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Registration Terms

Common Sense Rules


1. No nudity or pornographic content is allowed outside the Haus of Whores / Hall of Heauxs sections, which are only accessible to users over the age of 18 years with at least 200 posts and at least 90 days on FOTP. This includes, but is not limited to, genitalia, buttocks, bodily fluids, or other sexually explicit content. If linking to a story with pornographic or disturbing images, do not embed those images on FOTP. Additionally, please include a warning about any such content contained in a linked source.

2. Discrimination against any particular ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual preference or religion will not be tolerated.

3. Personal insults, or insults regarding family, disorders, disabilities, or a member's appearance, are not allowed.

4. Members may only have one account. Duplicate and fake accounts will be removed. If you make a duplicate account to get around a temporary ban, your ban on the original account will be extended.

5. Accounts may only be used by one member. Do not share your password or account info with anyone, onsite or offsite. If you share your account with a banned member, your account will be banned.


Insults against Black Lives Matter, trying to enforce All Lives Matter, posting racist micro aggressions, or being flat out racist will grant you a much harsher punishment that could range from higher warning points to a permanent ban from the forum.


Posting Rules


6. Spam is not permitted on FOTP. Spamming includes, but is not limited to, adding unnecessary spacing in posts, posting solely to bump your post count, posting more than twice in a row (except in picture/GIF or "What are you listening to?" threads), and advertising or promoting other websites. In addition, posting about other forums, without a valid music-related reason, or with intent to instigate drama, is forbidden. Bumping several topics is also considered to be spam. Posting in a topic that hasn't seen use in a while is fine, but bumping multiple topics in succession (particularly in a single section) is not allowed.

7. Trolling is also not allowed on FOTP. Trolling includes disruptive, off-topic and nonsensical posting with the intention to stir-up drama, anger other members or draw attention to yourself. Do not hijack threads; you should stick to the topic. Instigating drama is against the rules and will also be punished. Making fun of or shading specific illnesses such as, but not limited to, cancer or HIV/AIDS is not allowed anywhere on the forum.

8. The FOTP Faves sections, Spotlight sections, K-Pop section and the Other Music section are for members to discuss the music and the artists freely and maturely without having to fend off someone breathing down their neck. Remember that a personal opinion is fine, but constant or over-the-top negativity, flame-baiting or trolling is not. Light, on-topic shade related to the posted story is acceptable in the Celebrity News & Discussion section. If you want to shade an artist, post a troll thread, or bash artists without limitation, please make use of Battlegrounds (which will be unlocked for posting once you have reached 50 posts).

9. Album threads should not be posted without a confirmed release date. Small new details about a single or album should be posted within the respective single/album thread, instead of as a separate thread. These threads should also be kept up-to-date by the original poster.

10. While bashing artists is allowed in our Battlegrounds section, insulting their children, who did not choose to be in the spotlight, is prohibited.

11. No Holds Barred (and by virtue of that, Hall of Depravity) is a largely un-moderated section in the lounge, for which you may request access once you have been a member for 90 days and reached 200 posts. The NHB rules are as follows:

  1. Do not bring No Holds Barred drama out of No Holds Barred. Whatever is in NHB, stays in NHB. 
  2. Do not discuss warnings in this section. Use the Warnings Discussion thread in Announcements & Feedback.
  3. Do not spam.
  4. Do not post or discuss personal conversations or private messages with other members without their consent.
  5. Do not post any personal media - including but not limited to: pictures, audio, videos, social media profiles or posts - involving other members without their consent.
  6. Do not post download links containing copyrighted material.
  7. Do not insult looks. This includes insults regarding genitalia.
  8. Do not make fun of or shade specific illnesses such as, but not limited to, cancer or HIV/AIDS.
  9. Do not make jokes about mental health.
  10. Do not post death threats, make fun of suicide or rape, or other bodily harm insults.
  11. Do not make fun of serious or extreme situations centered around death (including acts of terrorism, war, genocide and murder)

12. You may not post any personal media - including but not limited to: pictures, audio, videos, social media profiles or posts - of other members anywhere on the forum without their permission. Do not post or discuss personal conversations or private messages with other members without their consent.

13. Download links containing copyrighted material must not be posted publicly on the forum.

14. Moderator notices are for use by moderators only, and must not be modified by members.

15. You may not publicly discuss warnings by a moderator on the forums, except in the designated Warnings Discussion thread in the Announcements & Feedback section. Please consult that thread for detailed rules regarding this process.

16. Mental health jokes are not permitted.

17. Death threats, making fun of suicide or rape, and other bodily harm insults are warning worthy offenses.

18. Making fun of serious or extreme situations centered around death (including acts of terrorism, war, genocide and murder) is a warning worthy offense.

19. General forum disruption and/or agitating a large group of members are considered major offenses.

20. Posting images, videos, or any other form of media, that contain overwhelming gore, violence, blood, or open wounds are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, forum posts, private messages, avatars and signatures. If a news article contains such content, do not embed it; instead, link to the source with a clearly marked "explicit" warning.

21. Thread titles must be clear, concise, and professional. Caps lock shouting, excessive punctuation, emoticon codes and misleading titles are not allowed. Proper grammar and capitalization should be maintained to the best of your ability.




22. For a full list of our current staff and the sections they oversee, please see HERE.

23. A mod's job is to organize and keep the forum clean, make sure the rules are being followed, and help members with any queries they have. Don't be shy about asking for help!

24. In the event that a moderator or other staff position becomes available, an admin will open an applications thread in Announcements & Feedback.



25. FOTP is a large forum and we cannot keep track of every post and topic. If you feel a post is against the rules, please report it by clicking "Report" at the bottom of the post. Spamming the moderators with reports of the same post is considered a warnable offense.

26. Warnings and Warning Points are to be discussed privately with a moderator or admin, or posted about in the Warnings Discussion thread. They are not to be discussed anywhere else on the forum.

27. Banning Procedure: Reaching 10 warning points results in a ban, the length of which is generally determined by the number of times you have been banned, but additional punishments or bans may be levied at the sole discretion of the staff. Typically, the first ban lasts for 1 Week, followed by 1 Month and then 3 Months. If you accrue 10 warning points after a 3 Month ban, you will be permanently banned. For more information on how banning works, please see this thread

28. We do not grant account deletion/banning requests.


Forum Features


29. To gain access to the Haus of Whores, No Holds Barred or the Politics section, see here.

30. Usernames and Member Titles referencing or centered around serious or extreme situations (which may include - but are not limited to - bodyshaming, death and mental illness) are not permitted.

31. Avatars may be a maximum of 170 x 200 pixels (170 x 250 pixels for VIP Members).

32. Signatures may be a maximum of 770 x 300 pixels across no more than three images.

33. Private messaging is unlocked after you have been a member for one week.

34. Status updates and comments are unlocked after you have been a member for one week, and are subject to the same rules as the general forum (sections outside of Battlegrounds, Haus of Whores & No Holds Barred).

35. Blogs are subject to the same rules as the Battlegrounds section.

36. Chat is subject to the same rules as the No Holds Barred section.




37. Although the administrators and moderators of Flop Of The Pops attempt to keep all unsolicited or unwanted messages off this site, members are allowed to publish messages immediately, without any initial moderation. Therefore, it is impossible for us to review all messages immediately. All topics and messages published on Flop Of The Pops solely express the views and intent of their individual authors, and as such, neither the owners of Flop Of The Pops nor Invision Power Services can be held responsible for the content posted or linked within any message.

38. Flop Of The Pops does not host, duplicate, or claim to own any audio, video, images, or photographs that appear in user-submitted content. It is impossible for members to upload music streams, videos, images, or photographs to Flop Of The Pops' server. If you see such content on Flop Of The Pops , it has been hyperlinked via BBCODE/HTML tags from other web sites that allow inline linking. Those external web sites are hosting the content; Flop Of The Pops is not. In these cases, Flop Of The Pops has no control over that material and cannot be held responsible for it. Flop Of The Pops links to content in the same technical capacity that Google and other search engines link to content. Inline linking and/or hyperlinking content hosted on other web sites is not an act of copyright infringement as established under U.S. law. If you are the owner of copyrighted content that is accessible via inline links or hyperlinks on Flop Of The Pops, it is your responsibility to determine where the content is actually hosted.

39. If the content is originating from your own web server(s), it is your responsibility to disable inline linking from your server(s) so that Flop Of The Pops and other web sites may not link to it. If the content is originating from another external web site, it is your responsibility to contact the external web site that is actually re-hosting and/or duplicating your content. If you are a content owner and you do not understand this process, we suggest that you take the time to research and learn about inline linking and hyperlinking as it relates to U.S. copyright law. If you have any concerns, feel free to send a message to us via the "Contact Us" link at the top of any page on Flop Of The Pops, and we will offer assistance where we can.