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Nicole Richie

The Animal Kingdom

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im on a Tove Lo kick atm and apparently The Struts produced a bunch of songs for her fall5

according to her Wikipedia pages

  • all of the Truth Serum EP
  • My Gun
  • Like 'Em Young
  • Talking Body
  • Got Love
  • Scream My Name
  • Influence
  • Cool Girl
  • Vibes
  • Imaginary Friends
  • WTF Love Is
  • Light Beams (Chapter III)
  • Disco Tits
  • Shedontknowbutsheknows
  • Cycles
  • Struggle
  • 9th of October
  • 99% of Sunshine Kitty
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3 hours ago, DW said:

I wonder if we would've gotten some folk/country songs on Animal if she / Luke didn't went with the electro pop style.

Judging from her unreleased, pre-Animal has been acoustic-y then country-ish then pop rock then pop.

pre-luke is acousticsha through pop rocksha



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I hope she makes a New Zealand date for the next tour and doesn't hurt herself again. cry9

I think the real reason they cancelled her show the first time might have been poor ticket sales. cry9

So she might not come here for years and years. cry9

I'd fly to Australia to see her anyway. jj2

I need a meet'n great. cry9

I was planning to try find her before the show last time. jj2

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