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Pokemon | Snap releases April 30th

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47 minutes ago, Max said:

I probably won't get it but I honestly can't wait for all the coverage. clap4

Same i mean love the original but idk if i would have fun with this one as i had when i was a kid, but still looks amazing and fun 

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That account is nothing but a poser that piggybacks on other people's info. Acting like a direct in February is groundbreaking information when its the most obvious thing ever. 


However it does seem as if diamondandpearl.pokemon whatever was registered (also legends.pokemon). Do note that they have registered websites before that dont necessarily correlate to their actual project, but DP are the ones next in line so its very likely to be happening regardless.  


I imagine the legends.pokemon one will be about mythical distributions like there were in 2016. (Unless they decide to name the DP remakes as Pokemon Legends: Diamond & Pearl which is also a possiblity, but less likely. ) 

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