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we finally have Kesha's first and second volumes of the 2011 deposition




Guys, I just made a huge discovery...I just found out that we have the first volume of Kesha's 2011 deposition since last October.


It's buried among the hundreds of motion in limine documents that were uploaded on one day and I overlooked it all this time :rip:


Link: https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/nyscef/ViewDocument?docIndex=9YkomWpCB3W57Da5FIaCwg==


Here's the summary of everything new:


1. Kesha called her alleged father Bob Chamberlain a "friend" during her 2011 deposition and gave a very cryptic answer to the question whether she still knows him which fits to the fact that her lawyers wanted to exclude everything related to her paternity from trial.


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2. Kesha and the Gold Trans Am go way back.


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3. Dr. Luke was the one who approached Kesha, not the other way around and the court reporter is apparently not familiar with Kelly Clarkson.


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4. Consistent with David Sonenberg's 2011 deposition, Kesha also admitted that Luke introduced her to Larry Rudolph as potential manager.


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5. There's a key moment where Kesha changes her prior testimony in the middle of the deposition. At first, she testified that Dr. Luke never blackmailed her to sign with Larry Rudolph and later she corrects that to say she "can't recall" whether he ever did that. This might seem like a small detail, but I think it tells a lot given that we know she could not speak freely during this deposition and "I can't recall" is technically not a lie, unlike "No".


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6. There's another instance similar to that one where Kesha gets asked about whether Dr. Luke prohibited her to sign with David Sonenberg. At first, Kesha says "No", but a few seconds later, she says "not to my recollection, no". Again, a small detail, but I think it says a lot about how she tried to avoid direct lies as much as she could (apart from denying that Luke raped her).


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7. There's a passage that is VERY eerie in hindsight where Kesha says she was afraid Larry Rudolph would be a bad manager for her because he also managed Britney Spears and Britney Spears had also worked with Dr. Luke.


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8. Kesha discussed the "shitty points" of the KMI contract with her former lawyer Barry Perlman which she - again - does not outright deny, but rather "doesn't remember".


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9. Kesha admitted she was "dissatisfied" with Luke because he would just ignore her instead of recording songs with her which we know is true.


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10. She already talked back in 2011 about the romantic interaction on a plane she had with Luke that is also mentioned in her California complaint.


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11. Even though Kesha denied Luke raped her in that deposition, she DID admit that they slept in the same hotel room and - remarkably - that they slept in the same bed. This is very critical because Dr. Luke to this day still denies they slept in the same bed in the night of the rape, he still maintains that he slept on the couch.


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12. Kesha openly testified that Dr. Luke had "manipulation skills" which I find very remarkable given that she was in a joint-defense agreement with Luke at the time of this deposition.


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13. Kesha makes a very significant allusion by saying there was "an issue" between the KMI contract and the Warner deal David Sonenberg negotiated for her. She's clearly referring to the fact that Luke did not approve of the Warner deal and forced her to return to him without being able to explicitly say it like that.


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14. Kesha painted a narrative of David Sonenberg being some sort of villain that manipulated her into believing Dr. Luke was evil and who broke his promises. This directly contradicts David Sonenberg's deposition and I'm sure Luke told her to say these things because today, Luke uses the exact same narrative to question David Sonenberg's credibility.


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15. Kesha mentioned all the producers she worked together with during her time with David Sonenberg.


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16. Kesha says she got paid for her background vocals on "Nothing In This World" which is kinda ironic since Luke never paid her for Timber.


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17. Kesha shot a "rough video" for "**** Him He's A DJ".


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18. Apparently there were discussions about Kesha opening for Calvin Harris while she was still with DAS.


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I found the second volume too!


Link: https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/nyscef/ViewDocument?docIndex=IAed2lAPTxURxVmG_PLUS_P5k6Q==




19. Kesha testified that both Dr. Luke AND Max Martin indirectly made her clear that she wasn't special to them because they could work with "many other artists".


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20. Additionally, Kesha testified that both Dr. Luke AND Max Martin "strongly encouraged" her to sign with Larry Rudolph, not just Dr. Luke, and that she perceived this behavior as illegal pressure.


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21.  Kesha testified that she did not want to work with Dr. Luke anymore by late 2005, consistent with David Sonenberg's deposition.


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22. Just like in the first volume of this deposition, Kesha continues to paint a picture of David Sonenberg being some sort villain that tricked her into hating Dr. Luke while actually not caring about her. I'm pretty sure she was heavily accommodating Luke in these parts, same as where she denied the rape. Interestingly, she accused David Sonenberg of doing the same things to her that she later accused Luke of (degrading her weight and putting her career on hold) which may or may not be a hidden allusion to Dr. Luke.


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23. The infamous 2005 letter from Kesha's then-counsel where they declared the KMI contract void and unenforceable due to unspecified "unethical conduct/misconduct" from Dr. Luke was already a topic during this deposition (which Kesha unsurprisingly denies to refer to the rape).


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24. Kesha reveals that Katy Perry asked her to star in the IKAG music video because "she knew I needed money".


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25.  Just like in the first volume of this deposition, Kesha says she "can't remember" most of the juicy things regarding Luke's behavior towards her instead of denying them.


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26. The 2008 e-mails from Kesha and Pebe that Luke now wants to exclude from trial were also already a topic in this deposition.


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27.  Kesha interacted with Katy Perry's A&R Chris Anokute many times which makes the fact that he defended Luke in a puff piece not long ago even more disturbing.


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28. Craig Kallman, then newly-appointed CEO of Atlantic Records, was one of the CEOs Luke put Kesha in touch with to sign her (apart from Jason Flom and Barry Weiss which we already know from David Sonenberg's deposition).


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29. Kesha testified that Pebe did not approve of "her decision" to fire David Sonenberg which can be seen as an allusion to the fact that it was in fact not "her decision", as we now know.


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30. Two people called Cybil Hall and Phoenix Stone repeatedly come up in the deposition as people involved in Kesha's career, one of whom was subpoenaed in the DAS case. I don't know who those people are and couldn't find any information about them.


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31. Kesha used to work with Michele Vice.


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32. Perhaps the most significant aspect of the deposition is that Kesha confirms that Dr. Luke did threaten to "tie her up in litigation" if she would attempt to get rid of him, corroborating David Sonenberg's deposition and notwithstanding that she was under threat during this deposition.


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as far as the info we have atm, this is what I would like to have had on her debut album and release schedule had it been released in 2008 as intended (under Warner Bros)

im titling this album as Revenge

  1. Acklin Road (unleaked atm but some people are apparently selling it)
  2. True Love
  3. Mr. Watson
  4. Boots & Boys - demo 2
  5. VIP - finalized demo
  6. Fuck Him He's a DJ  - demo
  7. Red Lipstick
  8. Revenge
  9. Backstabber - uncensored version (usually dubbed demo 2)
  10. Stephen
  11. Feels Like Rain
  12. Dinosaur
  13. Heart's on Fire
  14. While You Were Sleeping
  15. Goodbye

lead single - Fuck Him He's a DJ

  • we know Kesha filmed a very rough video for a demo version (which we have in full) some point before being teased on an unknown Kesha youtube account on February 17 2009

2nd single - Backstabber

  • filmed before TiK ToK and was considered to be a single in 2009 either as the lead for Animal or as the second single after
  • video leaked thanks to Prez Hilton in such low quality its almost hard to watch lmao

3rd single - Stephen

  • as opposed to the first two choices, this one im only choosing as third single cos it was released as a promo single some point in 2010 for Animal. i have no idea if the video was filmed in 2010 or not

4th single - While Up Were Sleeping

  • i feel like this would be the best choice for a final single out of these songs
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ive tried transcribing the IG live snippets

Eat the Acid

Don't wanna be changed like it changed me
Don't wanna be changed like it changed me
Don't wanna be changed like it changed me
I've gotten used to being lost
Don't wanna be changed like it changed me
I never feel like I belong
Don't wanna be changed like it changed me
Turns out my mama wasn't wrong
Don't wanna be changed like it changed me
You said don't ever eat the acid if
You don't wanna be changed like it changed me
You said I'll [?] now
Everything you said [?]
Last night I saw it all
Last night I talked to god
Ah, ah (be changed like it changed me)
Ah, ah (be changed like it changed me)
Ah, ah (be changed like it changed me)
Ah, ah (be changed like it changed me)
I swear to god I close my eyes


The Drama

I crawl in bed, close my eyes
But I can never sleep
There's a god in the sun
And it's coming for me
Oh, the paranoia
It's creeping closer
It's swimming in my head like a grape wine
All I need is anything
To distract me from this empty feeling

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