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4 hours ago, TomTom said:

Yes, but it's by far not as bad as it used to be. That's exactly why I dislike the majority of Twitter Animals who tweet #FreeKesha all the time and act as if she still was the slave she was until 2016. The same people are the ones complaining about this topic getting mentioned over and over again in the press, even though they are the reason it keeps spreading across the public in the first place. That does not mean the status quo isn't bad, but Kesha literally once said she was the most happiest in her life when she was completely broke. That's not even close to the current situation, but it shows how little she cares about such things. People like me who actually keep up with the lawsuit in it's entirety know more about it than her since she lets her lawyers run everything independently and hasn't read most of the documents. As long as the trial hasn't started, they should stop talking about it over and over again and make a fuss about Daily Mail articles and be happy that a new era is beginning instead.

If only you had the change to meet Kesha and talk about it on her social media. 


I wont be surprised if people are gonna boycott K4 just cos like still profit off it. 

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On 10/13/2019 at 5:32 PM, Andrew! said:

“I like the way you are. You really make my day, even though I don’t understand a fucking word you say.”

she’s such a romantic dead2 

And they say romance is dead! oprah2

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7 minutes ago, Kivo said:

Maybe she is doing a YouTube live event like she did before? oprah2

Omg if it's in New York I better get an invite! oprah2

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