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4 minutes ago, Slasher said:

Do we think a single release is 5/19 or an album release? true1

Gonna say single. She only recently said in an IG live that she sent the material in to the label and in an earlier IG live she said she shot the album artwork in the days before that live. I think it's too soon for physicals to be released in may 2023.

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- "there's a fine line between genius and crazy"
- "there's a fine line between selling out and being bought"
- "there's a fine line between famous and being forgot"
- "there's a fine line between hope and delusion"
- "there's a fine line between broken and breaking"
- "there's a fine line between surviving and living"

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from atrl:

double single

Fine Line - 3:26
Eat The Acid - 4:02


album has 13 tracks. according to DSPs (streaming databases) Fine Line is track 2 and Eat The Acid track 4. 

(album) should be 19.05.2023, Gag Order

Edited by Chris
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from atrl

6 hours ago, BlackoutZone said:

The visuals, the narrative, the album itself... :allears: It's definitely very refreshing after High Road.

I'd argue there actually is single material on the album, but that's definitely not Fine Line or Eat the Acid so it's just not the target

5 hours ago, BlackoutZone said:

It's hard to pick, I really love the opener and Eat the Acid, they are both haunting/mysterious. They should have been together on the tracklist, but oh well!

Only Love Can Save Us Now is also a favorite for sure, it's the album's only truly upbeat moment, but it's grand, euphoric, with some fun, iconic lines. But for those still seeking Ke$ha there is also an experimental, quirky, glitchy, autotuned, electronic moment on the album.


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