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On 4/6/2024 at 4:13 PM, Galaxy said:

We R Who We R going viral on TikTok, oh Successha.... (while Backstabber, Cannibal and Grow A Pear are still doing numbers) giveup2

Animal and Cannibal having had their biggest streaming month EVER last month giveup2 The people are HUNGRY for miss K

dr. demon and kum petridish get OFF the floor fall2

plus her new management team (Crush Management) were fixing her spotify features so now Timber, Right Round, Touch Me, Good Old Days, etc all now add to Kesha's artist monthly listeners

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idk where the Kesha photo thread is but heres some images that ive edited digital release artworks into/onto/underneath my personal HQ CD booklet artwork scans (because my scans come out a little too dark)





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out of boredom, i used ChatGPT to make an unreleased compilation album. i honestly think it could work

Creating a compilation album from Kesha's unreleased collection could be an exciting project, drawing from her diverse range of unreleased tracks. Here's a selection of 14 songs that could make for a compelling compilation album:

1. "Machine Gun Love" - An unreleased track known for its infectious pop-rock sound and catchy chorus.
2. "Goodbye" - A heartfelt ballad showcasing Kesha's emotional depth and vocal ability.
3. "U Better Know" - A high-energy dance-pop track with empowering lyrics and a memorable hook.
4. "Lover" - A sultry and seductive song with a retro vibe and infectious rhythm.
5. "Booty Call" - A playful and fun track with cheeky lyrics and a catchy melody.
6. "Lovers in the Deep End" - A synth-pop gem with dreamy production and introspective lyrics.
7. "Dancing with the Devil" - An unreleased track known for its haunting melodies and introspective lyrics, exploring themes of temptation and redemption.
8. "Red Lipstick" - A rebellious anthem with gritty production and empowering lyrics about self-expression.
9. "Run Devil Run" - A fierce and edgy track with a rock-infused sound and rebellious attitude.
10. "Meet Me in Space" - A space-themed electro-pop track with futuristic production and catchy hooks, showcasing Kesha's adventurous side.
11. "Feels Like Rain" - A soulful and emotive track with lush instrumentation and Kesha's heartfelt delivery.
12. "Mouth" - A bold and brash song with provocative lyrics and a catchy, anthemic chorus.
13. "Stuck Up" - A sassy and infectious pop track with attitude-filled verses and an addictive groove.
14. "This Love" - A romantic and dreamy song with ethereal production and Kesha's tender vocals.

This compilation album would offer a diverse array of Kesha's unreleased material, showcasing her versatility as an artist and highlighting different facets of her musical personality.

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