’s journey through life.” on IMDB, which means this is one Beyoncé’s most personal albums yet. Starting with the iconic single that is the song ‘“Formation” and continuing for four more singles, the was a long lived era, full of new surprises coming from the star. I have heard so many amazing things about this record, and I cannot wait to listen to it fully, and see if it’s worth the hype. [...] Read more here
  13. OVERALL - 82 on Lachlancritic I feel like y'all are going to crucify me for giving So Blessed a 2.5 but in reality that's a halfway score meaning it's average, hence why 5 is an incredible song and 0 would be horrible. #LachlanCLARIFIES I honestly didn't think this album was going to tug at her debut's weave but the calculator doesn't lie my dears. --- ALBUM RANKING SO FAR Mariah Carey - 84 Emotions - 82
  14. Formation 31, 31, 95, off chart Sorry 33, 33, 99, off chart Hold Up 17,11, 24, 28, 26, 40, 52, 51, 62, 64, 59, 76, off chart
  15. OVERALL - 84 on Lachlancritic A really, really great debut album and will probably remain one of my favourite Mariah albums throughout this journey to Dahling-ville!
  16. It's 2017, and generations young and old will get to relive a slice of the glory days of the late-20th-century Disney Renaissance, with live-action remakes of '90s classics Aladdin and The Lion King reportedly in the works, and even a non-Disney reboot of The Little Mermaid in the pipeline. But first up is the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast revival hitting theaters Friday (March 17). If you're not familiar with the Disney Renaissance, it's the wondrous period from 1989 to 1999 during which the studio created 10 iconic animated films -- in chronological order, The Little Mermaid, The Rescuers Down Under, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Mulan and Tarzan -- thus resulting in some of the most classic Disney songs ever made. We mostly have the composer and lyricist team of musical masterminds Alan Menken and Howard Ashman to thank for that, with additional contributions to the canon coming from composer/producer Hans Zimmer, as well as legendary musicians Elton John and Phil Collins. Not including the films' scores, there are 45 songs in total from the Renaissance (not counting the super-slight "Court of Miracles" from Hunchback or "Listen With Your Heart" from Pocahontas), though none come from Rescuers, which featured no original songs. In honor of the new Beauty and the Beast coming, the Billboard staff felt it was only right to rank all of these classics. Take a look at where each song ranks on Billboard's list, and listen to our playlist below to really get you in the zone. Let the Disney debates begin. Source Full List
  17. This is exactly how the thread title says
  18. Album Of The Year - 2015

    After a long research of all the albums (more or less relevant) released the last year, I decided to put down a list of the bestest (pun intended) of them... Here we go 20. Meghan Trainor "Title" 52% I just didn't like it much, repeats the formula over and over... But there were so many bad albums this year 19. Zedd "True Colors" 53% A bit messy, some bops scattered around garbage. Autotune Selena is flawless here 18. Selena Gomez "Revival" 54% It has like 6 hits, the rest is forgettable.... #Me&MyGirlsForSingleASAP 17. Imagine Dragons "Smoke + Mirrors" 55% Can't remember the album right now, I guess... quite forgettable??? 16. Leona Lewis "I Am" 59% I love the singles, they are pure gold. Then there's "You Knew Me When" which is another Diane Warren nice ballad. The rest is quite lazy and dated. 15. Kendrick Lamar "To Pimp A Butterfly" 61% I stan this rap masterpiece! It's amazing! It got low score 'cause I did the mean of the scores of each song, so since there were some dope (available on iTunes and Spotify) songs and meh ones 13. Demi Lovato "Confident " 62% She played with my emotions with this album, God For The Summer is a "When Will Your B-Lister Faves?" bop. Too good.... Then Godfident slayed the shit out of me, Stone Gold snatched our faves weave.... But the album has nothing as good.... 12. One Direction "Made In The A.M." 66% I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY CHART SO HIGH IN MY LIST!!!!! due to my system, some bad artists got too many points, since they have THOUSANDS of little singalong bops.... 11. Coldplay "A Head Full Of Dreams" 67% This album is just plain garbage compared to Ghost Stories, although it has more and better bops. Adventure Of A Lifetime, Hymn For The Weekend, Everglow, Amazing Day and Up&Up are the best ones. 10. MIKA "No Place In Heaven (Deluxe Edition)" 68% OMFG!!!!! GOOD GUY IS A POP MASTERPIECEEEE!!!!!! The rest is quite average, the bonus tracks are the best ones doe 9. Filfth Harmony "Reflection " 71% Charted too high.... There are many inoffensive bops... but nothing special... 8. The Weeknd "Beauty Behind the Madness " 72% Now this is a good album! Cohesive with thousands of bops!!! Lana slayed me hard... Losers, Tell Your Friends, The Hills, Can't Feel My Face, Shameless, In The Night and Prisoner are the best ones Often is also a good one, just that I don't really like the "i just fucked 2 bitches 'fore a saw you" 7. Ellie Goulding "Delirium (Deluxe)" 72% This album helped me believe in pop again. Too good to describe it, so many bops to choose from!!!! Aftertaste, Something In The Way You Move, On My Gold, Godes, Holding On For Heaven, Love Me Like You Do, Don't Need NoBOPy, We Can't Move To This Paradise, Army, Lost And Found by Jesus, I Do What I Love, Paradise and Goldside are THE BOPS... She could've released a BOP album out of them. 6. Lena "Crystal Sky" 76% This gal needs more recongnition! It's only known over there in Germany. She slayysss!!! When Will Ur Faves Have A Discography As Perfect As Hers??? (Right now she sounds a bit like Ellie, but nevermind) Too many bops to choose from: 5 . Fleur East "Love, Sax and Flashbacks..." 77% SLAAAAY QUEEEENNN B!!!!!!!!! Wait.... she's not Beyoncé.... FLEUR CAME 2 SNATCH OUR WEAVESS!!!!!! She's very talented, looking forward for her next releases 4. Adele "25" 90% She delivered, a bit overrated tho... My favourite song of her is River Lea... I hope she stops making music soon, she is not evolving into anything and has collected enough money to live happily for ages 3. Lana Del Rey "Honeymoon" 92% One of the best albums of the year by far, every song is amazing, almost as good as Born To Die. I feel like she's increasing the reverb she uses each year I'm worried, 'cause in two more albums we won't be able to hear what she says... 2 . Carly Rae Jepsen "EMOTION" 96% FROM THE FIRST LISTEN I KNEW IT WOULD BE DIFFICULT TO TOP IT!!! SO GOOD OMG!!!! CAN'T CHOOSE MY FAVORITES.... ALL OF THEM PROBABLY 1. Madonna "Rebel Heart (Super Deluxe Edition + Unreleased Demos)" 100% YAAAAAAASSSSS!!!!!! PROBABLY I OVERREATE HA BUT IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I EVER FOLLOWED FROM THE LEAKS 'TILL THE RELEASE AND SUBSEQUENT FLOP!!!! so many bops!!! so much quality!!!! (kanye fucked up a bit the songs) love ittt!!!!!!!! I hope she released some of the unreleased like Queen or Trust No Bitch!!!!!!! ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!!! I hope you like my compilation of the best albums of the year In my original list I had like 40 albums... So I made it short and easy for you all Which albums would u have included in that Top10?
  19. Game

    Sorry realised someone else did this thread.
  20. OVERALL - 66 on Liamcritic --- ALBUM RANKING Kylie Minogue - 92 Impossible Princess - 89 Body Language - 85 Fever - 81 Rhythm of Love - 73 Lets Get To It - 72 X/Light Years - 71 Kiss Me Once - 66 Kylie - 59 Enjoy Yourself - 58
  21. Review

    Joanne:Album Review First of all the hate directed to this album is ridiculous. It is a great album and the music is something i never payed much attention to. Much of Joanne, like Diamond Heart and John Wayne for example provides us to some country meets rock type of music, which , had it been another artist, i would have never liked or at least remebered. But Gaga, being the great artist she is did it justice. Unlike Artpop, which i was more loose in terms in lyrics and sound, Joanne actually made me realize an important side to Gaga. The production was okay too. Highlight tracks: For me, the best songs on the album were Diamond Heart, Million Reasons,John Wayne and Perfect Illusion. MR is a great song, well written and executed perfectly by Gaga. Truly, i would rank it as her number one ballad. PI is often overlooked and the GP didnt do much with it as a lead single, but i though it was a good return to former, Artpop-era Gaga. Diamond Heart and John Wayne are great jams(John Wayne really warmed up on me at her performance of it at the VFS in Paris). Also, a great point on this album were gaga's vocals. I always knew Gaga could sing well, but she, like Rihanna on Anti, really focused on developing a stronger voice which stood out to me while listening. Vocals:A- Production:B- Lyrics:A- Overall:B+
  22. Stanning for the grossly underrated Dope  The gheys could never