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how can you not? Starmie is like the queen of pokemon. Probably only because Misty slays and Starmie is her signature. But still ha speed and special attack destroy everything. 


Right now, I'm doing a gen 6 team (Dedenne, Vivillion, Noivern, Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja), but I was gonna do a water team (maybe in ORAS I guess) and Starmie would have been the first one I chose (because I was gonna be Misty). 


I don't think Starmie is my fave overall, but the fact she resembles BOTH of my fave types - Water AND Psychic - is amazing. Yeah sure she has weakness to basically everything, she still outspeeds and OHKOs them with Ice Beam/Surf/Thunderbolt/Psychic. It also abuses Recover which is awesome coz i stan for it. 


My top 5 are basically Mewtwo (duh), Espeon, Vaporeon, Lapras, Starmie. 


Yaas water/psychic is a good type, love electro pokemon and psychic ones. 

omfg i got a mewtwo plushie lawl, its in our kitchen <3

well my top 5 is obvz electobuzz, slowpoke, kadabra, houndoom, Entei 


I used Lapras as my VM-Pokemon lawl, it worked pretty good :D

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not you calling me basic when you have teddiursa, aka the epitome of basic cute, in your avi ny12


Fixed, you flop. ny12


I was looking for a Pancham gif to use as an avi but couldn't find anything. :( Can you help? cry1

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I just found this online. Can we add this to the list of reactions?  

omg they can fuck off i just bought it in june

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