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Mariah Carey: I Was Robbed Of My Ideas

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Guys.... it's NOT Beyonce.

In her Breakfast Club interview in 2014 she was asked about Drunk In Love and she said she loved Beyonce.

It's prob just her talking shit

Plus, she hadn't even heard Drunk In Love at that point so she wasn't aware of the surprise release. She wouldn't even dare pull that off at this time in her career so LOL at the uglies in here.
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Bey or JLo. A lot of things point to bey; visuals, maybe a surprise release too, self-titled but there's just somethings which dont add up, so it's most likely J Lo since they've despised each other since the dawn of time.

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I think the 'Beyonce' concept just isn't something Mariah would do. She's definitely not a visual artist and she's not big enough to release a surprise album like Beyonce did. Maybe she's talking about a song and its music video, not the whole album project? If that's the case, I predict it's "I Luh Ya Papi" - the song and the video are something Mariah could do.

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Unless your ideas are legally protected and copyrighted you can't really steal it. You can't steal it until it's legally protected. It's a shame things like that happens and I think it's  good lesson for people in the industry on who to trust with your ideas lol. 

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