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I love the ranking system and how there's different tiers. Also love how they said the rank will go down "by a certain amount" every season online. Although I wonder if the Battle Tower rank will reset too? 


Up to rank 10 (Ultra) on singles and rank 7 (Great) in the Battle Tower. Also managed to buy out all the clothes stores today!! 


I've also rearranged my boxes

1-8 Dex
9-10 Legend
11-13 GMAX
14-20 HA
21 Ditto
22-27 Competitive
28-30 In-Game
31-32 Other


Yall better get your online access and sign up for the competition next weekend!!

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4 hours ago, Andres said:

I've given up on catching G-max Pokes I'm convinced the catch rate is something in the negatives jj4 they aren't even that powerful and can't be used in competitive anyway

they can be used in the Galar Beginnings competition tho and we don't know VGC rules just yet altho the implication is they're not allowed. But the competitive ruleset will change every few months. Season 2 is in January, so they might be allowed then.


I think the catchrate is like 3 or something rip3 They're insanely hard to catch. But to add to that...



GMAX Snorlax is releasing December 4

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