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Available On: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: January 28, 2022

NA Website: https://legends.pokemon.com/en-us/
JP Website: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/legends_arceus/


Confirmed Information

  • General Information
    • An open-world new experience taking place in the Hisui region as you aim to complete it's first pokedex.
    • Developed by GameFreak, Inc.
    • Available January 28, 2022 on Nintendo Switch.
  • Core Battle Mechanics
    • Most of the existing battle system returns to this title, but with some new additions
      • The Action Order system determines in which order Pokemon attack based on their speed stat and other factors.
      • Moves can be unleashed normally or in one of two styles; the Agile Style or Strong Style
        • The Agile Style is a weaker variant of the move move which may have a positive effect on your Pokemon's Action Order.
        • The Strong Style is a stronger variant of the move that will knockback your Pokemon in the Action Order.
    • Overworld encounters return for this title. Random encounters do not return.
    • Catching Pokemon in this title can be done in two ways:
      • You can observe Pokemon, sneak up on them and throw a Pokeball at them.
      • Alternatively, you can throw an existing Pokeball to enter battle with the wild encounter first.
    • While trainer battles are rare, you can battle certain characters like the Wardens.
  • The Pokedex
    • The aim of this title is to complete the Hisui region's first Pokedex.
    • You add information about Pokemon to your Pokedex by catching them, but catching them once won't complete the Pokedex entry.
    • You will need to keep studying that Pokemon and complete research tasks to flesh out that Pokemon's Pokedex entry.
  • New and Existing Features
    • Poke Balls of this age look slightly different; made from wood that expel steam when a Pokemon is caught.
    • An item crafting feature exists allowing you to craft various items such as Poke Balls, Heavy Balls and Smoke Bombs.
    • Smoke Bombs can be used to reduce visibility in the area, so wild Pokemon do not see or approach you.
    • Heavy Balls in this title do not fly far and can only be used at close range, but are effective at catching Pokemon who haven't noticed you.
    • Wild Pokemon in this title may attack the player directly and cause them to black out if unable to escape.
    • Trainer Customization is confirmed to return for this title, including both clothing and hairstyling.
    • Riding Pokemon returns from previous games, using the new item Celestica Flute to summon them.
    • A photo studio exists within Jubilife Village for you to take photos of yourself and your Pokemon. 
    • The Arc Phone is an item given to you early in your journey within mysterious powers.
    • Instead of going to the PC box, your Pokemon will be sent to the Pastures if you have more than six. 
  • Pokemon Roster
    • The starter Pokemon for this title are Rowlet, Cyndaquil and Oshawott.
    • The mythical Pokemon Arceus is said to hold the key to this tale.
    • New Pokemon have been introduced in this title. These include:
      • Wyrdeer - A Normal/Psychic evolution of Stantler that is very close with people.
      • Basculegion - A Water/Ghost evolution of Basculin that battles together with the mournful souls of its comrades.
      • Kleavor - A Bug/Rock evolution of Scyther that evolved due to special minerals in the Hisui region.
    • Regional Forms - known as Hisuian Forms - have been introduced in this title. These include:
      • Braviary - The Hisuian Form is a Psychic/Flying Pokemon larger and more solitary than it's Unova variant.
      • Growlithe - A Fire/Rock variant with fur that helps it survives the colder climate of Hisui. 
      • Zorua / Zoroark - Normal/Ghost variants of Zorua and Zoroark that were reborn after perishing due to the coldness of Hisui.
      • Voltorb - Electric/Grass variant with a wood-like grain, that gets overly excited and combusts when it does.
    • Frenzied Noble Pokemon grow in size and shine brightly, beginning to run amok. You must defeat these by hitting them with balms made from their favorite Pokemon food. Defeating them in battle alone will not quell them
    • Alpha Pokemon have red-eyes and will instantly attack you. They are fearsome but become great allies if you manage to catch them. They may even drop rare rewards.
    • The availability of Pokemon will depend on various conditions such as the weather in the region and the time of day.
    • Pokemon may also end up in unexpected locations like within trees or the crevices of rocks.
  • The Hisui Region
    • The Sinnoh region returns for this title, but in an era long-gone by before Trainers or a Pokemon League existed. Known as the Hisui region.
    • The Hisui Region will be open world in this title.
    • Many new areas exist in this title coinciding with the harsh environments; including the Obsidian Fieldlands.
    • Some existing Sinnoh areas such as Mount Coronet return for this title also.
    • Jubilife Village, which would later become Jubilife City, is the main hub for this title.
    • Jubilife Village is home to the Galaxy Exploration Team - who have come from faraway regions to research Hisui.
      • The Galaxy Team includes various corps - The Medical Corps, the Survey Corps and the Security Corps.
      • The Galaxy Team's base hosts various services to help support players on their journey
      • Various new characters have been added to the Galaxy Exploration Team to watch over you on your journey.
        • Akari or Rei - your rival - will also work for the Galaxy Team and support and challenge you on your journey.
        • Professor Laventon is a member of the Survey Corps and researches Pokemon's modes of life
        • Commander Kamado, ancestor of Professor Rowan, is the boss of the Galaxy Team; a stern but reliable commander.
        • Captain Cyllene is the leader of the Survey Corps. She sees potential in you and allows you a trial to enter the Galaxy Team.
      • Your Rank within the Galaxy Team is determined by how many research quests you complete.
    • Throughout the Hisui region there are various base camps where you can heal your Pokemon, buy items or craft items.
    • The Ginkgo Guild will upgrade their wares as you traverse the Hisui region.
      • Ginter is the head of the Ginkgo Guild. He will sell you rare items and special finds.
      • Volo is one of the merchants of the guild. He crosses paths with you multiple times during the game.
    • The Hisui region also contains two clans; the Diamond clan and the Pearl clan. 
      • Adaman is the leader of the Diamond clan, along with his partner Leafeon.
      • Irida is the leader of the Pearl clan, along with her partner Glaceon.
    • Throughout the region, you will find Wardens who protect and serve the Noble Pokemon while serving the clans.
      • Mai is in charge of caring for a special Wyrdeer with her partner Munchlax.
      • Iscan lives by the sea and cares for a special Basculegion.
      • Lian cares for Kleavor, the lord of the Obsidian Fieldlands. 
      • Arezu is tasked with the care of a certain lady Pokemon.
  • Save Data Connectivity
    • Save Data for BDSP will unlock a Team Galactic outfit and a mission to catch Darkrai.
    • Save Data for SWSH will unlock a Shaymin-like kimono and a mission to catch Shaymin.
    • Save Data for LGPE will unlock Pikachu and Eevee masks. 
  • Let's Go, Online!
    • A paid Nintendo Switch Online subscription will be required for online play.
    • Players can trade with each other online by using The Trading Post in Jubilife Village.
    • Ranked Battles will not appear in this title, which will also not support VGC.
    • Mystery Gift returns and will distribute a Kimono Outfit based on Hisuian Growlithe and a Baneful Fox Mask based on Hisuian Zorua/Zoroark until May 9th, 2022.
    • Pokemon HOME connectivity will be established in 2022.







Available On: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: November 19, 2021


NA Website: https://diamondpearl.pokemon.com/en-us/
JP Website: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/bdsp/


Confirmed Information

  • General Info
    • Generation 8 remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl.
    • Developed by ILCA, Inc, and directed by Yuichi Ueda and Junichi Masuda.
    • Available November 19, 2021 on Nintendo Switch.
  • Core Battle Mechanics
    • The traditional turn-based battle system will return.
    • Wild Pokemon will also have to be battled before they can be caught, similar to most titles in the series.
  • New and Existing Features
    • Modern features have been added to the games to make them playable within the current era of Pokemon.
    • The Underground is expanded from the original games and renamed The Grand Underground.
    • Secret Bases and Digging for Fossils have returned as part of The Grand Underground.
    • New areas are added to The Grand Underground called Pokemon Hideaways. The Pokemon change depending on the statues in your Secret Base.
    • Super Contest Shows return to the Sinnoh region from the original titles, with revamped graphics.
    • Poffins return from the original titles, and boost your content stats.
    • Capsules return to Sinnoh and allow you to decorate your Poke Balls with Stickers in 2D or 3D, creating effects in battle.
    • The Pokétch returns, placed at the top right of the screen. 
    • Hidden Moves return, but as part of the Pokétch. These HMs act similar to Pokeride, calling wild Pokemon to use the move, rather than your own Pokemon. 
    • Random encounters will return similar to the old games, including Day and Night-based encounters.
    • Overworld encounters can be accessed in the new Pokemon Hideaways.
    • Fishing encounters return for this title, like in the original games.
    • Following Pokemon is added to the Sinnoh region, similar to titles like Let's Go and Sword and Shield. The player must visit Amity Square to unlock this feature.
    • Trainer Customization has been added to these games, following in the footsteps of other recent Pokemon titles.
    • Berry Trees return for this title.
    • Honey Trees also return for this title.
  • Pokémon Roster
    • The starter Pokemon for this game are Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup.
    • All Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl return. Further details on this are unclear.
    • Pokemon not in the Sinnoh dex can be found in The Grand Underground's hideaways.
  • The Sinnoh Region
    • The Sinnoh region has been remade but with care to preserve the scale and feel of the original games.
    • Existing characters such as Cynthia, the Gym Leaders, Team Galactic, Professor Rowan, Barry, Lucas and Dawn return.
    • Partner characters such as Cheryl and Riley also return.
    • Areas such as The Great Marsh return.
    • Amity Square returns and allows you to walk with up to six Pokemon at a time, and take photos of your special moments.
  • Version Exclusives
    • Like past games in the series, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will have version exclusives.
    • Some of the Pokemon naturally available will differ between the two games:
      • Brilliant Diamond will contain Dialga, Cranidos and Stunky.
      • Shining Pearl will contain Palkia, Shieldon and Glameow.
  • Let's Go, Online!
    • A paid Nintendo Switch Online subscription will be required for online play.
    • Wifi Rooms known as Union Rooms return similar to the DS-era games. These can be used to battle and trade locally or online.
    • The game is 1 player but with 2-4 players via communication; implying Multi-Battles will return.
    • Ranked Battles will not return and this title will not support VGC.
    • The Grand Underground allows you to communicate locally or online also; to explore and dig fossils together.
    • Mystery Gift returns and will distribute a Manaphy Egg and outfits based on Pokemon Platinum designs until February 21, 2022.
    • Pokemon HOME connectivity will be established in 2022. 












Available On: Nintendo Switch
 Release Date: June 17, 2020 & Fall 2020


NA Website: https://swordshield.pokemon.com/en-us/expansionpass/
JP Website: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/sword_shield_expansion/


Confirmed Information

  • Sword & Shield Updates
    • Free Update out now
    • Includes the introduction of a new character; Klara or Avery
    • Includes Galarian Slowpoke - a pure Psychic-type Pokemon.
    • Pokemon Home released in February 2020
    • Zarude - a new Pokemon - to be released via Mystery Gift
  • Expansion Pack Info
    • A bundle of two updates: Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra
    • Uses your current save data
    • Available to prepurchase now
    • £27 / $30 for the bundle, per game.
    • Prepurchase bonus is redeemable now; new Pikachu and Eevee outfits
    • A physical bundle containing one copy of Sword / Shield and their respective expansion pass releases November 6. Prepurchase bonus is 100 Pokeballs. 
  • The Isle of Armor
    • Releasing June 17, 2020
    • Galarian Slowbro (Poison/Psychic type) - evolves using an item found on the Isle of Armor.
    • Kubfu - a new Fighting type legendary Pokemon
    • Urshifu - the evolved form of Kubfu with two forms; Fighting/Dark or Fighting Water. It can also Giganatamax.
    • Gigantamax Forms of Rillaboom, Cinderace, Inteleon, Venusaur, Blastoise - all with their signature G-MAX Moves.
    • 100 Returning Pokemon
    • New Pokemon added to Max Raid Battles
    • Mustard - Your new mentor who trained Leon and was champion for 18 years.
    • The Tale of Klara/Avery; a new rival who wishes to become a gym leader
    • Restricted Sparring - a new way of battling that limits the Pokemon you can use and forces the battle under set conditions.
    • Tutor moves - that include completely new moves like Grassy Glide and Burning Jealously. These can be obtained by trading in Armorite Ore - found in Max Raid Battles on the Isle of Armor
    • Apricons that can be made into Pokeballs
    • An EXP Charm that gets your team more EXP
    • New Fashion Options
    • The Cram-o-matic is a machine that lets you recycle 4 items to create a new item. 
    • Max Soup can be created to allow any Dynamax Pokemon to obtain their Gigantamax Form, if they have one.
    • And more
  • The Crown Tundra
    • Releasing October 22, 2020 (USA), October 23, 2020 (EUR + Japan)
    • Galarian Slowking (Poison / Psychic type) - evolves using an item found in the Crown Tundra. Has the new ability Curious Medicine - activates Haze upon entering battle - and the new Psychic-type damaging move Eerie Spell which reduces the PP of last move used by the opponent by 3.
    • Calyrex - a Grass and Psychic Pokemon that once ruled over Galar
    • Galarian Forms of Articuno (Psychic/Flying), Zapdos (Fighting/Flying), Moltres (Dark/Flying)
    • New Legendary Pokemon - Regieleki (Electric-type) and Regidrago (Dragon-type) 
    • All old Legendaries Return
    • 100+ Returning Pokemon
    • New Pokemon added to Max Raid Battles
    • Peony - a new character to the Crown Tundra, who has come with his daughter, in search of Legendary Pokemon.
    • Dynamax Adventure is a new co-op mode that lets you explore Pokemon Dens underground. You use rental Pokemon for this mode but are able to swap rental Pokemon out for other Pokemon you catch during this endless mode. 
    • The Galarian Star Tournament is a new battle challenge allowing you to battle existing characters in a multi-battle format. 
    • New Fashion Options
    • The Ability Patch is a new item that allows Pokemon with regular abilities to access their Hidden Ability. 
    • And more












Available On: Nintendo Switch
 Release Date: November 15, 2019


NA Website: https://swordshield.pokemon.com/en-us/
JP Website: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/sword_shield/


Confirmed Information

  • General Information
    • The first main series game from the 8th Generation of Pokemon. 
    • Available on November 15th, 2019 for Nintendo Switch.
    • Each game required 10.3GB of space to download
    • A special double-pack containing both games is also available to pre-order now.
    • Pre-order bonuses are available for different formats of the game.
  • Core Battle Mechanics
    • Wild Pokemon encounters are available both on the overworld and via random encounters (signalled by a question mark).
    • You can attract wild Pokemon by whistling. Attracted Pokemon will charge towards you.
    • Wild battles return in the same vein as Ultra Sun and Moon.
    • Trainer Battles remain in the same format as all prior core-series games.
    • Experience is earned in the same vein as Ultra Sun and Moon.
    • EXP scaling returns in the same way as Generation 7 and Generation 5
    • The former Key Item 'EXP. Share' is no longer an item but fully integrated into the gameplay. 
    • New Moves, Items and Abilities have been confirmed.
    • Natures can be changed using Mints.
    • Stat-boosting items such as Protein can now max out a Pokemon's EVs.
    • EXP Candies now exist. Similarly to Rare Candy, this candy provides an exact amount of EXP to a Pokemon. 
    • Egg moves can now be transferred using the Daycare to other Pokemon of the same species without breeding.
    • Dynamax is a new phenomenon in which Pokemon may grow in size and become stronger with powerful Max moves.
      • This mechanic can be used on any Pokemon, but only within certain areas like Gyms, Max Raid Battles and Online Play.
      • Dynamax can only be used once per battle and the Pokemon reverts to regular form after three turns.
      • Dynamax seems to increase HP by 50%.
      • Dynamax replaces Mega Evolution and Z-Moves.
      • Each Pokemon has a "Dynamax Level", although it's still unclear what this does. 
    • Gigantamaxing is an advanced form of Dynamax usable only by some Pokemon
      • This mechanic is only available to some species of Pokemon, but also limited to only rare variants of the species.
      • Gigantamaxing works similar to Dynamaxing, although with a few notable changes
      • Gigantamaxed Pokemon have a different appearance to their regular counterparts
      • Each Gigantamax Pokemon has a unique G-Max Move, exclusive to that species of Pokemon.
    • Max Moves are moves only usable by Dynamaxed Pokemon and instantly replace all regular moves when Dynamaxed.
      • All damaging moves turn into the Max Move of their type, i.e all damaging Water-Moves become Max Geyser.
      • Similarly to Z-Moves, the power of damaging Max Moves varies based on the original move used.
      • All damaging Max Moves have a secondary side effect such as Max Geyser activating Rain Dance.
      • Damaging Max Moves will damage an opponent using Protect (or Detect) but with reduced damage.
      • All status moves regardless of type turn into Max Guard. Max Guard acts like Protect but blocks all damage from other Max Moves.
      • G-Max Moves work similarly to Signature Z-Moves (like Stoked Sparksurfer). These moves are exclusive to the selected Pokemon, and activate based on a certain type of regular base move. 
    • Max Raid Battles are a new battle mechanic within the Wild Area.
      • Max Raid Battles work with groups of four players; either locally or online. If you are unable to match four players, AI partners will appear to help you.
      • Each player chooses one Pokemon to battle against a wild Dynamaxed Pokemon.
      • One Pokemon from the team of four may Dynamax during battle. The option of who can Dynamax changes each turn. 
      • If a player is knocked out during battle, they will be able to "cheer" their allies, resulting in various bonuses for the team.
      • Dynamaxed Opponents in Max Raid Battles will not revert after three turns and have even greater bonuses; such as the ability to attack multiple times in a turn and erect a protective barrier. 
      • Max Raid Battles usually have a time limit or other restrictions that will result in failure.
      • Successfully defeating the Pokemon rewards all players with item rewards and with a chance to catch the Pokemon.
      • Max Raid battles come with various star ratings. The highest star rating is very challenging.
      • The weather within the Wild Area can determine which Pokemon you'll end up facing here.
      • Rare species of certain Pokemon which have the ability to Gigantamax can be caught in Max Raid Battles.
      • Pokemon captured from Max Raid Battles may also have their Hidden Ability. It is possible for Pokemon to both have their Hidden Ability and be able to Gigantamax. 
      • A new item known as a Dynamax Crystal enables special Max Raid Battles to be fought. The full details regarding Dynamax Crystals are currently unknown. 
  • New and Existing Features
    • Gyms return from Let's Go. These gyms are unique in that the first area of the gym is the "puzzle" and the second area is a stadium with a face-off against the gym leader and their Dynamaxed Pokemon. This is known as "The Gym Challenge". 
    • "The Champion Cup" is a new feature with a new way to challenge the champion. Trainers from around the region will battle it out to determine which trainer gets a shot at battling the league champion, broadcast on national TV. 
    • Auto-saving now exists within the game. Auto-save is now default and occurs both online and throughout your adventure, but can be turned off by the player.
    • The Pokemon Box can be accessed from always anywhere, with some restrictions.
    • Rotom is no longer in the Pokedex, but inside your mobile phone; the Rotom Phone, which encompasses many features including the Pokedex.
    • The Bike returns and is powered up through the use of the Rotom Phone.
    • Like your Rotom-Phone, Rotom also powered the Pokemon PC with a new form known as Rotomi. This PC has various features including a Loto-ID Corner, Pokemon storage and a new feature known as Poke Jobs.
      • Poke Jobs is a new feature that allows your Pokemon to work and help our other residents of the Galar Region. Each job has different requirements which may be more suited to certain types of Pokemon. Completing these jobs provide EXP as well as other rewards. 
      • League Cards are a new feature which exists as an option at the Pokemon PC. These cards work as a Trainer ID of sorts and can be customized in various styles and poses to best reflect you as a trainer. They can be traded with other players and assigned to your profile for online use. 
    • PokeRide seems to return in the vein of Corviknight who acts as the "Fly" HM for the player. However other Pokerides have been replaced by the powered-up Bike (which can traverse water).
    • HMs do not return.
    • Train stations around the region can be accessed to travel quickly to other parts of the region. 
    • You can shake trees in the overworld to collect berries.
    • The Trainer's Eye feature, type effectiveness and stat boost battle screens all return from Ultra Sun and Moon. 
    • The fishing rod returns.
    • Trainer customization has returned and is greatly improved with many new customization options for clothing, hair and other aspects.
    • Multiple types of shops return; including the PokeMart within the Pokemon Center, clothing boutiques and a new store selling fresh produce.
    • The Wild Area is a brand new world within the Pokemon Universe and a focal point of Pokemon Sword and Shield
      • This area acts like a semi-open world region in the middle of Galar where you can freely explore the area
      • There are many different Pokemon living in different parts of the Wild Area. The weather can also change what Pokemon appears.
      • New natural weather conditions have been introduced here including Thunderstorm; a phenomenon which combines the powers of Rain Dance and Electric Terrain. 
      • You can find high-level Pokemon here from the start and may choose to battle them, however you won't be able to catch the high-level Pokemon till later in the game. (Most likely when you have more gym badges)
      • Whilst in the Wild Area, you can control the camera freely, allowing you to explore areas never reached before.
    • A new feature known as Pokemon Camp is introduced, replacing and improving Poke Amie and Pokemon Refresh.
      • Pokemon Camp allows you to watch your Pokemon interact and play with each other, and also join in on the festivities.
      • There is also a cooking feature inside the camp where you can use raw ingredients to create curry for you and your Pokemon. Each type of curry has different effects on your Pokemon. 
      • Within the Wild Area, you may find other camps where other players - locally and online - have set up their camp. Up to 4 players may enter a person's camp and play or cook together. 
    • The Pokeball Plus accessory can be used with Sword and Shield to transfer a Pokemon from the games into the Pokeball and take it with you and earn extra bonuses, just like with the Let's Go games. 
  • Pokémon Roster
    • Currently, the Galar Regional Dex sits at over 170 Pokemon with many more to be confirmed in future.
    • The Galar Regional Dex will contain both old and new Pokemon.
    • The new starter Pokemon are Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble.
    • The new legendary Pokemon are Zacian and Zamazenta.
    • Other new Pokemon include the following:
      • Wooloo - The normal-type sheep Pokemon.
      • Gossifleur and Eldegoss - Grass-type pokemon based on flowers.
      • Drednaw - a water and rock-type Pokemon known for its bite moves.
      • Corviknight - a steel and flying Pokemon that flies the player to cities they've been before. It's hidden ability reflect stat-drops. 
      • Impidimp - The very first dark/fairy type Pokemon, showcased at the E3 Floor Demo
      • Yamper - an electric type corgi who gets pampered a lot. Also shown at the E3 Floor Demo.
      • Alcremie - a fairy type Pokemon based off of a whipped cream dessert, who has multiple formes based on flavors of cream. 
      • Rolycoly - a rock-type Pokemon based off a piece of coal used to light up a mine.
      • Duraludon - a steel and dragon-type Pokemon that often fights with Tyranitar in caves and mountain ranges. 
      • Morpika - an electric/dark type rodent that changes form every turn. Its signature move's type changes depending on its form.
      • Obstagoon - a dark/normal type evolution of Galarian Linoone. Its signature move is Obstruct. 
      • Cramorant - a water/flying bird that catches prey in its mouth and either swallows or spits the prey at an attacker. A food lover.
      • Polteageist - a ghost type Pokemon based off of black tea, taking shape within a teapot.  
      • Sirfetch'd - a fighting type evolution of Farfetch'd, representing a knight. It's signature move is Meteor Assault.
    • Rare species of some Pokemon within the Galar Region are able to Gigantamax. These Pokemon include:
      • Pikachu, Eevee, Meowth, Butterfree, Charizard, Drednaw, Corviknight and Alcremie. 
    • Regional Variants return from Pokemon Sun & Moon; this time as Galarian Forms. These include:
      • Weezing - The Galar variant is the very first poison/fairy type Pokemon. Its new ability neutralises all other abilities. 
      • Zigzagoon - a dark and normal type variant of Hoenn-form Zigzagoon.
      • Linoone - a dark and normal type variant of Hoenn-form Linoone.
      • Ponyta - a psychic-type variant of the Kanto-form Ponyta. Its new ability is Pastel Veil. 
    • The Mythical Pokemon Mew can be added to the game by connecting a new Pokeball Plus accessory to Sword and Shield.
  • The Galar Region
    • The Galar Region is based off of the United Kingdom.
    • The region consists of many traditional cities and routes similar to past Pokemon titles, but also contains the Wild Area, creating a dynamic split in various areas of the game.
    • The professor is Professor Magnolia, who is assisted by her grand-daughter Sonia.
    • There are multiple rival characters in Pokemon Sword & Shield. They are:
      • Hop - the champion's younger brother who starts his adventure at the same time as you.
      • Bede - a rather antagonistic and snobby boy who aims to be champion among other objectives.
      • Marnie - a driven rival who aims to be champion to accomplish a certain goal. 
    • The Galar champion is called Leon and is Hop's older brother. He uses a Charizard.
    • Team Yell is an evil team of no-good delinquents. While not truly evil, their adoration for Marnie leads them to be disruptive and toxic. 
    • Gyms return from Let's Go but are revamped into massive-sized stadiums fit for Dynamax battles known as The Gym Challenge
      • Milo is the Grass-type Gym Leader who uses an Eldegoss.
      • Nessa is the Water-type Gym Leader who uses a Drednaw.
      • Bea is a fighting-type Gym Leader exclusive to Pokemon Sword. She uses a Hitmontop.
      • Allister is a Ghost-type Gym Leader exclusive to Pokemon Shield. He uses a Mimikyu. 
    • Another new feature is the revamped Championship Cup; a new take on the Pokemon League where viable opponents face-off to earn the right to battle the Pokemon League Champion. 
    • The Gym Challenge and the Championship Cup are run by Chairman Rose and his personal secretary and vice-president Oleana. 
  • Version Exclusives
    • Like past games in the series, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will have a number of differences between the two. 
    • Some of the Pokemon naturally available within the Galar Region will differentiate between the games:
      • Exclusives to Pokemon Sword include: Deino, Jangmo-o and Sirfetch'd. 
      • Exclusives to Pokemon Shield include: Larvitar, Goomy and Galarian Ponyta.
    • Some gyms will also be exclusive to a single version. 
      • Pokemon Sword features a fighting-type gym run by the Gym Leader Bea as a Major Gym.
      • Pokemon Shield features a ghost-type gym run by the Gym Leader Allister as a Major Gym.
    • Save data from Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee will unlock gigantamax-able Pikachu or gigantamax-able Eevee respectively.
  • Let's Go Online
    • A paid Nintendo Switch Online Service subscription will be required for online play. 
    • An early-access mystery gift featuring the gigantamax-able Meowth will be available for download until January 15, 2020.
    • The Mystery Gift feature has been overhauled to become more automated and convenient for players.
    • The Y-comm system that works similar to the PSS from Pokemon X & Y. This system works in the background and allows you to battle, trade, swap league cards and accept requests from other players both locally and online.
      • Wondertrading returns to Pokemon Sword & Shield but is renamed as "Surprise Trade". 
    • The Battle Spot has been converted into a Battle Stadium, with various types of battles. These include:
      • Ranked Battles return from Pokemon Sun and Moon but have been re-designed. There are now various ranks which you progress through as you complete battles online. Earning new ranks sometimes provides you with exclusive items.
      • Casual Battles where you remain matched against a random opponent in either Single Battle or Double Battle, but no ranks are awarded.
      • Online Competitions return from Pokemon Sun and Moon.
      • Rental Teams return from Pokemon Sun and Moon.
    • A new subscription service known as Pokemon HOME will be released early 2020.
      • Pokemon HOME allows you to transfer Pokemon one-way from Let's Go, Pokemon Bank and Pokemon GO into Pokemon HOME.
      • Pokemon HOME allows two-way transfer between Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, currently, only Pokemon within the Galar Dex can be transferred into Sword and Shield. 
      • Players can access Pokemon HOME on their mobile devices and trade with others through this app on-the-go.
      • The mobile app can be used to track progress of Online Competitions and Ranked Battles.


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POKEMON IS LIKE THE COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLEST THING OF MY GAMING CHILDHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cry1cry1cry1cry1 oprah1oprah1+legend++legend+

I love Flygon, Blastoise, Salamence, Sandslash, Torterra, Raichu, Kyogre, Groudon, Latias, Latios, Castform, Empoleon, Mudkip, etc.

SO MANY!!! cry1cry1cry1

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