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Neon Hitch

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i love her SO much :flutter:

i'm one of her gypsies +smitten+

( discographie in vip section)




who else in to her ? +legend+

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here or on msn or skype ? :)

You can upload them to MediaFire because I don't know if I'm able to catch you online some times! :P

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You can upload them to MediaFire because I don't know if I'm able to catch you online some times! :P

ok but all download links have to be in vip section :]

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Neon Hitch | The FENUXE Interview

Posted on11 August 2011.


By Michael Vorndran

BOYS AND GIRLS please allow us to introduce the next big thing… Neon Hitch (fyi that is her real name). You may be familiar with her earlier singles “Silly Girl” and “Get Over U”, but it is her latest single “Bad Dog” that will unleash what is sure to be a beast of a career! She took a few minutes away from her promotional tour to answer a few questions from Fenuxe.

Fenuxe: Thanks for taking time to sit down and do an interview with us. Fenuxe is digging your music and we love the new single “Bad Dog”!

Neon: Thanks for having me! I want your whole office woofing like bad dogs!!

Fenuxe: Of course we have to start with your name. We know that it’s your given name, but do you have any idea what your parents inspiration was for naming you Neon?

Neon: My dad is a lighting technician and was driving through Piccadilly Circus. As he was looking up at the neon signs, it came to him! I’m pretty lucky that ‘Neon’ was the final choice because the others were ‘Brown Rice’ or ‘Zizigeratzanzibarzandos’ …No joke!

Fenuxe: Is it true you grew up in a circus or is it just a rumor?

Neon: Yeah… my Mum was a performer, so I got into it at a young age. I learned to do the trapeze and swing fire and that was my passion. We performed with a circus called Archaos, travelled with a freak show and performed at festivals every summer. You can see the documentary about me when I was younger on YouTube.com/neonhitchtv

Fenuxe: How did you get your start in music?

Neon: I was friends with Neneh Cherry’s daughter and she introduced me to Neneh and her husband Cameron, who was also in music. After speaking with Neneh’s husband about my interest in music, he told me to go make a demo. So, I found a producer in this music magazine called “The Stage” and from that demo, Cameron got me signed to 679 Recordings, the same label as The Streets.

Fenuxe: What was your first big break?

Neon: I’m still waiting for my BIG break… haha!

Fenuxe: How did you end up with your record deal?

Neon: It took me a while of style searching… When I made my way over to America, Benny Blanco brought me into a session with Kara DioGuardi to write. A few days later, I get a call from Kara and she says she wants to sign me to Warner Brothers!

Fenuxe: What is it like working with such a brilliant mind as Kara DioGuardi? Do you feel like you are being judged all the time?

Neon: Oh hell no! She is the big sister I’ve never had! She’s such an inspirational woman.

Fenuxe: So far, of all the cool and talented people you have worked with, which of them was the most fun? Have any of them influenced your current style?

Neon: I love working with Ke$ha. We always have so much fun… We’re both wild animals! HAHA!

Fenuxe: Right now you are on a promotional tour.

Neon: Yeah it’s just the beginning of this tour and I’m having the best time!

Fenuxe: Have you ever been to Atlanta?

Neon: I’ve never been, but I’d love to!

Fenuxe: When is your first album going to hit the streets?

Neon: We are planning to release it later this year. No firm release date set yet though.

Fenuxe: What inspires your music?

Neon: The life I’ve lived has really inspired my music… From living in the jungle and being homeless to falling in love… And I listen to a lot of the Beatles so that’s where the psychedelia comes from.

Fenuxe: What music are you listening to the most these days?

Neon: I listen to a lot of old Motown, but then I’ll listen to anything from Sia to Skrillex!

Fenuxe: Thanks for taking the time! Have a great tour!

Neon: Thank YOU so much!! Check out the tour dates on neonhitch.net and come party with the Neon Tribe!


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