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25 Years of Vogueing

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On March 20th 1990 Sire Records released Madonna's Vogue from I'm Breathless


The B-Side was Keep It Together from Like A Prayer





David Fincher (Fight Club, Social Network, and Gone Girl) directed the music video, and Vogue would go on to sell over 2,000,000 copies in the US alone. 


Vogue ranked #28 in the Top 100 Videos of All Time - Rolling Stone

Vogue also ranked #2 in MTV's Greatest Music Videos of All Time.






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I really remember it like it was yesterday. I was still in high school, and they hated it. It was also the beginning of Grunge music, and I was literally locking myself in my room and dancing by myself to Vogue. 


For a song that many described as the spoonful of sugar to make I'm Breathless go down, or momentary pop fad, it's longevity is uncanny. 


I have to admit it's never been my favorite M song, but it's been used many times by M as a sample of other songs: Rescue Me, Deeper and Deeper, and Holy Water to name a few. 


I don't think that there's a culture around that doesn't know Madonna and Vogue. So don't just stand there, let's get it to. Strike a pose, there's nothing to it. 







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Happy Birthday, masterpiece!

I really love the MDNA Tour version btw! It enhances the elegance and epicness of the original which I didn't think was possible cry7

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I love this track. Probably one of my favorite Songs of all time.


I enjoyed pretty much every Performance of the song. But the Blond Ambition Tour is still unmatched to this day!


If I had to rank the Performances it would look like this:


01. Blond Ambition Tour

02. Girlie Show

03. MDNA World Tour

04. Super Bowl

05. VMAs

06. ReInvention Tour

07. Sticky And Sweet Tour (cringe worthy plus the Remix sucks)


I hate that fucking version too. What was she thinking? ew1


MDNA Tour performance is my personal favorite. gaga13

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The Outfit for this song on the MDNA World Tour is the best IMO!

YES     oprah13 it's totally the best, surpassing even the RIT corset one in my opinion. The MDNA Vogue was more... well, vogue-ish.

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