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  1. Hi, everyone! Welcome to my thread of 50 favorite albums of the 2010s. So far, I have been doing these rankings in my blog and some have been done in Music section in the past. This ranking will become a part of the blog later, but first, I want to make it here, so you could participate too. I am interested in your thoughts. It wasn't easy to make a list. Some albums have been omitted. Anyway, expect some guilty pleasures and a lot of taste. Recap:
  2. I don't think we had a thread like this, but even if we did, it's been a long time Omg this is gonna be so hard You Should See Me In A Crown Bury A Friend I Love You All The Good Girls Go To Hell When The Party's Over Ilomilo My Strange Addiction Bad Guy Listen Before I Go Xanny Wish You Were Gay 8 Um queen of pop much? My initial ranking had some yellow and red in it, but oh wow, even the few songs I was hesitant about grew on me '8' can choke a bit, but whatever
  3. Venus XCX's Top 14 Albums Of 2014 Venus XCX's Top 10 Albums of 2015 Venus XCX's Top 16 Albums of 2016 Venus XCX's Top 17 Albums of 2017 Venus XCX's Top 18 Albums of 2018
  4. Sugar, spice and everything nice, These were the ingredients chosen To create the perfect little FOTPers, But Professor Kevin accidentally Added an extra ingredient to the concoction - EXTRAORDINARY TASTE! Thus, The Powerpuff Poppers were born Using their ultra-super ears, @Freaky Prince , @Luca and @Phoebe Have dedicated their lives to fighting mediocrity And the forces of bad taste! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone! Me, Luca and Phoebe (aka The Powerpuff Poppers) are pleased to welcome you in our thread where we will review our favorite albums of the past decade. A decade has passed and the sound of “pop” has been changing day by day. Pop girls came and went, trends have been changing and our taste has been developing ever since. We are promising to bring you great reviews of some great albums from the past decade. Everyone is welcomed to post their opinions on our choices, do you approve the album as one of the best of the decade, do you agree with our favorite songs, did we miss something in the reviews etc etc. Without further ado, please make yourself at home and remain perched for our countdowns! Buckle up and you might see your favorite album making it into one of our lists. Me, Luca and Phoebe worked hard on this so we will appreciate any kind of opinions and activity, just keep it cute. (To be clear, this review will be more oriented towards pop music, hence why we are called “poppers”). Shout out to @Luca who did our graphics!
  5. ok so the end of year countdowns have been a tradition of mine on this forum for almost a decade (of hits!). for this year i don't think i'll do that but i'll try to post my 100 favorite songs of the 10s which will be hell to go through but i'll manage it! expect a variety of bops, genres, artists and so on! it's coming! 100 - 001.
  6. CharnyBoy


    On the Floor vs. A.K.A Good Hit vs. First Love I'm Into You vs. Never Satisfied (What is) Love? vs. I Luh Ya Papi Run the World vs. Acting Like That Papi vs. Emotions Until It Beats No More vs. So Good One Love vs. Let It Be Me Invading My Mind vs. Worry No More Villain vs. Booty Starting Over vs. Tens Hypnotico vs. Troubeaux Everybody's Girl vs. Expertease (Ready, Set, Go) Charge Me Up vs. Same Girl Take Care vs. Charades Ven a Bailar vs. Girls
  7. 1. Shameless ,: It's a bop. Despite sone cheesy lyrics. 2. Living Proof : I love it. From the beat and the lyrics. 3. Should've Said It : it's a fair bawp. 4 : My Oh My ft. Dababy : This song is fire and lyrics are amazing. This is my 2nd fav 5. Señorita ft. Shawn Mendes : Epic 6. Liar - We already know this is a bawp sis. 7. Bad Kind of Butterflies : This is so amazing. Should be a single. 8. Easy : My least favorite. But it's just alright. 9. Feel It Twice : Eh it's alright 10. Dream of You : Yas what a bawp and deep lyrics 11. Cry For Me : The biggest bop on the album. 12. This Love : It's okay. I love It. 13. Used To This : It's one of my favs so beautiful lyrics. 14 : First Man : This song hits home. The lyrics are touching. One of my my favs. Overall : A lot of real gems and bops there are like 2 forgettable tracks. It was so amazing. Good Job Camila;
  8. Hello ladies and gays As a partial winner of a set swap I was asked by @RihannaRTT to prepare a playlist of 50 tracks of my choice. I decided to took this opportunity and create a playlist of the best 50 songs of this year so far. There it is: Inb4: It’s just a selection of songs, I didn’t had much time to sort them to make entire playlist sound cohesive, but that’s the outcome for now. Discussion and feedback will be appreciated
  9. did ur fave make it? I see some major snubs Guardian baby
  10. What You Waiting For? vs. Wind It Up Rich Girl vs. The Sweet Escape Hollaback Girl vs. Orange County Girl Cool vs. Early Winter Bubble Pop Electric vs. Now That You Got It Luxurious vs. 4 in the Morning Harajuku Girls vs. Yummy Crash vs. Fluorescent The Real Thing vs. Breakin' Up Serious vs. Don't Get It Twisted Danger Zone vs. U Started It Long Way to Go vs. Wonderful Life LAMB: 8 The Sweet Escape: 4
  11. 1. Dancing Queen 2. SOS 3. The Name of the Game 4. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 5. One of Us 6. Waterloo 7. Fernando 8. Chiquitita 9. Mamma Mia 10. The Winner Takes It All
  12. Grand Piano Trini Dem Girls Truffle Butter The Night Is Still Young All Things Go Favorite Buy a Heart Shanghai Get on Your Knees I Lied The Crying Game Want Some More Four Door Aventador Big Daddy Only Win Again Feeling Myself Wamables Bed of Lies Pills n Potions Mona Lisa Put You in a Room Anaconda
  13. Go Deep Velvet Rope You What About I Get Lonely Together Again My Need Anything Rope Burn Empty Got 'til It's Gone Every Time Tonight's the Night Special Free Xone Tagging some Janet fans/stans because I don't think they will see this thread @Madonna @Philip @Ruthless Love @Elusive @Bright Moon @Hylia @Chantoya Jo Jackson @RoleModel @I Brings That Levity
  14. If That's the Way Love Goes This Time Where Are You Now Again Because of Love You Want This New Agenda Funky Big Band The Body That Loves You Any Time, Any Place Throb Whoops Now What'll I Do Hands down this album is in my top 3 favorite albums of all time. What about y'all? @Liam @Madonna @P. @Bright Moon @Chantoya Jo Jackson @I Brings That Levity @Elusive
  15. i first knew of her from Mr. Saxobeat back in 2011 and got hooked. then i forgot about her up until a few months ago, which i discovered she did more than the album Saxobeats this is my rank from most fav to least fav. spotify doesn't have the Japan deluxe edition so ill link my #19 in the youtube playlist
  16. Roman Holiday Turn Me On Masquerade Va Va Voom Starships Whip It Pound the Alarm HOV Lane Young Forever Automatic Beez in the Trap I Am Your Leader Beautiful Sinner Come on a Cone Marilyn Monroe Stupid Hoe Gun Shot Roman Reloaded Champion Right By My Side Fire Burns Sex in the Lounge an immaculate album
  17. so in celebration of me (almost) hitting 55,555 posts, im going to share my top 10 fav ballads from my fav female-led rock/metal band In This Moment. and also in honour of the new record called Mother to be released this fall lyrics will be linked in the title of each song if you just wanna read the lyrics before listening. Honourable Mention: Sailing Away. (2009) A bonus track on their 2nd studio album, The Dream. also released on the Call Me EP, which both includes their cover of Blondie's classic song Call Me. Ten: Out of Hell. (2014) The closing track of the band's 5th studio album Black Widow. The song tells of the struggles youth may have of a troubled upbringing. Nine: In the Air Tonight. (2017) A cover of Phil Colin's song released on the band's 6th studio album Ritual. Eight: The Blood Legion. (2013) The 13th track on the band's 4th studio album Blood. The song is about the band's relationship with their fans, dubbed The Blood Legion. Seven: A Star-Crossed Wasteland. (2010) The title track of the band's 3rd studio album A Star-Crossed Wasteland. This song is about someone waiting for their lover to return to them after what could have been a fight between them ends. Six: Scarlet. (2013) The 8th track on the band's 4th studio album Blood. This song has a few interpretations. One is that it could be about gay lovers in a forbidden relationship. Another interpretation is that it could be a love triangle in which an ex-lover is still holding onto a mutually abusive relationship. It could also be about womanhood, and that men will never know the pain of a period/childbirth, and even though she's constantly called weak for being a girl, and told she doesn't belong in metal, Maria clings to her femininity and its determined to prove that women are equal, if not better, than the very men who put women down. Five: Lay Your Gun Down. (2017) The closing track of the band's 6th studio album Ritual. The song symbolizes a complicated relationship going wrong, whether the relationship is between lovers or friends. Each person had said or done something to hurt the other and eventually took everything good out of what the relationship once was. Four: 11:11. (2013) The closing track of the band's 4th studio album Blood. The song is about knowing that even though death is inevitable, the time you spent in life, you know you've had some sort of love. Three: The Fighter. (2014) The 9th track on the band's 5th studio album Black Widow. The song alludes to how people are afraid to die and once you realize that nothing can completely prevent death, you finally feel like you've "come alive". Two: World in Flames. (2010) The closing track of the band's 3rd studio album A Star-Crossed Wasteland. The song is about a troubled relationship where she was left alone in the end despite waiting for her lover to return home while everything around her is burning to ash. This song could also be a continuation to the song A Star-Crossed Wasteland. One: Into the Light (Live). (2014) The original track was released on the band's 2nd studio album The Dream in 2010, however my fav version of the song was the live recording from the live album Blood at the Orpheumin 2014 and appeared on the band's 2015 compilation album Rise of the Blood Legion: Greatest Hits Chapter One. The song was written for a few different deaths. specifically when a 15 year old fan had died while listening to their song off their 1st album Beautiful Tragedy (2007) called He Said Eternity. He Said Eternity is about the lead singer, Maria losing her mother and how she had to let go of her mother's passing. Into the Light is more of a hopeful song about the moment when you finally say goodbye to a loved one (human or pet) and you are finally free to let go. heres all of their lyrics of you wish to look at all of their songs. https://www.azlyrics.com/i/inthismoment.html
  18. Ever since I saw Infinity Train a few days ago it's been breaking my mind: which is the best version of Word Up? I have a pretty good idea what the worst one is. but I can't make up my mind as to the best: Cameo Korn Gun Mel B Little Mix The BossHoss
  19. I must have been around ten or eleven when I borrowed The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker from a family friend. It was the first Zelda I ever played. I wasn’t very good at video games at that age, and being that it wasn’t mine – and that I didn’t have a memory card for my GameCube – I never got past the first few levels of the game. That didn’t stop it from having a pretty big impression on me. It was my first glimpse into the expansive, thrilling, adventure-filled world of Zelda and I would go on to play many other games in the series – but I always wanted to go back to Wind Waker and play through it fully. Since completing Breath of the Wild, I made it my mission to play through all of the Zelda games I had yet to beat – preferably in chronological order. After completing Ocarina of Time, I was finally able to get my hands on a used GameCube and a copy of Wind Waker. My replay of Wind Waker was both a familiar and somewhat struggling experience. Unfortunately, I feel as if some of the wonder I had for the game when I was younger had dissipated, and I was treated to a different experience altogether. That being said, Wind Waker is one of a kind and really stands out amongst the other games in the series, and I’d like to lay out the pros and cons is possesses. The first thing I’d like to talk about is the style. Personally, I am more of a fan of realistic and older-Link designs, but I can’t deny the appeal of Wind Waker’s cell-shaded, “cartoony” style. It was revolutionary at its time and created a whole new look for the series that became the standard for upcoming games. It still isn’t my favorite style for a series like Zelda, but the game is truly pleasing and wonderful to look at. I applaud how colorful, atmospheric, and stunning the visuals are for the original – and especially the HD remake. When you load up the game, after the title screen, the first thing you’re introduced to is the prologue. It is simply a text with image affair, but the combination of the old, wood-cut-style artwork, the renaissance-tinted theme, and the tone of the backstory makes for probably the best opening Zelda has pulled off. It truly makes you feel the legend of the story you’re about to play – connecting it with Ocarina of Time while giving you more information in the time that has passed since then: the triumph of the Hero of Time, but the somber, daunting realization of the Hero’s failing to return and Hyrule being swallowed into darkness yet again. It adds a history that I wish was throughout the game a bit more, but it certainly sets up the game wonderfully. Wind Waker possesses my favorite iterations of some designs – particularly the enemies. The Moblins and Bokoblins possibly have their best designs in Wind Waker. They adhere to the more toony style quite well, while still being imposing and formidable enemies. The strutting gait of the spear-wielding, top-heavy Moblins strike both amusement and fear as you attempt to tiptoe past them in the Forbidden Fortress. Even the Miniblins are vicious little creatures, boinging about with high-pitched chattering as they surround you in high numbers. Another creative and interesting take on a common Zelda enemy is the Wizzrobe. These are my favorite! In Wind Waker, these evil magicians take on dark-toucan, plague-doctor appearance, appearing in your way with an alarming siren and ghostly, warbled chuckles. Even their echoed, low-pitched yell as they’re struck by your sword is appealing. Other classic enemies like Peahats (both huge and small), Keese, and ChuChus appear in unique yet familiar designs – with ReDeads being particularly effective in their slack-jawed, mummified eternal screams that cause you to freeze in terror. Wind Waker also boasts the reemergence of Phantom Ganon in his coolest design: swirly and ghostly, dark as a black hole and outlined in neon blue, a massive sword and a horned helmet. Despite the simplicity of the battle, I have always found the tense back-and-forth batting of Phantom Ganon’s fireball to be particularly effective and I’m glad we get to see him a few times in Wind Waker. What would a Zelda game be without its score? In fact, the music is astounding in just about every game – and Wind Waker is no exception. As I mentioned before, the opening theme – titled “The Legendary Hero” on the soundtrack – is an adaptation of The Legend of Zelda’s main theme with flourishes of despair and uncertainty through the accompaniment of renaissance instruments. Probably the most famous level theme of the game is Dragon Roost Island. This uplifting track is truly one of the best compositions to arise from the series; with jaunty, quick strums of guitars, percussions claps, and an airy whistle-flute singing a memorable melody. It adds a new flavor to Zelda we haven’t quite seen before – something a little foreign, maybe a little tropical – while inspiring a familiar tone of uplifting adventure, calling to mind the vibrant blues and greens of the ocean and the grass on the titular island. It’s fair to say that the rest of the game boasts other gems: while the temple/dungeons themes are more ambient, the happy, domestic themes of Windfall Island and Outset Island are some of my favorites. They inspire warmth and joy far better than any “village” themes from past Zelda games. The music that accompanies your Ocean travels, which serves as the game’s overworld theme, is pleasantly more less bombastic than it’s predecessors, but with a similar sense of excitement. The subdued strings and horns with a steady marching drum beat pairs perfectly with the sailing adventure. The general gameplay is where I’ll probably get more into the cons than the pros – but lets meet in the middle for now. The islands that make up the games levels generally have an “outside” portion and an “inside” portion, with the “inside” areas being a little more invested and often leading to the dungeon or temple you have to beat. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the shortness of the “outside” portions was a detriment for me, because I enjoyed the scenery and interaction with the environment in those areas – particularly on the Forest Haven. That being said, the actual levels and islands of the game are overall very satisfying to play. The difficulty level is pretty low. My only criticism of the controls is that Link is fairly quick-moving and with the camera not always linked to your advantage, it can cause some problems. Whenever Link hits a ledge, he takes an enormous leap of faith off of it. I don’t think I died once in this game from enemies, but I did unintentionally jump to my death on a number of occasions. My biggest issue with the gameplay is actually what makes it special: the ocean and the wind waker. Unlike it’s predecessor, Ocarina of Time, I would say that Wind Waker returns to the general open overworld dynamic of most Zelda games. You can’t play any level in any order you’d like in terms of the storyline, but the map of the open ocean is fairly free to explore in any way you like. This is a good thing, but the fact that it is an ocean is at times detrimental to the accessibility of the locations – specifically paired with the wind waker. In the game, you have to use the wind waker to set the direction of the wind in order to sail. This is a fairly realistic dynamic, and I understand where they are coming from, but this gives you a directional handicap that at times makes it difficult to truly explore the open world freely. If you need to turn ninety degrees – or, god forbid, turn around entirely – you will most likely have to break out the wind waker again to change the direction of the wind so you can move. The reason why this was such an annoyance to me is because most of the islands on the map are fairly small, and sometimes on your journey you see multiple places on the horizon and in your peripheral that you want to check out, but the wind prevents you from going from one place to another with free will. There were many times where I found myself wanting to turn around, or circle around an island (especially if I was coming at it from the wrong angle) but the wind got in my way. This ultimately prevented me from doing a lot of exploring that I usually try to do in all of my Zelda experiences. Battling enemies on the ocean is a nightmare. Most of the time I found myself avoiding them altogether or jumping over them, but there are certain areas of the game that forces you to deal with the enemies in your midst. The directional limitations I just mentioned are often at your disadvantage when dealing with enemies. While they move freely around you, you’re forced to mainly stop in your tracks to battle them. You cannot move while using your main seafaring weapon – a cannon – anyway. The cannon is oftentimes a struggle to aim and use against multiple enemies at once. Getting hit by an enemy attack sends Link flying from his boat into the water, which only adds to the clunky nature of the fights and prolongs it even further. Some lower-level grievances I have are finding treasure chests. Link procures treasure charts along your travels, which allows said treasure to appear as a little glowing ring on the ocean when you are around it. However, the closer you get to it makes the glowing ring disappear and you have to rely mostly on your ears to sense how loud the shimmery sound effect of the treasure is before trying to anchor it up. This can often lead to many trail and errors of sinking your anchor only to hit nothing, moving an inch forward, and trying to get the treasure once more. I often found myself leaving the vicinity until the glowing ring appeared once more and repositioning myself to try and get a better shot at approaching it once more. More important treasures (like triforce shards) appear as a pillar of light in the water and disappear even sooner as you approach it than normal treasures. It wasn’t until the end of my playing experience did I realize you can open your treasure charts and just align your cursor to the X on the map for a more accurate hit. The ocean itself is a joy to sail in if you’re just coasting from point A to point B. The design of the waves, the wind, and the sky are beautiful to look at. I applaud Nintendo for trying out something new for their overworld, but it was mostly a miss for me in terms of gameplay. Towards the end of the plot, Link must find the broken shards of the Triforce of Courage – quite similar to what you have to do in the original Legend of Zelda. In the GameCube version, you have to find eight triforce charts, get them translated, and then get all eight triforce shards. This was a little excessive in my opinion, especially since finding the triforce charts consisted of fun puzzles and challenges of skill – which was actually one of my favorite parts of the game – while actually finding the triforce shards was just more treasure chest hunts in the ocean – which we all already know how I feel about that. I’m sure I could go even further into what this game offers. Although it may seemed as if I harped on a lot of things about this game, to assume I dislike it is far from the truth. It is still a tightly made and enjoyable game. The dungeons and temples aren’t as challenging as those in Ocarina of Time, but they aren’t so boring to be unenjoyable. The Forest Haven and Wind Temple are two of my favorites, while the final battle with Ganondorf actually felt like I was having a sword fight with him! Teaming up with Zelda to defeat Ganondorf was satisfying and was a great gameplay dynamic. The colors, themes, and designs of the islands are vibrant and appealing. Wind Waker also introduced us to the Rito and Koroks, two additions I love, which have since appeared in other Zelda titles. Like I said, I could go on and on about what I love about this game, along with some things that irked me. Is it my favorite Zelda game? No. It is in my top three? Probably not. But, as a Zelda game, it is already miles ahead of many and one I would still put in as one of the most enjoyable games to play or watch.
  20. Chris Morlock


    I've loved (almost) everything they've done so far and I thought that it'd be nice to share my ranking and if y'all wanna do yours too, feel free (as if I'd stop you ) I added YouTube links for those who are new to the girls 01. Don't Know What to Do 02. Playing with Fire 03. Kill This Love 04. Stay 05. DDU-DU DDU-DU 06. Hope Not 07. See U Later 08. As if it's Your Last 09. Boombayah 10. Kick It 11. Forever Young 12. Really 13. Whistle I didn't rank the Whistle acoustic or DDU-DU DDU-DU remix but the acoustic is better than original and the remix never should've happened. PLAYLISTS: YouTube Spotify
  21. Well, as some of you may know, lately I haven't been liking ms. Minaj's behaviour, as most of you do. Before she started acting so crazy, I bought golden circle tickets for her tour with my friends to her Amsterdam show, which happened to be yesterday. I must admit: I tried to sell my ticket, but my friends, who aren't as much into music diva's as we gays are, didn't understand why I tried to sell mine and after I put my ticket on Ticketswap (which is a legit site to sell your tickets on), I only got requests for 5 euro's (which is around...8 dollars?) and I didn't accept that, because my tickets were bought for 70 euro's. So with kind of mixed feelings I went to the concert. I was excited because I went out with my friends and I was a little bit excited to see Nicki. In fact, I was a huge fan and took every opportunity to see Nicki live. I went through a lot with her music and her older albums, especially Pink Friday, was always able to cheer me up when I felt down. But I also felt weird, because she has been doing strange things these past months. We arrived at 20:15 and the concert was supposed to start at 20:30, we were kind of late, but that didn't really matter because we had golden circle tickets so we were able to see her very closely. The concert didn't start until 20:45, and that was the moment JUICE WRLD came on. He did a set of around 8 songs and it was an...experience. I liked some of his songs, especially Lucid Dreams which I think is a great song, but he was also lowkey boring and at some point, he took off his shoes and did the set on his socks. And everybody was like: "Why? What the fuck is going on?" So the set was until 21:15 I believe and after that, Nicki came around 21:40. She was so late. That annoyed the shit out of me to be honest, but yeah. Anyway, back to Nicki. And I have to admit, after seeing her show, I am reminded why I love her so much. Her live shows are just so amazing...she's dancing, rapping her songs and she does A LOT OF SONGS. You really get what you paid for. She's also so sweet with the fans, she took a guy on stage during "Whip It" (which she also did at The Pinkprint Tour but hey), and hugged and kissed him. She had a lot of interaction with the audience, you could clearly see that see was enjoying her time on stage and I felt like she really did her best. The reason why I'm posting this, is because I am confused. You know, I'm supposed to hate her and I do DEFINETLY NOT ENDORSE HER BEHAVIOUR THESE DAYS. Let's make that clear. But after seeing her last night, she was just so...amazing, magical and sweet. I just couldn't believe she does and says the things that she does and says. But in the end, she did and that lowkey hurts me? Ugh, sorry. Anyway, enjoy this pic of me and my friends living our best life in the golden circle! The sweater was a gift from my friends for me because I graduated last month!
  22. I Have a Lot but I've been Obsessed with this lately: