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Nicole Richie

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4 hours ago, Kivo said:

This look ain't it but the shoes and fanny pack are bringing 2008/2009 vibes kind of

if we dont see a recreation of that 2008/2009 photoshoot with her in the yellow sneakers imma fight someoen.

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1 minute ago, Andrew! said:

Wow the slander! Godzilla remains unbothered!

I'm standing with Chris on this one! 

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27 minutes ago, Andrew! said:

Are there any songs by K that you’re dying to hear live that she hasn’t performed yet?

I don't think I've seen her ever perform Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, she may have in the past... But I don't think I've seen it.

It's like my favorite song, so I pray she'd so it one day bey3 

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