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Namie Amuro

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Seeing as we have an Ayu section ( ayumi1 ) why not one for the reigning Queen of the East and with _genic out in less than a week no better time than now!


Studio Albums



Sweet 19 Blues: 22/07/1996



Concentration 20: 24/07/1997



Genius 2000: 26/01/2000



Break The Rules: 20/12/2000




Style: 10/12/2003




Queen of Hip-Pop 13/07/2005




Play 27/06/2007




Past<Future 16:12/2009




Uncontrolled 27/06/2012




FEEL 10/07/2013




_genic 10/06/2015





Greatest Hits/Compilation Albums



181920 28/01/1998




Love Enhanced Single Collection 13/03/2002




Best Fiction 30/07/2008




Checkmate! 27/04/2011




Ballada 04/06/2014





Other Albums



Dance Tracks Vol.1 16/10/1995




Original Tracks Vol.1 30/09/1996





Singles (sorry too lazy to include all her single covers moo1 )



Taiyou no SEASON 26/04/1995


Stop the music 27/04/1995


Body Feels EXIT 25/10/1995


Chase the Chance 04/12/1995


Don't wanna cry 13/03/1996


You're my sunshine 05/06/1996


SWEET 19 BLUES 21/08/1996


a walk in the park 27/11/1996




How to be a Girl 21/05/1997


Dreaming I was dreaming 27/11/1997


I HAVE NEVER SEEN 23/12/1998


RESPECT the POWER OF LOVE 17/03/1999


toi et moi 07/07/1999




LOVE 2000 01/01/2000


NEVER END 12/07/2000




think of me/no more tears 24/01/2001


Say the word 08/08/2001


I WILL 14/02/2002


Wishing On The Same Star 11/09/2002


shine more 05/03/2003


Put 'Em Up 16/07/2003


SO CRAZY/Come 16/10/2003


ALARM 17/03/2004


ALL FOR YOU 22/07/2004


GIRL TALK/the SPEED STAR 14/10/2004


WANT ME, WANT ME 06/04/2005


White Light/ Violet Sauce 16/11/2005


CAN'T SLEEP, CAN'T EAT, I'M SICK/Ningyo 17/05/2006


Baby Don't Cry 24/01/2007


Funky Town 04/04/2007


60s 70s 80s 12/03/2008


WILD/Dr. 18/03/2009


Break It/ Get Myself Back 28/07/2010


NAKED/ Fight Together/ Tempest 27/07/2011


Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!/Love Story 07/12/2011


Go Round/YEAH-OH 21/03/2012


Big Boys Cry/Beautiful 06/03/2013


TSUKI 29/01/2014


BRIGHTER DAY 12/11/2014



Digital Single


Damage 24/10/2012



So favorite Namie songs/albums?



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I get the feeling _genic is going to be Past<Future 2.0 with it's many genres and different styles of music, it seems like on some tracks especially she was quite experimental interesting1 No complaints from me seeing as Past<Future and FEEL are my fave albums from her so far sass5

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Which Namie Amuro Album Matches Your Personality?




I got Past<Future oprah2


Crazy, Charismatic, Modern, Bold.. The words to describe you could go on and on! Although you’re not afraid to follow trends you always make sure to go your own way and add something special. You have a creative mind, fueled by both the new and the old which always results in something interesting. You never back down from a challenge and make sure to always be yourself! Past < Future followed her greatest hits album “Best Fiction” and resulted in a new second peak in popularity for Namie. You’re unique and an original, always on the hunt for what interest you.
First Golden Touch becoming a mini viral hit and now a quiz on Buzzfeed antm1 International chanteuse jj2
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You got: PLAY
Well, well.. Fun would definitely be a word to describe you! As the title suggests, you’re very playful and aren’t afraid to take risks when something is in your reach. You often find problems to be a bore and would rather see things through an optimistic eye, lovable by nature and a joy to be around. Some people find you strange or even twisted, but you own it and stand up for yourself with utmost pride. Namie continued her new found success with Play and scored some of her biggest hits in a long time. Considered by many to be her best work. Like Namie, you’ve truly found your balance and know what works for you.
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Been listening to some of her old albums lately and I am slayed by how flawless Checkmate is in particular cry7 I prefer it over Uncontrolled tbh demi1 Luvotomy alone is one of ha best tracks and UNUSUAL, make it happen and Black Diamond ( legend1 ) are such bops!



Still bopping to _genic daily too, seriously gonna be hard for any other album this year to top it for me tbh.

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My Genic tracklist:



2.Time Has Come
3.Golden Touch
9.B Who I Want 2 B (Ft. HATSUNE MIKU)
11.Every Woman
12.Space Invader
14.What I Did For Love
Deluxe Version Tracks:
16.Neonlight Lipstick
18.Grotesque (With Ken Hirai)
21.Still Lovin' You
22.I'm Not Yours (With Jolin Tsai)
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It's very interesting _genic still isn't out on the US iTunes despite being released in (pretty much) every other countries store interesting1 I wonder if theres a reason for the delay because low-key I wouldn't be surprised if maybe they were going to launch it officially over there or maybe re-release an updated version oprah12

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You got: Break the Rules

Just like the title of the album suggests, you do things one way and one way only.. Your way! People love your fearless and protective attitude and makes sure to not get in on your wrong side. Do you right however, and you’ll shower them with love, respect and support! Overlooked by fans and critics alike, Break the Rules was the first album that truly showed the decline in Namie’s sales in Japan. Just like the album, people just need time to understand that you know what you want, and will do whatever you can to get it.

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11 hours ago, Fletch said:

This queen needs to be appreciated more even after she left the business. Totally iconic discog and concepts. Feel is her best album though. Banger after banger 

FEEL and Past<Future are pop perfection legend1

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This queen needs to be appreciated more even after she left the business. Totally iconic discog and concepts. Feel is her best album though. Banger after banger 

Yeah her albums are long but I think the vast majority are really rewarding listens! Her first two I definitely agree, Concentration 20 onward for me is all pretty great, and her sound changes a few t

She has a lot of unreleased songs, Hourglass being one of them.

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