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Rename your fave's album titles

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Animal - It's perfect.

Cannibal - maybe Crazy Beautiful Life but Cannibal fits better with Animal since it's a re-release.

I am the Dance Commander + I Command You to Dance: The Remix Album - it's remix album but it's name SLAYS.

Warrior - It's perfect too.

Deconstructed - It's good.

I think the current ones are great. moo1

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Taylor Swift - Girl With The Guitar

Fearless - Love Story

Speak Now - Unsung Secrets

RED - Spectrum

1989 - New Romantics


These are all cheesy as fuck but they fit the albums' concepts fall1



Christina Aguilera - Reflection


The others are perfect moo1



Prism, Ha impact   mad3


These are pretty good titles tho   demi1


Lbr pop stans are much creative than pop girls   ew1

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Lady Gaga:


The Fame/The Fame Monster - The Fame / The Monster

Born This Way - Electric Chapel






Like a Virgin - Material Girl

True Blue

Like a Prayer - Act of Contrition

Erotica - Girlie Show

Bedtime Stories

Ray of Light - Drowned World / Mantra

Music - Impressive Instant

American Life - Nobody Knows Me / Hollywood

Confessions on a Dance Floor

Hard Candy - Sucker Punch / Jawbreaker (I actually love these two)


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I think the only one I'd change would be Ariana's Yours Truly to Daydreamin' or Honeymoon Avenue, which were both the title of it at one point.

Honeymoon Avenue  cry0

Should've been a single along with Daydreamin and Lovin' It though   tina1

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Honeymoon Avenue   cry0

Should've been a single along with Daydreamin and Lovin' It though   tina1

I know. Such an iconic title, the original version of the song should've been released as a single. I'm waiting and hoping that she will re-release it on another album.

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Taylor Swift- Teardrops on my Guitar


Fearless- Forever & Always


Speak Now- Enchanted (the original intended name of the album, that she was forced to change)


Red- None of the songs are good names for this album but I would say Divergence


1989- New Romantics or Wildest Dreams

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