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Allie X

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Shocked + disgusted to see she doesn't have her own thread.

She's the next big thing in pop, and a possible contender to current internet queen Marina & The Diamonds, she has a few singles + videos out and she's releasing her first EP under her new stage name "CollXtion I" out April 2015.


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Listened to her albums last night and I have to say she's more than just a Natalia Kills copycat 

Bitch drags me (although I would prefer a less distorted chorus)

Casanova keeps getting stuck in my head

Too Much To Dream and All The Rage also bop cry6 

I'm teetering on the edge of buying her songs

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Not gonna lie, I couldn’t really get into her at first, but giving her another shot, she’s really grown on me, and Casanova is that bop. She’s has a very nice singing voice and I’m gonna try out her albums. I’m preparing my stan card.

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CollXtion II is a bop tbh

THAT girl.

Thread is dead as hell but the Casanova MV is iconic.

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